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Serves meat, vegan options available. This is a bowl-type restaurant in a shopping center. Restaurant advertises that it has vegan food and has a separate vegan menu. Also has the option to choose a type of rice, five vegetables and a sauce, all of which are vegan. NOTE: Reported that vegan items are not cooked in separate fryers. Open Mon-Thu 11:00am-10:00pm, Fri-Sat 11:00am-10:30pm, Sun 11:00am-10:00pm.

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First Review by foodfirst


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01 Jul 2023

Tasty General Tso’s Tofu

The dish was very good, although it could’ve been more spicy. They have a separate vegan menu which makes things much easier.



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04 Apr 2023

Hot pot 😍😍

We visited for hot pot and loved it! The staff were knowledgeable about veganism, and there were plenty of vegan options. All of the broths are vegan, and they offer vegan “beef” and “chicken” in addition to an abundance of tofus and veggies. Everything was phenomenal, and staff were extremely attentive! Would love to go back and try their vegan menu.

Pros: Lots of options


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19 Feb 2023

Really good (most of the time)

When it's good it's GOOD, but sometimes it's not. Kind of like a russian roulette of chinese takeout. When the kitchen is on it's divine, when it's not it makes me sad. Sometimes I get a soggy dumpling and that's never fun.

Usually though, I get what I'm lookin' for which is eating chinese takeout in my home. Nice to have so many vegan options (although it used to be less consistent and the noodles were sus)

Solid takeout chinese.

Pros: REALLY fast delivery, Veggies never overcooked, Lots of options

Cons: Soggy sometimes, Cross-contamination with meat/eggs, Suspicious lo mein


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12 Apr 2022

Would give 5 stars if possible

They have a vegan version of nearly everything they serve. Idk why they won't allow a 5 star rating

Updated from previous review on 2022-03-31


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11 Jan 2022

Best Vegan Chinese Takeout!

Wish I could give this 5 stars! I rarely eat fake meat, but the chick’n curry was so delicious. Don’t be put off by the location - this was a wonderful experience.

Pros: Separate vegan menu , Staff understand dietary requirements


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13 Oct 2021

Separate Vegan Menu!?!

The food was yummy and the staff was friendly but we weren’t sure about the restaurant at first because the location was rather unassuming! We don’t eat a lot of faux-meat either, but my husband got the sesame veg chicken and it was really good!! We will definitely be back 🤩


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21 Jul 2021

Pleasant Chinese restaurant with reasonable veg options

I very much enjoyed the two meals that I ate recently at Super Bowl Cuisine. I now have a second veg-friendly, steamed-veggies-out option in the area to go along with the Rosendale Café, which is about 15 minutes away by car. The spacious restaurant had high ceilings and was well lit.

The restaurant announces its vegan options (literally of course) with a neon sign in the window saying “Vegan.” There is a Vegetable Vegan section in the menu as well as a section titled “Healthy Vegetables,” which involves choosing (1) a type of rice, (2) five vegetables, and (3) a sauce. The sauces are all vegan, according to wait staff. These Chinese mainstays included garlic, Szechuan, black bean, and white sauces. The vegetable options included huge “baby corn,” (Chinese) cabbage, and pea pods, along with more standard American veggies. I ordered from the Healthy Vegetables section both times that I dined there. This section proved to be a good way of putting together a tasty vegan meal with vegetables cooked in this healthy low-heat, low-calorie way. The veggies came piled high and were well-cooked and hot. The food arrived quickly. As promised, the sauce was served on the side.

On a more recent visit, I again ordered the "Healthy [steamed] Vegetables" with a sauce. An order comes with one's choice of five vegetables from a long list. This time I told them to omit the order of my choice of rice on the side. The restaurant did a great job, though they did not reduce the price. On the other hand, by paying in cash, I was able to get a 5 percent discount, since the order exceeded $10. A great way to get a variety of steamed veggies.

Other vegan entrees and appetizers have also been great.

The restaurant offers delivery. Pickup orders were ready in 10 minutes a.d work well if you are nearby with means of transportation.

Updated from previous review on 2021-07-21

Pros: a veg-friendly Chinese-cuisine option, full wait service and extensive hours, pleasant atmosphere

Cons: menu includes lamb, considered a "cruelty meat", Not a ll vegan


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04 Jan 2021

Good but must be careful

UPDATE: We have returned to this place several times. Sadly, we have been informed on several occasions that there are NO SEPARATE FRYERS for vegan items. So now we have to make sure to avoid anything that is deep fried. Not sure if we were given inaccurate information in the first instance or whether things changed. Either way, it is a serious problem when a place has a vegan menu but does not take steps to ensure that everything stays vegan throughout the cooking process. I really debated it but ended up deducting one star from my original 4-star review.


This place caught us off-guard -- we never imagined it would be so good! We were passing through Kingston on a Monday night and lots of places seemed closed. We were in the mood for Asian food. Having been to Yum Yum Noodle in the past (we were not so impressed), we decided to try a new place. Super Bowl is in a strip center and is very unassuming. We walked in and asked about the vegan options. Everyone knew exactly what we meant and when I asked if the vegan items were fried in the same oil as the meat, and I was told that they have completely separate fryers for the vegan food. For once, we were able to order the spring rolls (they were really good). We also ordered General Tso's tofu and the Kung Pao dried tofu (it had no dried tofu, but vegan "beef"). Both dishes were excellent! The portions were also large. We will definitely be back when we are in Kingston. This place is FAR superior to Yum Yum Noodles and anything else we have tried in Kingston. There are some mistakes on the menu so you should ask the server what is vegan (e.g., the menu said that the spring rolls have pork and chicken but that's not actually true -- they are vegan).

Updated from previous review on 2021-01-04

Pros: food tasted good, open late

Cons: items on vegan menu are fried in same oil as meat!, menu has mistakes so you need to ask what's vegan


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03 Sep 2020

Big menu, very tasty Chinese food

The dedicated vegan menu, neon" vegan" sign in window, and Happy Cow sticker on the door, show that this place is making an effort to court vegans. The food was very tasty and the menu options were vast. Their website makes it seem they are only a "build you own bowl" type place but they actually have a varied, more traditional menu. Despite the separate menu labeled "Vegan", there are a few things on there that are not vegan but the woman who took my order knew exactly what those are (the crab wontons, and noodle dishes with lo mein (made with egg)... you can substitute rice or udon noodles instead). Portions are big. I ordered General Tso Tofu, and Sesame Chicken... both were predominantly protein (tofu, veg chicken) with a bit of broccoli. Tofu was perfect, the sesame chicken was heavily breaded. Also ordered the pork fried rice which was excellent. Next time I'll try the build your own entree to get a more vegetable centric dish.

Pros: Relatively inexpensive/ big portions, Big vegan menu! Staff knows what's vegan, Very tasty

Cons: Vegan menu has a few things that are not (ask 1st), In charmless shopping ctr (tho inside is nice)


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24 Aug 2020

Comfort Food!

I got the tofu general tso’s entré and vegan dumplings. I was not expecting everything to be so good. The broccoli was beautifully green. My only wish was for there to be more of it. Great portions of tofu, rice, and potstickers though!

Pros: Fast delivery, Separate vegan menu, 🥟 🥟🥟🥟🥟

Cons: Not a lot of veggies with main course

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