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Little garden cafe at the back of Suananda Wellness center, tucked in an alley steps from the Myanmar embassy, since 2013. Serves Indian as well a la carte menu of international food. Cooking is based on Ayurvedic principle. Beverages include Ayurvedic tea, fresh juice, saffron & almond milkshake. Staff speak English. Open Mon 10:30am-9:30pm, Wed-Sat 10:30am-9:30pm, Sun 10:30am-9:30am.

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27 Nov 2023

Great for Indian and vegan options

The location is in a beautiful backyard.
You can easily find it though due to accurate google maps and a big sign up front. They have Wifi.
Set menu during lunch and dinner time.
Good opening hours!
Very friendly service
You can sit outside in a beautiful garden area or inside with nice and cold air con.
Dishes include Indian dishes mostly and some thai
I decided to have thai and went for the set menu with tofu fritters, salad with mango and peanuts (favourite), some typical bread, rice and green curry.
Really wholesome flavours and nicely flavoured as well. Highly recommend the fresh squeezed juices (so healthy and delicious!). You can also try all kind of Kutney and fritters and Indian options. Everything is clearly marked if vegan or vegetarian. Good menu and nice portion size

Pros: Vegan options: tofu fritters and salad with mango , Juice



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20 Nov 2023

Shaded courtyard vegan cafe

This hidden gem, tucked away in a charming little alley, is a haven for plant-based food lovers, with a menu that's almost 90% vegan.

Creamy hummus paired with warm pita set the tone for what turned out to be an extraordinary dining experience.

First dish, The Soba Samadhi stole the spotlight with its unique combination of buckwheat noodles and grilled teriyaki tofu, served alongside a miso kimchi soup. While the noodles craved a tad more sauce, the soup was an explosion of perfect spiciness—exactly how we like it!

Second dish, Thanon Pan—green curry perfection adorned with tofu fritters and a zesty gotu kola salad. The curry was a triumph of flavors.

We had our sights set on the Carrot Cake for dessert, but alas, they were all out. Yet, the culinary journey leading up to that point was so spectacular that it softened the blow.

What makes Suananda even more exceptional is their commitment to giving back. For every set meal ordered, they provide a meal for someone less privileged. A heartwarming addition to an already outstanding dining experience.

If you're in Bangkok and in the mood for a vegan feast that goes beyond just food, Suananda Vegetarian Garden is the place to be. 🌱

Reminder regarding tipping. Seems like 10% is appreciated

Pros: Beautiful Clean Restuarant , All dishes were fresh and no processed items , Incredible value only $21. US dollars

Cons: Cash only , Service was a little slow


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02 Sep 2023

Very good. Don't miss it

I went with two friends who are not veg. They liked this place too. It is open air, clean, friendly. The food is really tasty and their names on the menu also funny ('love thy neighbor'). I will come back.

Pros: Easy to reach from the sky train


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14 May 2023

Vegetarian restaurant with good options

A very good vegetarian restaurant with good option for vegan, vegetarian and gluten free food.
Must try their Patra as we liked it very much, food was hit less spicy but hope if asked it can made spicy as well.

Pros: Good ambience , Small car parks 2 to 3. , Good and tasty food

Cons: Service could have been a bit pleasent


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24 Feb 2023

Cute restaurant with delicious food

The restaurant is a bit hidden but it is cute and the food is delicious!


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17 Feb 2023

Very nice food in quiet atmosphere

The restaurant is in a garden off the road and very peaceful. The service is very friendly and i loved my pad thai!! They also sell a few ecofriendly and vegan (food)items.

Pros: Nice location, Yummy


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01 Dec 2022

Well worth seeking out

Simple, freshly prepared food with exquisite flavours in a peaceful garden setting only a stone’s throw from the din and bustle of Silom Road.


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28 Nov 2022

Hidden jewel

Loved thr menu and food

Pros: Gr8 location , Awesome food ., Love the ambience


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13 Jul 2022

Simply amazing!

What delicious food with Vegan, Gluten free options!!!!
Loved most of the food on the menu, went there multiple times!!!
The Chickpea tofu salad, Creamy vegetables are a must try.
Matar Paneer was veganized to Matar Tofu and it was delicious. Lovely food.

Pros: Lots of vegan options and modifications., Gluten free options also available!


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13 May 2022

Lovely spot healthy and hearty food

Almost everything in the menú is vegan and the rest can be made vegan, Indian style vegetarian place in a very cute spot, perfect for a date ☺️

Pros: Almost everything is vegan, Cute place, Friendly staff


13 May 2022


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22 Apr 2022

Lovely spot for a vegan dinner

The garden has been re furnished since our last visit in November. Lovely atmosphere in the evenings with fairly lights and a fountain. Food is fantastic. We enjoyed the gotu kola salad, fermented tea leaf salad and khao soi - all delicious!

Updated from previous review on 2022-01-22


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Mostly Veg
09 Apr 2022


อาหารอินเดียมังสวิรัติแนวอายุรเวช รสชาติโฮมมี่ เบาๆและกินง่ายและอร่อยมากค่ะ ชอบที่เป็นเชตของร้านมากค่ะ


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04 Mar 2022


Very good, fresh food. All the set menu’s look great.

Pros: Lots of clearly marked vegan options.


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15 Sep 2021

Fresh gotu kola on the menu!

Maybe I'm a green leafy weirdo, but how can someone pass up a spot serving fresh gotu kola salad and gotu kola lemonade? Also serves an awesome Burmese fermented tea leaf salad!

Pros: Fresh raw gotu kola on the menu


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17 Mar 2020

Delicious falafel, humus, soup, salad

I decided to have a set meal, falafel, humus, pitta bread, salad and soup.

It was all delicious and I believe all was homemade. The soup was pumpkin and very thick, creamy and tasty.

The pitta were soft and warm, the salad was dressed with tahini I think? Was delicious as we're the falafel. Would definitely eat here again. It's also a very nice place, on an alley back away from the noise of the main road. There is a nice garden where you can sit and eat, it was very hot though so I decided to ait indoors. Staff were friendly.

Pros: Good portion, Good choice, Excellent food


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15 Mar 2020


Best vegan pad Thai in Bangkok
obsessed, their menu is amazing and their food is really good, their Thai food is better & more authentic than their Indian food.

godsend because unless the restaurant is pure veg there are no guarantees in Thailand for strict vegetarians like me, fish sauce & shrimp paste everywhere

Pros: Good menu, Tasty food


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24 Feb 2020

Decent spot

It’s decent, small portions sort of healthy.

Pros: clearly labeled vegan items , healthy , Beautiful atmosphere in garden

Cons: for the price not the best tasting food, strange menu offerings


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12 Feb 2020

Fantastic food, but small portions

The food here is really well prepared and delicately flavored. The staff can answer any questions you have. I've ate here twice and had the same impression both times: the food is fantastic but the quantities are small. A set meal seems like a platter of 4 or 5 appetizers or taster items.
I can also recommend the vegan banana parantha for desert. This one had a good quantity and was incredibly delicious.

Pros: great staff, most things can be veganized, fantastic flavor

Cons: small portions, expensive


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19 Jan 2020

Nice place for a dinner

I recommend to take the set menu. They are big and tasty especially the falafel.


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26 Nov 2019


The food was very tasty and reasonably priced. The pumpkin soup was good. We didnt have dessert or any drinks. It’s in a good location if you’re staying in Silom area. We walked from the Holiday Inn. it was easy to find. The map is accurate.

Pros: Tasty, Light not oily, Outdoor seating is quiet

Cons: No Thai tea


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Mostly Veg
07 Nov 2019

Pesto penne and carrot cake were really good. Highly recommend!!

Pesto penne and carrot cake were really good. Highly recommend!!


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03 Nov 2019

Delicious food, great people and beautiful place!

The restaurant is located in a calm and green alley. It’s a peaceful place to eat. Everything in the menu is properly labeled if vegan, vegan option or vegetarian, so it’s easy to order.

First day I’ve tried the combo: green curry, tofu fritters with teriyaki, Gotu kola, Parantha and red rice.

Second day I’ve tried the Pad Thai, falafel fritters, mung bean lemon salad, spicy miso mushroom soup.

Both days I had their carrot cake that is absolute heaven!

Pros: Everything in the menu is properly labeled , Not oily, A lot of vegan options

Cons: A little more expensive than others


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Non Veg
01 Sep 2019

Didn’t go well for me

I’m sure this is a nice restaurant with good food but I had a bad experience unfortunately. I ordered a curry with rice and the Indian wholewheat roti bread with potato filling, the bread dish was great but very hot so couldn’t eat it as quickly as I’d like to, the curry was incredibly spicy, there was no indication on the menu that this curry was very spicy and the waiter did not tell me and I also blame myself for not asking, I tried my best but couldn’t eat the curry, This is an expensive restaurant, it cost me 300 baht, and I couldn’t even eat it, overall bad experience, but just bad luck. If I were to go again I’m sure I’d have a better experience.

Pros: Nice menu , Good looking food

Cons: Expensive , Curry was too spicy , No mention on menu of a dish is spicy or not


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23 Jun 2019

Good food

Pretty good food but nothing exceptional in my opinion.

Pros: Good variety


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20 Jun 2019

Best meal in months

I got one of the set meals, I wasn’t prepared for how good it was going to be. Everything in the set was delicious - there was a LOT and I couldn’t finish no matter how good it tasted. Only 225B (which I think is a good price for the quality and amount) and there was free infused drinking water too!

Pros: Healthy, Good price, Large portions

Cons: Very quiet (no atmosphere)


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09 May 2019

Beautiful space

Located in the alley of the wellness center the cafe is very lovely. You can sit in or outside, the staff is very friendly. Focusing on Ayurvedic nutrition there are special offerings available. Menu is good size to suit all palates and absolutely delicious.

Pros: Lots of options, Ayurvedic nutrition, Nice seating

Cons: Slightly pricey


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06 May 2019

Great green curry!

We really liked the place, clean and tasty!

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