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Vegan restaurant located on the basement B1 floor of the Century Mall. Offers build your own spicy Thai salad, spring rolls, soups, french fries and more. Open Mon-Sun 10:30am-8:30pm.

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First Review by JLTDK


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20 Aug 2023

Ok food

The sellers don't speak good english. Most of the food is standing outside all day - I had a stomachache after eating there. Pros - lots of dishes, cheap.

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28 Jul 2023

Bountiful staples

I am sad I discovered this towards the end of this trip. It's a place you want to come every day or most days. A plate with rice and 3 options is 60 bhat- about 1.74USD at the time of writing. Full of flavor, lots of variety of vegan proteins and veg.

Note- hours have changed. It's now 10:30am to 8:30pm. We came at 6pm and there was still a lot available, but it looked like some stuff had sold out.

It also has spring rolls and other goodies as sides.

In the basement in the center of Century Plaza at On Nut station on the BTS line, in Sukhumvit.

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27 Jul 2023

Friendly Staff & Many Options!

Really like this spot! I have a feeling I'll be coming here a lot in the future. There are many options to choose from. You can choose from a set menu or pick what you like from behind the glass counter (although this food may be less hot since it's not cooked to order).
The flavours were great and the price is reasonable.


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03 Jul 2023

Very good

Delivered food was delicious, good portion


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09 Jun 2023

Great food, good price

Tasty and affordable with buffet and a la carte options


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30 Mar 2023

Spicy food on a budget

We went there twice on our trip to Bangkok. The food is spicy and very delicious. Affordable and lots of options. They have a few Shops in Bangkok. Our second time the food was surprisingly spicy. Make sure to tell them your spice tolerance beforehand.

Pros: Whole vegan and many dishes, Affordable

Cons: Sometimes surprisingly spicy


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08 Jan 2023

Great selection of Thai food

Food I tried was delicious. Great choice for a speedy meal on a budget. Highly recommended if you are near to On Nut.

Pros: Great value, Big selection on offer

Cons: Many options are spicy


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25 Dec 2022


Love the variety, great prices and friendly staff. Went back 3x while in the area.


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19 Dec 2022

Comida rica, y barata

Buena comida, muchas opciones barato y tiene otras sucursales x el país

Pros: Riquísimo muchas opciones buen precio

Cons: Personal no habla inglés


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31 Oct 2022

Amazing food

Great chain that i tried. Many options and loved the taste


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18 Sep 2022

Do you like food court eateries? This is the place

Good good. Decent service. Handy location. Not to die for


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05 Feb 2022


Fantastic place , lots of options and very very cheap . I eat here every week 10/10


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01 Nov 2021

Very inexpensive vegan food!!

Been to this place a few times when I've been in the Century Shopping Mall. It's situated on the basement floor next to the Tops Supermarket.

Great if you're looking for a quick bite whilst shopping or going to the cinema. Great selection of fresh Thai food with some western options thrown in.. vegan burgers etc.

No frills, quick and tasty and it's so cheap you can't go wrong!

Friendly staff.. 100% vegan!

Pros: 100% Vegan


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17 Apr 2020

Awesome place!

Delicious vegan food. Thai style. Lots of nice spicy options. Lots of veggies. They can make some dishes for you without garlic or make them less spicy.
And check up So Vegan instagram! https://www.instagram.com/soveganthailand/
Pro tip: bring your own reusable bowl and cutlery.

Pros: Lots of choices at the buffet, Menu is renewed from time to time, Nice price


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19 Feb 2020

Amazing food and great price

We had rice with 3 items and paid 60 THB per person. That's a great price, they serve large portions and tasty food with lots of veggies. They have a great variety of thai dishes on offer. It was all very very fresh and flavourful. It's not spicy. You are really full after a meal over there. It's a cheap and good vegan thaifood restaurant.
They also offer thai-springrolls, they are a huge portion and come with sweet and spicy sauce. Very tasty and fresh.

Pros: Fully vegan, cheap, tasty, large portions


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18 Feb 2020

Food court vegan food

Food court Thai cafeteria style and fresh made items from the menu.

Pros: Tasty, Variety, Fast

Cons: Some dishes can be pretty spicy so ask first.


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08 Feb 2020

Many options and very cheap

Restaurant/food stall inside the Century mall. They offer a large variety, around 20 or so, pre-cooked Thai dishes. You choose 1 or 2 of the dishes from the counter and it's served with purple rice. They also offer som appetizers. I recommend the fried chicken appetizer -- it was absolutely delicious! Everything is very good and extremely cheap.

Updated from previous review on 2020-02-08

Pros: Large variety, Tasty food, Very cheap

Cons: Few tables


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05 Dec 2019

Cheap delicious but not clean food

It’s cheap and very delicious but lack of veggie option and oily


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30 Nov 2019

So delicious

That vegan Thai restaurant is just perfect. I eat there almost everydays, everything is delicious, for example, they have the best spring rolls in town from my opinion. The only bad point is about the burger that I tried once and it wasn't good.


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24 Nov 2019

All the Thai food made Vegan

Great thai food options that are completely vegan. They also have a western menu which is pretty cheap. Easy and cheap dinner during the week, cant complain.


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14 Nov 2019

I am one Happy Cow

This is a really cheap, convenient, tasty vegan food option within easy reach of the On Nut BTS station. Staff are really kind and friendly, although English is limited. Nice quiet seating area. I wish they had more food places like this in the UK!

Pros: Very cheap!, Lots of variety

Cons: Limited communication, although ordering is easy


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08 Sep 2019


One of my favorite places. Lots of options. Would eat here everyday if it were close enough.


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23 Jun 2019

Good for a quick meal

Decent food and cheap.


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22 Jun 2019

It’s fine....

Cheap alright food, not a “must” visit vegan place in Bangkok, but nice to have options.

Pros: Cheap

Cons: Many items bland or overcooked, Menu descriptions don’t match food


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19 Jun 2019

My favourite low budget thai food place to go, you can choose from many dishes.

I eat there a lot and like to take away aswell, really the biggest con for me is the amount of poacstic used, but that is a gereral problem I see in Thailand.

Pros: All vegan, Super cheap, Very tasty

Cons: PLASTIC cuttery (this is a BIG con to me ;(( , Not quite sure if they use MSG as common in Thai.


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18 May 2019

Cheap and good

I loved so vegan when we stayed a month in BKK. I've been to both restaurants, the food is great, filling, fresh, delicious.
The menu is in English but in general the staff does not speak English.
The only reason why I cannot put a 5/5, is that they use plastic cutlery and lots of plastic to take away, which is not logical, as a vegan restaurant.

Pros: All vegan, Inexpensive, Fresh food

Cons: Plastic cutlery, Plastic boxes for take away, Not English speaking staff


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04 Apr 2019

Vegan food with friendly service

Always happy to find vegan/ vegetarian food when I’m traveling. Happier when the food is good too

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