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Serves meat, vegan options available. Vegan options are baigan bharta, gobi aloo, channa masala, dal tadka, aloo methi, rajmah, bhindi masala and gucchi aloo. Wi-fi. Relocated from 2900 E Cervantes St. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-3:00pm, 5:00pm-9:00pm.

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First Review by cookiemonster_ontour


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15 Sep 2023

10/10 would recommend :)

Love love LOVE that they had a vegan menu with several options.
We ordered the Aloo Gobi and Veg Kadal, which were amazing! I would highly recommend ordering some roti (bread) with your meal. It has a nice fluffy texture that was great for dipping into the sauces in our meals.

Pros: Super delicious meal, Homey environment, Not too busy



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15 Aug 2023

Friendly and helpful

The buffet at lunch had plenty of choices for Vegans and vegetarians. Daal over lemon rice is super tasty.


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28 May 2023

Man I just love this place.

Go to Friday night dinner spot

Pros: Many options, Nice people, Fast

Cons: Pricey but isn’t everything these days?


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12 Nov 2022

Yummy Food

I always get the vegetable chettinad because it’s so delicious and full of flavor. My husband got the dal fry which is always a winner. Super friendly staff.

Pros: Vegan options, Can make something vegan

Cons: Hole in the bathroom floor-lol


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12 Nov 2022

Great vegan options

Sort of bland but I might need to try more dishes. The gaba loo was tasty. We had the other cauliflower appetizer dish (the only vegan appetizer) as an appetizer, and it was in a tomato sauce and tasty. The garlic Naan without butter was tasty.

Pros: Good vegan options , Great service

Cons: Could be a little tastier, Desserts need to be vegan


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29 Mar 2022

Simply delicious!

Some of the best Indian food I’ve ever had. My favorites are the bhindi masala and gobi manchurian! Lots of vegan options, clearly labeled. Friendly staff. Occasional vegan socials held here, featuring all vegan dishes in a buffet, including dishes not part of the usual menu — check the vegan social Pensacola/vegan Pensacola Facebook pages for updates & news.
They are closed for a few hours in the afternoon between lunch and dinner so be sure to check.

Pros: Clearly labeled vegan options


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22 Mar 2022

Best food we've had in USA in 3 weeks

We are vegies cycling through the southern States and this was easily the best food we've had in the US so far. No plastic knives and forks, polystyrene etc either, proper food with real flavours on proper crockery with real knives and forks. Amazing Chili Paneer too, great service and when we asked for it spicy it was nice and spicy. Highly highly recommended.

Pros: Great vege and vegan options


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04 Jan 2022

Amazing everytime!

This is hands down both mine and my fiancé’s favorite place to eat out in town. The staff and food are amazing!

Updated from previous review on 2022-01-04

Pros: Large vegan selection, Friendly staff, Food comes out quick and correct


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27 Dec 2021

Criminally Underrated

The only thing better than the food is how friendly and helpful the staff members are. Vegan options are clearly marked and delicious


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26 Sep 2021

Delicious delivery

This was my first time having Indian food, I got three things to make delivery worth it so it was about $60 total which is way more than I would typically spend but I’m injured and they’re the only vegan delivery option on Sunday evening. I got the Gobi Manchurian, vegetable jalfrezi, and bhindi masala all delicious!! Loved that the app was clearly marked for vegan, wish the dumplings and naan would’ve had a vegan option. Will get again on special occasions!

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Clear labeling, Delicious fresh tasting food

Cons: A little expensive , To go packaging wasteful


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07 Jun 2021


the menu has a separate vegetarian/vegan menu and it clearly labels which items are vegan. the server asks that you specify that you are vegan so they don't garnish with dairy, but they are knowledge about veganism. me and my partner came on a day when they had the dosa special.... almost everything on it was v and gluten free. we had the two dishes with potato mash and it was the best food i've ever had!! wanted to give 5 stars but that's reserved for fully v restaurants. and they have a vegan dosa dessert!! i am so happy😄

Pros: lots of vegan and gluten free options , friendly and knowledgeable staff , clearly marked vegan options

Cons: none!!!


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05 Jun 2021

My boyfriend is an addict!!

My boyfriend and I ordered over post mates and because of the stupid driver the first time we had a nightmare situation to pick it up at someone else's stupid lawn, obviously not their fault, but thought I would share lol. He loved it so much we got it two days in a row. We got the cauliflower manchurian and samosa and would recommend both strongly! They made my time in pensacola and time with my boyfriend even more fun!

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Good sized portions

Cons: Serves non vegan food >:(


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Mostly Veg
04 Jun 2021

Overlooked but cool

I really appreciated the vegan options in their buffet (seeing multiple vegan dishes in a buffet is like seeing a unicorn). Told them I was vegan and they walked me through the buffet and showed me what I could eat. Awesome. (8 different items).

Updated from previous review on 2021-06-04

Pros: Vegan buffet items!!!!

Cons: Small beer list


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18 May 2021

Delicious and Vegan Friendly

The menu features an entire section for vegan and vegetarian dishes. The staff is kind and knowledge about which dishes are vegan. They offered us vegan naan. Very reasonable prices, and the food is delicious.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Delicious food, Great value

Cons: Basic, plain atmosphere


Points +40

18 May 2020

Amazing Staff

The restaurant manager took very good care of my group of 9 when we ate there. They have a quite large vegan section in their menu which is awesome, everyone in the group got something different and it was all fantastic. I asked about a vegan bread because none were listed as vegan and the owner immediately offered to make bread special for us to be vegan friendly. He and the other staff were very helpful and friendly and showed a genuine passion for what they do. It’s rare to see someone have so much pride in what they do and the entire staff carried that same pride. I wish this app would allow me to give them 5 stars because this is one of the best restaurant experiences I’ve had in my entire life. 10/10 will be going back.

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Phenomenal staff, Amazing food


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28 Apr 2020

Delicious Vegan Options

The eggplant dish was delicious. The Owner went over vegan options and was absolutely accommodating.

Pros: Lots of vegan options


Points +94

30 Sep 2019

Sweet restaurant

Sweet management and service

Pros: Loads of Vegan options , Tasty food and plenty of it for great price


Points +44

16 Jun 2019

Tasty Eats

Vegan and vegetarian options have there own section on the menu. Plenty of options on the buffet as well.


Points +523

15 Jun 2019

OMG! This! Place!

So good! I am glad I don’t live in Pensacola...I would eat here everyday!

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Vegan options clearly marked, Staff very helpful


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10 May 2019

Love, love, love this place!

I feel like all I need to say is "Gobi Manchurian" but I shall continue. But first, go get you some Gobi Manchurian. Excellent food, excellent service. There have been two vegan socials here so far and both were amazing. They changed up the buffet for the second one so we weren't eating the exact same thing as the first. It's the little things. They have these onion fritters (idk the name) but they are soooo good! I think everything is reasonably priced. I have loved everything I have tried. Thanks to the buffets, I have tried a lot. I will always recommend this place.

Pros: Vegan Indian food, need I say more

Cons: None


Points +84

05 Feb 2019

Amazing food!

Not the best looking place and the service was okay but the food completely made up for it! It was FANTASTIC! The Gobi Manchurian was amazing! We will definitely be going back.

Pros: Lots of vegan options

Cons: Expensive , Poor service.


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01 Sep 2018

Just ok

The food here is okay, they do have a few vegan options on their lunch buffet. It's pricey on the weekends, but $5 cheaper during the week. Most of the dishes could use some more spice. Things don't seem to run smoothly here when they are busy. Lots of yelling between employees, and running around hecticly. Overall the food is ok but I probably wouldn't return.


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01 Sep 2018

Pretty good

Went to the lunch buffet. They had a few vegan choices. Pretty tasty. Not the best Indian food I've had but good. It was a little expensive for a lunch buffet. Don't know if I'll come back.


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29 Aug 2017

very tasty food for a vegetarian friendly place

Very tasty food and friendly service. Very close from indian food the way we know it.. love the daal tatka (yellow lentils) and the chana masalah (chickpeas)


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02 Sep 2013

Dissapointing, bland and oily

My husband and I are vegans from Texas and spend one night on a road trip in Pensacola. I found this place via happy cow and we had dinner with two carnivore friends. We are all big fans of Indian cuisine, if it is the true Indian or an Americanized version. All of our dishes at this place were somewhat disappointing. All foods were extremely oily and bland. The 'Baigan Bhartha' (eggplant dish) was the only dish with flavor, but far too oily for us to eat. My 'Bhindi Masala'(Okras) was hot, but had no flavors. My friend said her 'Mattar Paneer' was the worse she ever ate. The cheese was bland and the rest was a cream without flavors as well.

I do not really understand why this restaurant is listed here. It does not really meet the requirements for running a cruelty free business as they have lamb on the menu, e.g. A lot of times that might be the only choice to go. I had plenty of good experiences with restaurants that will prepare me something from their kitchen as a vegan version. Next time I stop by in Pensacola I would not go to this place again and rather try my luck in another random place.

Pros: vegan options available

Cons: bland and oily dishes, serves lamb

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