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Food van usually parked by the Holy Trinity church off Market Square. Sells falafel, and pizza wraps. Take-out only. See Facebook for schedule. Under new ownership October 2021. Open Wed-Fri 11:30-15:30, Sat 11:00-16:00.

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First Review by corinal


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21 Oct 2023

Awesome falafel wraps

We had a Fiery and a Four Seasons falafel wrap from this amazing food stall on our recent visit to Cambridge, both were absolutely delicious and reasonably priced for what you got, like that you are able to customise the level of heat you want on the Fiery wrap.



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25 Jul 2023

Fantastic falafel wraps

25.07.2023: Van not where it usually is despite google hours & nothing on Facebook to say hours have changed.

The vendors said they’d taken over from the previous owner approx a month ago. Only falafel wraps on the menu. 4 wrap options and 3 of those are vegan (the other has halloumi). We had the fiery one and the 4 seasons? The first includes aubergine and you can choose the strength of the hot sauce on a 0-10 scale (we went for a 5). The other one had mango chutney in it and was both sweet and fresh. Both were so delicious and filling and unique despite them both being falafel wraps. Fully recommend!

Updated from previous review on 2021-11-12


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29 Apr 2023

A Cambridge classic

I've loved this food van for years, and recently tried it for the first time since it got new owners in late 2021.

The new owners are using the recipes from the previous owner, and are doing a really good job. I talked to the one in the van, and he said they used to do pop-up falafals at various venues. It shows: the falafal itself is a slight improvement on what the van used to serve.

I had the fiery falafal. The roast carrots were very good, but a notch below my memories. The aubergine was the weakest link - it was ok, but the previous owner of the van textured it better. The spice mix was perfect, and exactly as I remembered.

I'm still giving it 5 stars; it continues to make delicious falafal.

Pros: Same recipes as always, and they're great, The falafal itself has improved, There's a new rainbow falafal option

Cons: Prices have gone up, like everywhere


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19 Nov 2021

Very nice

Good wraps at a reasonable price 👍


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28 Oct 2021

Really good fast food

This is a great spot for a quick lunch on the go while in Cambridge. Several different variations on falafel wraps, with salad box versions for anyone who can’t / doesn’t want to have the bread. We tried the spicy one - it isn’t as spicy as you might expect, but does have a pleasing warmth to it. Highly recommended, and excellent value. The only thing that isn’t vegan is the halloumi. If only they’d ditch that and go for the green icon…

Pros: Great value, Almost totally vegan

Cons: Wrap was a bit stale on my visit


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14 Aug 2021

Incredible falafel wraps

Tastes of Cambridge is possibly my favourite place to eat in the city. The wraps are all incredible, though the fiery vegan is probably the best! Think fresh falafel, salad, sauces and delicious flatbread. Vegan food doesn't get much better than this!


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30 Jan 2020

Best falafel wrap EVER

Huge wraps stuffed full of so many delicious ingredients, all freshly prepared! Staff are so lovely and chatty during the short wait. Amazing value for money - so much tasty food and properly spicy harissa too!! Love love loved it and will be returning frequently!!!

Pros: Huge portions, Lovely staff, Brilliant value for money

Cons: Napkins are definitely needed!


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14 Jul 2019

Delicious vegan wraps

I’ve had the classic wrap a few times and it is so tasty! I will definitely keep coming back

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Customisable - happy to adapt to suit your needs, Incredibly tasty

Cons: A little expensive but worth it


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18 Nov 2018

Delicious falafel wraps

They do one thing only, but do it right and at a very reasonable price.


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08 Feb 2018

simply the best

The staff are so friendly, there is a huge range of different fillings and the prices are very decent for Cambridge. As a student, I am always so happy to see them on the way back from a lecture- my holy grail lunch food of choice! A must try


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11 Dec 2017

I always come for lunch here

Great vegan falafel wraps, always delicious and really big. They are a bit pricey but I still probably come here once a fortnight.


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21 Aug 2017

Delicious falafel wraps

Great place to grab a quick lunch in Cambridge


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04 May 2017

Best Falafel in Cambridge

Mostly vegan falafel wraps that come in two sizes and are quite cheap considering their excellent quality. Consistently delicious and fresh. Beware long queues.


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29 Dec 2016

Amazing falafel and brownies!

Go here once and you will be coming back for more :) I like their garden falafel the most. It is a large wrap so it makes a great meal that is mobile, healthy, and quick. The vegan desserts (when they have them) are scrumptious - the brownies are gooey and delicious! The staff are super fun and nice!

Updated Dec 2016: now they have medium and large wrap sizes. The medium is still quite a good sized meal. We started doing Falafel Fridays - it's such a good meal and super cheap for the amount of food!

Updated from previous review on 2010-10-25

Pros: Friendly staff, Great food, Good location

Cons: No seating


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27 May 2016

Friendly staff and great felafel!

Taste of Cambridge is a great and cheap option to have a vegan lunch in Cambridge. It's close to Market Square (it's a stall in Market st, close to Sidney st), they have four types of felafel (three of them vegan) and some pizza wraps, the vegan chocolate brownies are fantastic, and staff is super friendly! What do you want more? :--)

I had a felafel, a brownie, and an apple beverage and I paid 8 GBP, very cheap! The felafel alone is less than 5 GBP. The non-vegetarian friend with whom I went there was also super-satisfied!

Pros: Great food, Cheap, Friendly staff

Cons: No bathroom (it's a street stall)


Points +36

26 Sep 2015

A must try if you're in Cambridge

As a Cambridge resident I come here regularly and I am always greeted by the friendly staff, and of course the falafel wraps! I can honestly say they are the best falafel wraps I have had, so go down and give them a go!

Pros: Great food, Friendly staff, Central locations

Cons: Not there everyday!


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08 Apr 2015

fresh, delicious, ethical

I can see why they get a listing on happy cow. It's so nice to get food from people who actually have thought about the ethics they want to incorporate into their work. It's awesome that all the wraps on their normal felafel menu are vegan. I loved the spiced carrots in the fiery felafel wrap. A taste sensation that goes way beyond your standard felafel!


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16 Aug 2014

Best falafel I know

Delicious & not expensive by Cambridge standards (~5£ for a wrap). Check their website as they're not there every day and they tend to sell out quite fast during the weekend. All wraps are good but the four seasons is my personal favourite.

Pros: delicious wraps

Cons: you don't know when you'll find them


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20 May 2012

Grab one if you find it!

This stall isn't around every day, so if you see it, grab something!

Cons: not always available


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27 Jan 2012

Substantial meal

I had the basic falafel wrap, and it was good and large.
I finally found this food cart after a bit of looking. Ask someone for directions if you can't find it.

Pros: easy, tasty takeaway food

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