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Sunflower Vegetarian Restaurant

  • Vegetarian
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Contact 703-237-3888

6304 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, Virginia, USA, 22044

Extensive menu featuring mostly all vegan food: soups, organic salads, noodle dishes, sandwiches, vegetarian sushi, rice dishes, main plates, vegan desserts, and more. Some dishes feature imitation meat. Vegan items clearly labeled. Gluten free options. There are 2 party room with screen and projector, 2 Japanese-style party room with bamboo screen.

Category: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Ovo, Chinese, Juice bar, Asian

Reviews (22)

First Review by feorag

Great food and gracious hosts - Edit

We had planned to go to another DC vegan restaurant but we were running late. In a late night scramble to find vegan food we arrived at Sunflower about 20 minutes prior to close and we were the only ones there. We could tell they were already packing up for the night So we started to leave (I know how much staff love the last minute "are you still open?" customers) but they were very kind and gracious and opened the kitchen. We (quickly) ordered the moo shoo rolls, lo mein, and the "Adventures in Organic Tempeh Land." All came out hot, fast, and delicious. Huge chunks of tempeh but they had a great flavor and perfect crumbly texture. We will be back!

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Love - Edit

I have loved this place for years! They have a very friendly staff, and an awesome menu! Most of the menu is vegan, but there are a few, clearly marked, vegetarian items. I typically start with the Five Spice Fried Chicken, and perhaps an order of Spring Rolls. I highly recommend the Vegan General Tso or the Popeye's Favorite. Both very savory dishes, and both are a hit for my family. I am also a fan of the Colorful Vegetable Rice Noodles, the Rice Noodles in Curry Soup, as well as the Orange Chicken Chunk Sandwich . . . depending on what you're in the mood for.

I have been going to this branch of Sunflower since they first opened, but I have also been to their branch in Vienna. Stop by if you're in the mood for some savory Veggie Asian-fusion lunch/dinner!

Updated from previous review on Tuesday September 24, 2013

*I'd like to note that they recently began offering a military discount. Just show them your military ID, and you'll receive 10% off your meal!

Pros: Great Food, Friendly Staff, Vegan Options

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Very accommodating! - Edit

I chose this restaurant to go to after my high school graduation because it was held in constitution hall and we were meeting family from Virginia. The staff is outstanding, they gave us our own private room! I couldn't have picked a better establishment to hold this dinner. It was a fantastic environment to interact with family, and plenty of appetizer choices surely aided in that pursuit. The expansive menu met all my desires and is variable for any craving. I couldn't reccomend this place enough!

Pros: Wonderful staff, Amazing menu and selection, Private room!

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Good food. - Edit

Most of the menu items are vegan. The non-vegan items are marked. There are also gluten-free items marked. The food was served relatively quickly. Prices are good as well.

My meat-eating family members enjoyed the food too.

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I'm a Happy Cow! - Edit

I was specifically looking for another vegetarian restaurant in this very hectic complex intersection of roads when I pleasantly discovered the sign for Sunflower and decided to stop. Sixteen 11x17 pages on the menu left me in awe. I overate a dine-in lunch and purchased one to go. Very happy with the taste, selection, and atmosphere.

Pros: Huge selection

2 Responses

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Disappointed again... - Edit

I visited the Vienna location once, and while everyone was kind, I did not care for the food. It tasted like frozen vegetables cooked in bottled PF Chang sauce. When in Falls Church last week, though, I decided to give this other location a try. I thought that I just ordered something mediocre the last time. I was disappointed again.

I started with fried spring rolls and the cold basil rolls; I enjoyed both of them on my first visit, and I enjoyed them this time, too. The fried spring rolls were served with peanut sauce, which was a fun change. As it was lunch time, there was also salad, which I couldn't really stomach: it was just lettuce in what tasted like soy sauce and balsamic vinegar.

Then for the entrees. My husband got the ma pao tofu, which was mixed frozen veggies (peas, corn, carrots, lima beans) and soft tofu in a bland sauce. I got the ocean filets, which were good, but 1.) they tasted nothing like the ocean and 2.) they were floating in overly sweet sauce with frozen-style veggies. The rice, too, was unpleasant; dry and flavorless.

I hate leaving negative reviews like this, but I felt like I wasted perfectly good money on a lackluster experience. If I had made the food myself, I wouldn't have eaten it. It would not pass my own taste test. But as I paid, I felt obligated to finish my meal.

I will likely never return to either Sunflower location, which sucks, because everyone was friendly, and I really admire the idea of an all-vegetarian restaurant.

Pros: friendly service, good appetizers

Cons: bland entrees

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lots of choices!! - Edit

Everything is vegan except for a few items that are vegetarian (and clearly marked on the menu). We had cold basil rolls, daikon radish cakes, a noodle dish with awesome mushrooms and a kale burdock dish with chickpeas and organic tofu over brown rice. They also have a bunch of meat substitute sandwiches and vegan desserts! Yum!!

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Delicious, veg•an, affordable - Edit

I came to Sunflower in 2011 and enjoyed it so much that when I moved to Rio de Janeiro I often thought of it fondly. I was happy to be transferred back to DC early this year and introduced my new wife to the menu. She loves it. Although she's not a complete vegetarian, she often asks that we go back there, at least once a week. Her choice is the "Popey's Favorite" and mine is their Thai soup. The waitstaff is very genial and the kitchen very accomodating when my wife requests "not spicy". Good food, healthful cuisine, nice atmosphere and friendly staff--what more could one ask for?

Pros: Varied Cuisine, Vegetarian or Vegan options ONLY, Nice Staff

Cons: Furniture dated, Outdoor seating has no view except road

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Five happy cows!! - Edit

A quaint lil restaurant with amazing food! I've never eaten anything I didn't like here. The staff is always friendly even when it's very busy. I try to eat here any chance I get!

Pros: Amazing food, Jasmine tea, There's sunflowers everywhere!

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We Drive 40 miles Every Sunday to Eat at Sunflower - Edit

This is such a great place. The food is organic, fresh, and leaves you elevated when you leave. If you have any residual tension after a day of work, have the Wakame Soup. Tensions will be gone! The staff is so friendly and make your dining experience so pleasant. We drive 40 miles every Sunday to eat at Sunflower. Our only complaint is they have not opened Sunflower in Maryland.

Pros: Food is fresh, tasty & great, Friendliest staff of any restaurant, You leave relaxed

Cons: No Sunflower yet in Maryland

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Excellent place - Edit

This place has great vegetarian and vegan dishes, very nicely prepared. There are some tasty mock meats that are less than healthy, as well as a number of natural and healthy offerings. The décor is a bit odd, and the place is not entirely easy to get to, but these things are certainly worth winking at considering the excellence of the food.

Pros: very fine food, decent price

Cons: location is a bit hard to find, decor is odd

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good stuff - Edit

I tried them out last week. I had the Sunflower's Satisfaction, which was great, though the red bell peppers were much hotter than I expected. (Be ready for a runny nose!) I also had their Steamed Tapioca Pearl Patty w/Five Spices Stuffed, which was very good as well.

Service was a little slow, and the seat I sat in had a tear in the cushion they had merely covered with tape.

But the food was quite good and not too pricy.

Pros: good food, reasonable prices, decent view

Cons: service

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Great place to eat - Edit

There is another location in Vienna, VA as well as the Falls Church one, and I've been going to both Sunflowers regularly for several years. The food is great and the staff is very friendly. Nice selection of appetizers and entrees, good soups and desserts; something for everyone. A couple of the items on the menu are not vegan (where noted) but are vegetarian and vegan versions of them are available. The Falls Church location has a slightly better menu as it seems they test out new items at that location first.

Pros: Excellent food, Friendly staff, Good value

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Great Find - Edit

Wow, what a last minute find. My husband and i went to see Amma, the hugging saint, (amma.org), and i did a search and found this. i wish there was a restaurant like this in NJ. It was very good. The decor is lovely, yellow/orange with sunflower paintings and sunflower things everywhere, very cozy yet uplifting. i didn't like the uncomfortable hard-back chairs though. i had the "Macro Plate" which was good but could have used a little more rice and beans and the curry sauce was a little spicy. Also there was some water on the bottom of the plate. But it was still good. i also had the Tofu Pumpkin Pie and at first i thought the orange sauce on top tasted "cheap" or something but after the first bite i realized this was a very interesting, effervescent, tasty combination. It was small but i would order it again. My husband had the Macrobiotic Tofu and it was really good-not spicy.

One other complaint would be the unfriendly waitress.

Well i wish we ordered more so i could review more things, so, until next time...

Pros: Great Food, Lovely Atmosphere

Cons: Unfriendly waitress, Hard back chairs, Busy Area

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can't wait to get back - Edit

Had some friends in DC take us to this place when we were visiting as other vegan friends of theirs had recommended it. Loved the atmosphere service and food. We had the fried chicken appetizer, general tso's, and a soup with "meat"balls. Really enjoyed them all. We're heading back to the area next week, and visiting them again is the top thing on our list. Can't believe someone's dissing the atmosphere because of the cute pro-vegan t-shirts the staff wears....

Pros: nice atmosphere, good variety (mostly asian)

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Try the fried chicken - Edit

The fried chicken appetizer ended my Mississippi-born partner's years-long quest to find a veg alternative to a childhood favorite. The staff is always delightful, but the Seven Corners location is a nightmare to get to on the best of days.

Pros: food, staff

Cons: high-traffic intersection

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A Pleasant Surprise - Edit

My husband and I recently visited Sunflower in VA while traveling, and we found the whole dining experience there extremely pleasant. The wait staff were friendly without being bothersome, and the decor was basic and comfy. The food was very tasty and well worth the money. My only complaint was the fried "chicken" appetizer we tried was a bit tough and hard to chew. But we loved our dinners. I highly recommend the "popeye" plate, which is a potato and spinach patty covered in black pepper sauce.

Pros: friendly staff, comfortable atmosphere, good food

Cons: not completely vegan

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What a disappointment! - Edit

I've been looking forward to going to Sunflower for some time now. I'm a NYC vegan, with a friend in VA who has recently become interested in vegetarianism. I was so looking forward to taking her to her first veg restaurant, and showing her how wonderful the food could be. Given many other reviews of this place, I had extremely high hopes. All of them dashed.

The service is Sunflower is pleasant, but that's the best possible thing that can be said about it. The atmosphere isn't great...from the basic seating to the cartoony teeshirts that the staff wears. But the worst is the food...amazingly plain and unseasoned, from the tasteless goji berries in my salad to the curry that my husband ordered...so bland that he immediately renamed it "baby's first curry" The closest to tasty was my friend's General Tso, which at least had a bit of tang. But all in all a very disappointing evening. At least the tab wasn't too steep - only $58 for three meals. But I've promised my friend to take her on a tour of Manhattan veg restaurants the next time she visits. Just to prove that all veg food isn't as disappointing as Sunflower!

Pros: Nice service

Cons: Bland food

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lfusfeld Every vegetarian/vegan restaurant I have been to in NYC and Philadelphia is better than Sunflower. (NYC: just to name a few, try Blossom, Sacred Chow, Candle, Terri, Pure Food & Wine, Quantum Leap or if you like Chinese, go for Zen Palate, Red Bamboo. Philly: Blackbird, Grindcore, HipCityVeg, Vedge, Vge, Nile Cafe, New Harmony (Chinese)) I think Sunflower gets artificially high reviews because there just aren't the types of vegan places in the DC area as you have in NYC and even Philadelphia. The standard is a bit lower and so people are just excited for the baseline of having vegan options.

Great, unusual food - Edit

Sunflower offers a pleasing array of options, from standard Asian dishes to more unusual fusion-style pan-Asian entrees and appetizers. Our Japanese-style BBQ kabobs were excellent and well-presented. For the main course, I found our Sunflower Forest to be an intriguing and tasty Asian version of a taco. Sunflower Satisfaction (soy protein with veggies in an orange-chili sauce) was also tempered well and not too spicy or too sweet. It also had a colorful range of vegetables. Service was friendly and prompt. Recommended.

Pros: Interesting, tasty food, Service

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Large and busy East Asian diner - Edit

I got to visit this restaurant as part of a group. If we had not had a car and driver, it's unlikely I would have experienced it as it is located at the junction of a number of major roads, in the sort of building you'd expect to find one of the big chain restaurants.

I quickly got over the culture shock on entry. Instead of a slick, corporate interior, the restaurant is decorated with an eclectic collection of sunflowers.

The menu is mainly inspired by Chinese and Japanese cuisine, with a few Thai and Italian dishes, some of the latter containing cheese, and offered with rice cheese as a substitute. Mock meats are extensively used, though there are plenty of dishes which do not use them. Many of the specials have evocative names such as "Adventure of Tempeh Land" and "Lucky Star Shines Bright", and all come served with brown rice.

I chose the Teriyaki Mock Sesame Eel, and "Burst with Joy", the latter being a selection of mushrooms, served with goji berries, a black truffle sauce and steamed asparagus. Both dishes were unusual, nori making the "eel" taste particularly fishy. The bamboo fungus in the main course are probably an acquired taste, being slightly crunchy and not looking particularly like mushrooms, but I enjoyed them. My partner opted for the fried "chicken" - substantial chicken-type nuggets - and Sweet and Sour Sensation. He cleared his substantial plate despite protestations that he was not particularly hungry!

None of us had room for dessert - a shame because this is one of the few places I've been to which has a choice of vegan desserts.

Pros: inexpensive, various healthy options, vegan desserts

Cons: vehicle needed for access, background noise

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