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Vegan bakery offering fresh baked goods like bread, pies, pastries, and vegan donuts. Makes sandwiches, and serves coffee with plant milks. Open Mon-Sun 8:30am-3:30pm.

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First Review by CFBCVGN


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07 Sep 2023

3.5 stars: Good

I tried a huge range of their offerings, and my favourite was the coconut cream donut. The rest were enjoyable, but there was always something holding it back from being truly amazing. It was great to see they were always busy, with lines out the door, and the older lady is so so lovely and friendly.

- Coconut cream donut: DELISH, slightly crispy which was amazing
- Apricot danish: pastry was really nice and crispy, but chocolate drizzle and jam wash overly sweet
- Pain au chocolat: very crispy and delicious with a jam wash which was amazing, the chocolate they use is a little too sweet, and a real letdown
- Mince cheese pie: good, however I couldn't detect any cheese taste or texture
- Frank roll: didn't like the sausage taste, but my friend LOVED it
- Plain croissant: ok
- Cheese stick: crispy, quite nice taste, but oily mouthfeel
- Cappuccino donut: good, cappuccino taste was quite subtle, I would have prefered it stronger, quite doughy
- Peanut croissant: ok, strong peanut taste, lots of cream
- Lemon chickn roll: doesn't taste of lemon, but the perfect amount of a nice tasting mayo, very good chikn texture and lots of fresh salad
- Mac and cheese pie: good, and has bacon bits in it
- Creamy mushroom chickn pie: nice and creamy, noticeable coconut, and very salty
- Sausage roll: quite good taste, but also quite mushy texture
- Pizza: ok, bit doughy

Pros: coconut cream donut, lemon chikn roll



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06 Sep 2023

Best vegan bakery ever

I ordered a 'chicken' sandwich and coconut cream doughnut and both were absolutely divine. I live on the north shore but I made a special trip to go to Tart because they're fully vegan, and honestly it was worth the trip. The only complaint that I have is that there should be one on the north shore! The food is incredible and I will definitely be back again.


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13 Aug 2023

Amazing vegan pies

We really love coming to this place!
They have some amazing savory options like small pizzas, sausage rolls as well as a big selection of pies. On top of that, they have daily different sweet options including cakes, croissants and some smaller dessert options. Our favorites are the curry pie and their pizza (incredible garlic taste).

Pros: Completely vegan , Great choices, Good prices


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11 Jul 2023

Amazing almond croissant!

Called in on my last day in Auckland and bought an almond croissant to eat at the airport. It was amazing! Now they need to expand into Australia...

Pros: Lots of choice, Friendly service, That almond croissant...

Cons: It's only in Auckland


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18 Mar 2023


tart is fully vegan and i love it, but get in quick because the food tends to sell out VERY fast (understandably)


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17 Mar 2023


I had the almond croissant 🥐 and filed chocolate doughnut 🍩 all very good.
A lot to choose from and friendly staff 💚


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05 Mar 2023

Amazing options

Incredible amount of options
All looked incredible


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07 Feb 2023

Place of dreams

Some one get Hillary Duff and Pablo on the phone so we can all sing together 🎵 hey now hey now this is what dreams are made of 🎵
Tried a mushroom pie and a cream doughnut which were too good! Ready to move to Grey Lynn asap!


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12 Jan 2023

Did not disappoint!!

Tart Bakery has been number one on my “vegan cafes to try in NZ” list for far too long, with a recent trip up to Tamaki Makaurau, I was finally able to go to this little vegan heaven and wowe it did not disappoint! Spoilt for choice, everything is so reasonably priced, cutest interior, the food was beyond delicious, quality of the food was next level and the staff were so friendly. Tempting to buy the whole bloody cabinet! Only con is that I wish it was in Wellington haha. A must try when you visit Auckland!

Pros: Food is amazing , So many options, both sweet and savoury , Reasonably priced


12 Jan 2023

Don't miss the sandwiches. Smuggle as many as you can back to Welly with you.


12 Jan 2023

I got like 4 things hahahah best hangover cure ever


12 Jan 2023

At least you still have Sweet Release. But maybe Philippa can be talked into opening an outpost in Wellington. If she needs someone to run/manage/eat all the donuts, have her call me. 😁


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15 Oct 2022

World Domination through Tasty Treats!

Glorious. Stupendous. Miraculous. Joyous. Salvation-- Could Heaven Ever Be Like This?

Aucklanders are truly a blessed people. For there at 555 Great North Road in Grey Lynn exists Tart Bakery or more aptly, Vegan Paradise. At first I was concerned I wouldn't be able to find it, an unassuming address in a wayside suburb beyond the trendy bustle of Ponsonby, but lo! Thank my happy stars, the owner Philippa has the fortuitous foresight to place the beautiful word 'vegan' in massive letters on the sign-board affixed out front.

And does she ever mean it! This, dear readers, is why veganism is the inevitable future for humanity. Without harming a single cow or chick, this soldier of sagacity definitively proves that vegans can bake circles around any mean old animal-abuser. I have never had its equal. No place on Earth crafts such a voluptuous variety of beautiful and delicious savory and sweet doughnuts, cakes and sandwiches. And she is a real vegan. No apologies, no excuses. Just proof, that sweet self-indulgence is ours at last!

No wonder her very name means animal lover. She doesn't just love the non-human animals either, she loves us all. Everyone who walks through her door is gifted with the benevolence of freshly baked bliss. This is the Angel's manna to humanity. I parked my motorcycle and sat at the sidewalk benches of Tart Bakery nearly everyday for each of the two ninety day tourist visas I took in New Zealand, just to remain a loyal customer. It was only the unfortunate timing of the border closure which stymied my intentions to become permanently enjoined to my truest love in this life, Tart Bakery.

Philippa if you happen to read this, know that I'm dying here in Sydney without your sweetest glazed yeast risen fritters, apple dutchies, custard peach and strawberry fruit tarts and the tastiest vegan sandos ever created! I miss you very much! Somebody send a low-flying air-craft to sneak my sad self back into this paradise.

To all you Kiwis, if you don't manage to keep this shop in business until the border reopens. Shame. Shame on all of you, and Jacinda, if you're reading this; Three words. Vegan - Travel - Bubble. Do it Now! The future of humanity rests on you.

Updated from previous review on 2022-10-15

Pros: Vegan yeast donuts, vegan sandwiches, very affordable.

Cons: I must be dreaming, too good to be true, can this be real?


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01 Sep 2022

Great food and friendly staff

Great service and the food was amazing. So nice to have so many options😄


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17 Jan 2022


The coconut cream donut is to die for !!!


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29 Dec 2021

Needs some improvement

This place is great, and I love that they’re vegan. However, it all needs a cleaning up. A lot of Google reviews complain about unsanitary practices and I unfortunately agree.

It just feels a bit not clean, and I would prefer going elsewhere.

However a lot of the desserts are very tasty!


15 Oct 2022

It's a busy bakery with a storefront in an old suburb. It's a bit tired and it might get messy in here sometimes with all the activity and traffic, but it's not unhygienic. I have never had single tummy ache from eating their food. Maybe you can offer to mop up while the counter and bake staff is busting their buns to feed theirs to yours?


08 Nov 2022

They get paid to work there. I pay to eat. Why would I mop? We’ve had hair in our food twice


10 Nov 2022

What do you mean? I always mop up when I go anywhere! Weird about the hair-- its never happened to me, but I'd consider it good luck. Where else are we supposed to get our protein? 🤣


11 Nov 2022

That’s my keratin supplement right there 😂


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05 Dec 2021

Truly the best

Tart bakery is like heaven for vegans - such a great selection of gorgeous and delicious baked goods 😍


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28 Oct 2021


Went there recently and the pies and sandwiches were just divine! Will definitely come back 💪


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24 Jul 2021


The most epic bakery I've been to, just awesome


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21 Apr 2021

Amazing vegan experience

The donuts are fantastic and croissants as well as pies the atmosphere is friendly and wholesome
Very vegan vibes here and you feel welcome and proud to be there
The seating isn’t perfect with small children but there is limited space to work with and the park close by is ideal


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20 Dec 2020

Beautiful Baked Goods

Donuts are devine, with interesting flavour choices (peanut butter). Had my 1st croissant in years and it was flaky & buttery. Perfect. Had the lemon chicken sandwich, generous fresh fillings & vegan chicken was not overpowering or rubbery like some can be

Updated from previous review on 2020-12-20

Pros: Proudly vegan, Great selection of savoury & sweet, Open early on weekends


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20 Jun 2020


Has the best bakery goods !!! So far I’ve tried a doughnut, cheese twist, and tofu sandwich! All of which I’d rate 10/10

Pros: All vegan, Cheap

Cons: Non


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08 Mar 2020

The Best

Absolute love the pies and sweet treats and the chickn rolls. Actually, everything there is delicious!


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26 Feb 2020

Rarely have any gluten free options

Wonderful staff, beautiful baking but I wish there was more on offer for gluten free peeps.

Pros: Pippa! A friendliness explosion., So many treats, all vegan., Great staff.

Cons: Only 1 gluten free item, occasionally, Limited seating, outdoors only


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18 Jan 2020

Spoilt for choice!

Fantastic place! A huge range of delicious baked goods. The staff are also very friendly and helpful.

Pros: 100% vegan, Lots of choice, Lovely staff


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17 Dec 2019

Best vegan bakery in New Zealand

100% vegan French style bakery! Divine sweet treats, pies to die for and delicious filled rolls among other things. Highly recommend popping by either of the locations if visiting Auckland!

Pros: 100% vegan, Lots of sweet and savoury options


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28 Nov 2019

Quality baked goods

It's not easy to find a really good bakery, and all vegan at that! I'm so happy to find this place. The pies are just as good as the meat pies I remember having years ago. We had a 'beef' and red wine and a buttered 'chicken' curry. Excellent. The donuts were delicious too. You could tell that everything there was going to taste amazing. Looking forward to trying more!


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24 Nov 2019

Bloody fantastic

So awesome to get vegan pies, classic vegan mince & cheese pies, soo good.

Pros: Vegan kiwi pies 🤤, Vegan pies , I’ve missed pies, now I can eat them. Thank you.


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16 Oct 2019

Surprise free delicious stuff!

Okay, this place, I don't know whether it's because they were close to closing, but on 3 occasions we got free food. The first time the lovely owner lady gave us a smoothie on the house and had a chat with us! Wish I have gotten her name. The other times we received a free doughnut and cinnamon roll.
Honestly, check this place out (not because of the free stuff which was unintentional), but their pies, especially the curry one goes fast. You know this place pumps out fresh food because once something is sold out, it is gone and you'll have to wait for them to make you another.
Friendly staffs, great people.

Pros: Delicious fresh food!


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10 Jul 2019

All The Bakery Items!

Lots of tasty treats to be had here! Faves are the steal and cheese pie, Chicken pie, ham and cheese roll and the donuts.

Pros: Lots of options, Tasty, Great service

Cons: Arriving when pies have run out, Lines can be long

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