Asian style supermarket. Besides your regular groceries, they carry fresh tofu, fresh tempeh and even vegan sushi at a low cost. Open Mon-Sat 09:00-22:00. Closed Sun.

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First Review by KatieBush


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11 Sep 2023

Supermarket with Asian food

I did not have the impression that there is more vegan stuff compared to other supermarkets. But at least there are products you won't find elsewhere. Something for explorers, also because the articles are not always obviously marked as vegan. Prices seemed high.

Pros: rare selection



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08 Feb 2023

(ausgefallene) vegane produkte

es gibt einige besondere vegane produkte, die ich vorher noch nie gesehen habe. einzig die kennzeichnung hab ich nicht ganz verstanden; manchmal waren klare schilder da, manchmal nicht.


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07 Jul 2022

Veganer Himmel

Es gibt so viele vegane Optionen. Ich empfehle dieses Lebensmittelgeschäft jedem, der asiatisches Essen liebt! Man kann Sushi, Knödel, Snacks, Tofu, Reis, Obst, Gemüse usw. bekommen. Ich werde auf jeden Fall oft hierher kommen!


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26 Jul 2021

if you love asian cuisine and are vegan you will love this grocery store

they carry endless vegan groceries (e.g. fresh regional tofu , kimchi , bao, sushi , instant noodles, frozen dumplings, ice cream mochi and even coconut custard and condensed coconut milk!!!)

Updated from previous review on 2021-07-26

Cons: quite pricey


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06 Mar 2021

Good shopping experience

Tains is great! There are a lot of plantbased products and many are vegan labeled. Also the fresh organic tofu is a reason to shop here :)


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14 Sep 2020

Absolutely wonderful supermarket for vegans

It's an asian supermarket that also has fresh food such as sushi, bans and onigiri. They are very cheap and tasty. But the real treat is the groceries. A great variety of fresh(!) tofu the Lee brand is the best I had, and super cheap (89 cents). Rice cakes, tempeh, pickles, canned seitan, and much more. Don't miss out if you have where to cook.

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Cheap prices, Nice staff

Cons: Vegan groceries are not marked, read ingredient


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25 Jan 2020

One of the best shops for Japanese cuisine rookies and lovers

The supermarket is surprisingly large, a part of the goods are from the Edeka/Rewe range. There is a huge selection of interesting Japanese products and also a large vegan offer. Next to the entrance there is a refrigerated counter with typical japanese treats, many of them vegan like mochi, steamed noodles, che dau and cake. On the upper level there is an endless variety of tofu, kimchi and all kinds of Japanese specialties. A big plus that they also sell some regional products such as the homemade tofu of the Lee family from Oberhausen or the Kimchi from Essen. In the freezer you can also find some vegan ice cream, gyoza with vegetables and in front of the checkout a counter with sushi to go, today two of them were vegan. Japanese specialties are explained on signs throughout the store which is great for rookies! Such a selection of rice noodles, sushi ingredients etc. is rare to find elsewhere. I am thrilled and will return back soon!


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31 Dec 2019

Best quality and price for vegan sushi in Düsseldorf!

€2,60 for a portion of vegan sushi is unbelievable! If none is in the display just ask the staff. Mine order took less than 2 min. Five stars for service!


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11 Dec 2019


I wasn’t sure what to expect but I really liked this store. They have a good selection of Asian items and Indian foods as well. They have an entire section dedicated to tofu, with some vegan drinks and juices nearby. Can be challenging to distinguish what is vegan, but some things are clearly labeled. I was impressed with the selection of vegetarian and vegan mochi in the frozen foods area. They also sell vegan sushi for €2.60 a box (they’re smaller than what I’m used to but you can’t beat the price).

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