Second location of this plant-based Mexican restaurant est. 2021. Menu offers tacos, burritos, nachos, rice & beans, agua fresca, horchata, churros and so much more. Has a menu for dogs with the proceeds going to charity. Colorful decor with plenty of indoor seating and a few outdoor tables & chairs. CASHLESS. Open Mon-Sun 12:00pm-9:00pm.

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First Review by phytophile


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23 Nov 2023

Fun Neighborhood Spot

This is a great place to take non-vegan for something good and familiar. I LOVE the pescado tacos. The vibe inside is fun and great for groups😄

Pros: Pescado, Nacho fries , Churro donuts



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11 Nov 2023

I’m a fan…

I’ve been to their location in Long Beach and this location in Sherman Oaks is just as good. I haven’t had a bad experience yet. The restaurant is colorfully decorated and the food is delicious. I got the 3 taco plate again which was very satisfying. I also tried their pumpkin spice horchata which was the perfect amount of sweetness. I highly recommend.

Pros: Nice restaurant , Great food , Nice service

Cons: Street parking is annoying


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29 Oct 2023

Love this place!

Amazing yummy mexican food and full of flavor! This is definitely a go to spot for me. I had the 3 tacos plate: 1 potato, 1 veggie, and 1 carne asada.

Updated from previous review on 2023-10-29


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02 Jul 2023

Wish I lived next door!

They had very good tacos with a variety of plantbased proteins and the staff were super friendly. Plus the seating is comfortable and spread out. Cant miss!

Updated from previous review on 2021-07-20

Pros: Lots of different protein options, great staff


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02 Jul 2023

Cute spot for drinks but not food

Super fun and bright decor, great friendly staff! Had a bit of a wait but the staff gave a complementary churro doughnut, which was pretty tasty. Best thing I tried was the habanero salsa, nice heat with a hint of sweet.

I’ve been following Sugar Taco on Instagram for awhile and I really wanted to like the food but did not. My mom & I each tried the three taco plate (potato tacos) with rice & beans. All of it was very plain, not flavorful, nothing seemed seasoned. The potato filling was room temperature at best. We also tried the loaded fries (we chose carnitas aka jackfruit for our “meat”) unfortunately the jackfruit tasted like it was smothered in barbecue sauce so the clash of flavors was not pleasant. Spent $60 (including tip) wasn’t worth it.

Updated from previous review on 2023-07-02

Pros: Decor, Friendly Staff, Habanero salsa

Cons: Not authentic flavors , Plain


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01 Jul 2023

Kid friendly, good food

Wish all vegan restaurants would have a kids menu and a playpen for kids too, their food is also good.

Updated from previous review on 2023-07-01


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19 Jun 2023

:)!! very good

super cute restaurant & great food!

Pros: fast service, friendly workers, great food


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17 May 2023

Great food and really fun decor.

Had the carnitas tacos with beans and rice. Delicious!

Pros: Really nice sit down area. , Food was great. , Reasonably priced.

Cons: Very busy street. , Parking may be difficult.


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16 May 2023

Mexican treasure chest

This was my first visit and I can't say enough good things - friendly staff, delicious food, great ambiance! If you love Mexican food, I mean, who doesn't, you will love this place! I plan on getting the nachos the next time I go. FIVE 🌟

Pros: Delicious , Friendly, 100% Vegan


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08 Jan 2023

Glass Jars are the best

I enjoy their food and all the unique variety. The space is very cute, but sometimes it can get busy, and I prefer take out anyway. Dog friendly on the patio, which is awesome. LOVE that the drinks come in glass jars when you order take out. We should all say no to plastic and Sugar Taco walks the walk. I reuse the jars all the time.

Pros: Glass jars


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06 Dec 2022

Colorful atmosphere with great food

Absolutely loved Sugar Taco! Came for the first time about 3 weeks ago with a fellow vegan friend from out of town. The atmosphere is so fun, very colorful decor just puts you in a good mood. There is some outside seating in the front and plenty inside. We ordered the 3 taco plate to try out a variety of fillings (carne asada, fish, and pollo) and followed up with nachos with pollo and guac. I found the pollo to be the spiciest of the bunch (I am a baby when it comes to spicy food). The fish and carne asada were fantastic! The rice and beans on the side of the taco plate were nothing special so I would opt for standalone tacos next time. We also ordered agua frescas, mango and hibiscus. I really liked the mango. I'm very much looking forward to coming back!

Pros: Delicious , Customizable


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21 Nov 2022

Lunch with mom

Warm welcome and great staff! As soon as I walked in to take my mom out for lunch I knew I was in for a pleasant afternoon. I’ve been wanting to come here for a while and now I’m smacking myself for not doing it sooner. Had the fish burrito which substituted the fish for tofu which is an obvious substitute and it filled my appetite for sure! My mom had nachos with serían and was gracious enough to share with me. Also had horchatas and churro donuts 🤤 will come back for sure and don’t care about the distance anymore.

Updated from previous review on 2022-11-21

Pros: Great all vegan menu, Great staff

Cons: Not close enough to my place 😅


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10 Nov 2022

Dude it's so good!

Def coming back :)

Cons: Parking


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30 Oct 2022

Highly recommend!!

Great spot! Food was amazing!!

Pros: All Vegan , Amazing food!!!, Great atmosphere


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02 Aug 2022

Used to be outstanding. Now it’s only okay.

The food is so-so now. And FYI, a teaspoon of guacamole (avocado water?)- that’s what they serve you- is $3. Is it made out of gold?

Updated from previous review on 2022-08-02

Pros: 100% vegan, Nice setting

Cons: Expensive - seriously , Bad service , Not generous on guacamole if it is guac at all


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31 Jul 2022


Had burritos once. The food tastes pretty good, but you can find similarly priced vegan food for bigger portions.


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16 Jul 2022

Pescado tacos -Wow

Came here for my son’s birthday. He loved his Pollo tacos. Great food!! We will be back


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30 May 2022

One star.

If I pay $15 for nachos, it should come with guac and sour cream. Then, the smallest side of terrible, watery guac costs $3. I’m talking truly as small as it gets. This place is indicative of the next generation of vegan restaurant that does not care about promoting the diet, but strictly profiting from it. There is no balance of priorities. Nor do they care about the notion of cooking being a craft. That said, it matches the vacuous moral bankruptcy of Los Angeles.

Pros: Vegan, Edible

Cons: Overpriced , Bad


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28 Apr 2022

Nice decor, decent food. Poor service.

I’ve been here a few times but I feel compelled to write a review now because the service was less than stellar today. First, let me say that the food was pretty good. I enjoyed my pollo taco and half quesadilla (albeit the latter should come with a dipping sauce, not charge extra). Their horchata is good too. My friend said her fries were way too salty. The decor is colorful and they have a cute kids’ play area; bathroom is nice too. That being said, the service today was rough. First, they brought out the wrong items to our table (including a quesadilla with pollo in it; we all got quesadillas and no one asked for (vegan) meat). They were nice to let us keep that anyways; glad it was free bc it had a weird aftertaste. The pollo might have been burnt. Second, they brought out some ppls’ food and there was alot of time til others got theirs. So I finished my taco before my friends got anything. Finally, it was taking so long for them to bring out a couple of our items that my friend went to check what was going on. They actually forgot about us! The restaurant wasn’t even busy. I’m wondering if they were understaffed. At least they let me get a free dipping sauce for my quesadilla.

Pros: Nice decor, All vegan, Prices are reasonable

Cons: Service lacking


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14 Mar 2022

Love Sugar Taco

I adore the Melrose location and read some of the reviews of this Sherman Oaks location and was worried, but my experience was great! Same as the Melrose location. Very specific menu and delivering on the delish.


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23 Feb 2022

I wish it would allow 1 star reviews

God this place sucks so hard. I’ve been dying to try Sugar Taco. Right away the stuff was really rude. The menu items were limited and SO EXPENSIVE. Plus there were chargers like a covid charge?

The food itself tasted awful. The way they packaged my food was a mess. The beans were slopped on top of my tacos. Making the actual tacos fall apart in my hands as they were soaked. It was already pretty soggy to begin with. The other entree we ordered didn’t have the beans slopped on top but still really soggy nonetheless.

The food was cold as well. It was really really bland and incredibly oily. I paid extra for guac and it was basically a thimble sizes portion. I wanted salsa as well but couldn’t accept paying even more.

I brought a non vegan and I was soooo embarrassed. This was their first exposure to vegan food and safe to say, they won’t jump to trying more vegan food any time soon.

Reading the reviews on Yelp I see I had a very common identical experience. I wish I could understand why this place is still in business.

Please please check out El Cocinero. I appreciated it even more after suffering through this expensive mistake.

Pros: Zero

Cons: Rude staff, EXPENSIVE, Some of the worst food I’ve ever tasted


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15 Feb 2022


The loaded pollo fries were delicious!!! They were crispy and full of flavor. I also got a donut, which was literally out of this world!!! It completely blew me away and exceeded my expectations. I don’t think anyone would be able to tell it’s vegan.


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Non Veg
24 Dec 2021

Awesome Plant-Based Tacos

I’m nor a vegetarian or vegan, but also ways love to try plant based food and have been trying to eat less and less meat. My GF has been a vegetarian for over 13 years and she has opened my eyes to all the vegetarian options out there.
Anyways, these tacos were fantastic and tasted similar to their meat counterparts. I’d highly recommend to anyone, they were fantastic.

Updated from previous review on 2021-07-13

Pros: Taco “Meat” had fantastic flavor

Cons: 3 tacos wasn’t filling enough


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10 Dec 2021

Amazing Vegan Mexican

Great selections and generous portions.

Pros: Tacos, Quesadillas , Donuts


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08 Dec 2021


The parking is horrible in this area. We had to basically park down the street and walk like 3 blocks. The food is just alright. We had the loaded fries and they are extremely heavy handed on the sauce. Might try some other things from there to see if it's better.


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23 Nov 2021

Great food, great people

Ate some tacos which were 👌! Everyone here is exceptionally friendly!

Updated from previous review on 2021-11-23

Pros: All vegan!

Cons: Mostly metered parking!


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06 Nov 2021

Vegan tacos (needs improvement)

Revised Review 11/2021 (Needs Improvement)

Unfortunately my second visit was an unpleasant experience. I ordered lots of food that ended up being served unsatisfactory. For two people I ordered four tacos one with rice and beans and a quesadilla. All of the tacos were served cold including the rice and beans. Evidently the food was left sitting for a while before being served. I assumed since they were busy that was the reason but I saw the employee a few times behind the counter alone not attending to anyone.
Well the fried chickun taco was served soggy and cold. The jackfruit taco had very little salsa (see picture) and the jackfruit wasn’t seasoned that well. It tasted like bland cooked jackfruit. The quesadilla which was served first was very hot off the grill but the entire quesadilla was cooked with excessive amount of oil (see pictures).
The people sitting next to us also had the same issue with their food being served cold. The employee working the front told them there was nothing they could do to reheat their food.
Once our food arrived we were so hungry we quickly ate our meal and left. Some of it we couldn’t finish because the food was too cold.

I hope the owners will re-examine the kitchen protocol for food preparation and consistency and retrain the front end employees to be more vigilant about serving the food on time to avoid serving cold food.


Past review

For my initial first visit Sugar Taco definitely exceeded my expectations. I didn’t realize this was an all vegan taqueria shop so I was pleasantly impressed. Upon entering I noticed it was a well run and organized establishment. The staff was friendly and took orders from the line in a quick timely manner.
They offer plentiful of plant based protein options and a variety salsas to choose from.
I really enjoyed the al pastor seitan quesadilla, the carnitas taco and the delicious horchata drink. The one thing I could critique is that the quesadilla did not come with any salsa. One has to pay for an add on salsa to the dish which seems strange to serve an item like this bare. If they could add their signature base salsa like they do for the tacos then that would solve this issue. Otherwise if you’re in the area I recommend you check it out. They offer a nice patio that’s connected to the indoor ding area as well.

Updated from previous review on 2021-11-06

Pros: Vegan , Cool dining area

Cons: Served cold food, Oily quesadilla , Salsa add on charge for quesadilla

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