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6, Alley 1, Lane 217, Sec. 3, Zhongxiao East Rd, Da’an District, Taipei, Taiwan, 106

Vegan restaurant at 台北市忠孝東路三段217巷1弄6號 since 2014. Cooks Italian and western food like pasta, risotto, burger, and waffles, and offers afternoon tea 2-5:30pm. No garlic or onion used. Took over the space of the now defunct Loving hut; different ownership. Open Mon-Wed 2:00pm-9:30pm, Thu 11:30am-9:30pm, Fri-Sun 11:30am-10:00pm. Last order 8:30pm.

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16 Reviews

First Review by bluesomeone

Inconsistency in Food Quality - Edit

I loved the Soul R Vegan Cafe when I first visited the Cafe. Nevertheless, the quality of food & beverage wasn't as good when I returned another time. Honestly, I was a little bit disappointed but I probably shouldn't make a conclusion simply based on few visits. Don't enjoy the mock meat prepared in the dish, would be good if they'd use more fresh ingredients. Service was just just alright.

Updated from previous review on 2018-03-20

Pros: Good ambience

Cons: A little pricey

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Delicious food - Edit

This was my first vegan cafe I've ever tried but I would rather call it a restaurant. The staff were able to speak in English to me and were really nice. They have plenty things you can chose. I ordered vanila soy milk and brownie - both of them looked really fancy and tasted even better. Place wasn't hard to find and has a really nice design. It isn't cheap for a student like me but I am planning to come back and try more.

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the most delicious pumpkin soup! - Edit

This was the most delicious pumpkin soup i’ve ever had. I liked the Tiramisu as well and the fact that there was a bottle of water on the table. What I did not like was that I was not being served. I had to stand up to order food, to bring back the dishes, to Ask to order again and to pay. There was a friendly boy but the girl does not look up or around and doesnt even greet you. That together that the place is very dark does not get it any more stars from me. I hope they can improve their service so I can recommend it to my colleagues who daily come to Taipei.

Pros: pumpkin soup /Tiramisu, can sit outside, water on table

Cons: I was not being served, very dark space

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Great western style food in central Taipei - Edit

Soul R Vegan is a modern western style restaurant offering a great variety of hamburgers, sandwiches and (amazing) vegan desserts. The menu is in english, the staff was really friendly and they spoke english.

We ordered a fish sandwich and the teriyaki pork burger and they were both quite tasty. For 100 NTD you have the opportunity of upgrading your meal getting fries or mashed potatos + a small salad.

What really made this place special to me were the desserts, specially the tiramisu, which tasted exactly as how I remember its vegan counterpart to taste. I would recommend visiting this place to any vegan in Taipei with a sweet tooth.

Pros: Desserts, Friendly staff, English spoken

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One of my favorite restaurants in the world - Edit

Soul R Vegan Cafe is one of my favorite restaurants in the world. I love everything I've tried here: alfredo pasta with bacon, Soul R spagetthi, pesto risotto, fries, vegan shrimps, chicken burger, bacon sandwich, tiramisu, creme brûlée, chocolate pie, lavender soymilk tea, rose soymilk tea, etc. Basically I've come here a lot over the years and I'll keep visiting! :)

When it's not too hot it's really nice to sit outside on the balcony as well.

Pros: food , staff, vibe

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Great for a relaxed date - Edit

Innovative and different menu to most vegan restaurants in Taipei (that I have tried so far). Food was tasty and staff were friendly. We had the bacon risotto - recommended.

Pros: nice atmosphere , great food

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cute but dark restaurant - Edit

Nice place to get a salad and vegan waffles! Came a few times. Good soy milk teas. The burger was a little greasy.

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Need to come back for Tiramisu - Edit

Really nice cafe. For study or dates. Good appies (shrimp!). Pastas are great (pesto!). Goulash tastes good but it's more a risotto dish.

Pros: atmosphere, quiet, good food!

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- - Edit

This is a classy little place. Generally I like it a lot, although I find some of the mains options a little dull. The desserts are excellent though.

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Impressive food - Edit

We visited this place on a Friday night and had to wait for a free table half an hour (but there is a nice cafe next door, so that wasn't a problem, but you should consider making a booking). I had Soul R. Risotto with parmesan cheese and tiramisu. Both were real gems. One of the best dishes I've had in a vegetarian restaurant. My friend had Vegan bacon spaghetti with alfredo sauce and Vegan Creme Brulee. These were both good, but not as fantastic as the other dishes.

This restaurant is really nice looking, stylish place and the food is really good. They also served bread with vegan mayo as a small appetizer. The only downside was the service. I had finished eating my risotto long time ago when my friend's spaghetti finally arrived. We noticed that the waiter asked about the spaghetti couple of times from the kitchen, but she never said a word about the delay to us, did not apologize or anything.

This restaurant does not serve any alcohol.

Pros: Amazing food, Wholly vegan, Nice decor

Cons: Service, No alcohol served, Service charge

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Awesome meal!! - Edit

If you have a non-vegan friend you should definitely take them to Soul R Vegan Cafe because then they will see that vegan dishes can taste the same as they are used to it (in my opinion even more tasty)
Too bad they dont have a lot of dishes when I got there. Most of the cakes were sold out and there are also no burgers in the afternoon. The dishes are very expensive also. The staff unfortunately took my plate before I was finished. I think they are just using the salad for decoration but in my opinion its such a waste! why not let people eat it if they want?

Pros: yummy vegan western food

Cons: expensive, small portions, some dishes only for lunch

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nice experience - Edit

tried pasta, salad, and waffles, all tasty but pretty standard fare. the waffles were a little dense, definitely not light and fluffy, not bad just not what I was expecting.

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korean review - Edit

It was perfect

시간상 오늘은 아니고 일요일 저녁 타이페이에서 였다.

타이페이에서 멋진 식사를 하고 싶어서 나름 서양식 정찬요리를 하는 채식요리집이 있어서 가보게 되었다.

카페라는 분류보다는 이탈리안 레스토랑같은 곳이었는데... 무려 비건 채식식당이다.

내가 고기를 먹던 시절에도 연예를 하던 시절에도 주로 고기집이나 잘 해봐야 패밀리 레스토랑같은 곳에만 가봐서 거의 이런 집에는 가보지 않았는데

그래서 이런 곳에 대한 로망이 있다. 지금은 채식을 하는지라 가볼 기회가 없어서..그래서 현대카드를 쓰던 시절에도 일년에 한번 고급식당에서

식사를 하는 상품권이던가 할인권이 있었는데 써본적이 없는지라... 어째건 한국채식 식당에서는 아직 이런 스타일이 드문지라 한번 소개해 본다.

2014년 여름에 열었다고 하며 이탈리안 레스토랑이다. 파스타,리조토, 스테이크, 와플 등을 한다. 오신채도 사용하지 않는다고 한다.

지하철역 중샤오푸싱역에서 타이베이처잔 방향으로 걸어가다보면 중간정도에서 오른쪽으로 꺽어 세븐일레븐이 보이고 왼쪽으로 이발소, 카페 하나 지나면 나온다.

반대방향에서 바라본 사진이다.

간판은 밤이라 찍기 힘들고 찍기 좋은 곳은 간판에 가려져서 이렇게만.... 이때는 사진기를 꺼내지 않아서 스마트폰으로만 찍어서 노출을 조정할 수 없어서...

주말에는 예약이 필요할 것 같다. 난 한시간 기다렸다. 옆에 편의점에서..ㅎㅎㅎ 테이블이 많지 않다...다섯개 정도.

그리고 음식을 천천히 서브하기 때문에 다들 느긋하게 한시간 이상 식사를 하는 것 같다. 오분안에 다 먹을 수 있는 나이지만

음식주는 속도에 맞춰 천천히 먹었다. 그래서 더 분위기가 좋았던 것 같다. 서빙도 주로 젊은 아가씨 세명이서 하고 있는데

분위기다 단정하고 깔끔하며 미인이고... 친절했다. ㅎㅎ

일담 메뉴판이 복잡하다..스파게티 여러게 리조또 여러게 디저트...드레싱 선택할것이 많다. 그래서 세트요리~

난 드레싱하고 스테이크 종류만 선택하면 되는 것 같았다. 아 음료와 디저트도...ㅎㅎ 어쨋건 객관식 문제풀이는 잘하니까~~

음식을 기다리는 동안에 찍어본 카페의 내부 모습 내 뒤쪽으로 테이블이 두개 더 있고 테라스에도 한테이블이 더 있다. 뒷모습만 보이는 단정한 스타일의 서빙언니~

첫번째 음식은 사우전드 아일랜드 드레싱을 가미한 샐러드 ..그리고 물인데 저 물병 탐난다..물이 졸졸 흐르는게 아니고 한꺼번에 쏟아진다. ㅎㅎ

그리고 서비스라고 준 식빵과 예술 적으로 쌓아서 준다.

같이 준 디핑소스로 달달하고 크리미한 것이 맛나다.

그리고 정식 전채요리..아마도 새우튀김스타일 인것 같다. 물론 새우는 없어~

그리고 모습을 드러낸 메인요리.. 이거 필렛미뇽이라고 한다. 프랑스 스타일 인가 보다..감자와 야채를 곁드리고 스테이크 밑에 스파게티가 깔려 있다.

전에 먹어본 적이 없어서 잘 모르겠지만.. 난 맛있었다. 콩고기 스테이크도 질감이 질겨서 스테이크 질감이 그대로이다.

제일 좋았던 것은 디저트다. 저건 브라우니 두유쉐이크...

다양한 디저트를 더 시켜보고 싶었지만 음식량이 꽤나 배가 불렀다..

다음을 기약해야지. 이번 주 내로 여행이 끝나기 전에 두 세번 더 가볼 예정이다.

브라우니 근접촬영...가니싱도 제대로고 정말 맛있다.

쉐이크도 너무 달지도 않고 딱 좋았다.

이렇게 가격이 대략 1000타이완 달라가 약간 안된다.

채식의 저렴한 채식뷔페에서 먹는게 간단히 먹으면 150 많이 먹어도 250 정도니까

상당히 비싸다고 할 수 있지만... 그런 값은 경험의 값이라고 해두자.

아직 내가 본 어느 채식식당에서도 느끼기 힘든 경험의 값이니까...

또...머 한국 레스토랑 가격으로 보면 적당한 가격정도라고 알고 있다.

식당 분위기를 돋아주는 모래시계..끊임없이 떨어지고 있던데... 직원이 그런건지 내 뒤테이블에 아이가 그런 것이지는 모르겠다.

먹느라 정신이 없어서~~

잘 안보여서 한장 더 찍었다. ㅎㅎㅎ

식사가 끝나고 흡족해서 팁을 주려고 했는데..팁은 안받는 단다.

다음에 다시오면 더 잘해주겠다고 한다.

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As others said - nice place but expensive! - Edit

I was disappointed to learn that the Loving Hut which used to be here had closed, but of course pleased to see the venue stay vegan (under new owners). So I had high hopes that this would offer something extra the LH didn't.

The interior has been redone, with a slick, modern, wooden interior. It has the feel of a classy vegan restaurant. Staff were friendly, and the whole place had a very nice vibe.

My only slight disappointment was the food itself. I ordered their namesake burger, and while it wasn't bad, it was basically a typical burger: a bread bun, a slice of deep fried fake meat, garden vegetables, mustard and tomato sauce. The salad and fries (a separate side order) were pretty standard. My drink was very nice, basically like the same drink at starbucks.

If you want to take someone somewhere nice in that area, then this place might be the place. But I personally thought that 550NT was just too much to pay for what's basically an ordinary burger that could be had at many other not-so-classy restaurants in Taiwan for half the price (and a drink, which I think you have to order). There was a huge menu, so perhaps I should try some other dishes?

In some ways this is the antithesis of Miss Green: at SoulR you get a big but not very imaginative meal (at least I didn't) while at Miss Green you get a good creative burger but an expensive portion is the size of a small snack. Perhaps I'm just too picky?!?

Lastly, although I know many other restaurants do the same, I personally hate the "10% service charge". I'm happy to pay more for good service (and it certainly was good service at SoulR) but I think it should be included in the price, as it serves no purpose other than to deceive customers into spending more when they go to order. 300NT should be "300NT" not "270NT.... We add a 10% service charge."

Pros: all vegan!, nice interior and friendly staff, large portions

Cons: expensive!

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Amazing western food in Taipei - Edit

This is one of my favourite restaurants anywhere in the world. My wife & I have been here several times and have tried a variety of menu items. Everything we have had has pretty much been delicious. In particular, the risotto & squid's ink main meals are delicious, while the sandwiches & burgers are all super tasty. Save room for dessert...the waffles & tiramisu are both amazing! A little expensive by Taiwan standards, but worth every penny. Make sure you book, as the restaurant is small & popular. New location in Taipei opening soon!

Pros: Great variety, Amazing taste

Cons: Restaurant is small, can book out

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Nice but a little expensive - Edit

Although it's kind of expensive, but still worthy to try. Amazing experience!! ^^

Pros: Nice atmosphere, Delicious, Organic

Cons: expensive

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