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CLOSED: Sun Day Burgers - Prenzlauer Berg

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13355 Bernauer Strasse, Mauer Park, Flea Market (at near ElberswalderStr U-Bahn), Berlin, Germany,

Booth in the Mauerpark Flew Market selling a burger which consists of whole wheat bun, tofu steak marinated in soy sauce & ginger, lettuce, tomato, beet root, cucumber, caramelized onions, fresh coriander, sprouts and topped with a smoked chipotle chilli, or mango chutney. Also sells brownies and lemonade. See its facebook for latest locations. Please let happycow if this has re-opened from winter. THIS LOCATION CLOSED.

Category: Vegan, Organic, Western, Fast food, Take-out only

Reviews (34)

First Review by hardluckminer

Now at Markt Halle Neun, look for Gyros guy here. - Edit

I think they are only available in the Markt Halle Neun in Kreuzberg now because a greedy landlord from Munich took over the market and raised the rents through the roof and forced them to take the wagon away every week instead of leaving it there, even though the space is not used for anything else on week days, they are just mean spirited people.

Outsiders are killing Berlin, causing a slow and painful death to what used to be the greatest city ever. Especially the Bavarians, they just don't get the vibe here, they are money hungry vultures.
Updated from previous review on Monday September 28, 2015

Updated from previous review on Monday September 28, 2015

Pros: Best ever vegan burgers, Tasty plus, Made fresh

Cons: Addictive, Too good, Can't get enough

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What a pleasant surprise - Edit

I was at the fleemarket and stubbled upon this 'foodtruck'. It was a hot sunny day in May, a great atmosphere and these burgers were an amazing addition to the scenery.

Pros: cheap yet a lot!, all vegan!, nice location

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A little lodge of deliciousness - Edit

A small cabinet located inside farmers market Markthalle Neun.

Really friendly worker who listened our demands and made orders according to our wishes. The burger was also available with gluten-free bread and was filled with fresh ingredients. A nice and unusual ingredient was beetroot, but without it the burger would have missed something vital.

The three available sauces tasted amazing and you could pick one, two or all three.

Juices are made from fresh ingredients and are really nourishing.

The whole set was prepared really fast and filled with taste and freshness.

Pros: Gluten-free , Fresh, fresh, bio, fresh, Friendly staff

Cons: A bit hard to find

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Great fresh food! - Edit

Excellent food! I enjoyed the veggie burger that was awesome with beet, cucumber, sprouts, lettuce and mango chutney with marinated tofu! Followed it up with the berry cheesecake, so delicious! Great location in the market, friendly staff and would definitely recommend! Also cheap for the high quality of food!

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Markthalle Neun location - Edit

I visited their 2nd location inside Markthalle Neun, which is like an indoor farmers market. Nice atmosphere and very casual. They have great live music and communal picnic benches. On Thursday nights all the vendors do a street food event and are open until 10pm.

I had their burger which was delicious and a piece of carrot chai spiced cheesecake which was incredible. Definitely getting a smoothie next time I visit.

Pros: Delicious food, nice atmosphere, good value

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Tasty - Edit

The burguer is fair and the thai sauce is very tasty. It is not that easy to find it and there are other places selling vegan food at the market. So, grab a burguer at Sun Day, then a hotdog, then a soup, Berlin is great for vegans hehehe

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Scrumdidleedumtious!!!!! - Edit

Seriously yummy vegan fast food burger van smack in the middle of a fantastic flea market!the ladies serving the food are so friendly and the burger is unbelievable!it is jam-packed full of gorgeous delisciousness!!!worth every penny!just to warn you ladies out there....do not go here on a date!eating a massive burger does not scream sexy!enjoy!

Pros: Great service, Delicious Food, Cheap and Cheerful

Cons: Not very much seating around the van, Slightly messy ot eat

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Hard to find, but worth the search - Edit

Located right in the middle of usually crowded Mauerpark Flohmarkt.
Bit difficult to find, but once there, it was worth the search.
Very small menu (actually none): burger with huge selection of toppings and usually two to three sauces.
Very tasty!

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Good, tasety, surprising - Edit

Found this place by looking into this site (so thanks for that !!). As we wanted to go to the flea market anyway, we targeted this place to be our lunch of the day. It took us a while to find, probably because it was opened later than other food stands (and if something is closed, we pay less attention to it, I guess). Anyway, once we decided we are hungry enough, we approached to the stand. No queues, just several people sitting next to the place. We ordered two burgers with two suaces (the peanut Thai, and the Chili marmalade). The lady serving us also suggested that we take a home-made lemonade. the price for all that - just a bit above 9 Euro (I was expecting it to cost more). Anyway, we took all that to a next by bench, and ... really loved what we put into our mouth. It was fresh, not too spicy, thr ight temperature, with different kinds of vegtibales in it, and of course the tofu was thdre - grilled to the right level. We both loved what we have ordered (we also switched, so I got to taste both burgers). The surprising part - we both had to struggle easiting this as a burger in a bun ... the "strcuture" was not stable, so eventually we were eating the ingredients independent from the bun. However, this was all worth it ... we really enjoied it all.

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A cultural experience, not a meal - Edit

I went to Sun Day Burgers today and had the burger. The setting is a giant flea market and it's an adventure trying to find this place. Amidst a sea of people hunting for vintage articles, you'll find this food stall eventually. The burger was ok. Grilled tofu, decent bun, veggies, and a tasty spread. Nothing more, nothing less. You'll feel like you're part of the "vegan underground" being here. If you're looking for a proper meal with nice service and ambience... you're in the wrong place. The burger + drink was around 7 euro, which I think is expensive for what you get and the environment you're in. But this place is super crowded so maybe I'm alone on this. I'm told Ray Doggy no longer owns it either (fyi).

Pros: tasty

Cons: price, location, ambience

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Deeeelicious - Edit

In my trek of looking for vegan restaurants, I was surprised when I stumbled upon a kiosk in a market hall. The Sun Day Burger was the only food item on the menu aside from smoothies and I can understand why they only need the one. It was such a great combination of ingredients that really complimented each other. I ended up liking the burger so much, I went back a second time in my visit to Germany.

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Location remark - Edit

Note that the Sun Day Burger stand is located somewhere inside the Mauer Park, not near the south entrance (as suggested by the address and map).

The burger is very tasty! They had three different sauces, which you could all combine :-).

Pros: Good burger

Cons: May be busy

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one word: delicious - Edit

This was one of the best veggie burgers I've ever had + Lilith and her team are incredibly welcoming and friendly! I can recommend going there to anyone who loves good food. Guaranteed to make your Sunday even better!

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A damn good burger - Edit

I love the Mauerpark flea market, and sitting in the middle of it all on a Sunny Sunday with my Sun Day burger was a truly lovely, happy experience.
The burger was delicious, wholesome and hearty. The smoked chilean marmalade (did I remember that right? Some sort of delicious marmalade anyway) was divine. I had the burger with everything that was available and it was very generous, varied and tasty. I'll definitely go back next time I'm at the flea market. In fact, knowing there's a Sun Day burger waiting for me there makes me want to go back to the market even more!

Pros: So tasty!, Lovely relish, Wholesome

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Delicious! - Edit

I think it's awesome that, thanks to Sun Day Burgers, there's a vegan option for hungry visitors of the Mauerpark fleamarket! :) And such a tasty one! At first I was a bit skeptical that there is only one burger and no other options. But then I tried it and what can I say? It's SO good that I didn't miss a thing! It could be a "challenge" for picky eaters since it's not a standard type burger but has unusual stuff on it like cilantro and red beets, but for me this makes it even better! A culinary explosion of several tastes that combine together just perfectly. mmhh yummy! :)

Pros: cheap! 3 Euro is a reasonable price, SO tasty, very friendly and good-humoured staff :)

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Great food. Friendly owners. - Edit

The burgers at Sunday Burgers are simple and fresh tasting. The owners are very accommodating and strive to make sure all their customers are satisfied with their meals. Ray and Lilith were very helpful and friendly. They are passionate about veganism and ready to share information to help people find more vegetarian and vegan options in the city.

Pros: Fresh , Healthy

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A great experience every time! - Edit

The Sunday Burgers is a definite stop every time I go to my beloved neighboring Mauer Park! I sense every time the great atmosphere the joy surrounding the burger stand. Everytime I make the first bite of those delicious burgers my body goes vibrant with freshness, you can also sense the love and joy put into those burgers, it feels so home-made straight from mama :) I love also their concept of one-product offer, takes away all the indecisive doubting, no complications, you know what you are going for, but they always manage to surprise you every now and then with that new special sauce :)

Pros: great tasting excellent food, great friendly staff, great value

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ok, but not great - Edit

I had waited so long to actually try this place. It had closed for a long while. I finally got to try the sandwich when it reopened this 'summer'. Maybe I was expecting too much. It's a sandwich cart. The one sandwich is fine, a nice change, but nothing so spectacular as people make it out to be here. The bun was incredibly small in comparison to the fillings. Actually, I would call it a small dinner roll. It came with a very cold chunk of beet root. The tofu was nice, but it was just tofu. My tongue told me it detected MSG in the sauce, but it could have been mistaken. All in all, it's a nice treat on a Sunday if you are already at Mauer Park. Otherwise, there are lots of similar options at the same price or less all over the city.

Pros: vegan

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The mighty sun day burger! - Edit

As I fought through the crowds at the flea market, I told myself this must be the best burger in the world to be worth this. It was. It's been over a week and I still find myself dreaming of it.

Pros: delicious food, good value, friendly staff

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Dry buns - Edit

I was really looking forward to visit this place because I so often go to the flee-market and it's not always for only one ore two hours, food is needed!

The burger-van-thing is placed inside the flee-markt area and not all that easy to find if you don't know where to look on fore hand. At least I found it and was meet buy a bit stressed staff. The menu was really confusing, and if you don't speak german, you will probably get as confused as I was when trying to decide what you don't want on your burger. Because the put A LOT on it.

The burger had potential and the whole thing that they are there is great; but the burgers on the other hand was not. Dry buns with a overly had crust that just makes the whole thing break and week tofu on that dose not make it for me. It's was impossible to eat normally and the whole thing just broke into pieces and I had to give up.

Pros: Good location, Lots of stuff on the burger

Cons: Dry as hell, Wierd toppings, The service

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Vegan burgers that really do make the day sunny - Edit

If you visite the flea market in Mauer Park, gotta pop in here. Sunny Day Burgers is a good example of a food that you know is good for you and for your environment and, above all, just tastes good! Really, places like these would encourage people to eat more vegan. Coming from Finland I give special credit for the dark-grainy bread and moderate prices. We had a great food and nice chat with the staff so thank you for making our day sunny, regardless of the heavy rain.

Pros: delicious and healthy food, easy and cheap, cheerful atmosphere

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the best vegan burger ever - Edit

Such a good vegan stuff, fresh, healthy and really tasty - enjoyed a lot even by my non-vegan friend. You can't call it fast food - cause its so fresh and healthy. And such a great friendly staff!

Pros: tasty, healthy, friendly

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Healthy organic burgers for 3,50€! - Edit

We really enjoyed our Sun Day Burgers. They are packed with so many tasty mainly organic ingredients and come in a wholemeal bun with delicious sauces - everything for 3,50€ only, prepared by super friendly people.

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Yummy burger hard to find. - Edit

We had hard time finding the stall at the markets, on a hot day, trudging around the markets is hungry work. Tiki sun burgers are awesome, tasty and messy. Give yourself a bit of time to find the place if it is your first time, work up an appetite finding it and finish it up with a vegan sorbet from the stall next door. Yummo!

Pros: flavourful, vibrant

Cons: hard to find

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Obligatory, imperative, a must - Edit

.. for everybody visiting the Mauerpark! The Tiki Sun Burger-stand has become the first stop when we go to the fleamarket. Excellent and very tasty, prepared fresh before your eyes.. the good cooks put so much stuff on it, it's hard to hold (but not a problem to eat). And the hot sauce is incredible. But be earky, as they always sell out completely (which is a good sign).

Pros: Tasty, unique, independent entrepreneur

Cons: Sells out quickly

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sooo good - Edit

These burgers were awesome, so original and creative with the toppings. My only complaint is that the patty (which just seem s to be a slab of seasoned tofu) is not all that flavorful, but the bun and awesome toppings really made up for it. Wish it were bigger too, I suggest you order two! Really cheap too.

Pros: creative, delicious, vegan!

Cons: unexciting patty

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amazing vegan burgers, nice and spicy and the BEST way to enjoy the flohmarkt (which can be busy and hectic). You can get a great burger from the guys then sit in the nice sand and shade area right next door! Also perfect hangover/come down food.

Pros: Cheap, Vegan, Tasty

Cons: Only open Sunday

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Hello mr.tiki sun burgers and fans! I am a vegan who has been salivating for these burgers since the first time i came to Berlin in October. I've been to Mauer Park market sundays at least 3 or 4 times and went on the hunt for them everytime. I just can't seem to find them. PLEASE HELP!! can someone tell me if they still exist? I WANT A TIKI SUN BURGER!!!!!!

3 Responses

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evilduck 02 May 2009 - Have also searched for the Tiki, but have not found them.
Need more info, does Tiki exist anymore???

Henley 22 Feb 2013 - If you head to roughly the highest point (peak of a mountain) of the markets, around the centre, that's where we found them (as of August 09). We searched around for a while and nearly gave up, but destiny led us on the right path to find them :-) Good luck.

evilduck 22 Feb 2013 - New Info:

Posted by Raydoggy on: Saturday, May 02, 2009 at 03:17 PM PDT

Tiki Sun Burgers
Hi ED,

Yes the Tiki Sun Burgers are back for spring/summer. I left the burger stand in the hands of Ingo, so Just to make sure Ingo is up and running again, email him as I am back in Australia, but I'll see you in July. [email protected]

I hope you enjoy them.

Best wishes


tasty food and nice people - Edit

After my first visit I had to come back the very next week. They make the burgers to order so everything is hot and fresh. A bit messy but the taste makes up for it. The burger consists of a sunflower seed bun, fresh lettuce, beets, tomatoes, some mild-spicy sauce and a marinated tofu slice. I hoped for a bit more flavor out of the tofu but the savoriness of everything else made up for it.
Another plus of this convenient, low cose (3 euro) meal are the extremely friendly staff. They were all having a great time, encouraging customers to sing along to the music and making friendly conversation with everyone.

Definitely give it a try! Mauer Park is cool, and Tiki Sun Burger makes it just that much better!

p.s. just make sure you have a water bottle, beer or juice handy because they don't serve drinks and these burgers definitely make you thirsty

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Hail, Hail, Tiki Sun Burgers Rule!!! - Edit

I'm actually addicted to these beautiful burgers and they make Sunday mornings in Berlin a real treat! I get to Ray's stand for 11am but am never the first to order. Others are hooked too. But I wait in line. I don't care how long it is. These burgers rule...Hail Hail Tiki Burgers! Thanks Ray and Ingo

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