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Serves meat, vegan options available. Nightly vegan specials: chili fries, vegan fish & chips, burger, vegan chicken sandwich, desserts. Large beer selection. Open Mon-Sun 4:00pm-2:00am.

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First Review by bcorran


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05 Aug 2023

Amazing vegan options

DELICIOUS vegan burgers and the fries are to die for!!!!

Pros: lots of vegan options , reasonably priced



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19 Sep 2021

So many vegan options

Friendly staff! Many vegan options to choose from. I had the BBQ Jackfruit sandwich. I asked if it was fresh or canned and it was confirmed to be fresh, not canned, Jackfruit and you can tell. It’s so good. Highly recommend this place!

Pros: Many vegan options, Friendly staff, Reasonable prices


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27 Aug 2021

Tons of vegan options. I was surprised this wasn’t listed on Happy Cow.

Tons of vegan options. I was surprised this wasn’t listed on Happy Cow. Great service and very accommodating.

Pros: Lots of vegan options

Cons: None


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Mostly Veg
29 Jul 2021

Choice Local Bar

Not the biggest bar goer myself but every drink I enjoyed (everything’s mostly local). The options themselves are good for bar food. I had the vgn meatball wrap and vgn open faced sandwhich (which was my favorite). They didn’t have the bbq jackfruit ribs which honestly was a big let down as I think that would’ve been my favorite.

Pros: Good Bar food Options, Quality Drink

Cons: Really wish I could’ve tried those jackfruit ribs, Could be a bit more flavorful


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23 May 2020

Great vegan bar food

Tap House has a great selection of vegan options, including a faux chicken sandwich you can get fried or grilled, a Beyond Burger that can be prepped in various ways (a mushroom version, a Tex Mex version, no bland burgers here), fish and chips (Gardein), and more. The fried pickles are vegan without the remoulade. They have vegan mayo and usually several vegan cheeses to choose from. The fries are seasoned well and they also have buckets of tater tots. (A few non-fried vegan options as well, but let's be honest, I've never made it that far.) A variety of beers, and always a few ciders to pick from. Definitely the place for you if you're craving some greasy vegan deliciousness and a beer or two.

Pros: Plenty of vegan and drink options, Reasonable prices, Quirky local dive vibe

Cons: Loud, especially if a screamy metal band plays


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14 Nov 2019

Best Beyond Burger in Norfolk

Their vegan mushroom cheeseburger is out of this world, and their fries are seasoned to perfection. They also offer vegan chickn sandwiches, fish n chips, salads, lettuce wraps, tater tots, and more. I avoided this place for years, but with burgers this good I can't stay away. Also the people who work there are unfailingly nice and attentive to service.

Pros: Outstanding vegan burgers, Good vegan selection, Extremely nice staff

Cons: Noisy/loud even when no live music


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15 Jul 2019

Good food

Tasty vegetarian options! They also have the Beyond Burger which I'm a fan of. It is a bar punk style bar so if you are looking for fancy this is probably not the place. But i like it! Good vibes.


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08 Dec 2017


There are so many things on the menu labeled vegetarian and vegan when in fact it's not. I even specifically asked my server if the V stood for Vegan and was told yes. Not to mention my vegetable skillet was awful! Absolutely no flavor. Don't waste your time or money

Pros: none

Cons: vegan options are not vegan

Plant Powered Eater

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29 Jun 2017

Great Vegan Selections at this bar

Don't expect fancy...Tap House is a bar; kind of a scuzzy bar. But it has an unusually broad selection of vegetarian & vegan food for a Norfolk restaurant & a patio that's pleasant around happy hour on pretty days.

We hadn't been for about a year because last time we went, the vegan chili was too spicy to eat. But yesterday was beautiful, so we tried a revisit. I had the tofu-faux chicken (Gardien, I was told) stir fry & found it passable but not worthy of ordering again. The veggie selection was great & the dish had plenty of the chix, although I found no tofu. The problem was too much oil & little flavor. The "Asian" sauce seemed like nothing more than olive oil. The entire dish was swimming in the sauce. In fact, there was a large amount (severance tablespoons) of what appeared to be oil left in the dish at the end.

On a better note, my husband's lettuce wraps were FABULOUS! He had several large romaine leaves served w/ nicely seasoned & grilled faux chicken, slaw, some chopped side veggies to put in the wraps, & a small cup of what seemed like prefab Asian sweet chili sauce. He also ordered a cup of vegan chili, which was hearty.

Service was slow last night, but they were having some kind of problem. We haven't had problems in the past.

Overall, in a community without a lot of great vegan restaurants, Taphouse will remain on our list for when the weather is great.

Updated from previous review on 2014-08-09

Pros: Good vegan/vegetarian options

Cons: Inconsistent quality & Service


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28 Aug 2016

So many changes

This place has gone through so many changes in the 3 years we've lived here. We went from loving it, to swearing we would never be back, to giving it another chance. They've reworked their menu (again), and now have vegan items clearly marked on the main menu. No more secret, separate vegan menu that you have to know to ask for. The vegan chicken sandwich remains a favorite, but I miss the black bean burger. Now they just have a frozen Boca patty I think. Anyway, after our latest visit, we were pleasantly surprised, had excellent service and will be back.
One thing that has always stayed consistent is the beer is always flat and stale tasting. I've given up on draft and just get bottles now. Oh, and the bathrooms are the worst I've ever seen in a restaurant! They are on par with the worst gas station bathrooms! Really bad!

Pros: New vegan menu, Outdoor seating

Cons: Draft beer is usually stale, Horrible bathrooms!


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18 Sep 2015

new vegan menu

I went in because I heard they had a new Vegan menu, I was not disappointed! The chef came out and spoke with me and explained all the new items. I was happy to have so many options and the food was wonderful! I will Def be frequenting


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09 Feb 2012

"chicken" sandwich

it is literally the best rendition of chicken iv had in my 6 years vegetarian and coming up on 5 vegan, i highly recommend it... the chili fries on the other hand, not so much but i don't usually like chili anyway so maybe it would be delicious to someone else :)

Pros: Food, price, atmosphere

Cons: small menu


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10 Feb 2010

Good Veggie Burger

I ordered the veggie burger and it was very good and not just a cooked boca burger. Although I never tried the veggie chicken there, I have heard it is quite amazing as well.

Pros: Good Food, Good Value, Good Portions


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02 Apr 2009

Great Place

As of this post they are reworking the kitchen, so the vegan chili fries are off the menu, but the vegan burger and chicken sandwiches are still on. Ordered both - quite good. The burger seemed a little too good, actually, so I stared at it for a while to make sure I wasn't eating real beef.
The bar-side atmosphere is great, but unfortunately that's the smoking side. Less interesting on the non-smoking side, but still cool. Fantastic beer selection, w/ 32 on tap. For those also trying to save the planet by not getting bottled beer, this is heaven.

I love college towns where you're always likely to find places that are vegan friendly -AND- serve hooch.

Definitely making this a requirement everytime I have a business trip down that way.

Pros: Beer, vegan options w/ fake mayonnaise!


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01 Jan 2008

Try the Chickette sandwich!

The fried chickette sandwich is wonderfully fattening and good (they have vegan mayo, too)! It is great to sit on the patio and sip some great beer and enjoy that sandwich (they also have a tempeh BLT, but it isn't as good...)

However, the inside atmosphere sucks: sparse furnishings, shaky tables, a fair amount of smoke and 9 times out of 10 if they have a band they are terrible and the sound inescapable (thereby negating the greatness of the sandwich.)

Pros: great beer, great fried food, jumpin patio

Cons: dreadful music, junky indoor atmosphere, people busting in on you in the bathroom

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