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Restaurant serving healthy foods. All items are gluten-free and processed sugar-free. The cafe is inside a yoga studio, but open to the public. A relaxing spot that also has a patio. Mostly vegan but offers ghee as an add on. Reported closed January 2023.

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19 Feb 2022

Very Healthy

Do not come expecting or wanting comfort food. This place caters to GF, salt free, oil free, and raw lifestyles.

I loved the roasted Brussels sprouts. The raw berry cheesecake was ok.

I did not like the jerk jackfruit sandwich, which was void of both jerk and flavor. It had more of an Americanized Hawaiian taste; not even close to jerk. Their gf bun was hard.

The Tree Hugger was also dry. My advise is that they find a new gf vendor. Because this is the 21st century and gluten-free no longer has to equate to dry, boring, and flavorless.

The space is very zen as it shares space with a yoga studio. It’s a very cute cafe.



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30 Nov 2021

Absolutely Fascinating

Menu unlike anything I've ever seen!


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Mostly Veg
24 Nov 2021

Best Vegan food in Madison

Best vegan food in Madison, great ambiance. Only thing missing is better service. They’ve always had a little screen where you order from even before Covid, which is fine. But if I’m planning to sit down and stay, it would be nice to have someone check in and see if I need anything else without having to order from the screen again.

Updated from previous review on 2021-11-24

Pros: Lots of healthy yummy vegan options, Yoga studio

Cons: Little to no service


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29 Jun 2021

Food was tasty, service was ok

Cute and cozy ambiance, with indoor and outdoor seating available. Currently all ordering is done online - even if you are dining in. Items are not labeled as vegan, gluten free or vegetarian... while I've seen older commend stating this is a vegan restaurant, I don't believe it is 100% vegan. For example, a soup included yogurt but did not specify the type (i.e. dairy, soy), ghee I'd occasionally used, and the option is available to add fresh eggs to menu items. Service was rather slow, and a few items may have been forgotten had I not asked about them. We'll go back, but probably with a much more relaxed day so we don't have to stress on time.

Updated from previous review on 2021-06-29

Updated from previous review on 2021-06-29


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04 Aug 2020


So glad I stopped in from out of town. Beautiful atmosphere, easy to order online (required for COVID caution). Flavors are phenomenal, the homemade seed and nut bread is so tasty. Really makes you feel like you are filling your body with gifts from Mother Earth. I was afraid the meal woudnt be filling but because of all of the healthy fats balanced with the high quality carbs it was perfect.

Pros: Fresh, Made with care, Nutrient dense


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27 Feb 2020

Incredible food

The atmosphere is a little awkward being inside a yoga studio, but the food is phenomenal. There's space to eat outside and everything is delicious


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03 Sep 2019

Phenomenal food in a relaxing atmosphere

I was so excited to find a restaurant that was all vegan, gluten-free, and sugar-free! The restaurant is definitely unique, being inside a wellness complex out a ways from the city. However, I actually really enjoyed the atmosphere - it was a very quiet, relaxing, and meditative restaurant with lots of cozy seating and soft music. You order your food on a tablet and they bring it out to you, which was a new experience for me, as well! I tried the vegan cheese plate, which was delicious - three different kinds of homemade vegan cheeses with pairings! I also had a sunflower seed burger which was delicious and came with a yummy homemade gluten-free bun. The side salad was absolutely beautiful, adorned with edible flowers and a light dressing. The plates were small, but gorgeous, healthy, and intricately prepared. Loved it!!

Pros: All gluten-free, vegan, and sugar-free, Healthy, Quiet, relaxing atmosphere

Cons: Small plates, A bit pricey


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21 Jul 2019

The best in the midwest

The best quality food gourmet for sure . Delightful staff. And the ambiance of the place is unforgettable. I would give more then 5 stars!

Pros: Healthy and tasty

Cons: None


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29 Jun 2019

Delicious 😋

I went here twice in the last month and the food was great! Super friendly staff and vibe. It’s connected to a yoga studio and they have nice outdoor seating that’s kind of hidden. You order yourself from a screen but they do bring food to your table, then you bus it yourself. Food was more gourmet than I expected.


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29 May 2019

An uncomplicated vegan cafe located inside a yoga studio on the outskirts of Wisconsin's state capital city.

One of the surprising things I have found in traveling to Madison, Wisconsin is how few truly vegan restaurants and cafes there are. I would have thought that a city with such a large student population would have resulted is a number of vegan eateries springing up! Perhaps in a state which is so closely associated with dairy products, especially cheese this should not be so unexpected!

So, using the Happy Cow app I found the listing for Surya Cafe in Fitchburg, just a few miles from downtown Madison.

Located inside the Perennial Yoga studio, Surya is a quaint little cafe. When I visited it was very quite so I had pretty much the choice of any seat, but there was actually plenty of seating for quite a number of folks. The decor was clean and simple; fitting with the serene atmosphere of a yoga studio.

Ordering was simple if you are comfortable with technology as it was all done from a tablet. The menu was listed on a large board, but the order entry was done electronically. First time I have done this in a restaurant or cafe - so it did require me having to ask how to order, as it was not totally obvious this was the modus operandii. Anyway, I actually found I liked this way of placing my order, although for many they might actually like to talk to a person when ordering.

For my food options I decided to try the vegan cheese plate ; an almond chevre with olive tapande ( I am still trying to find a really good vegan cheese) served with gluten free crackers and the Southwest bowl, that comes with a base of forbidden rice topped with black beans and tasty mix of avocado, tomatoes, peppers and nutty nibbles. As for my drink I selected a smoothie.

The food arrived in no time, probably due to the fact I was about the only person there. It all looked wonderful. The smoothie was thick and creamy (in a creamy vegan way) and I did appreciate the reusable straw (I am yet to really master the use of these). The food was very light and tasted delicious. The one thing I would say is that this is not the place for hearty comfort food and I was glad of having ordered two dishes.

Overall I was very happy with my choice to come here. It was on the pricey side for what you actually got - but the food was presented well and tasted great.

For me I would give the Surya Cafe a 7 out of 10.

Pros: Great food, Plenty of seating, Ordering system (well I liked it)

Cons: Smallish portions, On the pricey side


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22 May 2019

Treat for the senses

Great atmosphere, delicious food, beautiful presentation. Full vegan menu!


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09 May 2019

Fun flavors

Exquisite presentation. My favorite is the toast with avocado, mushroom and sprouts. The savory waffle is super good and fun if you’re looking for something with a twist.
The same day I went a second time and ordered zoodle Alfredo and cheesecake. The Alfredo is amazing creaminess and comfort.

Updated from previous review on 2019-05-08

Pros: Flavors, Variety


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06 Mar 2019

Very disappointing. Did not like anything I got. Super bitter tasting.

I was super excited to eat here during my visit and had in-fact planned where I was staying based on this place. The jackfruit sandwich was so bitter, the chef used way too much acid. The bun was dense and hard. Ordered a side of hummus and it came in a 2oz cup with veggies for 5.50. I think the side you can order with the sandwich is only $2 and most likely the same amount. The samosa tartlet was ok, but mostly sweet potato. The Rose and hibiscus tea was supposed to be sweetened and also was very bitter.

I would recommend going elsewhere

Pros: Vegan

Cons: Expensive for what you get , Too heavy on the acid


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25 Feb 2019

What a treat!

From ambience to decor, from texture to taste, Lauren and her outstanding cafe are top notch. There were so
Many choices on the menu that I truly couldn’t decide. I opted for Kate’s Toast which was crunchy and so much flavor. The hummus was amazing and the veggies on top were just enough. The presentation is true art please see my pics. Then I ordered the Ananda Bowl. Wow!! Flavor. Presentation. Crunch. And that dressing was perfect!
Way to go Lauren!!!

Pros: Food taste, Presentation , Total ambience

Cons: Hard to find the first time


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12 Dec 2018

Delicious, healthy, serene

We had a wonderful dinner last night at Surya, our first. I had seen that it was in a yoga studio and sort of dismissed it as just a juice bar, but it is much more. The entrees are heart, healthy and diverse. The environment is, as you'd expect in a yoga studio, very quiet, which is kind of a nice change of pace from the usual boisterous atmosphere of so many restaurants.

Pros: Delicious, Healthy, Serene

Cons: No alcohol (if that's a con)


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04 Sep 2018

Hit the spot!

Amanda bowl was delicious! Great stop for lunch during our bike ride.

Pros: LOTS OF/ALL vegan choices!


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26 Aug 2018

Simply superb

All vegan, all gluten-free: It doesn't have to be great being so unique... But it is. I had hazelnut chocolate pancakes, creamy grits, date butter (my kids loved it too and they brought out maple syrup for the girls), raspberry thumbprint cookies, veggie scramble, and waffles. Absolutely delicious swoon-worthy food in a serene and beautiful setting. Just go!!

Pros: Delicious and glorious

Cons: Too far from my 🏠


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20 Jun 2018

Excellent cafe

Everything was vegan except for the option for regular yogurt in place of coconut yogurt. The menu was varied and unique and everything was delicious! The place itself is also very nice. Highly recommend!

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Good food, Nice atmosphere


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06 Jun 2018

Delicious and Inpired

The food at Surya tastes great and is so different. Makes you want to learn to cook like the chef. Even the cookies seem healthy, I don’t have the feeling of too sweet, too full after eating one. And the atmosphere leaves you feeling better than when you came in. This is the ‘go to’ place in the Madison area.


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27 Jan 2018


Chef is great. The place us very relaxing. The Tree Hugger waffle is wonderful and it's vegan!!

Pros: Vegan


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16 Jul 2017

So relaxing

This is such a wonderful little café. The food was soooo good and varied. All the dishes expect one was vegan. The beet burger was fantastic and the trifle tower was awesome. It was so peaceful to sit and eat dinner and look out the windows at the prairie. Highly recommend trying it out!

Pros: great selection of delicious food, serene views and atmosphere

Cons: none!


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23 Jun 2017


Surya Café is amazing. It's definitely a hidden gem. The café is connected to a yoga studio so the mood is very relaxed. The decorations are lovely. Oh yeah, and the food? DELICIOUS. I got the Chunky Monkey smoothie bowl, which was so good! I also couldn't resist getting a raw vegan chai bliss ball on the way out. :) (I also went there 1 week ago and ordered a juice with kale, beet, orange, fennel, lemon, and ginger. I loved the unique addition of fennel!)

Extra info: You can order at your table, on your phone, or on a tablet at the entrance to the café. The staff are all very nice. You can order your food to stay or to go. They take card and cash.
Pretty much every option on the menu is vegan and they have several raw options including raw desserts.

Pros: Delicious food, Zen atmosphere , Friendly staff

Cons: None

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