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A radical social centre with a cafe during the day, 5-minute walk from Noth Lanes. Hot food is served 12:30-3:30pm. It's volunteer-run small place with alternative atmosphere. Open Tue 12:30-15:30, Wed-Fri 12:00-18:00, Wed 19:30-23:30, Sat 12:00-17:00, Sun 14:00-17:30.

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First Review by just


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03 Apr 2023


Volunteer run space with affordable fresh food in an inclusive environment.



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17 Jul 2022

Great place

Cheap fully vegan run by good people , recommended


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10 Apr 2022

Unbeatable prices and all vegan

Really good prices, fresh soup and the staff were really friendly.

Pros: Everything is vegan, Affordable and money to good causes, Great atmosphere

Cons: Cash only, Limited opening times


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03 Mar 2022

Great place for a quick coffee

Lovely friendly service by volunteers

Pros: Central , Relaxed atmosphere , Library!

Cons: Cash only


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11 Nov 2020

Great Roast

While other venues get more & more expensive, the Cowley Club has always had a great Roast that is affordable for all. Had it many times & it never disappoints. Also had a few drinks at gigs here & it's a great space that's well worth supporting.

Pros: Affordable , Delicious , Friendly


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21 Apr 2019

Nice events, community centre

We've been to a few events here - they have fund-raising all-day breakfasts for the local hunt sab group, etc.
Always vegan. Volunteer-run, very good value (e.g. all-day breakfast for a fiver).
Make sure you go when you're relaxed as service isn't often very quick - bear in mind that it's dependent on groups of volunteers.
Nice to support a community hub doing so much for local folk in food poverty, people learning English etc.

Pros: Affordable, Ethical, Supports community activities

Angie Wright

Points +80

12 Jan 2019

In the North Laines

Fine . Vegan and low prices

Pros: North Laines !!!!


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06 Jan 2019

Good food

The people there are friendly plus the food is really good

Cons: I think there should be a portion option


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28 Jul 2018

Tasty, inexpensive food.

It annoys me that people give this place a poor review based on service etc, you cannot compare this place with a commercial enterprise! I’ve always found the service to be perfectly adequate and the food tasty and good value for money.


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21 Mar 2018

pancake day was a Giant L enough to never go back.

Ridiculously poorly managed pancake day. Understandably there would be a lot of orders but the emotionless cashier could have at least told us this when we ordered rather than have us wait 2 hours to get 2 pancakes... and to top it off there was a big difference in portion size when they were handed to us.


Pros: Nice spacious venue, Food tasted ok

Cons: terrible service


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01 Jan 2018

amazing social centre

the Cowley was my local for a number of years, and is a beautiful anarchist project, where the space is volunteer-run and there are no bosses. Everyone has equal say over how the place is run.

The food changes from day to day: it depends what the volunteers want to cook!

This space is not just a cafe - it's also a bookshop, and there's often a political library open out the back. In the evenings the cafe turns into a bar or an event space.

The Cowley is a good place to meet activists and to find out about local campaigns.

The best thing about this place is that it's accessible for local people who might not have much money. As Brighton becomes more gentrified, there's a lot of poorer people who just can't afford the new cafes that are popping up around London Road. The Cowley ensures that everyone can eat.

Updated from previous review on 2018-01-01

Pros: volunteer-run space: no hierarchy, very cheap - not just for those with more money, also has events, films, talks in the evenings

Cons: a bit dark inside


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11 Aug 2017

The best place to go in Brighton

The Cowley Club was born out of the ethos of a desire for social change and that everyone's needs should be met as well as no animals should be killed or suffer so it is no surprise that the food is vegan, delicious, generous proportions and at a price that all can afford. What is served changes with whomever is working in the kitchen. So one day, you might get a central European soup and another day a Middle Eastern dish. The food is the real deal national dishes and sometimes fusions. When you enter the Cowley Club, you are entering an exciting microcosm and it would be fair to say that everybody that works down the Cowley is a colourful individual. There is a wall covered in alternative literature books including many on vegetarianism and veganism and recipe books. People tend to loiter for hours eating, browsing the books and making small and big talk. Children are welcome. The Cowley Club is almost totally unique in the UK and the nearest you probably get to it is the retro bars and restaurants of Budapest. It is a community centre in the purest of the sense and in the nights, punk bands play and right royal ruckus occurs so don't be surprised if the Cowley looks a bit ragged and rugged around the edges in the daylight. Well, actually, tons of stuff happens down the Cowley day and night so when you are tucking into your grub - ask for a leaflet for what's going on. Karola is one of the main characters down the Cowley and she is usually to be found in the kitchen cooking up monumental quantities of food when she is not running free bicycle repair workshops and vegan cookery classes. For those that like their caffeine, CC has Fritz Cola which as a friend described is one of blackest colas on the market with the highest EU guidelines legally permitted caffeine levels in it (don't give it to the kids :) ). If you want adventure, good food and a chance to experience the Brighton underworld then come down the Cowley. If you want a bland commercialised food venue then the Cowley Club is not the place to come.

Pros: genuine authentic national and fusion dishes, Super nice people that really believe in it, The food is fantastic

Cons: you'll want to take the cute black cat home, you'll end up wanting to move to Brighton


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24 Jan 2017

Good Grub

I went here alone for christmas Dinner. Met some nice friendly people and got a big plate of yummy food. Was lovely to have somewhere to go, know it was all vegan and was a refreshing change not to feel like odd one out for eating vegan. Great value.

Pros: Good price , Generous portions, Friendly

Cons: Forgivably disorganized when busy


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04 Jun 2015


The Cowley Club is a great little place on London Road in Brighton - both the bar and café is 100% vegan and money often goes to support campaigns like Sea Shepherd and Hunt Saboteurs.

The café is open Wed-Fri 12pm-6pm

Thursday evening meals (alcohol on sale too) from 7pm

Sunday roasts often - check listings on website www.cowleyclub.org.uk to see if there's one on

Great value for money! Where else in Brighton can you get a cup of tea for 60p, vegan beer for £3 and a meal for less than a fiver!

I highly recommend going down and supporting this place run entirely by volunteers!

Also the bar is open most nights from around 7pm, and all alcohol is vegan, again check listings on www.cowleyclub.org.uk to see what's on :)

Pros: Inexpensive, Volunteer-run, Community-based


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03 Jan 2015

Its great, tasty wholesome food.

I really like The Cowley Club. Especially the Thursday evening meals, £4 for a massive plate!

Occasionally the cafe can vary a bit but the chilled out atmosphere and the value for money make up for it.

And its the only place you can drink in Brighton and be certain that everything is vegan from the Ale to the Wine!

Pros: Tasty

Cons: not open enough


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23 Nov 2014


went here a few years ago, food was cold and the place was full of insalubrious anarchists


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26 May 2014

The only bad place in Brighton

They only had soup & bread, and that's not a meal for me !!

Cons: not tasty, not various, portions not generous


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13 Dec 2013


Great place, never had a bad meal.

Lots of political events, has a great resource library upstairs with loads of radical lit and films..

My highlight is the thursday night vegan meal, absolutely massive portions of great vegan food for 3.50, and serve vegan beers.

Pros: Great place, Great people, Great food


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15 Nov 2010

Home away from home

I've been to the Cowley Club a few times when I was on tour with my former band. And everytime we played we were overwhelmed by the great hospitality and the amazing food.
The Cowley Club is run by volunteers, and htey know how to take their job serious. In hte daytime it's a cafe plus a radical bookstore. A lot of young families from different backgrounds hangout there. Quite some young kids playing with each other while the parents are having a cup of tea.

The best thing of the Cowley Club is that it is an autonomous centre. Meetings happen there, concerts, discussions, benefits. All to make this world a bit better... Stop by there if you come across Brighton, it's THE place to meet awesome inspiring people.

Pros: all volunteers, great great food, autonomous space


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15 Dec 2009

Fundraiser roast

A couple of weeks ago i had a roast dinner at the Cowley. When the food arrived i was unsure if i'd get through the plateful as it was huge(i did!) There was nutroast, the essential roast potatoes, a variety of veg all covered in gravy. The spuds were gorgeous and i enjoyed everything else on my plate, though personally i like a bit more gravy! It was a fundraiser roast for the hunt sabs so i was doing good by eating it too!
If you're into eating in posh restaurants then the Cowley Club isn't for you. It's a not-for-profit social club run by volunteers and is a laid back environment. The kitchen is also run by volunteers so the food varies. The cafe is open Tues-Fri 12-4pm and breakfasts Sat 10am-2pm. Bar meals Thurs 8-9pm £3.50 and the bar is open Tues-Thur 7-11pm, Fri-Sat 8pm-12/2am. There are often Sunday roasts, check their website for info and to see what gigs,etc are happening.

Pros: Cheap food, Fundraiser, Great roast

Cons: Not enough gravy!, Can be noisy at times

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