Vietnamese menu under the glass of each table. Little English spoken but added an English menu. Order "com" and you will get a nice plate of rice with a variety of veg and some tasty tofu. Mostly vegan, but has yogurt and offers dairy milk for drinks. NOTE: Hours reported to be unreliable, check ahead. Open Mon-Sun 7:00am-8:00pm. Closed every 2nd and 16th of the Lunar Calendar.

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First Review by baklavabaklava


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24 Mar 2023


Food is bland and the place is a little dirty, but it's fine for one meal.



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22 Mar 2023

Not very tasty

We ordered a number of dishes- there quite small portions but very cheap so it gives you the opportunity to try lots of things. The food was all cold but tasted ok. We ordered a small hot pot- it was very big but unfortunately I really strongly disliked the broth and couldn’t eat any of it. I’m not sure what the ingredient is that makes it so unpalatable to me. Husband didn’t like it much either.


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17 Feb 2023

Die Bewertung hält, was sie verspricht

Ich war gestern dort und es gab eine so große Auswahl an veganen Gerichten, einfach großartig. Das Lokal ist einfach und die Gäste international. Ich hatte die landestypische Nudelsuppe, frittiertes Gemüse und Pilze. Superlecker und unfassbar preiswert.

Pros: Preiswert, Viele Traveller


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03 Jan 2023

It was ok, but nothing special

Big choice and very low prices, so you can try many different dishes. They tasted not bad but nothing that special, so I wouldn't come back there.

Pros: Menú in English , Large menu, Low prices

Cons: Everything cold


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17 Dec 2022

Tasty food at a low price

Ate breakfast here a few times, tried rice cakes, noodles, rice; all good tasty chay for quite cheap. Menu on the table with some English on it, but otherwise your English won't be of much use here. Service is not super friendly and can be a bit slow but they get the job done, and the food is worth any hiccups there. The restaurant can get a little busy.


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30 Sep 2022

Great vegetarian restaurant

The restaurant was full of locals. Don't expect great service or English speaking staff, but go there for very cheap and very tasty veggie food!

Pros: All food is vegetarian, most of them vegan too, Insanely cheap


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01 Oct 2020


Great local vegetarian restaurant with local prices, excellent food and value.


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28 Feb 2020

Amazingly cheap good local food

We've ordered 6 dishes and only paid 76k for 2! We had 2 noodle soups which tasted quite nice, 2 fresh spring rolls with a good peanut-sesame sauce, nom cakes which were ok but i wouldnt order them again and really yummie mushrooms in a citronella sauce. The floor was indeed a bit 'dirty' but it was just banana leafs and paper and after the dirty places I've seen in Lao, which where way more expensive, this is perfectly fine with me 😂


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07 Feb 2020

Crazy cheap

Obscenely cheap! Not the tastiest I’ve ever eaten and also not the cleanest but for the money you can’t complain. We got com (rice with veg and mock meat), noodles (with veg and tofu but no sauce so super dry) both of these were served cold. Banh loc (very chewy dumplings) and fried mushroom. The fried mushroom were in a batter and were so good we ordered another lot to take away. The whole meal came to 76k which is crazy! It was rammed with locals, you’re definitely getting a good meal at local price.


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16 Jan 2020

Very nice and cheap

We ordered com as described and it’s really good. We also had a salad (Rau bab), which was nice and just paid 30k for 2 people 🙈 highly recommend 👍


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13 Jan 2020

Ridiculously cheap

I know that Vietnam is cheap, but it's getting ridiculous. 40 cent for a full meal, but not only that, you also get a small soup which is refilled as soon as you empty it. The food itself is quite good, yes I had better, but not for that price and it really isn't bad. The restraunt is a bit dirty and looks a bit shabby but it's within an acceptable range.
See it like this, if you go there and it turns out that you hate the food, then you wasted nearly no money anyway.

Pros: Way to cheap, , Good food (especially for the price)

Cons: A bit shabby, , Not amazingly good food (still oke though)


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08 Jan 2020

Local food

Cheap, and healthy local food. Very basic menu but you get stuffed for 2$

Pros: Vietnamese veggies , Local spirit

Cons: A bit difficult to order


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06 Jan 2020

Wrong place wrong time

We came there in the evening, when it was very busy. They were out of most things on the menu and it seemed that the locals mostly ordered a mixed plate. The food was OK, but sadly the windows were opened and there was a bad smell coming in from the street. This isn't the restaurant's fault, but the combination of all things led to us leaving instantly after finishing the few dishes we ordered. Maybe try it for lunch instead of dinner


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14 Dec 2019

Good food!

Nice food but strange menu and service. Not very clear what you order because of translation. We almost tried every dish on the menu but saw a lot of other options around us which we didn't understand....? It looks like we had another menu. Food was nice, try the 'cakes' (which are not cakes not sweet but in rice leave). With our last dish I was sure I god mayo while I asked No milk No egg But the rest was vegan (I think)!

Pros: Tasty, Cheap

Cons: Service


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02 Dec 2019


The food was delicious, had a plate full if vegetables, rice and tofu in tomato sauce. Plus we tried some of the cakes. My non-vegan friends also liked it. Also it was very cheap. Had a lot of food and only paid 20k.


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13 Nov 2019

Sumptuous meal for a very affordable price

Very very affordably priced menu. For example, we ordered
1. com (rice on the menu, which comes with stir fried vegetables, tofu and eggplant.
2. Com chien (Fried rice)
3. Banh goi, banh nam ( 'cakes')
4. A drink

The portions were filling for two adults, especially one adult (me) being a heavy eater. It costed just 50,000 VND ( = 2 EUROS)

They tasted very very good.

Pros: Very affordable price, Tastes good, Most of the options are vegan except the drinks

Cons: Could be crowded


Points +170

12 Nov 2019

Closed two days in a row

We didn’t get to go here, we went yesterday and were told they were closed till 4 (we arrived at 2pm). We went back today and learned it was closed again. Can’t speak to the food! But happy cows info is incorrect!


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03 Nov 2019

Cheap and tasty

Don't know why people are saying this place is dirty, it seemed clean enough to me.
Not a big selection and no English spoken.
I had phố khổ. Small portion but tasted good enough.

Pros: Cheap, Tasty

Cons: No English , Small portion


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03 Nov 2019

Super cheap local place

We went on a rainy Sunday lunch and the restaurant was packed - a good sign. The place wasn’t that clean, but nothing too bad and personally I’m not bothered, I’ve never got a crook stomach in Vietnam yet so am not too worried (India and Nepal were a different story haha).
Definitely get the “com” which is steamed rice with a variety of veggie/tofu/jackfruit dishes for only 10,000 dong. We also tried the “pho kho” (fried noodles), “rau bop” (mixed veggies), and “banh beo” dumplings (I think?). We filled up on 5 dishes between the two of us and it came to only 46,000 dong which is about what we usually pay for ONE meal - amazing value! The food came out super fast too.

Pros: incredibly cheap, pretty tasty, quick service


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24 Oct 2019

Very disappointed

Such a big disappointment, especially the service. The food is somehow OK, small portion and cheap. But the restaurant was dirty and service was poor. Perhaps this is an example of "you get what you pay".

Pros: Cheap food

Cons: Dirty, Poor service


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18 Sep 2019

Was ok

Had the hot pot and found it very bland. Not much flavour going on. Not the greatest of foods but was cheap.


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29 Aug 2019

Was good

The food was good, the restaurant offers mostly mock meat. There is quite a variety to choose from, for my chicken with chili and pepper are 3 stars appropriate.


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25 Aug 2019

super lecker

Wir haben zwei mal hier gegessen und uns etwas durch die Karte probiert. Die Hotspots waren lecker, aber uns haben vor allem die fried mushrooms und die reisplatte (com) überzeugt..die kommt mit Gemüse und tofu/Soja


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31 Jul 2019

Best veg place in Vietnam

This is by far the best vegetarian place I've been to in Vietnam. I've tried 5 of their dishes and all were amazing. The soy beans in flour is the best one, as well as the Hue dish Beo cake (something like that).
Great prices too.
Only thing is that the prices on the menu are not in the right order, so if you're on a low budget like me, ask for the prices when ordering.


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25 Jul 2019

Great value

Really enjoyed the rice plate (com), it came with various different vegetables, bamboo, jackfruit and a large piece of tofu. Pretty tasty food for the price and always packed! Also one of the cheapest hot pots around that looked really good!

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Basic rice plate, Super cheap

Cons: Hard to know what items on the menu are, Hard to communicate with staff, A bit dirty


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21 Jul 2019

Cheap and quite tasty food

Would highly recommend the fried mushrooms which were delicious! The noodle soup was quite nice but the sauce tasted quite fishy and I was slightly wary of it.

There is quite a lot of rubbish on the floor and the tables were not especially clean. I didn't get ill or anything so I don't think that it was a massive issue in the end.

Pros: Cheap

Cons: Messy


Points +216

17 Jul 2019

Really cheap tasty food

The food here is such good value for money and very tasty. The menu is a little confusing but the ‘rice’ for 10k VND isn’t just plain rice it does come with some veg and tofu on top so you can eat for really cheap. I would recommend ordering another dish to fill up properly. They’re all between 15-30k VND and many have tofu/mock meats in. Don’t be put off by it looking a bit grimy it’s always full with locals which is a good sign and we’ve been fine after eating.

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