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SUHU - Vegetarian Tiger

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203, Southeast Huayuan Office Building, 88, Shuangqing Rd, Haidian District, Beijing, China,

素虎素餐, at 海淀区双清路88号华源写字楼东南侧2楼203号, translates to "Vegetarian Tiger." Gets very crowded during lunch and dinner. Try the blueberry yam. Serves Chinese vegan egg tarts and baked vegan dim sum. Mock meat and fake fish goes well with fried mushroom tempura. It's situated close to the east gate of Beijing University- take a bus (355) and go about 3 bus-stops to arrive at this place. Walk around the big building complex as the restaurant is in the back, on the second floor. Call for hours - tell us.

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Reviews (21)

First Review by ada-nina

Recommend, esp. if you're in Wudaokou already - Edit

Great restaurant with excellent barley tea and a huge and very creative menu—features faux meats as well as tons of veggies, tofu, soups, etc. Recommend their dry pot!

Entrance is behind food plaza—when you see KFC, keep going around past Auspicious Phoenix Bakery (left around the building) and keep walking to the "back" of the complex. You'll see an outdoor staircase with a yellow brick wall and a sign for Vegetarian Tiger. Enjoy!

Pros: large seating area, diverse menu, cozy atmo

Cons: no delivery service

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great place - Edit

Liked the place (though a bit difficult to find - entrance is behind the building), nice room, busy for lunch, great choice of dishes, all delicious, for reasonable price. Hope we could have similar restaurant in HK!

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great food and nice place! - Edit

One of the best vegan meals I had in Beijing while visiting for 10 days. It was a bit hard to find. You have to walk around and behind the building complex to see the restaurant, which is on the second floor. It is kind of behind the bakery u can see from the street. I would def go back here and have more delicious food!

Cons: a bit difficult to find

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Simply amazing! - Edit

I was looking forward to my trip to Beijing to finally try this restaurant I had read so much about, and when I finally did... I was not disappointed! I went there with a couple of friends, which allowed us to try several dishes. We had Kung pao monkey mushroom chunks (宫保猴菇丁 for those who know Chinese), Black pepper seitan teppanyaki (铁板黑椒素排), Boiled pea pods with lotus root (素焯荷兰豆), Jade green dumplings (碧绿水饺), Chengdu lotus soup with tofu skin and coconut milk (成都芙蓉汤), organic white rice (有机白米饭), and of course the veggie fish or first-class fish of many treasures (一品多宝鱼). Everything was excellent, but the "fish" and the teppanyaki deserve a special mention, whereas the dumplings were good but less tasty than the rest. The staff is friendly and the service is really quick: we spent around 90 yuan (14 USD) each, which is more than the average Chinese restaurant in Beijing, but we ate a lot and left with a huge grin on our faces - including our omni Chinese friend, who seemed surprised to find out vegan food can actually taste great. A must-go for everyone in Beijing.
Updated from previous review on Friday November 13, 2015

Pros: Excellent, excellent, excellent food, Fairly priced, Friendly, quick service

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Great vegan food and tea near Tsinghua! - Edit

If you're near Tsinghua University, go to this place! Really good herbal tea (which you can buy in bulk, if you like, as I do) come with your meal. Their Veggie "fish" is awesome! Pretty much everything on the menu is really good. Reasonably priced.

Pros: Really good vegan food. Really good tea. Near Ts

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I love this place - Edit

I've been there quite a few times while living in Beijing last year, but whenever I visit Beijing I go there every time.

The menu is great! Very organized, varied, has pictures, written in both english and chinese, it also has symbols for how spicy the food is and how much it will take to prepare.

Among all the times I've been here, there was just one or two dishes I didn't really like. Everything else was so, so good!! It's totally the place for you to impress your meat-eating friends! I recommend you to take many people with you so you can order and taste more things on the menu ;)

No matter the time of the day, you might find it full and sometimes you will have to wait for a table, specially over the weekend. The staff is very friendly. I'm not sure if they speak english though, since I've only talked to them in chinese.

I'm visiting Beijing in a week and I can't wait to go there again! I really love the food~

Pros: Excelent food, Inexpensive, Variety, Friendly staff, Clean

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Not Fancy but Tasty - Edit

We had a hard time finding this place. The sign for the restaurant "Vegetarian Tiger" is along the top on the front of the plaza but the entrance is around the back of the buildings on the second floor. Confusing.

Once inside, the place was moderate size and fairly busy. Although our family of 4 got a seat without problem. The atmosphere is warm but not fancy. The menu is in english and Chinese with lots of big pictures so it is easy to order (just kinda point to which dishes you want). The food came quickly, staggered dish by dish. My personal favourite was the Wanton dumplings in some kinda sesame sauce. So good. I could have just eaten that. My husband really liked the Kung Pao "Chicken". If you don't like spicy things or like me, have young children don't tolerate spice well the menu is also good as spicy dishes are noted with a little chilli peppers. There is a little card on the table that clearly states they use no meat, egg, diary, msg and try to use as much organic as possible. For $158 RMB we fed 2 hungry adults and 2 young kids. And we couldn't even finish all the food. Excellent value. I have attached a picture of the stair case that gets you into the restaurant at the back of the building

Pros: Excellent value, Good Food, ALL VEGAN!

Cons: Hard to find

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Wonderful, especially the fish - Edit

This place, along with the other vegetarian restaurant near Tsinghua University, was one of the best vegetarian restaurants I've even eaten at. The food was wonderful, the menu diverse, and everything was well prepared. Like almost all restaurants in Beijing, the menu had both pictures and English so it was easy to choose.

The best dish I had there was a vegetarian fish cooked in a large tray and brought to the table. I didn't write down the name, unfortunately. I was truly amazed by how they were able to replicate the texture of fish, including the skin.

The restaurant is a little tricky to find. It is in the back of a large building which (in 2014) contained many restaurants including a club and a Pizza Hut (forgive me, the logo is easily recognizable to Americans). There is a green unlit sign with both Chinese and English that points the way, but you need to look for it.

Pros: Delicious food, Diverse menu

Cons: Hard to find

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Love Love Love - Edit

I love love love this restaurant. It is a bit hard to find but they've put up signs around the building to lead you toward the entrance. Other reviewers are correct in pointing out the restaurant is close to Tsinghua, not Bei Da. In any event, this restaurant is worth the search!

Every time I go I order the mock Peking Duck and some fake meat skewers with a curry sauce on them (sorry I don't know the name I just remember the photo). I also get the hand rolls stuffed with veggies. This past time we ordered the imitation sushi, which was fun to try but I probably won't order it again because there's just too many other delicious dishes I want to order!

All my meat-eating friends love this place, and it's often packed with locals too. This is honestly one of my favorite restaurants in the world, and the most amazing thing is that the prices are very reasonable. Definitely go if you are in the neighborhood!

Pros: Amazing Food, Great Value, Nice Atmosphere

Cons: Hard to find, but well worth the search!

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Nice place - Edit

The restaurant isn't close to the Beida (Beijing University) east gate, it's in fact close to the Tsinghua University east gate. Closest subway is Wudaokou.

I went to this restaurant with my family and found that it was nice, clean, and the atmosphere was bustling at lunch time. The best thing about it is, on top of being vegan, that it's very affordable. Our 5-course meal with desserts for all and a slightly strange blueberry smoothie for me, was less than 300 RMB. Good value for money! The dessert vegan tiramisu people keep raving about is good, but it's not really tiramisu. ;) A nice dessert anyway! I was looking forward to trying the "egg" tarts but they didn't have them at the time. I have to return to try them and other dishes!

UPDATE: I went here a couple of weeks ago and noted that they have added some cheese dishes to their menu. They make their own mock-cheese. And those dishes are amazing!! Do try them! And don't worry, it's all vegan :) Love this place more and more each time.

Updated from previous review on Saturday June 08, 2013

Pros: vegan, very affordable, clean environment

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Fantastic meal - Edit

This is a great find in a hard to be vegetarian place like Beijing. Not only is the menu in english, it is expansive.. really it is.

People have trouble finding it so here is a google maps short code that should help you find it easily. The staircase to the restaurant is located at the back of the building, diagonally opposite side of the KFC in this strip mall.

If the wenjin hotel is on your left, take the left after crossing the wenjin hotel and then right on the diagonal road. Or get off at wenjin and walk. Its just a 5-10min walk.


Do go.

Pros: English menu, friendly staff, Big portions & Cheap

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Delicious - Edit

This was my first vegan restaurant in Beijing, and I was very happy with the food. The poor taxi driver had a really hard time finding it though! But it really does exist, and it seems to be doing fine with business. I went there for dinner, and this place was very very crowded with locals. The servers don't speak much English, but the menu has English on it. The menu is very big! They give you some free appetizers and tea while you are waiting for your food.

Pros: Very tasty, Reasonable prices, big menu

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best vegan chinese restaurant - Edit

Suhu is a really great restaurant. The atmosphere is exalted, but comfy.
They didn't offer all dishes that were mentioned in the menu card, but there still was a huge choice.
I was completely thrilled about the dumplings - the first that only had vegetable; very delicious.
We also ordered the fake fish - it actually was meant as a joke, but turned out to be very good!
And we can also recommend the ice-crushed-red-bean-"smoothie"
I will definitely come back; it's not too expensive and one of my favourite restaurants.

Pros: chinese food, not too hard to find - there are signs, prices are moderate

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Soul-enhancingly fantastic - Edit

This is legitimately one of the best restaurants I ever ate at, and I'm not even a vegetarian or a vegan. The service is good, the food is excellent, and the owner has a sweet goatee. I'm a repeat customer in this restaurant and have taken several non-vegan/vegetarian friends who have all also greatly enjoyed it. Don't forget to get their repeat customer cards! 3 stamps and you receive a pair of chopsticks; 6 stamps and you become a member (lower prices). Highly recommended!

Pros: friendly staff, delicious food, CHEAP

Cons: No tiger meat, The tone-deaf unicorns cannot sing, owner won't let me touch his goatee

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Best Food I've Had in Beijing - Edit

This restaurant is amazing... the servers are all really courteous and nice (they gave us a bow when we left, were super helpful when we had special accommodations, even made a dish that was off the menu). The food is also super delicious. Suhu has a good assortment of both veggie meat dishes and vegetable dishes and is very clean, refined and reasonably priced. I brought my non-vegetarian here and each time they got just as obsessed with the place as I was. They give you fruit, a small appetizer at the beginning and also tea. My average expense per visit is about.. 45-50 rmb and that is when we order a bit more than needed 5 dishes for 4 people or 4 for 3.

Very pleasantly surprised at how good this restaurant is.. I completely recommend it. It is right next to Tsinghua's East Gate (if you are standing there looking towards Wudaokou, it will be on your left in the plaza with KFC and a karaoke. The location is a bit hard to find because it is not in the front but you have to walk around the left side to the back of the complex where there is a flight of stairs lit with soft green lights. It looks a bit shady but trust me, the inside is very pleasant and totally fine!

Pros: Excellent Food, Good Value, Friendly Staff

Cons: Location hard to find

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To die for - Edit

This is an excellent restaurant.  It is our favourite restaurant in our 3 weeks travelling here.  While in Beijing we have visited it 3 times, even though it is on the other side of town.  The food is very well presented and really tasty.

We highly recommend the vegan Tiramisu, it is to die for.  The yam and blueberry is very filling but very good.  The steamed buns are also good, different than any of the other steam buns we encountered during China.  The Banana Iced Coffee was excellent the first time we tried it, but the second time it was a let down.

The service was also top class.  Like in many Chinese restaurants the waitresses would stand by ready to be of assistance at any time.  Although virtually no English was spoken we pointed at the menu and used our hands to order the meal.

Pros: excellent food, great service

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A Real Find! - Edit

I have eaten here twice now and both meals were truly excellent. The first time I had the Beijing Duck. Moist inside, crispy outside... enough food for two people. The second time I had a dish that had the word 'grandmother' in it (sorry, I forgot complete name). This was great. mock meat stuffed with veggies, topped with sauce and green beans. Really a cut above other vegetarian restaurants I have been to in Beijing. If you go six times you can get a VIP card which entitles you to discount prices (or ask and you might get it sooner). Dishes are mostly between 30 and 50 RMB. Ambiance is upscale (at downscale prices). There has been some discussion about whether the restaurant is near the "East Gate of Beijing University". It is near a university gate, but I believe this is the gate to Tsinghua University. Anyway, it is near the Wudaokou metro station. If you see a sign outside the building (at the third floor level) that says "Vege Tiger Vegetarian Restaurant" then you are on the wrong side of the building. Walk around the building. You will end up on a street with a dead end and you will see the entrance on your right.

Pros: gourmet vege food, nice ambiance, reasonable prices

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Superior vegan food - Edit

It took me nearly half an hour of wandering around to find this place, but it was worth it. It's not hidden, but it's tucked away on the top floor of a sort of a mini-mall, with the entrance around back in a slightly sketchy alleyway. The restaurant itself is definitely not sketchy. It's actually a tiny bit posh. The menu is extensive, the servers attentive, the presentation very pleasant, and the food delicious. Expect to be slightly overwhelmed with choices. I have been there twice. I had the kim chi soup the first time and it was so good that I had it again the second time. The portion sizes are very large, so order conservatively. One dish is plenty for one person, even without rice. The soups are quite large.

My only complaint is that I had trouble both times making myself understood in either English or my limited Mandarin. I can get by in Mandarin in other places, but I really struggled here. Still, that wouldn't--and didn't--stop me from going back. The picture menu with English titles makes it possible to get by with pointing.

Pros: Large selection, Very tasty, Huge portions

Cons: Hard to find, Little English spoken

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