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Vegetarian cafe at Housetel hostel. Offers a variety of foods from falafel and tortilla chips to all day breakfast. Has a vegan menu including drinks with soya milk, cookies, falafel, English breakfast, soup, salad, and tortillas. Open Mon-Sun 7:30am-10:00pm.

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First Review by MadhuSingh


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12 Aug 2023

Delicious! Vegan and gluten-free options

Nice atmosphere and friendly staff. The falafel is amazing and gluten-free :)
Good coffee and vegan milk options. Can definitely recommend!



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24 Jul 2023

Good breakfast find!

Had vegan waffles and fresh juice. Had many labeled vegan options and staff was super nice.


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30 Mar 2023

Beware misleading vegan labels

Reading the menu we stumbled upon a smoothie description that contains honey but says it’s vegan! Be careful and ask all the ingredients of what you order

We only ordered a masala tea (chai) and it was way too spicy 🌶️


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18 Dec 2022

Goodiiee Foodiie

Step out is just an amazing experience and the vegan food cooked with love and deliciousness and yes the vibe the staff the hygiene the prices and everything are just amazing. And I keep revisiting it. I am in love with this place.


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14 Dec 2022

Amazing Vegan Options

Serves vegan gluten free. They even have blueberry pastry that is sumptuous.
Florentine egg spinach pizza is bliss with hibiscus ice tea. Loved the menu specially egg items. They have a tourist hostel too, that makes this place cheerful.
They do have vegan and gluten-free bakery products such as vegan cakes, brownies, cupcakes, bento cakes that they make on order.
Good to go. Must visit in Jaipur

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13 Dec 2022

Great vegan selection and lots more

Had the vegan felafel and quinoa dinner, excellent. Great friendly service by Paith and the other employees. And to refute another review, while they encourage you to order via phone, it's not necessary and they have printed menus you can order from. Nice outdoor eating section as well. This came the closest to a true vegan eatery of anywhere I tried in Jaipur.

Updated from previous review on 2022-12-12

Pros: great prices, friendly service, delicious food

Cons: not strictly vegan, but there's plenty to order


14 Dec 2022

Thanks will work on more dedicated vegan menu. Thanks for liking our place.


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01 Nov 2022

Would not return

We came here because of the reviews on happycow but unfortunately the place didn't live up to it. It was difficult to order because you had to do it online and needed an Indian number. It seems weird of such a touristy place to rely on that.
The food didn't arrive at the same time, we ate separately. The masala omelette was decent tasting but the falafel with hummus was dry and odd tasting, and the vegan avocado toast... not sure it ever saw an avocado. The mush on top was yellow and a very strange texture. The price is way too high for the quality.

Pros: Vegan options, Good coffee, Vegan masala tea

Cons: The food wasn't nice, Expensive, Poor service


14 Dec 2022

Thanks for the feedback. You can always order from paper menu. Though It’s really difficult to give every dish to customer at same time.
Will check with staff on more riped avo toast.
Thanks again for feedback


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26 Oct 2022

Excellent service, great food!

I got a salad, the falafel wrap and cucumber, ginger juice. Everything was delicious and a good sized portion. The ambience is great with interesting seating and artwork. Easy to get into conversations with other travellers. The chef was so easy to speak with and I really liked his enthusiasm for delivering good quality and nicely presented food! I’d definitely eat here again and I plan to come back soon for the falafel burger. There’s a HUGE menu to choose from also with loads of vegan options.

Pros: Loads of vegan options , Big portions , Great ambience

Cons: No cons!


14 Dec 2022

Thanks for liking our place. Do review us on trip advisor


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30 Jan 2020


One of the best vegan place in Jaipur. Very nearby to central Jaipur.

Pros: Salad, Smothie, Quinoa salad


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26 Jan 2020

Good food

Food was good but there really isn’t that many vegan options. Milkshake was really good and so was salad (though salad was a bit small). Staff were also lovely

Pros: Separate vegan menu, Delicious smoothie/shake , Delicious salad - nice to have some fruit/veg!

Cons: Bit of a way out of the city


14 Dec 2022


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24 Jan 2020

great cafe with friendly staff

we went with no expectations and were really surprised by the great service and food. A lot of vegan options. The extra vegan menu was great. We absolutely loved the broccoli almond salad, so delicious! The tomato soup was fresh and super good. Great place!

Pros: creative and pretty place and atmosphere, a lot of diferrent options, vegan menu


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14 Nov 2019

Great coffee

The purpose of our visit at Step out was to spend the afternoon reading. We had great soy latte & food! However we were unable to read due to loud teenage girl music.


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07 Nov 2019

Amazing vegan options

I frequently visit this cafe as it has some Amazing vegan menu items. They have different varieties of coffees all made in soy milk. And many vegan alternatives to most amazing food items. Please do try out this place.


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02 Nov 2019

Great food!

I stayed at the adjoining hostel and ate at the cafe lots of times! They have a separate vegan menu and soya milk is available for the hot drinks and smoothies. They have a good range of food, mainly international, including breakfast options and they give you free filtered drinking water. I can also recommend the hostel for overnight stays and you get a discount on the food if you stay at the hostel.

Pros: Vegan menu, Tasty food

Cons: More expensive than some other places


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01 Jun 2019

One of a kind

Lovely cute restaurant with friendly staff and awesome food. Must try the shakes and yum pizzas.

Pros: Relaxing, Pretty, Variety


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28 May 2019

English Breakfast

It was great to find some western and vegan food in Jaipur. I had the English breakfast.

Pros: Nice staff

Cons: Very slow service


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11 Apr 2019

Glad I visited Step Out

They have a tourist hostel to stay also which serves vegan dishes. Lovely stay and cafe. Must visit in jaipur for vegan food. Bit pricy but worth it. Lot of menu option for vegan in this place. Great vegan in jaipur at step out.


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31 Mar 2019

Must Visit

We went there for vegan dinner. Lot of vegan milkshake. They have lot of other option in vegan other then vegan menu that they show. You can ask them for regular menu also with vegan menu. We again went back for dinner . Loved the ambience and must visit in jaipur. They have a tourist hostel to stay also which serves vegan dishes. I tried iced americano and sautee vegetable from other menu and from vegan menu i chose milkshake and falafel platter


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26 Mar 2019

Lovely stay

We went there for brunch. Had kiwi apple banana milkshake and chocolate pancake with indian vada pao. We again went back for dinner . Loved the ambience and must visit in jaipur. Ambience is to die for and mostly crowded. They have a tourist hostel to stay also which serves vegan dishes. Lovely stay and cafe. Must visit


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Mostly Veg
23 Mar 2019

Stepping out to step out in jaipur


I went to this super amazing place in the center of jaipur. They have outstanding mexican food and vegan options are yummy. The ambience is pretty cool and welcoming.
The amazing part is they have a hostel for bagpackers in the same facility and thw houstel attracts amazing freindly crowd.
If you are by any chance travelling to jaipur. It is a must to visit step out.



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21 Mar 2019

Genuine and amazing Vegan place

Amazing vegan with beautiful ambience. They have really nice rice and gravy and amazing milkshake . I tried cafe mocha because its really difficult to get soya milk drinks in india.
Went der for 4 days when i was in india. Lovely vegan in jaipur.

Pros: Ambience, Food, Staff


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20 Mar 2019

Amazing place

Tried amazing Tomato basil soup & falafel balls with hummus with extraordinary ambience. They have really nice vegan options and great milkshakes. They also have tourist hostel named Housetel. Do try Americano at this place. Must visit in jaipur for vegan and amazing ambience


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20 Mar 2019

Delicious food and splendid ambience!

I tried indian vegan with english breakfast and they have splendid ambience. Very healthy milkshake. They do have vegan bakery and gluten free option of asked though i told then to make a new menu just for idea. Do try cafe latte at this place. Must visit in jaipur for vegan options and ambience.

Pros: Lovely ambience, Quick service, Hostel facilities


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20 Mar 2019

Must visit in jaipur

Do try Lebanese with falafel balls with extraordinary ambience. They have really nice vegan options and fresh fruit milkshake. Do try coffee at this place. Must visit in jaipur.


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19 Mar 2019


Do try indian vegan also here along with falafel balls with beautiful ambience. They have really nice vegan snacks and amazing milkshake . I tried espresso because they have one of the finest coffee in india.


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17 Mar 2019

English Breakfast must try ....Yum

Do try english breakfast with beautiful ambience. They have really nice saute veg and amazing milkshake . I tried cappucino because its really difficult to get soya milk drinks in india. But costly but understood that its vegan and products are costly. Finally a relief in india 😊😊🥂🥂

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16 Mar 2019

Refreshed and amazed

What does one crave for after a tiring day at work or field?
Well, in this subcontinent, it's lemonade and guess what's better than that...a good genuine kiwi shake that bombards antioxidants and a bag full of Vitamins including C, K and E in your body !
Discovered one here after a day spent in scorching Jaipur heat and I am drooling over it since then...Guess what, Kiwis are my new favorite !
And if at all it is good to be mentioned, wanna thank my server who recommended !

Pros: Easy to locate, Comfortable surrounding, Awesome people and food

Cons: Finding one

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