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Serves fish, vegan options available. Pescatarian menu with dairy-free vegetarian and fish. Pan-Asian fare with vegetable sushi, mock chicken and mock beef dishes. Kitchen uses a separate deep fryer for the veggie items. Open Mon-Thu 11:00am-9:00pm, Fri 11:00am-3:00pm, Sat 10:00pm-11:30pm, Sun 11:00am-9:00pm.

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First Review by Michael X. James


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10 Jan 2022

Many vegan options, large portions

This Asian-style kosher restaurant has a little bit of everything on their extensive menu. While they do have some fish options and use eggs in some dishes they do not serve any dairy or meat. If you call them up they are very knowledgeable about what is vegan and can even help to make dishes vegan. For example, I sometimes get a vegan version of their pad Thai. I find the portions very large and they usually last me a meal and a half to two meals. It’s not the healthiest food and I feel that they use a lot of oil. Most people probably won’t notice but I’m sensitive to these things. Some menu options are definitely healthier than others. The staff are so kind and I’m always happy to support this business!

Pros: Many vegan options , Large portions , Good value

Cons: Not the healthiest (oily)



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23 Jul 2017

Only 3 stars

Ok place, many vegan options, but too expensive and it is totally not worth it. You can go to Chef Tan or Veganized and get waaay more delicious food for the same amount money or even cheaper. Another very upsetting point is 18% gratuity added to all tables even if it is only 2 of you, but server is incredibly slow and awkward. Can definitely check it out if you live in the neighbourhood, but there are other great options with a more competitive price.

Pros: has mock meats and veggie options

Cons: Too expensive, slow service, 18% gratuity added au


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15 May 2017

Veganish by Accident

A large number of vegan sushi and mock meat dishes. Prices are on the high side by the staff is nice.
18% tip added on all sit downs. No meat BUT real fish is served, as well as, egg.

Pros: decent mock meats, lunch specials, large menu

Cons: the menu is confusing about what is or isn't m, pricey


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18 Sep 2016

Lots of Vegan choices!

I've been a satisfied customer at Sushiana for years--since the day they opened! The new location is spacious and clean, the staff is friendly, and I've found that they are very willing to help out with any reasonable special request. If you keep Kosher, this is the classiest joint in Highland Park!

While most of the sushi rolls are fish, there are plenty of completely vegan rolls available, as well as other asian "mock meat" dishes, including lots of fake chicken and beef Chinese options, all delicious.

They have a dedicated frier and utensils that are strictly vegan, and never come in contact with the fish, if you are concerned about that. Also I tend to be sensitive to the smell of fish, but I've never noticed a fishy smell when I've eaten there. The soups are always good, and the desserts are awesome.

My only very minor complaint is that in the summer months they blast the AC and it can get chilly in there. Bring a sweater.

Pros: Variety of yummy vegan options, 2. Clean, nice venue, Friendly staff

Cons: They do have fish. Add a star if you don't mind.

Michael X. James

Points +937

08 Sep 2015

Interesting place

Sushiana is off the main street. Plenty of parking in its parking lot. It's very clean and the staff is friendly though they struggled a bit to understand vegan and they weren't super attentive when it came to water refills or seeing how things were (I think they came over once after we were done eating just to drop off the check). The place is kosher so no dairy at all in the restaurant. No "real" meats although they serve fish. All of the beef and chicken options are mock meats, which is really cool.

The portion size for the noodle/rice dishes are a good size. Our food was a little too oily and lacked a bit of flavoring. The mock meat isn't a type I recognized. It's very average at best. The sushi is WAY overpriced. We ordered a special roll that had kiwi and mango for like $11-$12 and it was just one roll cut into six pieces plus we were charged more for brown rice. We were expecting much more for that cost. Contrast that to the sushi we had yesterday for lunch in Freehold and had 5 veggie rolls for $13 (brown rice on these too). Steer clear of the special rolls...the regular rolls are a bit overpriced too but much more reasonable at $5 a roll (relatively speaking, of course). As far as I could tell none of this is local or organic so the high prices don't seem to be justified.

I would definitely try this place one more time, hoping that the food would be better and the cost won't be so high. I don't understand why fish is ok but beef and chicken are not but that's probably a much larger issue. It'd be great if they started using mock fish products too.

Pros: Very Clean, Plenty of Parking, Friendly Staff

Cons: Overpriced, Sushi, Food is just ok

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