泰式素食 serves Thai Buddhist vegan food. No garlic, leek, onion, shallot, or spring onion. Relocated from G/F, 28 Nam Kok Rd. Open Mon 12:00pm-3:00pm, 6:00pm-10:00pm, Wed-Sun 12:00pm-3:00pm, 6:00pm-10:00pm.

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First Review by Stevie


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20 Aug 2023

Great spot

Food was good, service fast and friendly. Prices reasonable. No frills!



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17 Jul 2023

Comida rica y servicio agradable

Los curris estan muy buenos y el arroz con vegui chiken estaba buenismo.

Updated from previous review on 2023-07-17


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02 Jul 2023

Vegan Thai restaurant

Several options for vegan people! You have more than twenty options. Small place but nice food. Only cash

Cons: Cash


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02 May 2023

Full, Affordable Menu Right In The Middle Of Little Thailand

Great little hole-in-the-wall place, with a huge menu of Thai favourites. We'd been craving for good Thai food for months now so not only did we have a good idea of what we'd order, we also knew we were pretty much guaranteed to over-order. We did. But, it was so delicious that we still finished everything.

Ordering-wise, we got everything we wanted. The only disappointment was that we were told we could only have the deep-fried papaya salad instead of the fresh version. The sauce was still delicious but fresh papaya would've been a treat!

The small versions of each main course dish were more than ample and with each coming in at under 70 HKD, it was easy to make up a Thai feast of mix-and-match dishes with the total cost being extremely affordable. The Tom Kha was an obvious win and was certainly delicious (the sauce was moreish!), even if we could've done without the mock chicken and the Pad Thai was what you'd expect, a decent-sized portion of tasty goodness.

What I will say is that even though the flavours are all on-point and everything tastes good, it could've kicked a bit harder. Sour tastes could have had a bit more tang, spicy tastes could have had a bit more heat etc. It was really close to being as good as anything you could get in Thailand.

Pros: All The Classic Thai Dishes At Affordable Prices, Cute, Intimate, Homely Atmosphere, The "Small" Portion Sizes Were More Than Enough

Cons: It's A Bit Cramped When It's Busy, Didn't Need The Mock Meat, The Tofu Was Nicer


02 May 2023

Been there a few times, loved it. Especially the green curry and the mango sticky rice.


02 May 2023

@LoviGill Although the red curry was also tasty, we did see (and smell!) the green curry on the next table over! Would have been an even better choice I feel!


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05 Apr 2023

Fresh and tasty!

Cash only; so be prepared! The dishes were all fantastic, flavorful and fresh. The menu is large and it is hard to choose!

Pros: Affordable , Fresh ingredients

Cons: Cash only


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20 Jan 2023

Good food.

Nice little shop with lots of options to choose from. Fair prices too! (will add photos next time I visit)


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02 Sep 2022

Great vegan Thai food

Great little place serving delicious Thai vegan food.

Pros: Whole menu is vegan , Good value , Portion size perfect


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31 Jul 2022

Delicious Vegan Thai Food

One of our favourites, this little restaurant serves up a wide range of Thai dishes including snacks, salads, curries, stir fried veggies, noodles, fried rice as well as drinks and desserts.
Beware it is a small place so during busy times you may need to wait for a table as they don't take bookings. There is also a sign up saying there's only one chef so food will take about 20 minutes but we found our food is usually quicker than that. And well worth any wait!
It is also cash only. The menu has English but the ordering sheet to tick your choices is only in Chinese, however just use the codes e.g. C1 as the codes are the same.
There is also a small grocery section at the entrance selling various Thai foods.


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13 Sep 2021

Second visit in a week!

Such a gem!! Fell in love with this place after trying their takeaway the first time that I had to go back a week later to try it fresh.

Satay (which I believe is made with soy protein chunks) and stir-fried baby kale were my favourites, and their coconut sago pudding is also delicious! Their lunch sets are very affordable as well, will definitely be back!

Pros: Very flavourful, Lots of options


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31 Aug 2021

Superb Vegan Thai Food Experience!

Love every dish! Very balanced flavours. Portions just about right!

Pros: Flavourful, Not oily, Many Vegan Options


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Non Veg
30 Aug 2021

My first Thai Vegetarian Food😄

Amazing 🥰🥰🥰
真係冇樣係伏 🤣 可以再食多次 hahahaha
好適合一班人share 😂🤟🏻

Pros: 沙爹 沙爹 沙爹 好食 好食 好食 🤟🏻 雞 雞 雞!

Cons: 有啲菜會有啲辣


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25 Aug 2021

Vegan Paradise for Thai Food Lovers 🙋🏻‍♀️

Just order anything from the menu. You won’t be disappointed.


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13 Feb 2021

Best Thai food in HK

Easily the most authentic Thai food I've eaten in Hong Kong, even without the garlic and fried shallots. The pad see ew had that beautiful wok-fried taste, the laab salad was full of lime leaf and toasted rice, and the bean curd cakes had an eggy fritter taste that was fantastic. The pomelo salad had a little too much pomelo, but the coconut dressing was amazing. Each dish wasn't too big and the prices were great. Definitely reminded me of the food I ate when I lived in Thailand!


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20 Nov 2020

Tasty Thai

I've been here for lunch twice now. So good to be able to go to a Thai restaurant and know everything on the menu is vegetarian.

Pros: Good lunch deals, Tasty food, Quick service

Cons: Far from where I live :(


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24 Jan 2020

Delicious Thai food

Reasonable price, Small and cute atmosphere. It was also fun to walk and see this area as well. The taste of Thai is a bit mild so everyone can easily enjoy. I would like to try other menus if I visit HongKong again.


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20 May 2019

Dinner very Good Thai Food In HongKong

Best Thai vegetarian food I had in HongKong without Garlic , onion Etc

Pros: Pure Buddhist, No Garlic No Onion

Cons: Y


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01 Apr 2019


Small restaurant. Be prepared if you sit alone at a table your table will be filled up with other people.
The dishes are tasty and has good quality.
BUT if you don’t like fake meat you better stay away
because nearly every meal comes with fake meat.
I could not eat it.


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Mostly Veg
06 Feb 2019

Good food. Nice selection.

The interior is modern and clean. It's so nice to go to a place where everything is vegan. Staff were friendly. The menu is in Chinese, Thai, and English. There is a decent selection of different dishes and drinks. Everything we ordered was tasty although some dishes were perhaps not as spiced as we had originally hoped. Since this is Buddhist vegetarian, none of the dishes contained onions, spring onion, garlic, or any other plant in the allium family. Prices were around 50-90 hkd for most single dishes. There was a 20% service charge.

Pros: Lots of options, Looks modern, All vegan

Cons: A little on the pricier side.


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12 Oct 2018

Truly good vegetarian food.

Tasty and customized vegetarian food.


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13 Jul 2018

moved to new address

Thai Vegetarian Food 泰式素食

G/F, 28 South Wall Road, Kowloon City 九龍城城南道28號地下


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04 May 2018

Vegan Thai Food in HK ~

Decided to try this vegan thai restaurant during my short trip in HK However, the foods were not as expected. Although it's owned by Thais, I don't find the food resembles authentic Thai food - probably they try to adapt the dishes according to the local taste buds?! A little disappointed though. Small place, have to queue to wait for your turn.


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04 May 2018

Thai Vegetarian Food

I haven't been here for more than a year. Their deep-fried snacks are still the best. But the fried rice noodles and fried rice are just so so. I am a bit disappointed that their Tom Yum Soup is not very authentic one. Couldn't taste the lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves at all. The shop is lack of air-con, so expected to be quite hot when eating during the summer. The staff is very nice and the menu is with Chinese, English and Thai.


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15 Apr 2018

Very Good Veg Thai Food

Easy to find, inexpensive and very good Thai food in Kowloon City

Pros: Many Veg Options, Easy to find and good Service, Inexpensive and Clean


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04 Apr 2018

surprisingly delicious

The staff was very friendly and spoke English very well. The menu was easy to follow and English. The restaurant itself isn’t the most comfortable as it’s basically tucked in an alleyway but after eating at some other places around here, it’s worth it.

Pros: english, friendly, delicious


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25 Mar 2018

Okay but not great~

I love Thai food yet I don't find the Thai food that delicious in the restaurant. The food is just alright... The place is VERY small and always full though. Tried their TomYum soup, it wasn't spicy at all and I don't think it tasted that good somehow. The Basil Fried Rice tasted alright, it's just not a place that I'd crave to return for the food.


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04 Feb 2018

Amazing thai food in very casual setting!

Wow. The food here was amazing and prices are super reasonable.

It's so nice being able to eat Thai food knowing there is no need to worry about accidental use of shrimp paste or fish sauce, as this place is all vegan.

We tried:
- Mangosteen juice having seen the previous review, which had a nice sweet and sour taste
- Papaya salad was delicious - not too spicy but with a chilli lime kick
- Veggie chicken satay - yes, it is fried but delicious and peanut sauce is so good
- Aubergine thai basil dish - yum
- Veggie chicken thai green curry - spicy, creamy, light, fairly large portion

Lovely, friendly service.

It is tiny and seems to have only have around 16 seats. We were there fairly late on a Saturday evening, but can imagine this place getting busy at peak times, and during better weather.

Also, it is fairly exposed to the elements without a wall at the front (bit cold in winter, could get hot in summer).

Pros: Delicious food, Cheap, Friendly service

Cons: Tiny, May get busy, Exposed to elements


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21 Jan 2018

Fresh and delicious

The food is made to order and fresh. Everything we tried was delicious. The mangosteen juice was my favorite.

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