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Vegan junk food offering “chicken” sandwiches, burgers, burritos, fries, nachos, cauli-wings, mac & cheese, fried pickles, and more. Confirmed closed, Dec '22.

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First Review by Saurabh.lalla


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27 Dec 2022

Great Potential

Spicy Fried Pickles were delicious! Large portion.

Loaded fries with Impossible meat - very good! Large portion. Would order again.

Hot Chkn sandwich - Just ok. There was nothing that stood out. It was not spicy. It didn't have a distinct flavor. The bun was boring (failed to make a buttery bun to accompany this). Absolutely not with 15-16 bucks. Please.

Ordering process was easy. I'd return to try more things.

The owner recently made a transparent post about how this eatery is struggling financially. 3 days later she updated that Solar is temporarily closed. They are trying to figure out how to proceed in 2023, but she stated they are permanently closed at the current Tempe food hall. Follow their social media (ig) for updates.



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25 Nov 2022

Not awesome but ok

Let me say by saying I wouldn’t go back here. The concept seems ok at first but then you realize the good it’s made elsewhere and delivered to the food court. So it’s like getting delivery. That means by the time you eat the food it’s kinda soggy. Not my cup of tea. The food itself was fine. Be warned the Mac n chikn sandwich has mustard on it.
Overall a really weird concept.


28 Nov 2022

Hi Meroe, the food is made there in the food court, I’m not sure where you’re getting your information from, because the Mac and cheese chicken sandwich absolutely does not have mustard on it.

I really saddened to see you’re review. I makes me wonder what the front desk is tell my costumers.


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22 Oct 2022

It was decent

Had the chicken sandwich with the macaroni, can’t remember the name of it, it was good, needed more flavor, I wasn’t mad I bought it but I wouldn’t get it again!


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08 Oct 2022

Owner fixed my order!

Update 10/08 : Owner fixed my order and it was delicious! I got the Solar Chick and Cheese Sandwich. We’ll definitely be coming back!

Placed an order, they decided to close early and they wouldn’t make it, so called me and told me to cancel it because they can’t refund it ? They’re not a real restaurant so I’m not sure who they wanted me to call because the building they use just hosts different business’ kitchens. The website for the building also has no way to contact anyone for a refund. I’ve left a review on Facebook and maybe yelp, waiting for anyone to contact me to fix this and just silence on their end. Spent $40 on 2 dishes I never got. I’m sure you can find a better place to order from. The app won’t let me put a one star.

Updated from previous review on 2022-09-02

Pros: Looks good

Cons: Expensive, Poor customer service


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14 Sep 2022

Almost Amazing

Ok let’s talk about the setup of this place. If you want to feel like our ancestors and have to go on a whole adventure to get your food then look no further. In theory the idea is pretty genius, the execution is not. You order your food online and go to pick it up, which sounds simple. There are so many doors to go in and none tell you which is which. When you finally go in the right spot you walk down a dimly lit hallway to an even darker room where your food will be handed to you off a cart by someone who would clearly rather be anywhere else. It’s confusing and kind of anxiety inducing. The food, however, is delicious. Of course unless you want to eat in said dark room you have to take it home and things get soggy and cold. The nashville hot sandwich and loaded fries were so amazing and beyond delicious but not plated well, lots of wasteful packaging, and messy.

Pros: Food is delicious

Cons: Too much work, Kind of creepy atmosphere, Website should give instructions


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15 Jun 2022

Don’t expect a restaurant

Best loaded vegan fries ever. Portion was huge, which was nice for the cost. A lot of reviews complain mostly about the location, but if you set that aside, the food really is delicious and worth it. A hidden gem!


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19 Mar 2022

Good Chickum Sandwich

If you want a Good vegan chickum sandwich this is the place.
Salty Fried Pickles

Cons: Expensive


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24 Feb 2022

A vegan junk food treat

Heavy junk food meal. Lots of content and salt, but lacking in nuance flavors and nutrition. Let's be honest. Sometimes this is exactly what you're looking for.

Pros: Filling , Junk food treat

Cons: Sandwiches could use some greens, tomatoes, etc, Junk food treat, Too much salt


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06 Jan 2022

Good food, questionable venue

Had the nashville hot loaded fries. The food was amazing and could not be described any better than junk food. hey, I’m vegan for the animals and not my health, probably. My complaint is the setup. the place is basically a door dash factory in an office park. maybe this is the future, post-covid, but I just didn’t like it. hopefully they can at least put in an outdoor eating space or something.


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03 Jan 2022

Interesting new option

I tried Solar today. I’m not sure how long it’s been open, but had never been before. I liked it. It’s comfort food, very filling. I wish it were at an actual restaurant location, but the food itself was good. I’m not sure I’d go again, because it’s a food delivery hub kind of place and super expensive, but worth a try. I had fried pickles and a chicken sandwich with mac n cheese on it.

Pros: Comfort food, Fried pickles!, Very filling

Cons: Very expensive , Not a restaurant, just a food pick location , Small menu


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26 Dec 2021

Subpar food, had order canceled twice, way too expensive

will not order from here again. have canceled my order twice from them, once because they called me to tell me they were out of chicken and the other time because it was going to take them over an hour on a Wednesday to make a $18 chicken sandwich and I was on my way to work. cannot call the number they provide, it always fails. prices are way too high for a very subpar sandwich and the fried pickles were way over seasoned and just... not good. the fries are worse than freezer ones at the grocery store, absolutely no flavor.

but the employees have always been helpful and nice

Pros: employees were nice

Cons: food is basic and not great, EXPENSIVE, overall not worth it


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08 Dec 2021

I'm not sure...

Straight up the best vegan cauliflower wings I've had. I ordered at the building which is a ghost kitchen- be advised it is a little suspicious.

That bring said, I'm not sure how well food for delivery would be as good and not soggy or cold as it would be on-site.

Cons: Very expensive but decent portion , Confusing experience


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06 Dec 2021


We ordered our food and then 35 minutes later they called to tell us they couldn’t make our order because they didn’t have cheese. It would have been $50 for fries, nachos, Mac and cheese and a taco

Cons: Expensive , Couldn’t make our order and waited 35 minutes to


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24 Nov 2021

crazy expensive junk food

tacos were really good but use impossible meat.. cauli wings were really good looked burnt but were perfectly crispy and delicious, with a buffalo sauce in it or something. mac was terribly flavorless. weird pickup, didn’t provide code to get inside late night. had to call.

Cons: expensive, not health concious


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18 Nov 2021

Very disappointed, not because of the food ( we didn’t get the food)

I am adding another star after we got our food ( placed our order on line but this time for pick up
In my humble opinion vegan food doesn’t have to be covered with spices and salt to be a good food. Everything we ordered was way to spicy and salty. Spicy souses and spices can always be served on the side for people to add them.

We placed our order through Uber eat
For an hour our order status was showing “ picking up” after an hour and a half our order was canceled and money refunded. No one contacted us and no explanation
Please fix your delivery and ordering service.
There is no option to call directly and place an order.
The phone number is not directly to the kitchen.
Very disappointed

Updated from previous review on 2021-11-18

Pros: Lots of options

Cons: No direct ordering , Delivery service is unreliable , Overly Spicy and salty


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13 Nov 2021

Amazing 😍

For being junk food, the food tasted really good and had s sense of elegance? in the taste of it! Would totally recommend!!

Pros: Very delicious and filling , Quick and accurate service


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12 Nov 2021

Delicious 😋 even the non vegans loved it.

It's located in a shared kitchen space, you can access the food for pick up from the 🚪 next to the parking lot

Cons: Expensive


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07 Nov 2021

Solár makes it easy to be vegan.

Sorry to be so ignorant but, having a fast food vegan option is the best! I suck at eating RAW, clean or anything “right” in between. I want too! My motive, passion, and self awareness is there! Sometimes I just need some comfort, and the honesty to say… I’m not there yet. Being vegan is hard. I’m sorry I’m not perfect, I’m sorry for being human😝

So… Solár.


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06 Nov 2021

Great Vegan Food

I have finally tried all items on the menu!! Food was awesome and very filling.

Pros: Vegan , Perfectly seasoned


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01 Nov 2021

Best Vegan Food in the AREA no QUESTION

I love love LOVE This place. It has amazing food for what it is, open late, diverse and extremely good flavor. It is located in a food hall and I cannot believe the audacity of some people to complain because there is no "exclusive seating" for vegans. Instead of getting excited over this new awesome restaurant catering to our community we are going to bash small businesses for serving vegan food in a common space? Absurd to me. Do not let other people who are extremists throw off your view of this amazing restaurant. The chickn is the best I have ever had hands down and I have tried dozens. Do your self a favor and order yourself some today.


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23 Oct 2021

Ok to try out … not recommend

It’s in complex with multiple resultant setup. Common sitting area

Pros: Vegan

Cons: Too expensive , Don’t have exclusive sitting for vegan.

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