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Eclectic, world-inspired atmosphere. Offers takeaway style fusion food with rotating menu emphasizing use of local and organic whole foods. Sandwiches, wraps, and bowl meals. Beverage variety includes cold-pressed juices, health tonics, elixirs, and smoothies. Reported closed October 2022.

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First Review by dicer


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07 Mar 2021

Highly impressed by host.

Very beautiful place. Felt at home. Beautiful hand carved healthy dishes. If you dont visit this great place, your trip is not complete.

Pros: Great options.

Cons: Everything do good. All blessings from animals.



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04 Apr 2020

Amazing everything

The multiple vegan options, delicious and healthy, are all worth a try. I marvel at how delicious their Açai, bimibap bowl, grilled cheese toastie, peanut butter cups and chocolate chip banana bread are!! A must :)

Pros: Delicious and healthy, Lovely staff and warm ambience


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22 Dec 2019


Peace full ambiance. Friendly and jolly staff. Great teast, vegan cack and biscuit is available and are testy.
Many vegan options are available.
Indian Curry was awesome.


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15 Dec 2019

Huge menu!

Lovely takeaway place with a huge menu and tons of vegan options. Their tableware is plant based, so no plastic is used. Tried one of their wraps and the carrot cake, both delicious!

Pros: Really big menu, environmental friendly

Cons: A bit pricey and nowhere to eat inside


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20 Nov 2019


I got vegan peanut butter cups from here and it was soooo yummy, I also bought some vegan bars and granola, such a lovely place.


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24 Oct 2019

Great food

All vegetarian or vegan (some dishes can be made vegan, for example by using Daiya instead of dairy cheese). Delicious food and large portions. Amazing vegan cake selection. They do take card payment but there is a 3% charge.

Pros: Lots of vegan options

Cons: Only a few seats to sit in - is mostly takeaway


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02 May 2019

Stylish Decoration

one of the selling points is that their tableware is all environmentally friendly, and their unique juice (but the taste of the juice is really depends on different people XD) The food is not bad, but the carrot cake makes me a little disappointed, too sweet! If you like sweet, maybe can try it out~

visit date: 2018-09


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11 Feb 2019

Glückselige Karotte

Nice and small place with friendly staff. The food was very good.

Pros: Many vegan options

Cons: Not the cheapest


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03 Jan 2019

Fantastic find in Macau

This is a tiny joint with very limited seating, and is more aimed at take away. The menu is massive and almost everything can be made vegan (except egg dishes). We tried the Reuben sandwich and the burrito. Reuben was amazing, loved the dressing they used, but was so big we couldn't eat it like a sandwich (cutlery was required and had to be broken down to eat fillings separately). Burrito felt more like a wrap than a Mexican dish but was still tasty. Also tried a cookie, and it was easily one of the best cookies I've ever had. Recommend checking this place out.


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Mostly Veg
26 Oct 2018

The best v food in Taipa❤️

Highly recommend to all green friends ^^ I tried so many times! The curry really amazing! I love their cashew curry dream salad , the sauce is made from curry powder and coconut milk , it s creamy and fancy❤️
You can also find the kombucha here, which is known as superfood recently!

Updated from previous review on 2018-10-26


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02 Oct 2018

Great Healthy Food

i’m a buddhist vegetarian who do not take alliums and they are able to accede to my requests ❤️ love their indian curry bowl, and their fab pancakes (best in town)

Pros: fresh food , environmentally friendly , big portions


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19 Aug 2018

fresh and healthy vegan food

When ordering tell them you're vegan. Good selection of sandwiches, bowls, wraps and pasta. Everything is freshly prepared and you can taste that.
I cannot confirm the critics on the staff. Went there on four different days and everyone was super friendly. There's space for 3-4 people to sit down, it's not a restaurant though. If you're hungry, go for the sandwiches (Ruben!). They're very filling. Everything can be well packed for take away too.

Pros: open on sundays too , environmental friendly, vegan sweets


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02 Jul 2018

Amazing Healthy choices

A loting fresh and Vegan choices. They are selling sweets, tooth brush and Vegan cheese either. One thing is there is No place for sit, because it’s meant to take away meal food. The staffs are super!!

Pros: Vegan and fresh choices

Cons: For take away


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08 May 2018


Went in twice, chaotic, lots of staff, no customers, still couldn't get served. Second time had menu and money in hand, still no interest, maybe its more of a collective than a business.
They may serve good food, who knows

Cons: Dont want to serve customers


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01 May 2018

So Excited but So Disappointed!

My friends and I stopped by before seeing a concert, after hearing so many good things about this place. I even looked at the menu at work during the day in anticipation of what to order. We were walking to the concert venue and didn't have much time, so we planned to grab something we could eat while walking (e.g. sandwich, wrap, or taco). When we arrived, the staff were sitting around chatting. We looked at the menu for a few minutes (talking about which sandwich we wanted) and interrupted them to order something. The woman who served us pointed at half of the menu and said "we are out of all of these things" (wraps, sandwiches, and tacos) and then resumed chatting. She didn't explain why. We were so confused. I told them we were looking for something we could eat quickly (I said it a few times, trying to explain "while walking") and they pointed to the pre-made salads in the fridge (they sounded annoyed with me for interrupting them). I don't see how anybody could eat a salad and walk at the same time! It wasn't until after my friend bought two of the boxes did we realize they were not vegan (had egg) :( I asked if I could get the veggie burger and finally someone explained that they were out of bread. I waited for them to make me a salad, but because we were pressed for time, I ended up inhaling it! The staff occupied the seats so we sat on the stairs and stools, resting our food on the delivery boxes. They did not once ask us how the food was, acknowledge us at all, say "thank you" or "bye" when we left. Such a shame because if the food and service was good, we were planning on visiting again the next day when we had more time. And as someone who blogs about vegan restaurants, I was even prepared to travel all the way from HK just for an afternoon to eat at this place again. Maybe some of the dishes are great here, but the fact that we were ignored and treated as if we were bothering the staff by simply being there has turned me off from coming back.

Cons: poor service, many menu items not available


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23 Apr 2018

Lovely vegan choices

It has a massive menu, as well as a chilled cabinet with groceries and take out cakes. The staff were really friendly, and there were a few seats inside to eat at (although I think it's mainly a place for take out). I got the tropical salad and a smoothie - which were both super delicious. And they have the best vegan banana bread I've ever come across.


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15 Jan 2018

Amazing food and service

I really enjoyed this restaurant.
Nicest service, and great food
Please note that is only takeaway.


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01 Jul 2017

Great space to enjoy food and hand around

Update 2017: A lot changed since I wrote my 5 star review in 2014. Unfortunately not for the better :(
I have been there as recently as March and the food just doesn't compare to 3 years ago. The sandwiches are still ok, but often burned and just not that tasty anymore. Like one comment below already said: Last year we too ordered a vegan sandwich and got cheese on it... They were super sorry when we went back and explained that the cook thought it was tofu... Which basically means a lot of other people also got served cheese on their "vegan" food :( Sorry, but a cook should know these details!

Besides that you can't sit and eat anymore, which was a fun way to pass the time. There is a park on the other side of the hill behind the restaurant, but it is not the same.

So unfortunately I have to downgrade from 5 to 3 stars. Still a good place to go to in Macau, but compared to other restaurants in like Hong Kong, this does not deserve that rating anymore (I still think it did 3 years ago!)

Previous review:
We went there for lunch and the place exceeded all our expectations. Very friendly and welcoming staff. And the food is just great! All speak English and can help you with ordering vegan food.
Try the sandwich with tempeh! Had to order a second one! ;) Smoothies are also very refreshing.

Several baked and raw items are for sale. The vegan fudge was awesome!

The decor is very rustic and warm. A great place to enjoy your food, sitting at the bar and chatting to the staff.

They also have several things available for sale like flax and chia seeds.

I will definitely be back and can only recommend you to go and eat there!

Updated from previous review on 2014-08-28

Pros: Lots of raw and vegan options


14 Jul 2017

We are so sorry for this unsatisfactory experience and have spoken to our staff at length about this. Our staff have a range of diets and we work tirelessly to educated them of vegetarianism. indian vegetarianism. vegan, gluten free, lactose free diets, etc. During your visit we were going through the training of three new staff who have basic knowledge of these diets. We hope in the future that we can show that we care very much about your experience and your requests being honored! -Alyson; Blissful Carrot


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Non Veg
25 Jun 2017

Fermental find

Bimibap bowl, pumpkin slice and heavenly homemade kombucha. A great little spot in Macau

Pros: Vegan cakes

Cons: Takeaway only


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04 Jun 2017

oasis in Macau

Great food, very friendly people , variety of drinks choice ,lots of organic stuffs to buy :) cannot compare with other vege-restaurants in Macau .

Pros: vegan desert, food , drink, people

Cons: saw some cockroaches inside of shop


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23 Apr 2017

Vegan in Macao. Yes!!!

I walked here from Sheraton - 25 minutes. The service was lovely, food incredible and create value. I picked up son Kombucha and Grain Milk.

Pros: ethical packaging. , fresh, VEGAN

Cons: can't sit and eat lunch


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18 Feb 2017

Lovely place, lovely staff

I loved the ambience of this place, the interior is eclectic. I was immediately greeted by the staff who are super friendly. It is also in proximity to a brilliant park which makes for a top way to enjoy a takeaway vegetarian lunch. Recommended for baked goods and smoothies.

10/10 to Beatrice who gave me such a smiley welcome - a top ambassador for this little gem.

Pros: Food, Staff

Cons: None really, perhaps seating


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10 Feb 2017

Good Healthy Quick Bits & Eats!

It was a very nice treat to discover this lil shop! The food I tried was delicious. I will be back to try some more goodies. Sure wish I was not dieting these days. The staff was nice and friendly and very knowledgeable. Seeing the ingredients on some of the products its clear they know what's good for you. Highly recommend if you are in the area, come eat here. You will be so glad you did!

Updated from previous review on 2017-02-10

Pros: Great selections, Clean & pure, Friendly Staff

Cons: Take Away only...Wish I could eat there.


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31 Jan 2017

Amazing smoothie

I just got the muscle recovery with added maca powder. It's so delicious. Staff are so friendly, and you definitely get your money's worth. Great little spot x

Pros: Healthy, Fresh, Friendly

Cons: Takeaway


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31 Jan 2017

Blissfully good!

A little bit of paradise tucked away in Taipa old town. Amazing food, juices, smoothies and friendly faces!
A must do if you're in town.


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06 Jan 2017


Amazing! The best vegan food I've ever eaten. My family and I went here 2 days in a row because it's just that good :) really sweet staff too

Pros: Amazing food

Cons: Absolutely nothing


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08 Dec 2016

Great Find

Many options for vegan, raw, plant-based foods. Good price for the amount of food given too! My salad was big enough for two meals. :)

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