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Serves meat, vegan options available. A canteen, bar and live music venue offers vegan menu choices, including a vegan roast on Sundays. Located in the northern quarter. Free Wi-Fi. Encompasses two floors and in addition to live music, also hosts club nights, film nights, comedy events and art exhibitions. NOTE: Please verify if food is still served here. Open Mon-Wed 12:00-21:00, Thu 12:00-01:00, Fri-Sat 12:00-03:00, Sun 12:00-21:00.

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First Review by JoScott


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22 Jun 2021

More venue than eatery

Used to spend a lot of time in Soup Kitchen when I first went vegan - I loved the old deli/‘soup kitchen’ style counter they had. Soup Kitchen still has a lovely atmosphere, but they have now shifted to a fixed menu, rather than offering daily specials and seasonal meals.

There are still a fair few vegan options on the menu, but not many that are both VE & GF. I think the only options that’s both is the dahl that I had last time I went. The dahl, unfortunately, wasn’t very flavourful and was quite a small portion for the price.

I’ll definitely still visit Soup Kitchen for gig and a few drinks, but will probably skip out on the food.

Pros: Gig venue, Lovely atmosphere

Cons: Limited GF options, Moved to fixed menu, rather than deli counter



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21 Sep 2019

Lovely atmosphere and lots of vegan options

Their tofu Kebap is out of this world! They make their own flatbread which is heavenly!


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08 Sep 2019

One of my favourite places

I like the atmosphere and the soup.

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Great soup, Menu changes

Cons: Expensive


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04 Jun 2019

They've upped their game

I've been going to Soup Kitchen for years and always liked it but it's better than it's ever been before. The menu is now mostly vegan and there's always a range of interesting sandwiches and soups. I had the tofu kebab in flat bread last time and it was amazing. The bread was really soft, almost pancakey and the tofu and salad delicious. It's not often I get excited by a sandwich but at Soup Kitchen they really are brilliant. There's also a range of vegan cakes with some more unusual flavours (e.g. vegan bacon and maple syrup cake) and all the wine is vegan. It's not the cheapest but the sandwiches are always substantial so you get a reasonable amount for what you pay. I definitely recommend going, even if you've been before and weren't all that impressed.


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01 Jun 2019

One of the best vegan lunches in Manchester

The menu has recently been redone and is now not far off all vegan. The food is all great, soups and sandwiches mostly but many interesting flavours. And there’s always a few vegan cakes which also are often more interesting flavours than other places. They label what drinks are vegan too.

The inside has been done up a bit too and the addition of booths is nice since it’s an alternative to the benches.

The price is decent. It’s not cheap but not unreasonable given it tastes good and the portion size is good. The staff are friendly and the food comes quick.

I’d give it five stars if I could.

Updated from previous review on 2015-02-13


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11 Jun 2018

Pleasantly nice

Unexpectedly tasty considering the prices. Great vibe, will definitely come back.

Updated from previous review on 2018-06-11

Pros: Cheap, good vibes


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03 Jun 2018

Great vegan chocolate brownies

Had the brownies and they were great. I would go back just for them.


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18 Jan 2018

fav place

Honestly i dont think i can say one negative thing about Soup kitchen.
There is always such a great vibe, the food is ridiculously well priced for what it is. With a massive range of innovative vegan, veggie and meat meals, theres something for everyone. As a vegan, i feel like if somewhere is going to do a vegan dish it tends to involve falafel and humous wraps which may be tasty but is nothing exciting...yet here the food is genuinely so exciting and i find myself spoilt for choice!!! The sandwiches are prepared fresh to order and the food menu constantly changes so theres something different every time!!! x

Pros: Well priced, Incredible food


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19 Nov 2017

super soup kitchen

soup kitchen is one of my fav places in manchester! love it for gigs, love it for food!


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25 Oct 2017

Cheap n' cheerful

Plenty of vegan options! I had half an hour to find lunch before a long train journey, and I was in & out with a belly full of delicious hot soup in 15 mins - highly recommended if you're near Picadilly and time is of the essence!

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Cheap


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07 Sep 2017

Loads of vegan options!

Soup Kitchen is amazing and always has loads of vegan options. Soups, sandwiches, salads and cakes.

Had lunch today and there was about 5 types of vegan sandwiches available. So good and tasty!
Always interesting options - not just usual safe/boring veggie / vegan choices.

Nice vibes and good music too.


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04 Apr 2017

Casual, Quick and Hearty

I had the red pepper and tomato soup here and it was great for a hearty lunch while shopping! The place is friendly and casual and the vegan option was delicious.

Pros: Casual, Tasty vegan option


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29 Nov 2016

Warm friendly place to grab something to eat in the city centre.

Hidden away down the side of Travelling Man Comic Book Store. I would have walked right passed if the sandwich board hadn't been out.
Good selection of vegan, soup, sandwiches and specials. Food, a little pricy but I still felt it was good value.

Pros: Lots of well labeled vegan options., Taste, Atmosphere

Cons: Communal seating some benches., Canteen style service counter.


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29 Dec 2014

Flawless Vegan Roast

I was sceptical of a Jamaican Sunday roast at first, but I really couldn't fault it. Every bite was delicious! Counter service means no waiting time, and worth every penny. Best vegan roast In Manchester, I'm sure I'll be back on a regular basis!

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