Serves meat, vegan options available. Traditional tofu restaurant with veg dishes noted on its large menu - but check if vegan or if contains fish flakes, etc. Open Mon-Sun 5:00pm-11:30pm.

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First Review by GuillaumeHarache


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09 Mar 2023

Best tofu I've ever had!

A restaurant that is centered completely around tofu, basically heaven! I and my carnivore cousin both really enjoyed the food and they somehow managed to make the taste and texture different in every option. Also the atmosphere was really nice and combined a traditional and modern feeling very well.

Note that portions are quite small, so best to order plenty of different options and share with company.

Around ¥3000-4000 per person (which is really good for what you get)



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29 Jan 2023

Creative tofu dishes

Great cozy place where the dishes revolve around tofu / soybean products. The dishes are creative and very tasty and the atmosphere and seating in the restaurant is very nice. The price is also very affordable in my opinion compared to western restaurants. They have an English menu so be sure to ask because the Google translate may not work greatly with their handwritten Japanese menu.


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Mostly Veg
20 Jan 2022

A whole fluffly experience

You have to love tofu to be able to enjoy a place like this, but the options are overwhelming! I was in heaven.

The atmosphere with dim lights, the waterfall and the semi-private seating makes it feel like it's going to be crazy expensive, but the price is really affordable for any occasion.

The place is a bit far from the station and hard to find (Google Maps doesn't show the right route), and I wish the desserts were vegan (the tofu cheesecake has actual cheese/milk in it... Why, Japan??) #Veganuary

Pros: Reasonable prices, Fancy af, Tofu everywhere

Cons: Hard to find, Non-descriptive menu


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27 Sep 2020

Lovely atmosphere and presentation of dishes - but the desserts are NOT vegan

I love the dark lighting and the sound of the waterfall - it made a very peaceful and cozy atmosphere. My favorite dishes contained yuba (tofu skin), and I loved the tofu dango and yuzu cocktail.

The waitresses were very helpful in checking whether individual dishes were vegan.

The menu might be difficult to read as it contains many kanji. Also, the desserts contain milk, so unfortunately I didn't eat dessert (although I wanted to try the tofu cheesecake!).

Pros: Nice atmosphere/mood, Great presentation of dishes , Yuba and dango

Cons: Small portions (don't come too hungry), Non-vegan desserts only


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14 Jul 2020

Imagine a world where everything is made out of tofu... ;)

A group of vegan and non-vegan enjoyed a variety of exceptional dishes.

The menu was limited (these are difficult times, after all) but in the end I was able to pick a few vegan options.

Normally the menu - in both Japanese and English - has clearly marked "veg" options. As per previous reviews, do ask if they're fully vegan or if they could be made vegan - this might be best to request in advance to avoid disappointment / confusion.

Avocado tofu is not what you'd expect!

Pros: A variety of forms and flavours like never before, Clearly marked "veg" options, Good service

Cons: "Veg" doesn't necessairly means "vegan"


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22 Nov 2019

Great tofu and easy to get vegan

Really nice and lots of vegan options. The fresh tofu and sesame tofu where amazing!
Some of the staff speaks English and the menu is in English.
You need to ask what’s vegan because the menu don’t say. Be ready when they show you because it’s goes fast and the menu are on many pages.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Nice looking restaurant

Cons: You have to ask about vegan choices


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18 Nov 2019

Interesting concept!

Great for the foodie on a date night - but small portions and a tad bit expensive. I enjoyed the meal, but I have no need to come back.

Pros: Interesting concept, Great atmosphere

Cons: Limited vegan menu


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11 Aug 2019

Would give 5 stars!

Service was very friendly and accommodating for two vegans.

Pros: brought us vegan alternatives for sauces , Really taste tofu, Great Vegan desserts


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07 Jun 2019


8500¥ for three people, with the quality of food and ambiance of a place many times the price. Reservation worked in English, English menu, kind staff, private room, fresh and delicious tofu in many ways, accessible by train. As a vegetarian who doesn’t really focus on the small stuff (dashi etc), there were a ton of options. Definitely worth it for a nice but not overpriced meal, especially for going with both veg and non-veg people.


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07 Jun 2019

Feels luxurious

Lots of different tofu dishes. Very nice interiors. They make tofu at your table. I don’t give five stars to places that serve meat but if they didn’t, this place would rank five stars from me.

Pros: Great tofu , Great sake

Cons: Serves meat


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05 Nov 2018

Great place but ask for vegan

Beautiful venue. Love the atmosphere.
Friendly and patient staff kindly put up with our English. When we asked for vegan, they guided us through the available options and even changed some dishes to make them vegan (very unusual in Japan!).
Not a load of options available in the end but enough to have a very nice meal for 2.

Pros: Beautiful atmosphere , Food is high quality and can be vegan, Staff are helpful and patient

Cons: Not a lot of vegan options in the end


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25 Oct 2018

Cozy restaurant, veg options available but be cautious!

Really nice atmosphere and setting. It is possible to get some dishes (mainly appetizers) vegetarian/vegan although they are usually prepared with soy sauce containing tuna, but do NOT trust the "vege" marks in the menu. Some of then can be prepared with a vegetarian soy instead. Double check that what they bring you is actually the veg variant, they did forget while we were there. Our waiters did seem to grasp the concept of vegetarian food but it probably help that we spoke Japanese! Did not try with English.
They will charge you for some edamame as seating charge, this is common in Japan!

The dishes were innovative and quite tasty, however mostly innovative. You should remember and expect that it is Japanese tofu! We had a nice time even if it wasn't the best restaurant experience.

Pros: Cozy and very Japanese

Cons: The waiter brought us non veg soy, but changed it


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16 Oct 2018

Not very vegetarian friendly!!!

There was fish sauce in dishes marked as vegetarian and the server did not seem to understand yeh concept of vegetarianism very well. Also vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes such as tempura are cooked in the pan at the same time so there is cross contamination. Lastly they provide edamame beans at the start without asking and then charged us for them!!!

Pros: Tasty tofu dishes

Cons: Fish sauce


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17 Jun 2018

Watch out for fish sauce!

Most items marked vegetarian in the menu contains fish sauce. Nevertheless, there are some vegan options and worth visiting. Staff speaks English and can help you select the vegan options.

This is a quite large restaurant but reservations are recommended as it is very popular. We got the feeling that it was an great place perhaps five years ago and did not try to improve since then.

Pros: Tofo making at your table, good tempura

Cons: False labeling, smoking allowed inside


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31 May 2018

Great option for vegetarian middle budget

If you are not very hungry, two - three appetizers and three pieces of tempura will be enough (2800 yen for two people in total). If you are not vegan, the sesame tofu in Japanese omelet is wonderful. I would pass on the Tempura and would order another appetizer instead. And it’s not the same tofu we usually eat in the west...

Pros: A wide selection for vegans and vegetarians , You can ask the meal without dashi


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Mostly Veg
17 Jan 2018

Shades of tofu

Experience a tofu dinner to the next level, the place is nice and the food is excellent.

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