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Serves meat, vegan options available. Part of Portland-based small pizzeria chain. Offers several pre-designed vegan pizzas, for whole pies as well by the slice - call ahead to check the day's slice selection. Uses nutritional yeast, meat substitutes, and a few kinds of vegan cheese. Can provide vegan breadsticks & dips. Salads are vegan by default, including croutons and dressings, as are the dipping sauces for garlic knots. Extensive jukebox and classic Pac Man game. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-9:00pm.

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First Review by greenjdmd


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15 Oct 2022


Can I say this tastes like actual pizza, like what you used to get in the 80's before domino's took over and bashed out tasteless dough with stuff on top.
By the slice, half slice, or full pizza - excellent and so so tasty!

Pros: Plenty of vegan options , Take away or eat in , By the slice or whole pie

Cons: Can get busy



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26 Sep 2022

Something for everybody

Lots of choices for us, some with faux-meat/cheese and some without. Because I am a weirdo who loves pizza with almost nothing on it, my favorite is the Spiral Tap (caramelized onion spread, marinara sauce, nooch dusting). I've also enjoyed the Steve Caballero (vegan pepperoni, Field Roast italian sausage, green peppers, onions, tofu cheese dollops) and the New Maps Out of Hell (basil cashew spread, soy curls, your choice of veggies).
I am also a huge fan of the garlic knots. All the dipping sauces are vegan too! Marinara, creamy caramelized onion, ranch (my fave), spicy aardvark, or creamy basil.
Bonus- the cinnamon knots and icing are vegan, too.

Pros: Vegan options ranging from plain to fancy, Vegan knots (of the garlic or cinnamon variety)


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03 Sep 2022

Pretty good

Decent number of vegan options. Can buy by the pie or certain pies by the slice. Got the Buffalo pizza. Pretty good. Very loud, weird atmosphere.

Pros: Decent number of vegan options, Pretty good pizza

Cons: Can only buy certain pizzas by the slice, Very loud


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04 Jun 2022

Overpriced Slice

I appreciate they offer slices, so I don't have to buy a whole pie. I chose a slice of the vegan special "Tomato Tomato," which has Follow Your Heart cheese, vegan sausage, red onions, and tomato. There was way too much cheese, but the crust was good.

Updated from previous review on 2022-06-04

Pros: big slices, outdoor seating

Cons: pricey


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21 Mar 2022

Lower Quality than I remembered

I have been going to sizzle pie for years but I recently went back this past summer and was very disappointed. Their crust was barely cooked and the garlic knots I got were soggy and cold. It was a very underwhelming experience and I hope they get back to their regular quality soon because I don't know if I'll be returning until they do.

Pros: Location, Decent vegan options

Cons: Lower quality


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15 Mar 2022

Super Tasty Vegan Pizza

They have a large number of vegan options, including 2 types of cheese, veggies, and meats (pepperoni, sausage etc.). We got a large pizza and 6 garlic knots and had a couple of slices of pizza for the next day. The toppings were generous and the crust was super thin and crispy. Definitely recommend.

Note: They are not currently (March 2022) offering any indoor seating. There are some picnic tables under a cover outside but they will not let you inside the restaurant at all.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, 2 types of cheese

Cons: No indoor seating


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22 May 2020

Best vegan pizza hands down

I’ll start by saying that happy cow doesn’t allow a 5 star review if you serve meat. I understand that completely, but i was unaware until I came here, fully intending to leave 5 stars. My husband & i are regulars at this location, we eat here usually once per week. Since the pandemic, we’ve gotten it to go every week as well! The amazing bar staff all know us and anticipate our every need. They have great beer & house wine options. Their garlic knots are absolutely perfect. Their ranch dressing is always vegan and i swear its so freakin good i could probably eat a bowl of it like soup. I was raised somewhat of a pizza snob growing up in nj where we just have really high standards for what pizza should taste like. Their vegan pizza is the best ive ever had, and they have many unique and delicious options & toppings. The atmosphere, decor, jukebox, & wall art is the coolest and the staff is the absolute best. Thank you for being you sizzle pie! 5 stars in my book!!!


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02 Dec 2019

excellent vegan pizza

Was here with three others and we all got vegan pizza. They even had a choice of what kind of vegan cheese to get! We ordered two larges and had enough for lunch the next day. Really tasty.

Pros: great pizza, two types of vegan cheese available, good prices

Cons: not a lot of seating


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18 Nov 2019

Great Salads, decent pizza

Great location on the central east side of Portland. The salads are amazing. The veggies are super fresh and the soy curls are delicious. Overall a solid value.

Pros: Fresh high quality toppings, Convenient location, Lots of seating

Cons: Pizza can be a bit soupy


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11 Aug 2019


AMAZING vegan pizza. Happy cow won’t let me leave 5 stars cuz it’s not vegan but they should. They have the vegan pizza on the top shelf. Amazingly delicious vegan salads (by default). Their pizza box says “eat pizza every day” and I probably would eat SP Pizza every day if I lived in Portland. Go here. Warning: it will ruin all other v. Pizza for you. Enjoy.

Pros: Always has 3 vegan pizzas ready for you, Great beer selection, Vegan cookies


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Mostly Veg
19 May 2019

Best vegan pizza ever by slice!

Awesome vegan pizza! I am temporarily staying in Portland, and this pizza made me consider moving here. They had three different kinds of vegan pizza ready for slices. I got a cut (a half slice♡) of two kinds: Great Southern Trend - Curl and Vegan Angel of Doom. They were both great! Great Southern had tofu cheese and soy curl that filled my mouth and gave creamy and chewy taste, and Angel of Doom had a great mix of spiciness from jalapeno and sweetness from pineapple. Next time I go, I will try to starve myself so I get eat more. :D

Pros: Several choices of vegan pizza by slice

Cons: Busy so sometimes need to wait for awhile


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10 Mar 2019

Vegan Options!

Although I've visited each location (except the new Hollywood location) due to their vegan-friendly, wonderful options, the East Burnside location is the one I've dined in the most. Although the options & prices have changed over the years (like most places!), I have consistently had decent to friendly service, & Sizzle Pie's vegan pizza is still my favorite pizza in Portland or anywhere else. My wife & I are moving back to the area soon & can't wait to visit--pizza, vegan or not, is simply not this good elsewhere more often than not.

Updated from previous review on 2018-06-28


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12 Nov 2018

Awesome vegan pizza

My go-to is Thunder and Lightning. This place is great.


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03 Aug 2018


Great vibe with sooo many vegan and vegetarian options for pizza, salads, and sauces. The food is delicious and the staff is very friendly.

Pros: Lots of options , Accommodating


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07 May 2016

Delicious Vegan Pizza

My husband and I came here and found it affordable and delicious. There are many options and we can eat with our non vegan family members which is a plus.

Pros: affordable, lots of variety

Cons: hard to find condiments

The Hungry Vegan

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20 Jan 2016


The pizza is great! Vegan slices are so good, your omni friends won't complain. I love it here and wish Seattle would get one already.

Pros: Great Pizza


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08 Sep 2015

Great pizza in a convenient place to Powell's

Visiting downtown Portland on foot? This is a great lunch spot. Just be sure to get there early or late, as the seating is SMALL. It's diagonal to Powell's.

Just like the larger Sizzle Pie further down the road, they always have three vegan pizzas in their "by the slice" area. Plus, dozens of other full pies they'll be happy to make for you. Staff is great and this is a quieter place than the other one, but it's very small.

Pros: Great pizza, Nice location, Quick and delicious!

Cons: No parking, Not 100% vegan, Small seating area


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06 Mar 2015

Most Extensive Vegan Pizza Options Ive Found So Far!

We've been wanting to try Jackfruit for awhile now, and when I was looking through the numerous vegan whole pie options for dinner, I found the Buffalo 666 pizza. Score. It was awesome! I wish there was a little more jackfruit on it, but still it was delish. I also wish I added pineapple, the thought slipped my mind until I was halfway home. Spicy sweet combo package would be perfect. I also grabbed the Rabbit salad. Points for each salad offering having a vegan dressing. Thumbs up. Happy to see a place you can grab by the slice too. I think they have a few vegan options each day for the by the slice option. They even have a frequent buyer punch card. Holla
Side note, I love the trippy artwork they have going on
The pizza logo reminds me of a character off Adventure time. :)

Pros: Caters To Vegans And Non Vegans Like, Good For Ent, Sticker Packs, Yummy Light Crust


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31 Jan 2015

good pizza

We had a good experience. Friday night just starting to get busy but fast service good pizza. We enjoyed our angel of doom, and let us play your party vegan slices. Kids enjoyed our vegan tots and their vegetarian cheese pizza.


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21 Jan 2015

So many options!

I find that most pizza places have the same standard veg'n options but not this place... so many pizzas to choose from!!! And really unique pizza creations! You can get it by the slice or get a whole pizza. Get the whole pizza. You won't regret it. :-P

Phil Papa

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22 Aug 2014

Vegan Options By The Slice

Great place to go if you want vegan pizza by the slice or if you are with non vegan pizza eaters. Some may find the music a little loud but I didn't mind at all. Added to the aura of the place. Across from Powell 's.

Pros: Vegan Slices, Downtown


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23 Jun 2014

Buffalo pizza!!!!

Had the vegan buffalo pizza and it did not disappoint!!! It is such a rarity to find this many vegan pizza options. Also tried the vegan buzz tots- they were super yummy too. Next time would leave off baco bits. The vegan ranch is excellent!!! If you're craving pizza I highly recommend.


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28 May 2013

Oh Sizzle Pie, where have you been all my life!

I love me some pizza pie. And this is the first place I've been with 7 vegan pies on the menu. Seven! Plus there were two fresh pies available for slices; that's unheard of! I'm stoked that they're opening another shop in Eugene... Yah! We've got some good pies here but now we'll have Sizzle Pies!

Pros: Taste, Variety


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07 Jul 2012

random topping vegan pizza

I tried the Angel of Doom- jalepenos, pineapple, cilantro, daiya, and regular marinara. It was pretty ridiculous how delicious it was. The slice was a decent size and it was $4. The environment was alright, small place, but it had good music and typography. I would visit here again.

Pros: convenient location, creative pizza creations, cheap prices

Cons: unfriendly staff, it took awhile just to get a slice


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10 Mar 2012

Good vegan pizza

I ordered the "Bad Reputation," (daiya mozzarella 'cheese' with mushrooms, onions, and black olives), as well as the "Spiral Tap" (carmelized onions spread, house marinara sauce and nutritional yeast). Both were really tasty, espiecally the Spiral Tap, which was excellent considering the sparse toppings. Both slices were 7$, definitely a bargain considering the huge slices and being vegan. Parking is a bit hard to find, but totally worth it. The setting is cool, the people are nice, if you're in Portland, come here!

Pros: Good vegan pizza, Cool setting

Cons: Parking hard to find

Lettuce Muncher

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27 Nov 2011

Tasty Vegan Pizza!

I usually don't frequent places that have vegan but serve meat (just a personal preference), but will definitely be going back here. Easy to find off the freeway, lots of different options. Their pizzas are huge, but when I went they had at least two vegan options in the case where you can buy a huge slice, or a half-slice. A slice with Daiya runs about $4.00 but is big, they heat it up New York Style, basically just reheating in the oven, but it tastes so good. They also sell full pizzas, the price might get you ($5.00 to add Daiya Cheese) but the pizza really is big. Definitely a fun place to people watch too. I recommend it!

Pros: Vegan Options, Use separate cutters, Fun to people watch

Cons: Expensive


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21 Jul 2011

So good we went back twice

I'm a veggie and I went here with my vegan husband on a trip to Portland. They sell whole pies, but also slices, and they have vegan, veggie and meaty slices available all day.
We were both very impressed with the quality of the slices. Even though they are basically just warmed up, they tasted made to order. My husband got a simple vegan cheeseless slice, which was tasty. But he also got a vegan slice with soyrizo, red onion and tofu scramble as a sort of "cheese". It was amazing, even from my perspective as a non-lover of vegan cheese. I had a white pizza with truffle oil that was outstanding. We couldn't stop thinking about it, and went back the next day before we left town. Food was equally as good the second time around (The vegan slice was daiya with veggie pepperoni and mushrooms, veggie was olives and mushrooms). All slices are $3-$4 and are very large.
In addition, they serve a wide selection of reasonably priced beers, both mainstream and micro brew. Casual seating with an outdoor patio out back. Great indie rock on the jukebox. Friendly staff. Definitely worth a visit.

Pros: vegan/veggie options, quality, price

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