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Serves meat, vegan options available. Menu showcases avocado in dishes with vegan ones marked. Vegan selection includes pancakes, burger, poke bowl, nachos, toast with different toppings, and breakfast bowl. Except for sour cream the sauces are vegan. Serves coffee, tea, juice, kombucha, and smoothies. Est. 2017 this is the first of several outlets. Open Mon-Sun 09:00-17:00.

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First Review by SarahJennyJohnson


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23 Jul 2023

Avocado paradise

If you like avocados, go there. Simple!


Pros: Creative recipes

Cons: Pricey



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14 Oct 2022


Everything is suuuper delicious! Friendly staff and a lot of vegan options


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24 Aug 2022

Fun concept

Not a ton of vegan options but the one I got was pretty good. Not super filling though. I went in 2017 soon after this place opened and there was quite the line! Not sure what it’s like recently. Very pretty presentation of the food!

Updated from previous review on 2022-08-24

Pros: Great atmosphere, Nice presentation


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15 Aug 2022

Excellent food but

Excellent food very nicely presented
Fresh ingredients
We took vegan options
Only thing to improve : we waited a lot outside the restaurant in the very hot sun before someone acknowledged us


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03 Jul 2022


Super fun concept and love how they have incorporated avocado into such a variety of dishes! I tried the avocado fries (yum!), ordered the “burger” (good but not amazing), and had the waffle and cheesecake (I don’t think either had avocado), but the waffle was super yum and the cheesecake was average. I would go back and try more things!

Updated from previous review on 2022-07-03

Pros: Ambience is super fun, Had some fun “avocado” things for sale

Cons: Wish they had more vegan options , More indoor seating


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06 Apr 2022

Tasty & healthy food

The food was tasty but I expected more vegan options.


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13 Oct 2021

Tasty and healthy food

Good experience

Pros: Tasty and pretty healthy food, Diverse options for vegans, Nice staff

Cons: A bit expensive


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04 Sep 2021

delicious food but they could offer more vegan options

the vegan options menu is quite limited considering that the main product of the restaurant is vegan. it would be so easy to make more vegan friendly meals containing avocado. that being said the vegan bowl i had was very good and staff was really helpful with choosing what to get.


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26 Aug 2021

It’s just a cool name

The dishes are tiny and very expensive. Little changes like switching feta with edamame or sth else they have on the menu is not possible cause the owner doesn’t want that, which “makes sense” in terms of a brand decision, but is not very consumer friendly. However, the staff was super nice and professional.

Pros: some vegan options

Cons: expensive


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17 Oct 2020

Avocado parade

Groene avocado parade bij dit leuke restaurant in de pijp. Ik nam de fun burger. Deze burger vond ik echt origineel en lekker.


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18 Aug 2020

Gastronomic experience

If you love avocado, this is the place to be! The menu is full of different stuff you can try (not many vegans options though).
The fried avo w/ truffled mayo are FOR SURE one of the best things I've ever eaten (its a MUST)
I got the hummus + avo toast as well, was good but nothing special
The dishes are extremely pretty, aesthetic af
Excellent restaurant (food+staff). A bit pricy though (16 bucks for the toast and the fries)

Pros: Tasty, Staff, Presentation

Cons: Expensive, few vegan options


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17 Jul 2020

I love Avocados

The Avocado Fries with Truffle Mayo are highly recommended!

Pros: Many vegan Options


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05 Dec 2019

Great, considering I hate Avacado

Went here upon my partners request as it was a place she really wanted to visit while in Amsterdam. I had the roasted veg on toast. In fairness it was executed very well and was a lovely thick crusty bread with a beautiful pesto/pine nut spread which helped mask the Avacado for me. My parter has the Saint Stack and thought it was phenomenal. There was no queue and the food was out with us within 10 minutes with friendly service. It was an all around great show.

Pros: Good vegan options, High quality food, Good service

Cons: Quite pricey


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22 Oct 2019

Power breakfast

Had the curry hummus mango tango sandwich and pancakes. Highly recommended!


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21 Oct 2019

Show but to much show

El lugar se ha hecho muy famoso en Amsterdam! El lugar está bueno, muy avocado pero también se lleva bastante. No habían tantas opciones veganas como pensábamos pero logramos encontrar algunas muy ricas. El único pero es que encontramos caro algunos platos para el tamaño de la comida.

The place has become very famous in Amsterdam! The place is good, very avocadoish but it also get queue. There weren't as many vegan options as we thought but we managed to find some good ones. The only thing is that we found some dishes expensive for the size of the food.


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26 Sep 2019

Healthy and aesthetically pleasing!

I had to check out The Avocado Show during my time here in Amsterdam. It didn’t disappoint! My brother, dad, and I came here for breakfast on a Wednesday in September around 10AM and we were seated immediately. It was fairly busy in there while we ate but there were still tables open.

I ordered The Heart Beet Rose Toast (€10) while my dad has The Mango Curry Tango Toast (€10). Both were absolutely beautiful! Both toasts were served a large slice of bread with a generous layer of hummus an avocado rose on top. Very substantial and filling. My brother enjoyed the Vegan Paradise poke bowl (€15.50). It was a spectacle to look at! The bowl featured rice, mango mayonnaise, seaweed salad, mango chunks, edamame, cucumber, & was surrounded by avocado slices. Our server gave him soy sauce to enjoy it with. It was very fresh tasting but sadly not very filling nor substantial. Too bad since it was €5 more than our massive toasts.

We all had a great experience here though! I would definitely give it a try if you’re an avocado fiend like me.

Pros: Good amount of vegan options, Beautiful & Tasty food, Very healthy

Cons: Sort of expensive


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21 Aug 2019

Total überteuert!

Leider war es total überteuert... ich habe mir das Avocado/Penutbutter Eis bestellt und für 5€ einen tollen Eisbecher oder ähnliches erwartet, aber leider kam nur eine kleine Kugel Eis im Hörnchen. Der Geschmack war in Ordnung, aber ich habe schon wesentlich besseres veganes Eis gekostet und das für deutlich weniger Geld. Immerhin war die Location schön


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04 Aug 2019

Fantastic colourful and flavourful food

The food was amazing! I had the mango tango toast which was curry hummus, mango, avocado and black sesame seeds on toast. We also had a side of truffle guacamole with tortilla chips. It was all delicious. The staff were friendly and the interior was gorgeous. Very impressed😄

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Lovely fresh food / gluten free options, Lots of avocado!

Cons: Serves meat / fish


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19 Jul 2019

A long wait but worth it

As an instgrammer’s paradise there was a long wait - they do give you a time slot which is useful so you can come back when your table is ready. Good service and amazingly presented food!


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18 Jun 2019

Tasty & Expensive

I went with my bf while we were in Amsterdam bc it looked so beautiful and Instagramable! The food was very good so I was not disappointed (I got the avocado w/ bagel and we shared pancakes) but spent about $60 euro for our meal. I would recommend for the ambiance and beautiful food but I could make all of it at home. Also, had the guaca-mary and it was way overly salted.


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10 May 2019

Love it here

If you like avocado you’r loving it here! I like eating here, many options for vegans.

Pros: Many options, Nice straff, Fresh products

Cons: There is always a line.


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22 Mar 2019


Few vegan options, I opted for coconut yogurt with avocado, banana, red fruits, seeds, and nuts. I would have preferred more fruit and less yogurt and seeds/nuts. My partner went for poached eggs with bacon, avocado and English muffin:; good size portion and apparently tasty.


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21 Mar 2019

Dressed up Avacado on toast

Over hyped avacado on toast for the price of a mortgage

Pros: Beautiful presentation

Cons: Expensive , Small portions


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21 Feb 2019

Long wait

A bit overrated for the wait time!


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18 Feb 2019


really amazing food, we enjoyed so much and returned again on the following morning. the pancakes are so good!! and also recommend on the smoothie with the banana(don't remember the name).
one of the best restaurants i was visiting ever.

Pros: there are some good vegan options.

Cons: not a cheap one..


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08 Jan 2019


There is nothing on earth better than avocado... Except an avocado restaurant! Delicious!!

Pros: Lots of vegan options


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13 Nov 2018

Nice decorated food made using Avocado

I paid them a visit in Aug 2017. Waited about 45 minutes to get in. The food is tasty and decorated nicely, but they don't offer many vegan options in my opinion. It's a nice place but If I had a friend asking for a must place to visit in Amsterdam, they wouldn't be in the top of the list.

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