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Serves meat, vegan options available. South Indian food. Ghee and paneer cheese are used in some dishes. Open Mon 11:00am-2:00pm, 4:30pm-9:00pm, Wed-Fri 11:00am-2:00pm, 4:30pm-9:00pm, Sat-Sun 11:30am-2:00pm, Sat 4:30pm-9:30pm, Sun 4:30pm-8:30pm. Closed Tue.

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26 Reviews

First Review by Jaya Krishna


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15 Oct 2023

So many options

They have so many options I can’t wait to go back. I’m only upset we haven’t gone here sooner. Everything we tried was delicious and everyone working there is very friendly. I ordered naan not realizing it wasn’t vegan and they came out and let me know it contained egg but the Roti is vegan. Really happy with our experience and can’t wait for next time.



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04 Sep 2023

5 stars

BEST samosas I’ve ever had! I got the South Indian daal and it was amazing. Couldn’t recommend this place enough.


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15 Aug 2023

The lunch buffet was spot on

The lunch buffet was spot on. Loved the three bean salad. Several dishes were labeled vegan. That was appreciated. Loved the eggplant chettinad & beans thoran. The mushroom pulao was quite alright.

Loved the mushroom saag & Daal Malkahni w/ Rajmah. One of the most unique things of the buffet was the uttappam w/ coconut chutney. This is a savory pancake popular in South India.

The lunch buffet rotates prices from Mon, Tues, Wed at $11 to $13 on Thurs & Fri. Sat & Sun is $15.

Worth checking out for an enjoyable experience!

Pros: The lunch buffet was spot on


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29 Dec 2022

Delicious Indian food

We order takeout here 2-3 times a month and are always thrilled with the flavors. We love that there are multiple, clearly labeled vegan options. Only once was the food subpar, and we believe the cook was off that night :)
What we'd love: more vegan options! At least 3 are labeled extremely spicy, and after trying one, we can't handle them. Also, we find the eggplant dishes to be too oily so we don't order them. That narrows down our choices a bit.
Would also love a vegan tofu biryani , and vegan garlic naan!


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06 Aug 2022

Absolutely wonderful food, service, and atmosphere/

I consider myself a foodie especially when it comes to Indian food. Beautiful presentation, nice sized portions, and even added touches like a clove in your rice. I’d eat here every week if I lived here!

Updated from previous review on 2022-08-06

Pros: Lots of vegan options clearly labeled, Excellent food and service, Nice atmosphere and great parking


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24 Jul 2022

Great experience

Visited for the first time, this evening, with my girlfriend. I will say , from the moment we walked in, until the moment we left, service was welcoming and warm. Not to exclude the DELICIOUS food!!

Pros: More vegan options than most other restaurants


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06 Feb 2022

The best Indian food

We love coming here! They have plenty of vegan options, which are clearly labeled on the menu. Their food is delicious. The service is top-notch.

Updated from previous review on 2022-02-06

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Delicious food , Top notch customer service

Cons: Serves meat


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09 Jan 2022

Deserves 5 stars!

This place has Indian vegan options I’ve never heard of, and I grew up in a vegan Indian household. The Goan curries (Xacutti, Ghotala) are exceptional!!! The traditional veg dishes are also excellent.

The waiters are friendly and obliging. The portions are large, and they have many delicious varieties of rice. Roti is also vegan. Sadly, they weren’t serving dosas and idly when I visited. #Veganuary

Updated from previous review on 2022-01-09

Pros: Many vegan options, Clear vegan labels, Free appetizers


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15 Oct 2021


I travel a lot and trust me you won’t find an Indian restaurant with as many vegan choices as this place anywhere, there must be at least 15 vegan dishes on the menu.

Food is very good here 👍👍

Updated from previous review on 2021-10-15

Pros: Lots of choices


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29 Jun 2021

Great food, great atmosphere

This place has the BEST Indian food, and they have TONS of vegan and vegetarian options! This place is a must, if you’re vegan and love Indian food.

Pros: TONS of vegan options , Healthy

Cons: Not a very friendly staff


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26 Jun 2021


Used to be the best Indian food ever. Now it has new owners. It’s bland, flavorless and not awesome. Their customer service isn’t great either. We have gone here for many years not one complaint. It was amazing! But now it’s sadly awful. So so so sad.

Updated from previous review on 2017-02-10

Pros: None

Cons: Expensive , Rude , Bland not fresh


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29 Jan 2020

Lots of vegan options

Many options labelled on the many. Food was actually really good. I highly recommend.

Pros: Good food, Lots of vegan options, Menu labelled


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22 Oct 2019

Excellent Indian Food!

Food was excellent! I have a lot of experience with Indian food and the food here was properly prepared and had authentic flavors. The menu had many clearly labeled vegan selections and the staff was knowleable . Will definitely return!


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12 Aug 2019

Very Vegan

If you want buffet, go Sunday. It costs more but is much higher quality, plus they stay open until 3:30 (most other buffets end much earlier). Each time we go here, vegan buffet items are more plentiful; today’s buffet was majority vegan with veg curries, chaat station, sambar and many chutneys. Everything labeled. Regular menu is always good, too.

Pros: Variety of vegan food, Spicy

Cons: No separate vegan buffet, Serves meat, Could be cleaner


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19 Jul 2019

Delicious Indian food, several regions

Their food is amazing. The lunch buffet is sheets a great option, but I like to have a nice sit down dinner here.

Try the giant crepe, sadly I can't remember what it's called.

They feature several regional cuisines. It's a great place to try authentic new dishes!

Pros: Wide variety of Indian cuisines, Sharing plates, Excellent service


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20 Jun 2019

Great buffet

Several clearly marked vegan options on lunch buffet. Best Chana Masala I've ever had.


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30 Aug 2018

great lunch buffet with clearly marked vegan items

great lunch buffet with clearly marked vegan items. Quite a few items were vegan. Everything was delicious and filling.

Pros: lots of vegan options

Cons: serves meat


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29 Apr 2018

I love this place so much!

My boyfriend and I eat here all the time. It’s so good, and cheap. Great service and they play fun Indian music and music videos. They label the vegan options, but if they forget you can ask a staff member and they will point them out to you. They usually have 2-5 vegan options, but one time they only had a couple, and the owner brought us out a GIANT bowl of Chana masala (chickpea masala). AMAZING!!!!!

Pros: They label the buffet options (vegan)

Cons: No vegan naan


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10 Feb 2018

Favorite Restaurant!

This is my favorite restaurant to go eat out at, for two reasons: they're by far the most vegan-friendly restaurant I've been to, and they're delicious. It's a huge turnaround from when I first visited several years ago, back before I went vegan - it was during a SuperBowl and I was put off by how unfriendly our server seemed. I was convinced to give it another chance and I'm really glad I did, because the service has been nothing but great since each of my visits (probably about a dozen in all), the staff friendly, eager to help, and checking in often on us. Maybe it was just an off night the first time.

We've dined inside and enjoyed the experience (the decor is VERY pretty), as well as ordered to go (and been tormented the whole drive by the maddening tasty smell!). I'm unsure if they offer delivery - I've seen evidence they might, but I've also not seen any confirmation on this. Next time I call or visit them, I'll find out and post an update!

My favorite that I think I'll stick with for awhile is the veganized bombay aloo (mild) (it's listed as a vegetarian item, but when I asked they were able to veganize it for me), and my friend's is the vegetable vindaloo (spicy). We were big lovers of palak paneer before going vegan and luckily, one of the staff going over our vegan options suggested veganizing it with chickpeas to replace the cheese. It's very tasty and I'm super pleased with the staffmember who helped us (unfortunately I didn't catch his name) for helping us so much. Overall they offer lots of clearly marked vegan options and have been very accommodating with veganizing options.

Pros: Excellent Food, Variety of Choices, Friendly Staff

Cons: Unclear If Delivers


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25 Apr 2016

Great for vegetarians, vegans, and omnivores!

My boyfriend and I came here for dinner. He is an omnivore, and I am a vegetarian (but prefer vegan whenever possible). We were so pleased with all the choices on the menu! For me, there were so many vegetarian and vegan choices that I had a hard time deciding what to order (which is not a "problem" I encounter often!). The servers were quick and attentive (e.g., great with drink refills). Our food came out quicker than we were expecting, and the food was delicious. We would love to come back here again in future visits to Melbourne.

Pros: Excellent food, Fast service, Large menu


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22 Oct 2015

Great Vegan Options

I love how vegan friendly this place is! They have modified their menu to indicate what is vegan, which is quite helpful! You must call ahead for vegan rice though. We always enjoy the vegetable samosa appetizer. Currently my favorite dish is the Chana Masala, no ginger.


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16 Jun 2015

vegan on the menu

they added the word "vegan"to the menu, awesome food... be careful though, the white rice has ghee.

Pros: lots of vegan options, very friendly

Cons: ghee in rice


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10 Nov 2013

Good lunch buffet

Went to this restaurant while in Melbourne because of Happy Cow reviews. I love Indian food, have Indian friends who cook for me and take me to restaurants they think are good. Taste of India compares favorably. They have a large buffet for lunch for about $13. Not a lot of attention from wait staff - they don't seem to have assigned tables. We just helped ourselves and flagged someone down to get our drinks. Still it was a good lunch
Updated from previous review on Saturday November 09, 2013

Pros: large selection, well prepared food, clean

Cons: inattentive wait staff


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28 Nov 2012

Bad food

Food was very bland and not authentic. Twenty minutes after I requested fresh chilies for some spice, they brought me 4 half rotten chilies. I am used to Indian staff sometimes not always being friendly, but these people were purposely mean. The staff was a foreign mix rather than all Indians, so I think that is why it didn't taste like Indian food.

Cons: bland, not fresh

Healthy Mama

Points +79

08 Jan 2012

Out of This World Scrumptious!

We have been going to Taste of India since they first opened in Melbourne and have never found another Indian restaurant that can even come close in taste and quality. I even overheard an Indian customer comment to his server that he couldn't find food this good on his latest trip to India! Even though I haven't visited India, I can believe his statement. It's just that good!

If you go for their lunch buffet, you can enjoy about 3/4 of the food as a vegetarian. However, if you are vegan, it's probably best to order off the menu, since they use butter and cheese in most of their dishes. On their menu, they have an entire huge vegetarian section, for each appetizers and entrees. And, they will take special requests for vegan and allergies.

The servers are all wonderful and super professional. Some are a bit shy b/c of the language, but most are very friendly. The manager is fabulous and can answer any question you may have. Super professional and super nice.

They are so good that they now have four locations throughout Florida (Tampa, Brandon, and W. Palm Beach, as well as the original in Melbourne).

Pros: Taste, taste and taste!!, Yummy!!, Did I mention the taste?

Cons: None

Jaya Krishna

Points +39

08 Sep 2011


All the vegetarian food is off the charts! Masala Dosa with Coconut Chutney and Lentil Sambar is like crack!. Curry Veg with Tofu and Lemon Rice...more crack!

Pros: Wonderful staff, clean, good potions

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