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Serves meat, vegan options available. Has separate and extensive vegetarian menu. Vietnamese food prepared with fresh vegetable, tofu, and imitation meat. Quiet atmosphere. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-9:30pm.

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First Review by LauraGrey


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17 Aug 2023

Very good yellow curry

I got the yellow curry. Everyone with me loved their food as well. I usually get yellow curry when I have Thai and this one was VERY good! Friendly staff.

Updated from previous review on 2023-02-06

Pros: Plenty vegan options with clear vegan menu, Very tasty, Friendly staff



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02 Aug 2023

Best Yellow Curry I Ever Had!!

This place is awesome!!! Half the menu is vegetarian but most of the dishes are vegan or can easily be veganized. Besides delicious fried tofu, they also offer faux chicken, beef, and pork. I had the faux pork skewer appetizer and the yellow curry with fried tofu. The “pork” was okay but the curry was absolutely delicious!!!! I can’t wait to be back and try more of the dishes. Highly recommend!!!!

Pros: Extensive veg menu, Faux meats offered


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20 Feb 2023

Faux meat!

FIVE STARS if able
SPECTACULAR vegan-friendly Vietnamese restaurant. They have a wide array of vegan faux meats and a dedicated vegetarian menu. From what I can tell, everything that isn't explicitly egg-based is vegan. Everything I've ever gotten there has been excellent, but my favorites are the vegetarian chicken pho, lotus root salad, and lemongrass "tuna." Seriously, I live 45+ minutes from this place and still go there regularly. It's THAT good.

Pros: Vegan meat, Huge selection of vegan foods that are well-marked, Friendly staff


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05 Jul 2022

Mock meats!

I’ve eaten here several times. So many dishes to choose from because they offer veggie chicken and veggie beef in addition to tofu as their vegan protein options. So cool! It’s my go-to place when eating in Bellevue. Great weekday lunch specials for $10.95 and fast service. Fave menu picks are the yellow curry with veggie chicken and their sweet and spicy veggie beef.

Pros: Reasonable prices , Comfortable dining area, Fast service


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20 Mar 2022

Excellent veg options

Extensive vegetarian options!! Very tasty. This was the most flavorful vegetarian pho I have ever had, it wasn’t half broccoli chunks, like other places. I would definitely come back.

Pros: Lots of vegetarian options, Separate vegetarian menu - Lacto-Ovo


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10 Nov 2021

Good menu of vegan offerings

Tasty vegan items with faux meat options for many of their menu offerings. Friendly and helpful staff.


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01 Jun 2021

Lots of options

Tons of options on the menu. Good service. We enjoyed our food - I really liked the Green Mango Salad and would definitely order again, so yummy and great combo of flavors and things - fried tofu/mango/carrots/diakon etc, just so good. We also enjoyed the Veggie Summer Rolls, which were awesome and the Sweet and Sour Veggie “Chicken”.

Updated from previous review on 2021-06-01


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06 Apr 2021

Great food

We had lunch here with friends. The food was delicious, lots of vegetarian and vegan options. Everyone was pleased with what they ordered. Very clean with appropriate covid protocols in place.


Points +140

26 Jan 2021

Delicious thoughtfully prepared food

Staff is always friendly and considerate. So many delicious vegan options but my family’s favorites are the green mango salad with vegan ham and the Square Lotus curry with veggie chicken.

Pros: Vegetarian/Vegan Menu, Lots vegan protein options, Flavorful and fresh


Points +1040

15 May 2019

Wowee 😍😍😍

Square Lotus has an extensive vegetarian menu, and the servers are very knowledgeable about the dishes’ ingredients and how they are prepared. It is very easy to dine with confidence here—something that’s not always easy a non-veg restaurants! I ordered the vegan pho, and it did not disappoint! We weren’t quite sure how to eat the appetizer we ordered, and our server was very kindly willing to teach us!


Points +129

21 Apr 2019


Just had veggie and cashew chicken (vegan) with brown rice. It was very good. I will be coming back. This time I will make sure to take a picture.


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22 Dec 2018

Delicious food, great vegan menu. I definitely recommend coming here!!!!!!!!!!!!

The service was very fast and the separate veggie menu was surprisingly bigger than I thought it would be. The food was tasty and the staff are friendly.

Pros: Lots of vegan options/separate menu, Fresh ingredients/fast service, Great customer service

Cons: Parking, Gets very busy, so get there early, Wish it had more seating/second location


Points +172

22 Dec 2018

Better than I hoped

I found this on the HappyCow app and decided to give it a try today while traveling through the area. The menu looked good. What I got was amazing! They were really busy but very prompt and friendly with their service. The food came out quickly. It was cooked perfectly. The vegetables were not mushy. They still had some crunch. The tofu was amazing!

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Quick friendly service

Cons: A little loud (very busy over lunch)


Points +151

03 Dec 2017

Great vegan friendly options!

Excellent food, fresh and quality ingredients. Friendly staff and clean, nice location. Love the vegan options and we will definitely be back.

Pros: vegan options abound, clean, pleasant dining area, friendly staff


Points +62

11 Apr 2016

great food n vegan friendly

Great tasting vegan food at this vegetarian friendly restaurant


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02 Aug 2014


Extensive vegetarian menu with tofu and mock meat. We shared veggie spring rolls and I had the veg wonton soup. Both were really yummy. My only criticism is what I have for most Asian restaurants and that is that I loathe cilantro and it isn't always listed as an ingredient. Given how so many people dislike it, it would be nice if it were listed. The atmosphere was good and I found the staff friendly and helpful. We spent $33 on two drinks, an appetizer and two entrees, one with.meat. I felt like I got a generous amount of soup for the price. Would definitely go back.

Pros: Extensive veg menu, Mock meats and tofu, Yummy

Cons: Sneaky Cilantro!


Points +25

28 May 2014

Must go for pho on the Eastside

This is my favorite place to go for pho on the Eastside! Portions are huge, I always have to bring half of mine home for later. They have an extensive vegetarian/vegan menu available for those who'd prefer something other than pho. Square Lotus maintains two kitchens, one for their meat dishes and one for their vegetarian dishes so you never have to worry your food being prepared in dishes or oil that meat has been prepared in.

I have not been able to confirm with them that their faux meat is vegan. I had one waitress tell me that they make their own and another waiter tell me that they purchase it but he didn't know the brand. From looks alone, it looks like they use VegeFarm, which is carried in all of the local Asian markets. Most of what is carried is vegetarian, not vegan. Again, I do not know this for sure, it's a guess. Because of this, I only order dishes that use fresh tofu or vegetables only. I am allergic to eggs & whey which VegeFarms uses in many of their products so I cannot chance it. I will try to confirm this again the next time I go in.
Updated from previous review on Wednesday May 28, 2014

Pros: Large portions, Good value, Friendly staff


19 Jul 2014

it isn't vegan. I was told it was initially only to be told the truth after the fact. not cool


Points +165

30 Mar 2014

A must go for Pho

This is one of my favorite restaurants on the Eastside. A large vegan menu with many options. The pho is outstanding and never had a bad meal. It gets very busy during weekday lunch time. The staff is very friendly and always helpful with vegan/vegetarian/gluten free options. If the party your with has mixed diets the is the place to be.
Updated from previous review on Saturday March 29, 2014

Pros: Choice, Many vegan/vegetarian options, Flavorful

Cons: Very busy at lunch time


Points +22

12 Nov 2011

Lots of yummy veggie choices

Square lotus has a separate extensive vegetarian section on their menu. Our favorite is the Lemongrass Noodle Bowl, with tofu or veggie chicken, ordered extra spicy. Also excellent Pho, with several veggie variations.

Pros: lots of veggie choices, xlnt food

Cons: disposable chopsticks


Points +1030

29 Jul 2011

not bad, not great, FREEZING inside

It is hard to enjoy a meal when there is no heat. I think they had a door or window open in the kitchen bc when the front door opened, there was a swirling wind. I think it is inappropriate to have your diners so cold, bundled in coats and scarves to eat.

The food was ok. The spring rolls were better than some but nothing truly remarkable. The other veg apps were all deep fried, and I have a feeling it would be the same fryer as the meat dishes.

Note: bc the listing was anonymously by a guest and no one had to log in to enter it, I can't pm the lister to see how this place was vetted. Rule change that is necessary.

I ordered Pho. I have never had the chance to eat Pho, it is never vegan. I was not a fan. It was bland and sour. Maybe I just don't get it. The waitress also had no time for us, but plenty of time for our neighbors. I ordered the soup since it was FREEZING in the cafe. My date got a "beef" dish w sesame that was like a "beef" & broc. That was good. I didn't lie the Pho so ordered another dish that was similar to the "beef".

The waitress when asked about the fake meat being vegan said a lot of contradictory things. Forst she said her entire Veg menu was vegan, but I quickly pointed out the egg noodles, to which she said don't order that. I have a bad feeling that it may not be as straight in the back as we as vegans would hope.

It took nearly half an hour to pay the bill. It was cold in there. She gave tea to the other table, but not to us.... I'd say service is an issue and knowing for sure if it is vegan is another. She wrote down a few words to check the products but she never looked for it. I dunno y'all, I won't be rushing back.

Put the heat on!
They lied!!!

Pros: some veg food

Cons: FREEZING COLD, pho schmo/ not sure about vegan, eternity to leave, no tea


22 Feb 2013

Also I was DUPED! The lady said all her "meats" were vegan and they used a BRAND named Pure as their non-dairy milk. Pure milk isn't a brand, it is homogenized MILK. She has been lying to her vegan clientele at that rate. ISSUES!!!


Points +28

15 Dec 2010

Love, Love, Love!

This is my favorite restaurant! Nice family owned restaurant and wonderful food!

Pros: delicious, large portions, lunch specials

Cons: busy during lunch


Points +538

18 Mar 2009

Great food!

The food here is very good. The last time I went, I shared a few dishes with 4 meat-eaters. We ordered mango "chicken", yellow curry "chicken", green beans and tofu, fried rice, and had summer rolls as an appetizer. Everything was wonderful. The yellow curry was so creamy and coconutty. The mango "chicken" comes with a lot of mango, and it is fresh and delicious. Everything was fabulous. The staff were very friendly, and even accommodated my grandmother's request for a no-sodium meal. I will definitely be coming back here the next time I'm in Seattle.

Pros: Yummy food, good service, mangoes

Cons: also has a meat menu


Points +21

06 May 2008

Great Veggie Pho, Really good prices

The veggie pho at this place is amazing, as are most of their dishes. Mange veggie "chicken" is great too. We like their appetizers and sometimes get the "beef" skewers or the awesome spring rolls served with a yummy peanut sauce. Try their lime and coconut drinks!

Pros: Veggie Veitnamese, Great Prices, Friendly service


Points +16

03 Mar 2007

Fresh, inventive and delicious

Wow! What a relief to find an excellent non-chain restaurant on the Eastside with a huge and varied selection of vegetarian dishes! The food here is consistently delicious, well-prepared, inventive and satisfying. It's a wonderland for vegetarians, too. They have a lot of dishes with meat analogs, i.e., fake meat made from veggie sources, and while some vegetarians find them too realistic, I think the variety of textures and flavors is excellent. Sauces are flavorful without being too salty or overbearing, which lets the freshness and subtlety of the other ingredients shine. The vegetarian almond "chicken" and barbecued "pork" skewers are favorites. Service is friendly and attentive without being intrusive. Atmosphere is pretty without being stuffy. Our new favorite Eastside restaurant!

Pros: Many vegetarian offerings, Inventive menu, Fresh and delicious

Cons: None

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