Donut shop with a daily selection of vegan donut options. Also offers gluten free donuts. Open Mon-Sun 12:00am-12:00am.

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30 May 2023

Sweet cake donuts

Loved stopping here, they sell cake vegan and gluten free donuts here, they are sweet icing with flavorful cake dough base. I don’t usually like cake donuts and these were great. Next step I would suggest to offer regular vegan fried dough donuts, it was kinda hard to go to their little display of vegan donuts when they have a huge selection of dairy donuts with all different colors, designs, and flavors sitting in the out front display. Overall a nice stop.

Pros: Great flavors

Cons: Please consider offering vegan fried donut select



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14 Feb 2023

Just ok

The staff is nice and the place is cute. They have some donuts that are vegan and also some that are gluten free and vegan. They’re all cake donuts which was a little disappointing.

I tried one of each. The gluten-free vegan donut was inedible. It was underbaked and dense and the flavor was overpowering and not in a good way. The vegan donut I tried was better, but small. It was also overly sweet. They were expensive as well for what you got. Overall, I was disappointed and my rating would be lower if the staff weren’t so nice and the vibe weren’t cute. They also did have very good coffee and a lot of nondairy milk options for espresso drinks.

It’s not a horrible option if you need either the sugar or the calories but it’s not anything to get excited about.


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10 Oct 2022

Very good staff and food!

The vegan options were very good! They have a separate area for vegans and gluten free and the gluten free ones are vegan as well. The employee was very helpful and checked which coffees were vegan. I got a mocha with coconut milk!

Pros: Vegan and gluten free, vegan coffees

Cons: a little crowded since it’s near a college


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30 Sep 2022

Good variety of vegan options

They have a good variety of donuts that are vegan, and also vegan and gluten-free. The espresso was also surprisingly good quality. Highly recommend!

Pros: Lots of vegan options


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31 Aug 2021

Delicious, good coffee, and very friendly!

Very delicious, really good coffee, And great service.


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10 Jul 2021

A great variety of vegan doughnuts

I was pleasantly surprised by the collection of vegan doughnuts. There were several to choose from!

I was sad that they don’t make vegan yeasted doughnuts, but the cake doughnuts are amazing as is. I usually don’t like cake doughnuts, but these ones are light and airy. I’m definitely coming back for more!

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Light and airy cake doughnuts, Friendly staff

Cons: No vegan yeasted doughnuts


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01 Apr 2021

Vegan Cake Donuts

SloDoCo. offers a variety of vegan cake donut options! They have a separate counter where the vegan donuts are stored. Would have loved to seen vegan raised donuts, but beggars can't be choosers.

Pros: Variety, Friendly staff

Cons: No raised vegan donuts, Pricey, Long wait times


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22 Jan 2021

Vegan dessert in SLO!

That lavender vegan donut. It’s my new obsession. It keeps me coming back. The icing is a pretty purple and tastes very floral. The cake part is perfection. They had about 5 or 6 vegan options the nights I stopped by (including a cinnamon sugar that they said tasted just like a churro, a vanilla with ice cream cone pieces on top, and a variant on the glazed lavender that had chocolate chunks on top). I’m so glad they don’t just have one vegan option and call it a day, like many places! The spot looks super cool to hang at, so I hope to have the opportunity when it’s safe to.


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15 Dec 2020

Donuts Galore

This local find has many delicious doughnut options for vegans. My favorites were chocolate, lemon,lavender, and poppyseed. My only wish is that they had jelly filled. They have great service.

Pros: Delicious doughnuts , Great services

Cons: Expensive , No stuffed doughnuts


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21 Feb 2020

Vegan donuts!

Several kinds of vegan donuts (along with lots of non vegan kinds), plus coffee and tea. Delicious!


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17 Jan 2020


came here for vegan donuts with my broski and she bagged the vegan and non vegan separate without me asking they were good and serve it all day 24/7 ! 😄

Cons: noisy & crowded


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10 Dec 2019

Tried to go here but the line can be over an hour

I never got to try the donuts because I waited in line for so long. The line was out the door and through the parking lot and we never made progress because college kids were just letting more people cut into their spot so I gave up. Want to actually try the donuts eventually!


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29 Sep 2019

No raised vegan donuts

Came here ready for donuts, but they only sell cake donuts- not raised for vegans. Very disappointed.


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31 Aug 2019

What A Treat!

Vegan donuts 24 hours a day?!? Wow!!! SLO is definitely spoiled. Speaking of which, my sister purchase a half dozen of these beauties to bring to a family beach outing. I tried the Lavender -- which she and my hubby pronounced as tasting too much like soap -- as well as the Vanilla with Chocolate Chips, and the Cinnamon Sugar -- my sister's fave flavor. Honestly, I liked them all and was stoked by how light and fluffy they were. Definitely very fresh. I hope to try more flavors on a future trip.

Brenda Jauqe

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28 Jul 2019

Soft and Delicious VEGAN donuts!

I love these donuts! They're soft and taste wonderful. Many past donuts I've tried are hard or grainy but not these. It's also a great place to hang out with friends or study. They have board games, swag, free wifi and more.

Pros: Lots of options for vegan donuts, Vegan drinks , Large space


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02 Jun 2019

Good dough nuts!

This place is a must go to if your in the area. They are open 24 hours and is usually always have vegan dough nuts. One down side is they need to expand the type of dough nuts they make for vegans. I miss yeast based dough nuts SO much and the batter they use for their vegan ones is all the same. But good price, location, and sweetness!

Pros: Good amount of options , Friendly atmosphere

Cons: No yeast based dough nuts


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05 Feb 2019

Rotating vegan donuts 24/7

Slodoco is a SLO favorite for most and it's nice that vegans are included too! They always have vegan donuts available and you can always make drinks vegan by substituting the milk. A very popular study space for students but if you're just grabbing and going, it'll be quick.

Pros: 24/7, Quick service , Always has vegan options

Cons: Always full of people

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