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The Beehive Cafe

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Contact +39-06-44704553

Via Marghera 8 (at Via dei Mille), Rome, Italy, 00185

Cafe inside The Beehive Hotel. Offers daily breakfast, vegetarian/vegan dinner buffet on select evenings, IMPORTANT TO CALL FIRST to check availability. No lunch. No brunch. Free Wi-Fi.

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Reviews (20)

First Review by Petesternz

not much vegan - Edit

We stayed at the Beehive in one of their private rooms which was offsite, but we came each morning to have breakfast. The first morning we noticed that most of the menu is just for vegetarians, not vegans. We both ordered the diced tofu dish with toast which was served with butter, so just watch out. The following mornings we brought in our own spreads and pates to use on the toast. It was nice to be able to have various coffees with soy milk though. Dirk really like the cold one. Good if you are staying there, but no need to come otherwise. Too bad there were no dinners while we were there as those sounded much better.

Pros: convenient if staying there, soy milk coffees

Cons: mostly vegetarian, not vegan

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Takes the stress out of breakfast - Edit

It's nice staying at a place where you don't have to worry about where your first meal of the day will come from. The breakfast was all veggie although in terms of hot food there was just one option for vegans: the previously-mentioned delicious tofu dish. If you're vegan watch out for the smoothie - to my surprise it contained milk.

Pros: Convenience, Tofu dish, Friendly

Cons: The smoothie contained milk

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Get there - Edit

I hoped they would have dinners scheduled while we were staying at the hotel, and they did. You have to check since they don't serve every night. You just can't beat this: a lovely dinner for eu10, wine or beer for eu2. We had a delicious cabbage/broccoli pie, fancy mixed greens and curried rice or pasta with a creamy sauce. ALL was vegan and really delicious. A nice chocolate-orange pudding-like dessert was eu2. The chefs are really sweet people. Another night I saw the dinner, the main part was a farine-chickpea cake. We ended up not having it because we ate lunch at 4.30, but I could see it was nice and everyone there seemed to love it.

Pros: Price, Clean/healthy food, Friendly

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Wonderful, delicious healthy food. - Edit

A wonderful little oasis within the hustle and bustle of Rome, the food at the Beehive Cafe was just the thing we needed to start our long (but wonderful!) days of sightseeing in Rome. We ate breakfast there three times, and dinner once. The tofu scramble is to die for - just wonderful. We tried a few other dishes off the breakfast menu - everything was good. The coffee is also good, and the fruit salad generous. One morning we arrived there too late, after they had finished serving, but the lovely man there still made us a fruit salad with yoghurt, and coffees, even though he was meant to be finished.

We were lucky enough to be there on one of their vegan nights, and as we had had three days in Rome by then, and were starting to get a little tired of the pizza/pasta overload, the vegan dinner at the Beehive Cafe was like a breath of fresh air! Simple, yummy and healthy - it was exactly what we were craving.

Pros: Right near Termini Station, Yummy food with friendly, relaxed vibe., Not expensive

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Highly Recommend - Edit

I'm convinced I would've eaten here every day during my stay in Rome if Aimee had been making the food! Unfortunately, I was only able to eat her delicious vegan food twice since I got in on a Sunday and had a flight to catch that Wednesday. When I showed up at The Beehive famished before she officially started brunch on Sunday morning, she made me a delicious tofu scramble and was so nice to me that I could've cried. I went back for dinner that very same day because I enjoyed brunch so much.

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Great start to my day - 2 times - Edit

I had two very tasty vegan breakfasts here. A great start to the day but I would have loved to have been able to sample one of their vegan dinners. Everything seemed freshly prepared with care and consideration.

Pros: Friendly staff, Tasty food

Cons: Limited opening hours

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Absolutely Delicious - Edit

My husband and I stayed at the Beehive while in Rome a few weeks ago. I have to say this, it was an outstanding experience. Neither of us are vegetarian but we at breakfast at their cafe and we've never been the same since. The food woke our palate and taste buds up from a dormant state. We've adjusted our way of eating due to the delicious food we ate.

Before leaving Italy we were fortunate to be back in Rome on Wednesday which is the night that Aimee makes dinner. I'm Not sure if she makes dinner on other nights but she had mentioned to eat dinner that Wednesday when we returned to Rome.

I don't exaggerate when I say that the food was simply amazing. We didn't miss the meat at all but it was much more surprising that my husband who will eat a whole cow or pork due to his meat loving genes was totally blissful with our meal. It'll be a month since we ate that meal and we still talk about it and yearn to eat more of it.

It's a big misconception when you hear vegetarian. I think boring, tasteless, but I was so so so wrong.

Aimee, made this rice dish with veges in it, a tasty vegetarian chili, a wonderful fennel dish and this scrumptious walnut bread. It was all so good I ate every bit and didn't give my husband half my meals as I'm accustomed to doing.

Pros: healthy delicious beyond words, extremely polite upbeat staff, wonderful family atmosphere

Cons: sorry but i have no cons, sorry but i have no cons, sorry but i have no cons

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Vegan oasis - Edit

After nearly a week of trying to find any sort of vegan food, especially reasonably priced and conveniently located, this place was such a great find. Lovely little cafe located near Termini metro and train station, with delicious, wholesome food prepared by a friendly chef. I had a mixed platter (which comes with a glass of wine should you wish)which contained a variety of different grains and vegetables. Would highly recommend this place, though I'd check the hours before you go to make sure that they're open.

Pros: Lovely, vegan food, Reasonable price, Friendly, nice atmosphere

Cons: Opening hours restricted, Small so could fill up quickly, Not the best part of town late at night

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I am so happy I ate here! - Edit

The staff is super friendly. The food is really good. The price is reasonable. I Had the buffet both Sunday and Wednesday with a little bit of everything. I enjoyed it all. It was also nice company because guests at the hotel eat there aswell which lead to some wonderful dinner conversations.

Pros: Great food, affordable, friendly

Cons: not open every day, not very noticable from the road

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Vegan dinners and weekend brunches @ The BH - Edit

The vegan chefs from Zeitgusto are now serving dinners every Wednesday and Saturday at The Beehive Hotel. One large mixed plate from their buffet and a glass of organic wine for 8 euros. The garden is open weather permitting for dining on those night from 7:00 pm-9:30 pm. Saturday and Sunday vegan brunches are also served from 11:00am - 1:00pm. For more information on their vegan dinners or brunches please visit The Beehive Hotel and Cafe's Facebook page where the Zeitgusto teams posts photos, menus and special vegan events.

Pros: 100% organic and vegan, beautiful outdoor garden, great food/value

Cons: Small indoor dining area seats 25

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Great place to stay and grab vegan breakfast! - Edit

The Beehive was full so we stayed at their guesthouse just down the street. It was basically like having our own apartment in Rome. We had a large bedroom and shared a bath, kitchen, and common room with the guests who stayed in the two additional bedrooms. It's located close to Termini and it's a short walk down to the main tourist attractions.

We had breakfast two mornings at the Beehive Cafe. We were too early for the entirely vegan brunch that is served in the garden, but they whipped up some delicious tofu scramble with bread/jam, plus oatmilk cappucinos! The couple that comes in to do weekend brunch and breakfast also do a vegan apperitivi on Wednesdays (which, sadly, we missed.) (Also, they have their own vegan cafe and music shop,Hobo, that is absolutely worth seeking out. Just ask them for directions and go enjoy a delicious, enormous buffet plate and drink for 7 euro, located in a vibrant, non-touristy part of Rome.)

The selection for breakfast isn't large, but the food is fresh and delicious. Based on our experience at breakfast and Hobo, my guess is that the vegan brunch and apperitivi are equally great.
Updated from previous review on Saturday June 23, 2012

Pros: tofu scramble, oatmilk espresso drinks, vegan brunch and appertivi

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Nice place! - Edit

Unfortunately breakfast (and thus, opening hours) are limited to 7.30-10.30) so we only made it on the second attempt. Vegan breakfast options include oatmeal porridge,toast with chocolate spread and scrambled tofu with veggies. We had a medium sized porridge, toast and a soy hot chocolate and (fair trade) tea for 10 Euros in total, which is a fair price considering everything is organic and you are in Rome, where everything is SO expensive.

Pros: yummy, cosy place, fair sized portions

Cons: limited opening hours, tucked away - hard to find

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Good vegan breakfast... - Edit

After five days of eating the free breakfast at the Hotel Piemonte, this was a welcome change. It's a cozy little space, tucked away in a bright yellow building that's a little hard to find if you're not paying attention. You must ring the bell to get in, and most patrons seem to be staying at the hostel. However, the staff was very friendly and welcomed us into their kitchen. I had tofu scramble with veggies, homemade toast and jam, a large soy cappuccino and water, all for 9 euros. Everything was yummy, especially the cappuccino. I definitely think it's worth a visit if you're in the area or are sick of your free but boring hotel food and willing to travel. It's too bad they no longer serve lunch or dinner, but they offer snacks like bread, hummus, popcorn and such after the kitchen closes.

Pros: good vegan food, friendly staff, affordable

Cons: small, hidden, no lunch or dinner

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NO MORE ! - Edit

this place now becomes a breakfast room, sells on branch and offers only dishes with eggs. close at noon.
no more lunch and dinner, no more seitan or other vegetarien or vegan dishes.

2 Responses

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thebeehiverome Hello, this is Linda and my husband Steve and I are the owners of The Beehive. We are no longer able to serve lunch and dinner because of bureaucratic problems we had with the city and definitely NOT an internal decision. We do still offer breakfast (not just eggs as noted in this review), Sunday brunch and do have snacks and drinks throughout the day and evening available. We are also open to hosting small scale vegetarian or vegan friendly events in our garden. Past events we have hosted have been Vegan Drinks, Green Drinks and a fundraiser for a local animal shelter.

Best Place in Town - Edit

Beehive Cafe is an absolute must for a vegetarian visiting Rome. Food is great and experience is even better. We tried breakfast, lunch, packed lunch and dinner at Beehive. Each meal was well prepared and the cook took genuine interest in her/his work.

Pros: Excellent Food, Healthy, Good Value

Cons: Small Place

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An isolated warm vegetarian kitchen! - Edit

It is a tiny cafe located in a hotel ground floor. It's more like a kitchen with 1 chef cooking and warming up what the guest ask him from the menu. I liked the menu which had "suggestible prices", meaning you pay whatever you think the dish should be paid for (prices are recommended though). I also like that you have free Wi-Fi internet access, and a lounge area where me and my girl moved to after enjoying our dinner. The food is pretty good, it could be better.

Pros: Price, Free Wi-Fi Internet, Vegetarian

Cons: Not all dishes taste good

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Pay what you want style vegetarian restaurant - Edit

This was situated downstairs of a hotel and I guess is mainly for guests (have to buzz in from the street). The food was vegetarian though the cook was helpful with coming with a vegan option. The food was great and surprisingly well presented (very restaurantish), and the ingredients seemed very fresh. There are guidelines in the menu of what you are expected to pay ie. 6-10e or so, but you can pay under or over that.

Pros: friendly and helpful staff, cheap, good food

Cons: menu is a bit hard to read, not the largest portions

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Great idea, well worth your support - Edit

I ate several times at Beehive on a recent visit to Rome, and I can't say enough good things about it. Firstly, the food is great - all hand made on the spot using really high quality ingredients (especially the vegetables). The menu changes so often that you never need to have the same meal twice. The whole concept behind the place is great, and really makes you consider the value of food. Chiefly though, the people behind it are lovely - the woman who was there most of the times we went was really friendly, chatty, knew her stuff, and made us feel very much welcome. The service is top notch and we really felt looked after, and she offered to whip us up all sorts of vegan things not on the menu. I would definitely recommend this place highly.

Pros: generous portions, fresh and hand cooked food, friendly staff

Cons: a little tucked out of the way

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burnettis Yes,I too have been much pleased with this EXCELLENT restaurant and staff here make the experience all the more wonderful.
I have written a very full review,which can be seen at ;
[email protected]
I would be surprised if any were unhappy here.
I return next year,for double helpings.........please !

Hit and Miss - Edit

We stayed at the Beehive hotel and ate here a couple of times, especially at breakfast. It was really hit and miss and depended who was cooking the food. We had one guy who seemed to have been there awhile who did a great job. As for the other server, well, she was nice, but the less said of her food, the better.
This food is vegetarian, and they are not always that vegan friendly. We actually had real trouble ordering, and did better at many of the pizza places in the area. They have a few menu options and the servers we had were not particularly interested in adapting the choices available. Again, it's hit and miss. We had a beautiful bean soup one evening, and lovely oatmeal with soy milk one morning. We also had some really boring pasta, and one day we actually had to leave as they could not provide us with any vegan options. I think it's worth a visit, but be prepared to walk if necessary.

Pros: Prices , healthy

Cons: Erratic

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