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3/F, Wah Yuen Building, 6 Gilman's Bazaar, Central, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong, China

Healthy lunches at 中環機利文新街6 號 3/F. Strict food waste avoidance policy so pre-reservation essential. Single choice set menu changes daily. Uses purified water for cooking. Buddhist friendly. Seats 25. Nearest MTR Sheung Wan exit E2. From Queens Road Central turn into Gilman's Bazaar. Entrance stairs are at the side of the 1st shop on the left. Then walk up 3 floors. NOTE: may close earlier if products sell out. Open Mon-Fri 12:00pm-3:00pm.

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16 Reviews

First Review by Powerbex

Set menu served within minutes of seating - Edit

Eating lunch here feels like eating in someone’s dining room. It is a cosy and calm environment. Most people there are locals and everything is organized and pre planned and the food is delicious. I was served a vegetable soup, stir fry with rice and a smoothie.

Cons: Difficult to find

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Soland, Hong Kong - Edit

Please note key info in the listing:-

* strict food waste avoidance policy; turn up without pre-reserving, you highly risk being turned away without fuss

* note the very specific instructions on how to find this venue. Use the HappyCow map marker and GPS if needed

I was barely in the door and sat down before there was a very nice bowl of pumpkin soup in front of me. I couldn't help but be impressed by the size of the spoons. the whole place is geared towards having a relaxing ambience with sounds of waves lapping against a distance shore playing out of the music system. Even so for all of the relaxation, this is Hong Kong, this is the 21st century, people are rushed in this town, people have things to do, and if you are one of those rushed and stressed out people who needs to be able to shovel down your lunch like a JCB on supercharge, then the big sized spoons in this place could be just the things for you to shave 20 or maybe even 30 seconds off from the time it takes you to eat.

The main course was a bunch of mixed veggies and salad with some rice and the like accompanied by what was a pleasantly mild green curry sauce. Chuck in a smoothie at the end and the entire bundle came to a very decent 55 bucks HK. They don't add 10% as so many places in HK do.

All vegan, efficient service, relaxed atmo, great food at a great price. 5 out of 5 for me. And those spoons. I'd rate this place 6 if I could.

Updated from previous review on 2014-12-18

Pros: All vegan food at very reasonable prices, Relaxed atmo and efficient service, Big spoons

Cons: Pre-reserving required, Follow the instructions to find the venue

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Wholesome food; a calming lunch - Edit

I really loved my experience here for lunch. Been meaning to try this place for ages, but had not gotten around to it as I don't work nearby and it's only open on weekdays for lunch. I called ahead, as I understand they only make food according to the number of reservations.

I followed the instructions and got here easily. Was slightly reluctant on Gilman's Bazaar to turn into the alleyway and up the unlabelled flights of stairs, but there it was, on the third floor. It is in what looks like an apartment converted into a restaurant.

There was calming relaxing music playing, and the lady working there attended to me straight away. There is a fixed menu - sometimes I like the simplicity of that, and presumably, given the food quality and portion size, perhaps that is how they are able to provide a soup, main and smoothie for HKD 55.

I enjoyed the food. Lots of veggies. It felt wholesome, healthy and nourishing. Might be a bit of a change for most people since restaurants in HK generally add a lot of oil, salt and other flavourings. This was like a hearty home cooked meal. So maybe not to everyone's taste, but I would love to be able to have this for lunch on a frequent basis.

Pros: Wholesome, Healthy, Good value

Cons: Only open in weekdays for lunch

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Healthy reasonable price lunch in central - Edit

I was surprised by the portion of the dishes in soland with first visit. Was not feeling well on that and craving for healthy foods near to Chinese herbalist clinic. I rang them and see if I could squeeze as they usually required to make reservation earlier. I got lucky and went in. It was not very easy to find the building where it's located but managed to find it in end after asking the fruit seller nearby. The decoration is simple but I came for foods so nothing would stop me lol. I got the soup first which was warm not hot but it's good for me so I can pour it into my stomach immediately. I can taste the pumpkin and carrot they put in and with pinch of salt for seasoning. I got a big plate of veggie and rice and smoothies afterwards. Was so so so full. I do understand why there was a guy carrying a box with him as I somehow to push myself to finish it all - don't wanna waste the foods. Definitely would come back and bring my own box :)

Pros: Big portion , Very reasonable price , Quite tasty

Cons: Difficult to find the building , Required to make reservation

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nourishing food in a laid back setting. - Edit

I loved this place. The lunch I had here felt very nutritious and healthful. Good portion sizes. I love the subtle flavours but if you don't like macrobiotic no onions, no garlic, etc style food it may be a bit of an adjustment. I had the lunch set and smoothie which was absolutely delicious. I also love the no-wastage philosophy of the place. I would definitely recommend this place. Came to a very reasonable $55

Pros: great food, very cheap, no-waste ethos

Cons: it's a little tricky to find.

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a clean, healthy, satisfying lunch - Edit

made use of the accidental morning off work by reserving a last-minute lunch spot at soland, a rare treat as it's in central and only opens from 12 pm to 3 pm on weekdays.

after the trek up the dingy, suspicious-looking stairwell (see photos), i was transported to a different world upon stepping into soland. gregorian chants were playing in the background, while diners were either enjoying their solitude or having a quiet chat with their companions. the only conspicuous noise throughout my time there was the occasional whizzing of the blender in the kitchen.

tables are arranged into four areas from which you choose a seat you're comfortable in. while you'll probably have to share a table, unlike in cha chaan tengs, it doesn't feel like you're being squeezed in to maximise real estate space or pressured to finish your meal to make room for the next diner.

soup was presented soon after i sat down, and it was delicious. i could tell it had been made from scratch.

mains are fixed, with the only option being two choices of sauce, which the lady serving will ask you in chinese. today it was either "see gua" (she couldn't tell me what it was in english; with my limited cantonese i'm guessing it's some kind of gourd?) or tomato. i opted for the "see gua" sauce, though i noticed most others going for tomato.

the dish is definitely diffferent from the mainstream, and is what i would describe as "guinea pig" food (ignoring the rice and the fact that it's cooked) - a wholesome mound of raw and cooked veggies. while i can imagine it raising skeptical eyebrows and looking/tasting bland to those with more salty palates, i enjoyed it and slurped up everything on the plate.

i added on a smoothie fruit shake with flax seed, which wasn't as thick as i'd liked it to have been, but still palatable (i could taste the strawberry/banana).

the three-course meal came up to hkd55 (hkd50 if it's just mains and soup). if you like the food here and intend to visit regularly, you can buy a set of coupons at a discounted price.

some things i found interesting were that the food wasn't hot and that, according to their reading material, besides the "five pungent plants" that buddhists avoid, no mushrooms are used - is that supposed to be healthier or is it for other reasons?

if you're booking at the last minute, call rather than whatsapp them between 10 am to 2 pm.

i'd be a regular here if i worked in central.

Pros: clean, veg-dominant food, quiet, peaceful ambience

Cons: limited operating hours

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OMG - ...tis excellent! - Edit

Just had lunch.



The ultimate vegan eating experience in Hong Kong.

Running for several years already - very low profile - only recently discovered by HappyCow.

VB is totally correct - you must phone ahead & let them know to save you a plate if you are going to arrive much after 13.30.

Yesterday I "bought 10 & got 2 free" - HK$ 450 for 12 lunches - to be eaten over the coming month - that comes to around US$ 5 per lunch - incredible value.

Talk to the Soland folks if you want to have an evening meal / party at Soland - with a week or so's notice they may well say "Yes we can"!

Message me if you want to meet up for a lunch!
Updated from previous review on Friday May 08, 2009
Updated from previous review on Sunday September 26, 2010

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vegan food - Edit

Private dining is popular in Hong Kong, and I have to say Soland belongs to a new group of "hidden dining"! It's not easy to find. When you turn onto Gilman's Bazaar off Queen's Road Central, look for the immediate small alley to the left. There is absolutely no signage, on the street, the corner, the building itself. You'll see an old walk-up building, still with no signage. Once you start walking up the stairs, you'll see a small "Soland" sign on the mail boxes. Continue walking up 4 levels to 3/F, and you'll find Soland.

It's in a converted tiny apartment. All the customers at lunch today were HK women. Later, a couple of men came.

The food is really boring and bland. There is no choice: just one plate of rice, a little lettuce and mixed veggie. They advertise that everything is vegan and healthy, no deep frying, no stir frying even! Supposedly they use coarse salt, but I couldn't taste any evidence of that. I can cook much better at home.

The menu lists a choice of Set A & B, the difference being that set A comes with soup or drink (HK$50), and set B comes with both soup and drink (HK$55). Of course, set B is a better deal, but you don't get a choice. You'll be served soup before ordering, and later you'll be asked for your choice of drink, which is included. The only other decision you'll make is either tomato or curry sauce with the main plate (for today, anyway). The waitress was pushing their dessert big time afterwards for an additional HK$35, I think.

I think this type of restaurants serves a purpose in HK, where there is limited vegetarian, let alone vegan, options, and most local Chinese veggie restaurants serve greasy MSG-laden Cantonese food with a lot of mock meats. Still, the food here is so bland and uninspired that, were I not on vacation, there'd have been no reason to eat here. I can cook much better and equally healthy vegan food at home in a matter of minutes.

By the way, the soup today was tomato soup, bland and thin. The drink we chose was the fruit smoothie, also bland and thin.

Reservation is preferred; they can't always accommodate walk-ins. Only lunch is served from 12:00-15:00; closed Sat, Sun and holidays.

Pros: vegan food, calm and quiet atmosphere

Cons: difficult to find

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Quite Good & Tasty - Convenient Location - Edit

A great option for cooked vegan food in convenient location, and well known by local vegetarian office workers.

Set allows for choice from two mains, and an optional drink and optional dessert.

Service may be a little slow for those looking to dine & dash.

The restaurant, open for lunch only, is choc-a-bloc from open til close so best to make a reservation in advance.

All things considered a good lively atmosphere in this tiny but personable restaurant.

Well worth the effort of locating the place at is it is in overall convenient location in Central.

Overall thumbs up!
Updated from previous review on Tuesday June 04, 2013

Updated from previous review on Tuesday June 04, 2013

Pros: Healthy & Tasty Veggie Set, Great Value, Convenient Location

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Stevie 24 Jun 2015 - i Frankie,

Nice pic you've taken there, much better than the pics I take.

Many thanks for your constructive contribution to the world of vegetarianism.

Regards, Stevie  

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An amazing experience - Edit

This was the first vegan restaurant I've been in my life and I loved it so much.

You first need to find the place in Gilman's Bazaar (if you can't find it just ask to someone in the street).

Then you turn on the right and you go into the building. On the third floor just open the door and you're there.

A zen music is welcoming you. You just need to give your name if you have a reservation (better because it's cheaper than without reservation) or to take a sit.

They only cook one dish per day so you don't have to choose anything. You can have for 46$ a soup, a dish and a beverage.
When I've been there everything was so tasty and healthy. The food is fresh and organic.

The staff is very friendly and the atmosphere is great.

I highly recommend this place is you're in the area/ vegan/ or want to experience something different :)

Pros: healthy, fresh, zen

Cons: tiny

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Really disappointing - Edit

The food served is very primitive: steamed rice with steamed vegetables, no special flavors, herbs or spices. A lasy-cook's style.
The fact that was absolutely shocking: the pumpkin cream soup, which I had as a first dish, appeared in my second one as a dressing!!!
You have no options or choices, no menu.
Soland's food is not a meal but just a set of nutrients. I was starving in an hour after I left.
The stuff was very rushing, (though the place was almost empty), with absolutely incomprehensible English.
Hong Kong is packed with places where you can have amazing vegan meals, not less healthy, but much more diverse.

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Not easy to find - Edit

I came here for lunch with a friend. I had to ask for directions in a shop next door. It is more like somebody's dining room. The service was friendly, the food healthy but nothing out of the ordinary.

Pros: friendly service, cheap

Cons: smallish, not easy to find

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Absolutely superb - Edit

.............but only open for a couple of hours each working weekday.

Today there was sprouted salad, green beans in a pumpkin sauce, brown rice, a very nice fresh tomato & herb soup, plus dandelion coffee.

Phone ahead if you are thinking of arriving much after 13.00 as they often "sell out".

Interesting location, you climb up many flights of stairs after finding the entrance in an alley way.

The owner & the team are sweet people.

I eat there often & each time the food is very satisfying.

Daily set menu, no food choices, you can select your drinks though.

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Very healthy and yummy - Edit

Came here for lunch with a friend of mine. It took a while for us to locate the restaurant and I finally had to call them for directions.

Food was delicious and very healthy. I had the sorbet for dessert too, which was just scrumptious! Sadly they only open for lunch hours.

Pros: healthy and yummy, reasonably priced

Cons: hidden location, lunch only

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fantastic - Edit

healthy and extremely tasty food and drink! the homemade fresh almond milk is out of this world yummy! very friendly people, nice atmosphere. it does get packed though, come early or make a reservation. ...cannot believe myself that i did not try earlier!

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Great healthy food - Edit

Great little place. Only open for lunch and usually full so book in advance. No choice here- you sit down and get given a bowl of soup, then after that a plate of freshly cooked food (usually vegetables with a sauce and rice/noodles). Nothing fancy but always hearty and delicious. Prices are super cheap.

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