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Vegetarian health food store offering a selection of vegan fare including soy, miso, seitan, tempeh, milk, mock meats and sausages, vegan cheeses, mayonnaise, ice cream, various spreads and frozen foods, as well as a range of other plant-based "health" foods. Mostly vegan except the sale of honey. Open Mon-Sun 10:00am-9:00pm.

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First Review by undercat


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10 Mar 2022

Большой выбор

Отличный магазин, большой выбор и хорошие цены

Pros: Быстрая доставка по центру



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04 Sep 2021

Отличный магазин.

Любимый магазин. Всегда подсказывают, если что-то непонятно. Чисто. Работает система скидок.


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Mostly Veg
03 Oct 2020

Perfect meals and good prices

We visited this place with my friends during our holiday in Russia. There is not many so good quality vegan food places. Wish you luck!


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11 Jan 2020

Wonderful shop

A lot of vegan and healthy foods and groceries

Pros: Lovely shopkeeper, Great and cheap tofu of Soyka brand, Huge discounts for almost-expored stuff


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04 Jan 2020

A good choice close to home

Large selection of cheap tofu own production. There are also soy products like cottage cheese, yogurt.
Many products of different types: freezing, semi-finished products, dry mixes, desserts, bakery.
Often there are new food.


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27 Dec 2019

Beware: some products contain honey and milk!

Offers great selection of vegan products, but! I was unpleasantly surprised to find a vegetarian sausage containing cheese. I always check deserts and granolas for honey, but it was dumb luck that I also checked a sausage this time.

У одной из колбас марки "Высший Вкус" в составе есть адыгейский сыр, будьте внимательны!


Points +433

11 Oct 2019

One of the oldest veg stores in Moscow

Great selection of vegan goods for any budget. The shop produces its own tofu, vegan dairy and soya chunks, which are the cheapest you can find.

Soviet vibe, and so is the service, if you come on Monday or Thursday when Sergey behind the counter. I recommend visiting on any other day when Elena is around, she's way friendlier. Might bother you with unwanted recommendations though.
Be sure to check out the tasting plate by the register and try the newest products. Usually it's vegan cheese, sausage, or seitan.

Один из старейших вег-магазинов Москвы. За последние годы поменялся в лучшую сторону, но совковый сервис не пропал.
По понедельникам и четвергам там работает хамоватый дядька Сергей Николаевич, в остальные дни — «всеми любимая»вежливая, но немного суетливая Елена Анатольевна.
Рекомендую приходить в ее смену, но остерегайтесь — у нее включается рекламный скрипт с предложением новых продуктов как только вы входите в поле ее зрения. Это сбивает с толку.
Внутри тесно, полки и холодильники забиты продукцией. В наличии много тофу, в том числе, недорогого собственного производства, сейтана, колбас, сосисок, сыров, паштетов, на любой вкус и бюджет.
На кассе проходят дегустации новых продуктов.
Подходит для закупа 'основных' продуктов вроде тофу и соевого текстурата в большом количестве.

Pros: Good value, Great selection

Cons: Unfriendly staff twice a week, Some items are near expiration date, Tiny


Points +63

02 Apr 2019

Great choice of vegan food

A very good vegan shop. I like that they also have some food ready to eat like burgers and sandwiches from Falafel Guru.
It's quite small, but the choice is great. There are many kinds of tofu, seitan products, vegan cheeses and sausages.

Pros: great choice of products


Points +26

30 Aug 2018

Хороший магазин

Большой разнообразный выбор веган продуктов. Цены хорошие, очень часто акции и скидки. Приятный персонал. Очень удобно ещё и то, что здесь можно купить некоторые продукты небольшим оптом.


Points +777

24 Jul 2018

Good vegetarian shop

It was very convenient to shop there, when I was living nearby. Plenty of vegan food, like sausages, milk, cheese, mock meat, frozen patties and so on.


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12 Apr 2018

Good, with a couple of caveats.

A decent and fairly inexpensive veg store conveniently located close to the subway. Overall, a good choice, especially if you live anywhere near.

I'll start with the positives:
The special highlight for me are the two large refrigerators jam-packed with tofu, various mock meats, sausages and cheeses, some of which (the Vego brand in particular) are a godsend. They also have several freezers with all kinds of dumplings, pel'meni, pizzas and many other goodies. The nuts they sell are tasty and their mushroom hummus is simply majestic.
The staff is overall friendly and will readily help you find what you're looking for or share their personal favourites.

Now for some inevitable negatives:
Some of the food they have is close or past expiration date (e.g. a bottle of kombucha I bought there turned out to be 1 month overdue and flat), so make sure you check the dates before buying.
I also didn't like that they don't itemize your receipt. Instead, they'll just do it the old-fashioned way, adding up all the numbers with a calculator and giving you the grand total.

Definitely worth checking out if you live in the North-West district. If not, there might be some better options.

Updated from previous review on 2018-04-12

Pros: wide selection of vegan cheeses & meats, there's a "freebie basket" with expired foods, they also have an online store

Cons: some things they sell are near expired, the receipts are not itemized, fruit and vegetable selection is limited & pricey

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