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First Review by beelover

my favorite. - Edit

The first and last place I'll always go to when in Atlanta! Cornbread can be hard/dry, and the collards can be too salty. But that mac and cheese. And that country bake steak. To. Die. For.

I never had the lack-of-service problems, and the parking problem is easily solved if you are ok to walk 2-3 blocks

Pros: everything is vegan

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no ac, terrible service - Edit

After sweltering for awhile with no sign of a server we left. The rating is for the service/location not the food. Also the parking near here is impossible, you have to park far away & walk.

Cons: slow service, no parking, no ac

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food meh, service even more meh - Edit

I got the BBQ tofu plate. The tofu was ok - nothing special, it didn't really seem like it was prepared in any special way. The BBQ sauce was really sweet and kind of overpowering. Sweet potatoes were good, the cornbread was terrible. Dry, fell apart when I tried to break off a piece, and it tasted like fish. I didn't even know that was possible.

But the worst part of this place is the service and ambiance. The place is barely decorated, with dirty pop up ceiling tiles, a neon sign, and a random painting of a beach. The woman serving me never made eye contact with me, never said please, thank you, have a nice day.... Nothing. She didn't even take the menu off the table after I ordered. Strangely enough, she was quite friendly with some other patrons, then again rude and dismissive to others.

I won't be back. I have it two stars because I left somewhat full. That is it.

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Dayum! - Edit

We travel the entire USA for work, and I can without a doubt say this is one of the best meals I've had. My only regret is that I haven't tried it on previous visits to Atlanta.

Pros: It's delicious!

Cons: Parking can be difficult during busy times.

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Been there multiple times! - Edit

Me and my friend go there a couple of times a month. The food is always good and the staff is always nice! The only complaint I have is that it's always super hot in there.

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Delicious!!! - Edit

Stopped by for lunch for first time. Ordered the batter dipped cauliflower meal with red velvet cake!! Food was hot and delicious. Comfortable relaxing environment. I will definitely be back!

Pros: great service and food

Cons: no parking area

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Righteous Soul Food - Edit

I always get the country fried kalebone, mac 'n' cheez and sweet potatoes when I visit this old favorite. They've got a lot of great items, and all vegan, which is a fantastic relief when eating out vegan. The staff has always been good to me, but for as long as they've been there, I'm surprised they haven't stepped up the atmosphere a little. It could definitely use a tune up.

Pros: Some of the best vegan soul food around, Flavors are slammin

Cons: Seating and decor need attention

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You'll LOVE the food! - Edit

Normally, I would have photos of what I ordered. This food never had a chance of being around long enough for a photo shoot. Absolutely everything was fabulous! I sampled quite a bit from their menu and was thoroughly please with it all. Parking could be challenging depending on the time of day you visit. But it is definitely worth the effort!

Pros: tasty food, variety, friendly staff

Cons: parking may be a challenge

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One of the all-time greats - Edit

I have been eating here since I was a kid - it is the best. Mac and Cheese, kalebone, salads, ginger drink, ice cream, brinc, you name it - everything is delicious and made with love.

Pros: Amazing food, Great service, Calming atmosphere

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Best Mac n Cheese I've Ever Had - Edit

I just moved to Atlanta in March of 2015. This is the vegan restaurant that I frequent the most. I recommend getting the Mac n Cheese unless the special is available, which is lasagna.

My only complaint is that they give you this thin straws to drink your vegan milkshakes with. I usually get the mint chocolate chip and the chocolate chips are always getting jammed in the straw.

On Saturday and Sundays I like to get the brunch; tofu scrambler, soysauge, and 2 pancakes. It is so filling and delicious.

If you are visiting Atlanta, then you better stop by Soul Vegetarian in Highland.

Pros: Nice Staff, Good Prices, Great Food

Cons: Thin Straws

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Very good food, so-so service and ambience - Edit

I saw this place on a drive through the neighborhood, (but it was on a Monday, when they are closed), and had been looking for a chance to try it out for weeks. The dining room is pretty spartan. The menu is quite varied, and its all vegan nature meant no guessing, which I appreciate. The food was delicious, and the ginger drink was exceptional. Cost is moderate, but not cheap. I will likely return, although this is not a destination restaurant I would send someone to, unless they simply had to try something of this type.

Pros: All vegan, no guessing., Great spices.

Cons: Service is OK, but a notch below many others, Nondescript dining environment, closed Mondays

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food with soul - Edit

We had dinner tonight, (pleasantly surprised to find vegan food in Atlanta!)
Excellent bar-b-que seitan with greens & the best Mac & cheese I've ever tasted!
Husband had tofu triangles with yummy carrot salad

Pros: desert was sweet potato pie to die for! smooth & p, Dream Kream butter pecan ice cream

Cons: we don't live in Atlanta & there is not a location

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So delicious!! - Edit

Amazing vegan soul food- I have tried similar places in both Baltimore and Oakland, and Soul Vegetarian is definitely my favorite!! We tried as much of the menu as we could in one visit- "egg"salad and crackers, lentil soup, breaded tofu cutlets, Mac and cheese, collard greens, sweet potatoes, corn bread, and of course had to try some ice cream for dessert, even though we were completely stuffed. We also took a pretty sizable takeaway leftover container back to the hotel, which made for an amazing snack later :-). The staff was nice and the place was really comfortable, airy and bright. Definitely make a stop here if you are in the area, it was the best meal I had all weekend, hands down!

Pros: great food, reasonable prices, nice atmosphere

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Perfect Vegan Soul Food! - Edit

I went here for the first time with a group and will be back soon! They have best vegan Mac and Cheeze that I've found anywhere! Collard greens were delicious as well! The kids really enjoyed their burgers, so it was easy to feed the whole family. The restaurant is casual and prices are modest. The staff was easygoing and accommodating. Delicious!!!

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AHHHH Mac and Cheese! - Edit

I LOVED the Mac and Cheese!

I got the fried Tofu, BBQ Tofu, BBQ cauliflower, Greens, Corn bread, and Mac and cheese. I also got a cake.

I loved the BBQ Cauliflower and Mac and cheese as well as the cake.

I didn't like the greens and the rest was okay.

I loved the energy there and the water was amazing!

Pros: Water, Mac and Cheese, BBQ Cauliflower

Cons: Collard greens

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Fantastic Vegan Soul Food - Edit

I have eaten here multiple times and I cannot recommend it enough. The food is excellent and the staff is wonderful. I always make sure to stop at Soul Veg every time I'm in Atlanta. The mac and cheese and vegan brunch offered on Sundays are great choices, although you really can't go wrong with anything on the menu.

Pros: Great Food, Friendly Staff, Inexpensive

Cons: Little Parking

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13 years makes a huge difference....... - Edit

My first visit to Soul Vegetarian was in 2000 and the food and service....were.....wonderful. Fast forward 13 years....It took just over an hour to receive our food and there were only 4 other tables occupied. We did see a couple of people come in to pick up to-go orders. When the food arrived, it was not worth the wait. Tasteless and a bit greasy. There was not even an apology nor an excuse as to why it took so long to receive our food. The food was so bad that we didn't even take any leftovers with us, and there were plenty of those. We had planned to buy dessert on the way out, but decided not to take a chance. I hope this was just a bad day because I have family back in GA and I have raved about this place to them from my first visit. On my next visit to Atlanta, I will be bypassing this place and that is a shame.

Pros: Vegan food, Ample parking across the street

Cons: Food took over an hour to reach us

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Delicious! - Edit

We came here on a Sunday afternoon around dinner time and the place was completely deserted. I was a little worried, but the food was AMAZING. I'm not sure why it was so empty. The guy behind the counter was helpful and fast. I had some croquettes, sweet potatoes, and mac and cheese. My husband had lasagna and greens.The lasagna was amazing and the sweet potatoes were the best I have ever had! We shared a piece of chocolate cake which was moist and good. We got some cinnamon rolls to go so we could eat them in our hotel the next morning and they were great. It was a little weird the only drink option was water, no ice. I don't know if thats the usual thing or it was just at the time.
My only complaint is it took us a while to find a place to park. Everything around was for certain businesses only.

Pros: delicious food, nice service, great baked goods

Cons: nothing to drink but water, parking

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Tasty! - Edit

I read most of the other reviews before coming here. I allotted extra time because I read multiple times that the service is slow. The service was not slow and even if it had been the food would have been worth the wait. I went here on a Sunday afternoon and enjoyed brunch for the first time since becoming vegan - tofu scramble (which tasted similar to eggs), vegan sausage and pancakes. The staff was very friendly. The prices are reasonable. I will definitely return. Park across the street at the church parking lot.

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Our Favorite Restaurant ~ 100% Vegan Soul Food! - Edit

I am originally from the Atlanta area and have always enjoyed going back to my favorite places when I visit. When I became vegan several years ago I had to re-learn the city I had always loved, which included firing some old restaurants and discovering some new ones. So amazingly glad that we found Soul Vegetarian 2!!

Long story short, my husband and I now plan our trips with the intention of being able to eat at the Soul Vegetarian 2 in the Highlands area of Atlanta.

Soul Vegetarian 2 has the most amazing 100% VEGAN menu so there is no asking or special requesting. We have had their mac and cheese, collard greens, kale bone, and cornbread more times than I care to admit. My husband and I got the country fired kale bone with gravy and a side of rice and gravy recently and it was so good my husband ordered a second plate to-go to enjoy the next day. They also have a great selection of teas, juices and ice cream!! Also a brunch on the weekends which consists of a tofu scramble and vegan sausages!

We have now visited this restaurant at different times throughout the year over the last 2 years and the food has always been amazing!!

Pros: 100% Vegan Soul Food, Mac n Cheese is the best on the planet, Good Portions

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Simply put, NOT GOOD. - Edit

I've been her twice. Once two years ago while on vacation and just two weeks ago after relocating from CA to ATL, GA. I was disappointed both times. The service is slow (that's and understatement). I know others feel the same way because if you look around you'll see people looking at their watches and with angry faces. It really is ridiculously slow or laid back as some may call it. So then the food has to be the best if they are going to be slow. It is not. I just don't think they are good. Maybe I didn't get the right dish. I have had two meals and my husband two meals. He said they are okay I said no more.
Updated from previous review on Monday October 06, 2008

Okay, no more. It got worse not beter. I find the food non edible.

Pros: vegan, Cake okay

Cons: extremely slow service, You won't want a doggie bag, Not fresh and tasty at all

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it's all good - Edit

You know how when you go out to eat as a vegan that you have to pick and choose and maybe assume that you might be eating vegetarian instead? That's why I love walking into this place because I know I as safe.

Pros: fresh carrot juice, vegan mac & cheese, close to home!

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Healing cuisine / living by God's design - Edit

stop to eat here while passing through Atlanta. Everything was fantastic And made to order. great mock meats. would definitely come back.

the non dairy ice cream is also very good. we had the coffee ice cream and it had a sublime coffee flavor that tickle the back of your throat.

Pros: friendly staff, great cuisine, great deserts

Cons: i dont live in atlanta

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Disappointing--an aberration? - Edit

i am a longtime soul vegetarian customer, but i was highly disappointed with the quality of most of the food i received during my last visit. my garvey burger was burned. my hebrew bakes were greasy. but the salad and dressing were delicious, as usual. although the service is slow, i have always been rewarded for my wait with delicious fare. not this time. to make matters worse, i did not discover the poor quality of my food until i was too far away to return for a refund or new order. i was sorely disappointed but i truly hope this was an aberration in service. if you take out, check your food carefully before you leave.

Pros: good choices, food seasoned well

Cons: slow service

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yummy, yummy, yummy! - Edit

All of the food was delicious! Theirs is the best vegan mac-n-cheese I've tasted, and the pepper steak is so flavorful. I only wish I'd saved room for a milkshake.

Pros: delicious!

Cons: not enough booths

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Expected more... - Edit

I've been waiting a LONG time to travel to the "dirty south" for some good ole-fashioned vegan soul food. But after tasting vegan soul food in California and Chicago, I was left a little unimpressed. The vegan country fried seitan, greens, and sweet potatoes were VERY good, don't get me wrong (the greens may be amongst the best vegan greens I've ever had), but that's about where the "soul" ended. I guess they just need more options. The fried vegan tofu cutlets were...blah, as was the tartar sauce. I ended up throwing it away. The eggless salad was tasty, as were the onion rings. They were out of ice cream when I went, so I was disappointed that I didn't get a chance to try that. The staff was friendly enough and the area seems very hip. There is parking available in the church lot across the street, which was a BIG help because I was gonna park illegally until I saw that sign. I also agree with another review that I saw; this place is a bit dated... but I got my food to go, so I didn't have to worry about the silverware that was sitting on the bare table. O_O

Pros: GR8 vegan greens & country fried seitan, nice location

Cons: not enough

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mixed review- order with caution - Edit

The mac and cheese is delicious and the onion rings are out of this world. The first time I ate here I ate so much I could barely walk. The food was fantastic and I loved eating some of my old favorites like cornbread and mac and cheese. My husband and little kids liked the food as well.

The next time we ate there I brought my extended family. The food was disappointing. Few of us finished our plates. The non-vegetarians in the group don't want to go back.

I will absolutely go back but I will order the soup, cornbread, onion rings, and mac and cheese. I know it's not the most balanced meal but hey we only go to Atlanta on vacation and on vacation meals don't have to be balanced, do they?

Pros: All vegan, vegan mac & cheese!!!

Cons: Some food is great some is not, slow service

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Surprisingly GOOD! - Edit

I've been here once so far. I loved the Country fried 'steak' and the yams. I did not care for the mac n cheese, although my husband liked it. The Lentil burger was so-so= could've used more seasoning. The onion rings were heavenly. I am definitely going back! I do wish their menu was more detailed about listing ingredient specifications. It was hard to get answers about the menu from the waitstaff.

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Awesome. Just awesome. - Edit

As soon as a friend told me this place had "mac and cheese," I knew I had to go. And wow, she was right. I'm not exaggerating at all when I say this is THE best macaroni and cheese I've ever had, even from back in my pregan days. I also had the country fried steak, which was great. Salty and heavy, but oh-so-comforting. I finished it all off with some ice cream, which even my vegetarian husband agreed rivaled dairy ice cream. I will definitely return!

Pros: good music, great food, fast service

Cons: old decor

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I love this restaurant!!!!!!! - Edit

I eat at this restaurant all the time. I have never ordered anything that was not to die for. The macaroni and cheese is mouth watering!!!! The staff are great and very attentive. The best vegan restaurant in Atlanta.

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good filling food - Edit

We enjoyed our food very much. And we had good service on the night we were there - they were friendly, fast, and refilled water quickly; so no complaints.
We had a vegan milk shake (I think mint chocolate chip), and it was yummy.

Pros: Good food, vegan milk shakes

Cons: A little pricey

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Try it once to get it out of your system... - Edit

...and trust it will get out of your system *real quick* literally and figuratively.

I first visited this place at the urging of a fellow vegan. The brunch I ordered was great-tasty scrambled tofu, scrumptious veggie sausage and grainy tomatoes on the side...ok the grainy tomatoes were disappointing. And unfortunately they were always grainy and yucky every time I went back. I purchase only organic produce but the 'maters getting used at Soul Veg obviously *aren't*. Also they seem to slice them all up a day or 2 ahead of time because they're always grainy and gross! I was also bordering on being dehydrated because the delicious buckwheat pancakes are really filling and require at least a gallon of soymilk to wash them down. No one brings their own soymilk to a restaurant of course so you just drink water and *good luck* when you finish your small glass. My friend and I just kept getting up to refill our waters on our own since the waitress was busy playing chess in the back booth. This happened every time I went back without fail (with or without the chess).

After my initial combination hit & miss I went back several times always hoping things would improve. The food has the potential to be so incredibly delicious but there is *always* an issue with getting it from the kitchen to the table in a reasonable amount of time. Again, not sure who trained the kids that run this place but they always seem completely oblivious to the fact that a ding on the bell from the kitchen means "come and get this perfectly piping hot food and deliver it to the table asap" so we would hear the bell then count to 100, 200 or 300 waiting for the meal to arrive. Great food that's lukewarm isn't great. Once when I was sitting in the back on a busy night I just reached up and grabbed our food myself. The waitress looked annoyed but couldn't have been more annoyed then me sitting there looking at my own order getting cold mere inches from my hungry face. I mean really I encountered so many ridiculous situations with the waitstaff it eventually left a bad taste in my mouth which negated any desire for their food I previously had.

As expensive as the food is I really don't care to eat it room temperature, with a parched throat, "served" (term used loosely) by attitudinal religious people, who use low-quality conventional produce, and oh by the way DON'T EVEN RECYCLE. Because I'm so sure God wanted us all to be vegan and throw plastic, styrofoam, glass and cardboard in the trash.

Pros: mac 'n' cheese, ice kream, brunch

Cons: waitstaff, service, overall atmosphere

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Great vegan Mac N Cheese - Edit

I recently ordered food to go here. When I opened my box of take out it was filled to the brim with awesome food. I had the mac N cheese, greens, sweet potatos & a salad. This place has my favorite mac N "cheese ever! The greens were iceberg or romain (I prefer mixed greens) but there severely amazing dressing made up for that. I think the food was a bargain & I will definitely be back for more!

Pros: big portions, great food, excellent salad dressing

Cons: styrofoam take out box

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Mmm, soul food - Edit

Leigh at Cosmo's vegan shop said that if I visited one restaurant in Atlanta, it should be Soul Veg. I'm so glad I took her advice. Soul Veg offers good honest food and their menu is 100% vegan. The items are not terribly healthy, as this is soul food cooking. I ordered a three vegetable plate: vegan mac and cheese, collard greens, and broccoli. The vegan mac and cheese is extraordinary - make sure to order it. The collard greens were cooked tender and well seasoned. I also had sweet potato pie with a scoop of vanilla for dessert. Pure heaven.

The atmosphere and the service are somewhat lacking, but don't miss out on Soul Veg. The vegan mac and cheese alone is worth the visit.

Pros: delicious food, variety, friendly staff

Cons: Atmosphere, Attentiveness of service

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really good - Edit

First time to Soul Veg in Atl. Appreciated the simple decor, friendly staff. Usually avoid seitan (kalebone) but I was intrigued so I tried their sandwich. It was really good. I ordered the platter so it came with an appetizer salad w/yummy dressing & very fresh veggies. My omnivore dining partner ordered the Jerusalem stirfry which looked good - lots of fresh mixed veggies on brown rice. It's so nice to go somewhere & actually have more than one or two choices for vegan. The menu says "all vegan". The service was casual but I was not offended. Food came out in a timely manner. Will definitely go back next time I'm in Atl. Wish there was a Soul Veg in Boston!!!

Pros: good, fresh food, reasonable prices, refreshingly unpretentious

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sooo goood - Edit

this is my favorite veg restaurant in atlanta. the mac and cheese is killer and the salad dressing... omg the salad dressing. the service could be better, but whatever. i dont go out to eat for the service i go for the food. and its yumtastic here. the corn bread is always a little dry which makes me kinda sad. but oh well... order the chicken fried steak... mmm mmm good.

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... - Edit

Aesthetically, this location is much nicer than the other Soul Vegetarian's I've been to; however, the service is not as nice. I ordered a sandwich with Seitan on it and asked for soy cheese sauce to be added to it. She said it would cost $1.25 to add it [none of the others I know charge for this], so I paid to have it added. When I got my sandwich there was a dab of it on there, so I asked for more. The waitress said, "Are you prepared to pay another $1.25 for it?" I said no and that I didn't think it was right and wasn't going to pay another $1.25 for more sauce. She gave me more anyway [but I didn't realize I got charged twice for it until I was long gone from there]. I also ordered potato salad and I didn't think it tasted very good. The sandwich was good, but I really think you pay for more than what you get here.

Cons: Service, Prices

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An Atlanta Staple -- Must Try!!! - Edit

Soul Veg is for vegetarians who like home-cooked southern food, vegan style, with a healthy side order of religion. If you can get past the African religious overtones, this is the place to go for vegan mac-n-cheese, collard greens, sweet potatoes, country fried seitan steak, homemade veggie burgers, etc. Their recipes are one-of-a-kind.

The food is amazing, the service is friendly. The decor could use an overhaul. It's definitely not the place for a romantic night out (try Cafe Sunflower) and Soul Veg could use a remodel, but you can't argue with the food nor the price. Great value here.

Don't forget to buy their cookbook and try the homemade vegan ice cream!!!

Pros: original, delicious food, great value, yummy vegan ice cream

Cons: bland decor, flourescent lighting

1 Response

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bengarland 22 Feb 2013 - I just want to add:

I have never been to the other Soul Veg location in Atlanta, only the one on N. Highland. I don't know how or if they differ. For instance, the Soul Veg in Washington, DC is completely different and is cafeteria style (not sit down with a waiter).

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worth a try - Edit

This place is fun if you are a vegan hankering for soul food. There's not much color on the typical plate (unless you order the broccoli side) as its all about the mac and "cheese" and fried tofu wedges with tartar sauce, etc, but it's tasty and filling. They use nutritional yeast in pretty much everything, which is good if you like it, not so much if you don't. Salads are nice and fresh. Service is on the "mellow" side.

Pros: vegan soul food, hearty

Cons: not the healthiest

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good food - Edit

the food is great. we specifically included in our travel plans. The only thing I never seem to like is the mac and cheese. Too heavy on the nutritional yeast and that is problematic for my system. The greens and beans are great and the salad dressing...yum. the staff on my visits has been less than warm and we felt like we were imposing. but like one of the other reviewers said: everybody has an off night. I found the portions to be large. And I like to eat!!!!!

Pros: good food, salad dressing

Cons: unfriendly staff

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fairly consistent but expensive - Edit

I admit I could cheerfully kill for their salad dressing. and the macaroni and cheese. also the yams.
But, it costs WAY TOO MUCH for what it is.

I also love the ice cream. So, I keep going back.
What ya gonna do?

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Worth trying - Edit

I was so excited to find this restaurant; perhaps I was doomed to be disappointed. The place was clean and lovely and the service was friendly and good. I chose the night's special: bbq tofu, collards, mac-n-"cheese", cornbread, salad. The salad rocked, and the food tasted great at first... and I hate to be a naysayer but I was nauseous for hours afterwards. I suggest trying something else other than the bbq tofu; it was silken tofu and the sauce was overwhelming strong. I didn't care for the mac-n-chz either. The collards were tasty, but the cornbread was crumbly and hard on the bottom. Everyone has an off night, so I'll try them again, just not anytime soon. My dinner, after tip, was $18 - and since I normally cook vegetarian southern soul food, and know many places where one can get good fresh veggies w/out dairy at a fraction of that, I'm just not sure it was worth it. Sorry!

Pros: Clean, Good, friendly service, Great Goals

Cons: food wasn't great, comparatively expensive

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This Stuff Will Keep You Eating Healthy - Edit

Loved it! Loved it! Loved it! While on short vacation I ended up here twice. The neighborhood was nice, the house salad dressing was so good I asked if they sold it (Actually they do but you have to order it 24 hours in advance). The Mac and Cheese was soo good you had to ask if Your own grandmother was in their kitchen. They greens were also very lively and not overcooked. The portion sizes are nice enough to take some home for later but if you have a chance try some of their ice cream.

Pros: nice environment, friendly staff, Delicious food

Cons: expect slow service

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Great food, atmosphere needs work - Edit

I envy Atlanta for having not one but TWO of these amazing restaurants! I frequent Atlanta several times a year & have never eaten at any of the many vegetarian restaurants it has to offer because I can't miss out on a meal from vegetarian soul! The food is indeed delicious, but their service leaves something to be desired. Service is usually slow when it comes to receiving menus & having orders taken. It seems to always take a good five minutes just to get a glass of water on the table. Refills are few & far between every time I go. Even when the restaurants is nearly empty, service is slow. But hey, every restaurant has its quirks & if I have to repeatedly ask for a glass of water while waiting for some of the best vegan food I've ever tasted, then so be it!
If you are ever in town on a Sunday, make sure to stop by for their brunch; when I was fortunate enough to have it, we were served vegan pancakes, scrambled tofu, kalebone patties & a side of sprouts & tomatoes-absolutely wonderful!
Be prepared to shell out about $35-$45 for dinner for two (including one dessert)-this may be cheap in some areas, but in my hometown of Memphis, veg food is typically much cheaper.

Do check this place out if you can, you won't be sorry!

Pros: Great food, vegan ice cream!, Cornbread!

Cons: slow service, wee bit pricey

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Hello Friend - Edit

We go regularly for the BBQ Kalebone dinner. The plates are huge and it is so very tasty good. I get mine with a side of corn on the cob and collards. My wife prefers the mac-and-"cheese". The whole menu is vegan. We got dessert once, and it wasn't bad, but since they feed us so much food, we don't usually get dessert. We go regularly and the wait staff is always very friendly. We go as often as we can.

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Awesome! - Edit

Once you try the food at Soul Vegetarian you will never quite eat at the same level you did before. It is mind blowing how good the food is. They introduced me to new ingredients and things like kalebone and carob shakes. I became hooked and bought their cookbook so that I could have more soul at home! A very kitchy environment with great service and heaping plates of food for a low price. Delicious mac-n-cheese.

Pros: All vegan, Good price, everything is good

Cons: take-out takes long

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