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Restaurant offering a variety of dishes including sandwiches, pizza, wraps, burgers, baked goods, and more. Also makes and distributes seitan to local restaurants and grocery stores. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-10:00pm.

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First Review by AshRich


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14 Nov 2023


The vegan Italian sub was fantastic and so was the crunch wrap. I also had the Nashville tenders, but wouldn’t order them again. They were overcooked and kind of tasteless. Nonetheless, the vibes here were awesome and the service was friendly. Other than the tenders, it was a great experience.



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04 Nov 2023


My husband and I found this late night after a long roadtrip the food was delicious we had the chicken sandwich and the $5 crunch wrap loved it!


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18 Oct 2023

im here once a month!

Im all about their limitless options. i usually get the chickn tenders, but when i do get something else its always amazing. even my non vegetarian friends love it!!!!

Pros: lots of options, quick service, good prices


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23 Sep 2023

Great food!

My husband and I stopped on our way through town. We really enjoyed the seitan big chkn sandwich. We thought it was delicious. Can’t wait to stop on our next trip to town.

Pros: Fresh food, Great taste, Friendly staff


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29 Aug 2023


The Hot Italian is best thing I’ve had here alongside the tater tots. The crunch wrap was just okay. The staff were very friendly and helpful. This is must each time I’m in Nashville. The vegan grocery items are an added bonus.

Cons: More seating


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19 Aug 2023

Mc Rib🤮

This sandwich was nasty it was extremely dry hardly no bbq sauce & the bread was hard as a brick mcRib supposedly have soft bread it almost choked me if they can't improve this take it of the menu it was nasty and my fries was cold waste of 12 bucks!👎🏾👎🏾

Updated from previous review on 2023-08-19


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10 Aug 2023

Comfort food to the max

What a very cool place! Not much on the inside but the food is excellent and the service very friendly and welcoming. A variety of good sandwiches, wraps, fries and shakes and all vegan. Cookies are yummy too

I think the menu changes periodically so some stuff might not be there when you come back but I can guarantee that the new item will be just as good as what it replaced

Updated from previous review on 2023-08-10

Pros: The people , The sandwiches , The cookies


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06 Jul 2023

Wayyy Better than copper branch

Me and my girlfriend ordered a pizza crunch wrap, taco crunch wrap, nacho waffle fries, Nashville chicken sandwich and a caramel vanilla milkshake. All of it was amazing! The pizza Crunchwrap wasn’t a favorite but good and the taco crunch wrap was sooo good! Only think we were disappointed by was that their menu was just redone and there are a lot less options than before. We saw all the food posted on here and there was a lot more than they offer now. But overall still really good!


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19 Jun 2023

Great service, good food

I came in with my husband and 3 kids. The kids split the original tenders which was huge and plain tots. My husband got the buffalo tenders with ranch. I got the steak n chz Philly sandwich we shared the nacho tots. Everything was good. Not the absolute best I’ve had, but it was good. The best part was the nacho tots. We also got a double chocolate cookie though and it was one of the best I’ve had. Big, soft and delicious. All of the workers were super nice and helpful. There’s a small store inside and 3 small tables. I think it’s worth noting that they do not have high chairs to my knowledge, and it was difficult to eat at the high stools with a baby. But there are two low tables, they just weren’t available. This is like a quick deli more than a restaurant, so there’s not always available seating but it’s good and quick. We will be back.


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22 May 2023


Stopped here on the way into Nashville and it was amazing. I’ve been vegan 6 years and it was up there in my top 10. I had a Buffalo chik’n sandwich, a nashville hot sandwich and a crunch wrap. They were all very good. I loved the meat in the crunch wrap. The Buffalo is more saucey and the Nashville hot definitely had a little kick. I’m not great with spice but they were both okay to withstand with the ranch! The bread was even noteworthy. That night i went to another vegan restaurant near broadway -copper branch - and it was horrible. Don’t go there. I spent $77 at CB, had a bad experience with food and service and then Uber eats-Ed this place to my hotel instead! I then had the nachos, a chocolate chip cookie(so sweet, a little hard-which is my favorite), the tahini broccoli (my partner loved it- it was like a little broccoli salad) and a buff chik’n Philly(a little salty but SO good - i killed it in like 5 minutes). The nachos were amazing - even being delivered. I was so glad I ordered this place again. This is the one.


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11 May 2023

the fried “chicken” of my DREAMS

“whatever will we do without The BE-Hive?” is one of the first things my husband and i said to each other as we approached the end of our year spent in Nashville.

their weekend specials are where they truly shine, but as far their regular menu goes, their plain gain fried chik’n sandwich is where it’s at! seriously the crispiest, juiciest and most satisfying vegan fried chicken i’ve ever had!

i’ve heard a lot of other Nashvillian vegans complain that their food is too greasy/heavy, which i can understand, but.. it’s certainly not being advertised as health food! with that being said, this place definitely doesn’t skimp on calories, so save it for a night when you’re feeling in need a true feast.

Updated from previous review on 2023-05-11

Pros: Entirely vegan menu!, Exciting weekend specials, Lovely atmosphere/storefront

Cons: Fries only being a special item (they’re so good!)


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07 May 2023

Amazingggg food!!!

Love everything about this place - the atmosphere, the employees & especially the food. Cant go wrong with the hot italian and nacho tots. Wish I could eat this everyday🥵


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16 Apr 2023

THE best

I got the weekend special- it was roast beef on the most delicious buttery onion roll with curly fries and it was so good. The buttery onion roll was amazing. It had so much delicious flavor. I went back the next day and got the fried chicken sandwich with tater tots. The fried chicken sandwich wasn’t my favorite fried chicken but it was yummy and the tater tots were really crispy. Get the roast beef! Maybe get the Nashville hot chicken sandwich for more flavor.

Pros: All vegan, To go items


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04 Mar 2023

Very good

Had the Nashville hot chicken and it was great. The double chocolate chip cookie was amazing the only negative was the tots were cold.

Pros: Nice staff


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18 Jan 2023


Cute place and really friendly staff, and the food was fantastic! We loved the Hot Italian sandwich and the nacho tots.


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14 Jan 2023

Tasty, easy ordering and pick up

We stopped here on a road trip and ordered online so the food was ready when we arrived. The ordering process was easy and the staff was very friendly. We had the soy chxkn Philly sandwich. The food was flavorful and the serving size provided dinner and leftovers for lunch. The sandwich was a little on the salty side, but with a delicious mix of flavors.

Pros: All vegan options with house-made seitan, Yummy food and easy to order/pick-up, Good portion size

Cons: The parking lot was full (but on a Friday night)


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08 Jan 2023

The cookies though!

I think their food is just okay but their pepperonis that you can get at Whole Foods are superb as well as their huge sugar cookies in their shop.


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16 Dec 2022

We were hungry and it was alright

On a long drive me and my girlfriend (both vegan) stumbled upon this place with its reviews etc and the menu items seemed appealing, the food turned out to be good but realistically I don’t think it was anything crazy, but definitely worth checking out for the tastes and options

Pros: Great service, Good prices, Variety

Cons: Underwhelming taste


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10 Dec 2022

Quick eat while in east Nashville

Wanted try this place and the Seite
made in-house , loved the food fast little space micro grocery , fast sandwiches and hot tots potatoe salad

Updated from previous review on 2022-12-10

Pros: In house seiten lots all vegan , Small micro grocery , Fast sevice

Cons: Expensive , I’d stick to sandwich only sad part, Mainly felt like a to go carry out , no a con but, Staff was super nice nothing bad to say


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20 Oct 2022

Great sandwich

I ordered from Ubereats on a girls’ trip to Nashville, so I didn’t have a direct experience with this restaurant.

The food was fantastic! I had been craving a good steak sandwich for years and FINALLY it was satisfied.

The sandwich was spot on and it was too big for one person. Could easily be shared between two people. The tots were good, too (as tots usually are).

I’d definitely order from this place again when in town.

Pros: Steak and cheese sandwich, Tots , Options


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27 Sep 2022


Great sandwich/cookie/tots. Would definitely recommend.

Updated from previous review on 2022-09-27


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31 Aug 2022

Are people going to a different restaurant than me?

I really, really wanted to like this place. I love vegan junk food and I salivate looking at the menu but the food is straight up bland! I’ve tried four different times now and it has always been massively disappointing. I love their funfetti cookie though so at least there’s that…


18 Nov 2022

I notice that you've said that the food is bland at two highly rated vegan restaurants here in Nashville, both of which I love for their incredible flavors. I'm genuinely curious if you've ever contacted COVID-19 and might have a dulled sense of taste. I personally have two people in my life that have permanently altered tastebuds from the virus, and everything tastes super bland to them. There are also other medical reasons that could be at play. Just a thought...


18 Nov 2022


16 Dec 2022

Thanks for bringing that up! I don’t think that’s if though. I’ve eaten here many times over the last few years, even before 2020. I also don’t have trouble tasting food from other places.


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21 Aug 2022

Worth giving it a try.

The soy chickn patty was tough, the tots were soggy. We’ve since gone back a few times and everything has been great. Yay!

Updated from previous review on 2021-09-29

Pros: All vegan menu, Lots of options , Friendly Staff

Cons: Small parking lot


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15 Aug 2022

couldn’t be better

The Be-Hive was so good! We ordered the chili cheese tots, nashville hot chicken sandwich, and a philly. Everything was beyond delicious. The food came quickly, there was a small amount of seating to dine in, and service was friendly. There were some additional vegan items to buy like their meat alternatives and cheeze and other brands vegan product as well. The blueberry cookie was amazing! The only downside was the store right next door to them sells taxidermy and skulls. It’s completely out of their hands but something to note. Can’t recommend this place enough

Pros: All vegan!, Large menu


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10 Aug 2022

The ideal vegan take-out Nashville

I met a friend there for lunch. I have been vegan for 25 years. My friend is a chef who worked for the beef council! Not sure if that's more of a statement of our friendship or her curiosity. We BOTH had a great lunch.

The only drawbacks are limited seating and parking. If I lived on Nashville I'd be a regular here for take-out. If you are a vegan traveling through Nashville, this is a great place to get food to take back to your hotel.

Sidenote #1: The last time I had been in Nashville was likely a decade ago. The 2022 options are much better in the Music City. BE-Hive also sells their own plant meats.

Sidenote #2: My sandwich was VERY BIG. You may want to share a sandwich and order sides.

Pros: Food!, Value, Staff

Cons: Limited parking, Limited seating


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01 Aug 2022

One of our favorites. We eat here at least once a week!

We live in the area and have been obsessed with this place for over a year now. One of our top 3 places in Nashville.

Pros: Amazing mock meats and cheeses , Delicious sandwiches, Check out their daily/weekend specials!


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28 Jul 2022


Ordered vegan blueberry coconut cookie, loaded tots, and vegan chicken Philly. The food was honestly beyond my expectations. Felt as if I was eating actual chicken. Seasoned very well, for someone who doesn’t eat a lot of salt in their diet some things may be on the “salty” spectrum. Everything was very reasonably price! Overall I will be eating here again

Pros: 100% vegan, Cheap

Cons: Slightly salty

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