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Serves meat, vegan options. Coffee house and gift shop offering baked goods, drinks, and sandwiches. Has soy milk for coffee drinks, vegan cream cheese for bagel, tofurkey slices and tempeh for sandwich - all for an upcharge. Daily baked goods vary and include usually one vegan cupcake and a pumpkin scone. The bagels without cheese are vegan. The fridge also offers prepared deli salads for grab n go. Occasionally a soup or chili may be vegan. Order a the counter. Sells mugs and kitchen things. Open Mon-Fri 7:00am-9:00pm, Sat 7:00am-10:00pm, Sun 7:00am-8:00pm.

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First Review by KundaliniYoga


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12 Jan 2022

Limited options

I got a bagel with veg cream cheese and tomato but it wasn't very warm and had little cream cheese. Not many other options at the time and they were out of vegan egg, so I couldn't get the breakfast burrito. Not many other options worth getting. But I would be back because they have vegan scones and stuff too!

Pros: Good vegan alternatives like cheese, mock meat etc

Cons: Pricey



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30 Oct 2021

Some vegan options; not as many as they used to have.

I was here 3 yrs ago and unfortunately the service isn’t any better; they get overwhelmed easily (even on a friday morning) and seem disorganized. I’d blame it on pandemic staffing issues but again, I was here way before covid and they had similar probs. I saw online that they have a vegan burrito but today they were out of Just Egg, and the menu they have on their wall isn’t clear on vegan options. You need to ask (and even then they aren’t sure). The cashier had an attitude like we were annoying her just by asking about vegan options. She seemed unhappy to be there.
They do have a good chickpea tuna salad and I asked if they could make it into a sandwich (which for someone reason is not on their permanent menu; seems like an obvious offering with the tuna salad). I also got a great vegan pumpkin chocolate chip cookie.
My dad just ordered hot chocolate (non-vegan) and he ended up getting refund bc they served it to him twice at room temp.

Pros: Some vegan options., Good vegan cookie., Great location, nice seating area.

Cons: Disorganized service., Menu is not clearly labeled w/vegan options.


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28 Sep 2021

Some good options, but…

I understand they get busy and may make some mistakes but it’s never pleasant to get cow milk instead of oat :/
We had the chocolate cupcake (vegan and gluten free) it was good but nothing more tbh the Italian wedding cookies are incredible though !

Pros: Good pastries options , Some gluten free!, Lots of drink options

Cons: Staff is not super friendly , They make milk mistakes :(


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02 Aug 2021

Excellent pastries

So excited about the pastry options here. Delicious coffee too.

Pros: Some gluten free + vegan options as well


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20 Jun 2021

Small vegan menu at register

This place is popular, so it's busy but so worth it. While in line you can only read a few veggie/vegan options on the menu but once you get to the register the staff will help you decide and there is a list of options that can be made vegan. We got the breakfast burrito, they were out of veg bacon so they replaced that with fresh avocado. It was delicious.

Updated from previous review on 2021-06-20

Updated from previous review on 2021-06-20

Pros: Good coffee, all plant based milk options. , Friendly, helpful staff.

Cons: Busy, long wait to order


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22 Oct 2020

Very delicious breakfast burrito!

I really wish I could give this 5 stars but Happy Cow only allows me to give 4 if it’s not an all vegan restaurant. The staff was great and had a lot of patience with me and all my vegan questions! I would definitely go back again! :))

Pros: Very good breakfast burrito, Vegan pastries , They can make almost anything vegan


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28 Sep 2020

Quite a few options

They have an amazing staff who are extremely helpful. They also offer quite a few clearly labled vegan options. It's an amazing place to go for vegan baked goods and even pick up a book or two about how to go vegan. Couldn't recommend this place more.

Pros: Many options, Amazing staff, Will help you choose vegan options/replacements

Cons: Expensive, Morning rush


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12 Sep 2020

“I’ll be sad any time I eat other vegan food and wish it was this”

They have tons of options, ingredients and allergens are labeled. They make everything fresh and the staff is so kind. Coffee is dank, food is dank, a VIBE. I drag everyone here and have yet to have anything but a WILDLY positive review. In the words of my newly vegan boyfriend “I’ll be sad any time I eat other vegan food and wish it was this”

Pros: So many options , Super helpful staff , I would drive to big Bear just for this

Cons: Expensive, That’s literally it. The only downside


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13 Aug 2020

unique & delicious

the copper q has some unique & yummy vegan options including pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, premade vegan sandwich, chickpea salad, vegan cream cheese for bagels, maple cupcakes, & 2 hot sandwiches that were not available while we were in the area (meatball sub & patty melt). I HIGHLY recommend the vegan italian wedding cookies sometimes available by the register.

Pros: unique vegan options, plant milk for coffee, ITALIAN WEDDING COOKIES


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22 Dec 2019

So cute!

I loved the ambience of this place. My boyfriend and I came in here for breakfast before going sledding. I got a soy latte and a sesame bagel with vegan cream cheese and tempeh bacon, both were delicious! My boyfriend tried the meatball panini and let’s just say it was so good that when our dinner plans got cancelled we went back and both got meatball paninis for dinner!

Pros: Great staff, Vegan options, Cute atmosphere


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18 Nov 2019

Lots of vegan options

Had the breakfast burrito and a chai tea latte, both were delicious! Next time I'll have to try their patty melt with the impossible burger.


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24 Aug 2019

Happy Belly

Loved the atmosphere. The chai tea was yummy. My bagel was toasted perfectly.

Pros: They have delicious vegan cream cheese & bagels , Multiple non dairy milk options , Beyond meat

Cons: Long line only one register open.


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12 Jun 2019

Almost everything can be vegan

The owner is vegan and they had a lot of very knowledgeable staff along with staff that’s also vegan. As long as you make them aware that you need it completely vegan they can and will accommodate.

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Vegan egg for a good vegan breakfast, Vegan desserts!


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30 May 2019

Great Vegan Breakfast!

Very vegan friendly! Entire menu clearly labeled and staff very knowledgeable! I got a vegan breakfast burrito. They have vegan egg, Tempe bacon, 3 vegan cheeses to choose from. Many options for milk alternatives, even have vegan coconut whipped cream.
And the set up is really cool! Great place to relax!


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03 Jan 2019

Can get veganized sandwich or wrap

Saw this on happycow and stopped in to give it a try. Was here this week, and here's my The Copper Q review. Because it's high season, the line was really long, and many things seemed to have run out, including the days' one vegan cupcake option. Too bad.

Asked for what can be vegan sandwich-wise, and one staff said 'BLT' on croissant, but in fact the croissiant was NOT vegan, and I had to tell her that. Another staff then said the sandwich can be made on sourdough bread, and that's what we got. Sadly they charge extra to use the tempeh instead of bacon on the blt. It tasted all right, bread was toasted and warm.

Staff also suggested that the veggie wrap with pesto can be made without the feta cheese, so we ordered that. It turned out that the wraps contained veganaise but no pesto. It tasted fine. We were able to secure one of the remaining vegan pumpkin scones. That tasted ok. All in all, it's fair place for vegan food in a town with very limited options.

Pros: has vegan

Cons: staff unclear about ingredients, poor ventilation, upcharge for vegan


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16 Oct 2018

Awesome place!!

So many awesome vegan options here! Lots of non dairy milks to chose from! Lots of syrups, baked good and various lunch/dinner options depending on their specials.

Just ask! The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. My husband and I ALWAYS come here when we visit Big Bear and we are never disappointed! It’s a must visit!!

Pros: Awesome coffee, Friendly and informative staff, Yummy food

Cons: Be sure to ask!, Food probably depends on season or when you go?, No other cons!!


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Mostly Veg
05 Oct 2018

nice place

Vegan pumpkin scone was amazing! They also had smoothies, vegan bagels, and some vegan specials (today was a vegan meatball panini and vegan chili)


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18 Mar 2018

can make many things vegan

Great service, willing to make anything vegan, however many baked items with butter that don’t actually need butter. Alternative “milks” cost $.75 more which seems... But a great option before 7pm!

Pros: great service, vegan options, great soy latte

Cons: butter butter butter, closes at 7pm, quiche options only have meat and cheese


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05 Jan 2018

Best Option for a Quick Bite in the Village!

The Copper Q has vegetarian and vegan options although the vegan options are not always so clear. For example, the vegan BLTA comes on a non-vegan croissant but can be made truly vegan by subbing the bread for sourdough. Be sure to always double check! If ordering food I suggest heading to the kitchen area to speak to the cook (she seemed much more knowledgeable about veganism than the cashiers). The pastries list the ingredients right in the case. This is the best option in the village for a quick bite to eat. Note that seating is limited and community style.

Pros: Atmosphere, Parking, Friendly Staff

Cons: Mislabeling , Limited Seating


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04 Jan 2018

misleading vegan titles

Every time I went here they messed up my meal. They advertise a vegan BLTA (yet its made with a non vegan croissant) On the menu it says that the oats can be “made” vegan. I ordered vegan ones and they tasted really off so I asked about the ingredients and it turns out they’re made with butter. As someone who is also allergic to dairy I could’ve gotten really sick if I would’ve finished them. Lots of vegetarian options but would not recommend this place for vegans or people. They are unorganized and not a safe bet for vegans


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19 Sep 2017

Awesome Restaurant

Vegan selections include veggie wraps, salads, mock tuna (chickpeas) salad, lentil chips, vegan bacon, vegan chocolate pudding and assorted fresh made pasteries.

Updated from previous review on 2017-09-19

Pros: Eco-friendly environment, Donates to local charities, Owner is vegan.

Cons: Also serve meat

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