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This doughnut shop typically offers 1 vegan donut option each day. Open Mon-Wed 6:30am-9:00pm, Thu 6:30am-10:00pm, Fri-Sat 6:30am-10:30pm, Sun 6:30am-9:00pm.

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12 Reviews

First Review by makemenervous


Points +397

19 Feb 2023

Expected taste, few options

They have 2 vegan donut options. Cinnamon sugar and a chocolate frosting. I got the chocolate frosting. It tasted like a regular donut- no taste complaints. But would have been nicer to have a couple more options.



Points +1018

13 Jun 2022

Tasty Vegan Donut

This was a delicious cinnamon sugar vegan donut! Loved to have this option when on holiday in Chicago as it’s rare to find vegan donuts. I would love to see some more exciting vegan options though; as their current vegan menu is extremely limited.

Pros: Vegan cinnamon sugar donut

Cons: Limited options


Points +135

09 Feb 2022

Decent Vegan Donut & Latte

I was glad to find out that Chicago's cutest pink-themed coffee/donut chain has some vegan donuts available along with non-dairy milk for coffee. I went to the Rush St location downtown (didn't see it as an option in the app) and had the vegan chocolate frosted donut and an unsweetened almond milk latte. The latte was a good, basic latte. The donut was pretty big and a good texture; wasn't overly sweet and the chocolate frosting was good. Inside was spacious and employees were friendly.


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21 Oct 2021

Stan’s Donuts

I’ve only ever really seen plain sugar donuts here. They are good, but you can find more creative donuts elsewhere in Chicago if you prefer. Also, you might want to call before making a trip to Stan’s because they often sell out.


Points +70

05 Apr 2019

Good donut, crappy coffee

I was pleasantly surprised by the plain sugar vegan donut. I have had plain vegan donuts before that were a far cry from what a don’t should be. This was basically indistinguishable.

The coffee on the other hand, I would not recommend. I drink it black. The roast was super bitter. I wanted to go back and try another of their vegan donuts, but I couldn’t bring myself to have that coffee again. Maybe I’m a snob.

Pros: Good quality vegan donut

Cons: Bad coffee


Points +1677

03 Jan 2019

Sugar donuts

If you like plain sugar coated donuts, you'll love it.

Vegan Vagabond

Points +2051

27 Aug 2018

Beware: This place uses lard in their donuts.

They fry the vegan and the lard donuts in the same fryer. It’s up to you to decide if this is acceptable or not. I don’t think their donuts are that great, so it’s an easy decision for me.


19 Mar 2022


Points +73

13 Feb 2018

Could be better and they know it, but don't seem to be trying

They sell 3 kinds of vegan donuts: Sugar, Cinnamon Sugar, Powdered, they use the same base for all 3, just different toppings. The sugar they use for the Sugar and Cinnamon sugar is kind of big and grainy, but the donut is really, I prefer the Powder Sugar one for this reason.
They usually only have the Sugar variety, and run out early in the day.
About a year ago they had strawberry jam, and lemon "curd" filled donuts at this location, and they were AMAZING, but they always ran out.

Pros: Good fried donut base

Cons: Shared Fryer, EXTREMELY limited selection, Run out fast and don't make more


Points +172

11 Dec 2017

raised sugar donuts

They make one variety of vegan raised sugar donuts. Sometimes they have a second powder sugar option as well. There are a bunch of locations which is convenient. There's some controversy as the veg oil used for frying the vegan options is shared with the non-vegan donuts which all contain lard, so if that squicks you out, be forewarned.

Pros: raised donuts, multiple locations

Cons: shared fryer oil


Points +598

Mostly Veg
17 Nov 2017


Friendly bright staff & dining. Got here around 10am on Friday, still plenty of the vegan donut left. It was like a type of sugared donut... A bit overly sweet for me (& $2 ). My friend said the coffee wasn't good.

Pros: vegan donuts!, friendly staff, ample seating

Cons: only 1 vegan donut, bad coffee?


Points +21

10 Nov 2017

Amazing donuts

Stan's has fantastic donuts but not a lot of vegan options. They tend to have 1-5 different varieties, depending on the day/time. The line is always long but moves fast, and their donut milkshakes are fantastic - but no vegan option there.

Pros: Delicious, Quick service, Great selection of non-vegan donuts

Cons: Not a lot of vegan options, Pricey


Points +638

06 Nov 2015

Get there early before they run out!

Out of a store that carries dozens of donut varieties, Stan's unfortunately only has one vegan option and it tends to sell out early. You would think that the demand for vegan donuts would encourage either more vegan options or a few extra batches of the only vegan donut they carry, but it doesn't seem to be their priority. It is a sugar donut and it is perfect in every way! Be sure to get there before 1 PM or you will be [censored] out of luck.

They also sell cups on Intelligensia coffee, but when I had it it was burnt so you may want to skip it.

Pros: friendly staff, quick service

Cons: sell out early, only one vegan option, burnt coffee

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