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Serves meat, vegan options available. Offers a Caribbean style cuisine menu with a vegetarian/vegan section that includes faux meat and tofu dishes. 2015 relocated from 50 Massachusetts Ave NE. Open Wed 12:00pm-8:00pm, Thu 12:00pm-9:00pm, Fri-Sun 12:00pm-10:00pm.

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First Review by Miru


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04 Aug 2023

so gd flavorful

I’ve had the mac n’ cheese from nuvegan cafe, and while it gets the job done, it has absolutely NOTHING on this place’s. I had the vegn curry chicken and plantains as well, everything is incredible! Plus the staff was so welcoming and forthcoming with suggestions💗a team of wild horses couldnt hold me back from returning

Pros: there was actually flavor 😭, tons of vegan options , friendly staff



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31 Oct 2022


Got the vegan curry chicken with the curried chickpeas and Mac and cheese, I was so blown away. The texture and flavors of everything were so spot on, wish I’d taken a picture but I ate it so fast!! Can’t wait to go back.


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19 Oct 2021

Best vegan spot

This restaurant has some of the best vegan food I have ever had! They have a vegan platter option where you can choose an entree and two sides. Their vegan options are always rotating, but they usually have 3-4 to choose from on any given day. They have jerk vegan chik'n, vegan beef (seitan) bbq, vegan stirfry, vegan ox tail, vegan curry, vegan salmon, vegan Mac and cheese, cabbage, rice and beans, plantains callaloo, vegan soups, etc. The mac is absolutely incredible. It's very unique and has veggies in it, which I love. It's cool that they are always changing the options so you can often try something new. The vegan jerk and the stirfry are my favorite entrees. Did I mention that they give HUGE portions and you'll have leftovers for days?? Don't sleep on this place. I drive 30 minutes just to get this on the weekends.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Large portions, Delicious


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11 Sep 2021

Vegan Jerk Chicken

Love this place! The vegan jerk chicken and the vegan bbq is super good! The portions are huge so you will definitely be full.

Pros: Lots of vegan options , HUGE portions , Unique


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24 Jul 2020

Incredible Caribbean food

I am not used to Caribbean places being omni AND veg friendly. This was a great place for my omni boyfriend and my ovolacto self to eat together. The food was AMAZING - I got the curry fake chicken and I loved it. Same for the rice and cabbage. I can't wait to try it again and get the jerk or another option. HUGE portions for great prices. Two huge thumbs up, I'd rate it 5 stars if Happy Cow allowed it for not fully veg places.

Pros: Super duper tasty food


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17 Mar 2019

Amazing find!

Awesome! Visiting D.C. and tried Sunrise Caribbean a couple times and loved all the vegan dishes I tried BBQ “Steak”, curry “Chicken”, potato and chickpeas, rice and beans, and outstanding vegan Mac and cheese!

Pros: Several vegan options , Decent price. One meal enough to feed 2, Friendly people


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24 Dec 2017

Best vegan Mac in town!

Sunrise is amazing!!!! They offer at least 3 different vegan meat options as well as the most amazing vegan Mac in the modern world.
Also, if you haven’t tried their doubles yet - do so immediately. Vegan fried sweet n savory dough pocket filled with curried chickpeas and potato. It is everything.
Sunrise also gives you a ton of food - one plate will feed you 2x!
Beautiful people and beautiful food!


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02 Aug 2014

In Union Station? EAT HERE!

If you visit DC, you may come through Union Station. If so, you MUST go to the food court in the basement of Union Station, and search until you find Sunrise Caribbean. You will have trouble finding it at first, because it hides in a weird part of the food court. But when you find it, you will thank me for writing this post!

Sunrise Caribbean always has some faux meat dish (such as "vegetarian stir fry," which actually means "delicious sweet and spicy faux chicken mixed with vegetables). It also sometimes serves vegan mac n' cheese! In any case, it will have plentiful delicious Trinidadian-style vegetable side dishes!

Very vegan friendly, huge quantities of food, delicious, smells great, tastes great, fills you up. You will feel like you have really begun your DC trip off to a good start if you eat here on your way through Union Station!

Pros: Faux meat, DELICIOUS, flavorful, spicy, sweet, Hearty, large portions

Cons: Hidden from sight


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12 Feb 2014

Flavorful abundance

When you order the food, you have a choice of selecting an entree with 2 sides ($8-9) or just a la carte (about $3 each). However, it is advisable not to preview the menu in too great a depth beforehand as you will be limited by what they have prepared for that day. The choices include vegan and non-veg items, but they are in separate portions of the hot display. It's unclear how specific they are in separating the cooking, but at least it looks separated for the presentation.

The staff is knowledgeable and friendly, as well as patient. When you walk up to the counter, someone is there to help you quickly. The menu can be overwhelming, and with choices limited by what they have, it is best to take them up on their offer of assistance and just ask what they have. They serve it up in styrofoam to-go containers, regardless of whether you will actually take it home/ to go or sit down. Unfortunate to have the styrofoam!

The food is hot and plentiful when scooped out for you, and it has a good flavor unlike some other local establishments that serve food in a similar style (pre-made stewed/ cooked/ braised veggies, legumes, rice). This time, they had curried peas and potatoes, peas/ beans and rice, spiced (turmeric?) cabbage, stewed spinach, callaloo (collard greens), mac and cheese, fried plantains, a fried vegetable rice, seitan beef and jerk chicken.

Since I love spicy food and fake chicken, I opted for the jerk chicken - they use one of the best fake chickens, which is similar to the style they have at places like Red Bamboo in NYC. I believe it's the May Wah brand that can be purchased in some markets (Roots; Terry's) around the DC area.

Anyhow, great flavor and worth the price. If you're hungry, it's definitely possible to eat the entire entree and all the sides, but you will likely be totally satiated.

I would definitely go back for the food prices and portions, as well as the spice and flavor, but, the styrofoam and looking at the meat options are not so enticing!

Pros: Fake chicken, Flavors, Portions

Cons: Styrofoam, Goat dishes


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27 Jan 2014

Nice, reasonably priced, tasty lunch selections

Stopped here the other day while waiting for a train at Union station. Good lunch for a great price. I got a huge container of food - pineapple vegan chicken with 2 sides for about 8 bucks. It was more food than I could eat for lunch so this is a bargain in the normally expensive DC area. Their vegan options rotate - I was hoping for the jerk vegan chicken as I'd heard it was well worth it but they didn't have it that day (be aware they often only have 2-6 vegan entrees so don't expect the full vegan menu off their website every day). My entree was still quite enjoyable. Counter staff knows which items are vegan on the side dishes as well. Go for this one if you're in Union Station for lunch or nearby- good stuff.

Pros: Big portions, Good selection of vegan items, Nice low prices

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