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Sipz Fusion Cafe - Clairemont Mesa

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5501 Clairemont Mesa Blvd (at I-805), San Diego, California, USA, 92117

One of two locations; the second location is in North Park. Casual dining in a large space. Menu features a range of Asian style rice and noodles plates, mockmeat dishes, appetizers. Everything is vegan except for one dish (noted on the menu). Vegan sushi menu is available from 5pm. Its own bakery makes vegan treats and desserts. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-9:00pm.

Category: Vegan-friendly, Chinese, Take-out, Asian, Bakery, Fusion, Vietnamese

Reviews (37)

First Review by vixyash

Favorite Veg Restaurant in San Diego - Edit

I'm from San Diego and this place is definitely my favorite veg place I've tried in SD yet. I love their pho in particular (I get it with tofu and sliced jalapeños), but I've enjoyed almost every dish I've tried there (one thing I don't recommend is the crab rangoons). I'm not a huge fan of mock meat products so I love that most dishes can be ordered with tofu instead. I'm also in love with their awesome desserts, which are all sooo enticing sitting in the case near the front door. Even my non-veg friends and family love this place -- I come here quite often with a group of carnivorous friends and also often with my carnivorous mother. They don't even comment on the fact that there's no meat, we all just really enjoy it.

Pros: large menu, big portions, decent prices

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Not bad at all! - Edit

Went here for the first time today. Good sized portions for the entrées.
Updated from previous review on Sunday January 17, 2016

Pros: HUGE selection

Cons: Some traditional recipes are different

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Great vegetarian asian food - Edit

Central location off 805 and Clairemont Mesa Blvd. Been going here for years. Only place I know that serves vegetarian sushi (faux fish) and only after 5pm. My favorites are yellow curry, wok fried drunken noodles and thai basil. My wife loves the pan fried pot stickers.

They are very accommodating on substitutions and have long offered a free mango iced tea if you pay cash. Place gets crowded on Friday and Saturday nights, but there are quite a few tables and the food comes out quickly, so usually not much of a wait. They are open almost every day. I have gotten food from there on Thanksgiving day!

Pros: Large portions, Great parking, Reasonable prices

Cons: Can be noisy, Service not consistent

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Non Authentic & Worst Fusion - Edit

1. It's Fusion Asian, so that means even though they're very good with mimicking the carnivore dishes by using gluten mock meat,
They unfortunately alter the original sauces, preparations and cuisine completely.

1. Thai Papaya Salad:
Is served with regular soya sauce on the side....

What happened to Vegan Fish Chili sauce?!! That's the proper sauce for THAI Papaya Salad.

2. Crispy Noodle Bird's Nest Chinese dish, was replaced with these fat Mexican gluten noodles and was completely compromised. Not it's original cooking. It's very simple, stir fry.

3. Sipz is only known for the only Asian resto that offer Vietnamese Phone with vegetable broth until we discovered Phone La Jolla who can offer us the same but later hours.

4. The lettuce wrap was nothing like how it's normally prepared even with mock meat. Other non vegetarian places replace with at least non gmo tofu cubes, no msg sauce and gluten.

They can't even make this authentic enough.

5. The deep fried spicy rock salt jalapeño tofu was served with some Mexican red sauce paste.

Don't make something that doesn't represent especially the authenticity of the dish and cuisine!

Pros: Slightly Close, Happy Hours

Cons: Expensive, Nonauthentic, Boring

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The Best Restaurant in Sothern California - Edit

Sipz is it. They have Vegan Sushi after five p.m. and serve some of the best Vegan Chinese and Vegan Vietnamese food I have ever had. The prices are reasonable and the atmosphere is casual. Try the young coconuts, the caterpillar role, the soups, the appetizers like the BBQ chicken and have a great time. It is easy to get NOGO food (No garlic, no onions). Parking is easy and the restaurant is big so people rarely wait to be seated. The 'To Go Food' also works well. Service is great.

Pros: Taste of food, Service and Parking, Vegan Sushi

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Delectable if you know what to order - Edit

Been there twice, various dishes and desserts were delectable (peanut-butter chocolate brownies are insanely good), a few others were average. Friendly service; a few more servers may be needed. Would always come back here.

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Awesome Every Time! - Edit

It was our third visit to Sipz and we brought our family this time (we're hoping to convert them to a plant based diet).
The service was prompt, attentive, and friendly. All of our meals were INCREDIBLE! Our parents were very complimentary and couldn't believe they weren't eating meat. The prices were very fair for the quality and portion sizes and Sipz offers FREE mango ice teas for your party if you pay with cash, an additional value we took advantage of.
We love this place and can't wait to check out their North Park location.

Pros: Yummy, Inexpensive, Service

Cons: none, nada, zilch

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Vegan friendly - Edit

My fiance and heard about Sipz cafe about a month ago and so far we have eaten here about 6 times already. It is that good! They have Boba drinks which can be made Vegan by substituting soy milk, the waiter suggested we order the green tea boba and it is honestly the best flavor. The food is Vegetarian but it is noted which items can be made vegan, about 95% can be made Vegan. They have a hotness scale depending on how spicy you like your food. We ordered the Spicy thai fried rice and Japanese Fire noodles at an 8 once and it was the spiciest dish we had ever ate, but still very tasty. I order my rice and noodles dishes at about a 5 now though because the 8 was a little too spicy for me, but if you love spicy food then go for it. Also the crispy spring rolls are great. The service is always fast.
Depending on what you order it can get a tad pricey, for two meals, an appetizer and 2 boba drinks it is about 30 dollars but the food is well worth it.

Pros: Great selection, Very fast service, Good location

Cons: a tad pricey at times

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No AMEX - Edit

I visited Sipz on Clairemont Mesa today and found out that they do not accept American Express. Instead, I went to the Thai place in the same strip mall and had a dismal Tofu Curry.

Pros: Big portions, Huge variety, Pleasant staff

Cons: My tummy is too small to try all the gre, generic dining area

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Really Good Food - Edit

On our recent trip to san Diego we stopped by Sipz to have a bite and found it to have good chinese food. They have a lot of vegan options, just make sure to ask beforehand because some of their items are vegatarian. Well, we ended up going the next day. We had the orange "chicken", the soft chowmein and the cashew "chicken".

Pros: Vegan Friendly, Nice service

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good asian food! - Edit

This place had tons of tables, plenty of space for big groups. The food was all very good. Loved the potstickers, the bbq "pork" and the vegan thai iced tea. Service wasn't the friendliest, but everything came out as ordered. Will go back again!

Pros: food, value, large space

Cons: not friendly service

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Very good - Edit

I used to live in San Diego and found this restaurant online. It is my favorite! When ever I go back to CA I stop there and get the Thai curry "chikn" medium heat! So yummy. Even my meat eating husband loves this restaurant. Also, the mango dessert with coconut milk & peanuts is wonderful.

NOTE: the chocolate chip cookie at the registar do NOT taste good. The chocolate chips have a funny/off flavor. Not worth the money.

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Their website doesn't have their full menu. This place is amazing! All noodle dishes are incredible and there is a huge and delicious vegan sushi menu that I highly recommend. My husband and I are vegetarian and this is our favorite place! We even take our meat-eating friends here and they love the mockmeats too. Great boba teas as well.

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Nice place - Edit

Every time we visit San Diego, we go to Sipz. It's a nice place, but we're spoiled by all the vegan Thai/Asian places in LA, so while I have nothing to complain about, it just wasn't as good as others I've been to. I do like the boba drinks though! We tend to order the Vietnamese style dishes more as we get so much Thai & Chinese back home.

Pros: different types of Asian food, easy parking , boba drinks

Cons: some dishes not as good as others

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Great Thai Curry - Edit

My standard order when we go to Sipz is the veggie potstickers (they are often a bit limp - but they taste great!) and the Thai Curry! The curry has a really great flavor (it's not exactly like you'd get at a Thai place but it's equally as delicious in it's own right). There are always a few pieces of eggplant in the curry, which I LOVE. I always get it with steamed tofu (since I'm not big on mock meats and I don't like my tofu FRIED). I ALWAYS have an entire meal leftover to bring to work the next day. The first couple times I visited, I order something else and I didn't really like it as much. I think the menu here is hit and miss. The key is to find the really good stuff and then stick to it! My boyfriend LOVES the Vegan Sushi!! : O) - Oh, and it's nice to be able to get a Thai Iced tea VEGAN (with soy milk) - One thing in particular that I've ordered that I did NOT like at all was the Vietnemese noodle dish... very bland... nothing like the real thing...

Pros: Thai Curry

Cons: Some not so good items on the menu

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Sipz Vegetarian Cafe - Edit

This Restaurant is the BEST restaurant EVER! I think this because of the service, and most importantly, the food, the food is out of this world. The minute I walk in there, I get excited cause of the smell. Outside of the restaurant is a menu just to give you a sneek peek of what the restaurant is like. They have anything vegetarian, anything that you could think of, it is 100 percent vegetarian, no animal products, even to fortune cookies or choclate chip cookies don't have egg. This food is completely delicious.
I used to love oyster sauce, but I got dissipointed when I found out it was an animal product, so I couldn't eat it, but at this restaurant, the oyster sauce is soy oyster sauce, YEAH!!! This place has everything from vegetarian soup, to soy chicken, so I don't care if you live in China,
Greece, New York, or Russia, come down to San Deigo, California and stop by Sipz Vegetarian Express. This restaurant is right bt a Animal Right Theift Store that donates money to help animals, and by a comic book store.

Pros: Food, Restroom, and Food

Cons: Fish Tank needs cleaning, none, none

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Reviewer Avatar

not vegan friendly - Edit

soy chicken (that says vegan on the menu) has egg derivatives in it.

also i hear an employee quit when he/she found out there is fish sauce in some of the (supposed to be vegan)sauces

cant be trusted

Pros: nostalgia, ignorance, nice people

Cons: lies, deceit, disrespect

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went there 3x in 1 week! - Edit

fave place to go when on vacation in SD.

all the dishes we got were a hit-- my faves were the Thai curry, chinese chicken salad, & cashew chicken. kids loved the sushi, pad thai & chow mein. desserts are awesome.

but what is up with the insanely big beverages???

Pros: great food, big portions, variety

Cons: random location!, slow service

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good but not particularly healthy or fast - Edit

I've been eating regularly at this establishment for over a year. I do like the food but many of the fake "meat" items are fried and therefore not particularly healthy. Also, the service is hit and miss. I don't always get everything I order.

Pros: good tasting food, 100% vegetarian, lots of colorful people

Cons: inconsistent service, lots of fried items

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Delicious asian food - Edit

This place is great! The food is delicious. By now I've had almost everything on the menu and I've only had a few dishes that I didn't like. It's family-run and they have high standards of quality for their ingredients. They are also really nice, good people. The atmosphere is fun and quirky. The service isn't always the best but it is worth putting up with that. The food is usually pretty quick unless they are totally packed. My favorite is the pad thai noodles with mock chicken. Their boba teas are really yummy too.

Pros: yummy food, healthy options, low price

Cons: service sometimes

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Its not bad, but it aint great - Edit

I have been going there on and off for about 3 years or so and its not that I ever have anything nasty, but I never really have anything great. The prices are pretty damn good, and back before they expanded the service was incredible, but last time I went I decided it will be the last time. You know that happy light feeling you get from eating vegetarian... well it just wasnt there. After eating there expect to drink 1/2 a gallon of water to wash it all down because there is a lot of salt and its not the most healthy for you, but then again its open and serving on Christmas so not all is lost.
Overall I dont want to say dont try it because the prices are not bad so its worthy of a $25 throw-down and self evaluation, but dont expect to be wow'd either.
Great mock meat, good noodles, good exotic drinks.

Pros: mock meat, exotic drinks, price

Cons: inconsistant, lost of salt, service

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Good Noodles! - Edit

My husband LOVED this place! HUGE bowls of hot noodles and dumplings, ect. (I probably would have enjoyed it more had I not eaten a very dense "raw" lunch). You definately get A LOT of food and it seemd to be a friendly, casual atmosphere. I definately recommend it if you're a noodle-lover!

Pros: Good Noodles!, Nice Atmosphere

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Dessert - Edit

The only thing i've ever had from here is their stuffed coconut dessert and it's, by far, the best, most fun i've ever had eating dessert. It's a mix of hot and cold ingredients inside a real coconut and you can eat the coconut meat too. I have to agree with some of the other reviews about poor service though. I've been here twice and my order has only been for this dessert. It generally takes them some time, about 15 min, to bring it.

Pros: great dessert

Cons: long wait

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Terrible! - Edit

I took my mom there last week since so many people keep mentioning the place. It took forever for our order to be taken and once it was we waited sooooooooo long to get our food. Even our drinks. I had to remind them they hadn't brought my drink and when it came it was not what I'd ordered. I had to remind them about my soup and when it came it was luke warm (otherwise would've tasted good at least). My mom got so tired of waiting that she complained and they said they'd rush our order but no one came to tell us what was going on, if there was a problem or why it was taking so long. No one seemed to care. Our waiter said he didn't know anything about the food or drinks because he's new. The people next to us got their food before us and they arrived at least a half hour after we did! We were going to leave but the lady assured us our food would be right out. About another 10 minutes we had our food and my mom liked hers but mine was the chow mein and it wasn't very good. I complained at the front counter that the whole thing was a terrible experience. We got there at about 6pm (or earlier)and our food arrived just before 7pm. We waited at least 45 minutes! It was fairly busy and there were only two servers but they weren't totally packed and there were a lot of employees standing around not doing anything. They took a few charges off our bill but should have just comped the whole thing. After all that hype that San Diego has a vegan restaurant I am really dissapointed. We'll never go back. Don't waste your time.

Pros: Willing to cut bill

Cons: Slow Service, Bad Service, Food

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decent food, but very slow service - Edit

We've been going to Sipz about once a month for the last year. The food is hit-or-miss (the lettuce wrap appetizer with peanut sauce is very good, anything with "chicken" is hard and rubbery), and they rely far too much on fake meat for my taste, but it's a decent place to go when you don't feel up to cooking and cleaning.

My one big complaint is the service, which has been horribly slow whether we've been there in the evening or at an off hour when the place is nearly empty. A few evenings ago, we all went out to Sipz for sushi, and we only placed a small sushi order between the three of us, retaining a menu and telling the waiter we'd order more later. More than an hour later, he still hadn't checked in on us, so my husband had to ask the person behind the counter for the check. We were asked by that person if we wanted dessert. So we could wait another hour? We all went home still hungry and annoyed.

I've been to the Sipz Sorrento Valley location once now, and although that's in a food court, they seem to have almost the full menu that Clairemont does without the ridiculous wait times. The con there is atmosphere (a food court) and that there was literally nowhere to sit during the lunch rush, but the food was par with Clairemont, and the service much faster, of course.

Cons: tortoise-slow service

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If you're into unhealthy hydrolyzed, super sodium drenched fake meat products, this is the place for you. Nothing on the menu is fresh, nothing resembles real food, and for chinese food it just isn't that good. Plus the MSG gives me a bad headache. Just like eating at a burger king. yuck. i'd probably rather order a veggie burger at burger king, actually.

Pros: cheap

Cons: bad quality, too much msg, yucky fake meat

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My favorite restaurant - Edit

I love going here! they have great service, and a wide array of food, drinks, for all dietary needs.
The only downside is, its nowhere near my house, so its always a trip to go. I hope they open one up in hillcrest!

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Delicious, affordable vegetarian food - Edit

We ordered some sushi rolls, pho, curry chicken, and boba drinks. All were extremely delicious and filling. The only problem was our stomachs were too small to try more things. We will definitely have to go back; I wish we had one of these in Phoenix! The place was pretty busy too, with a diverse mix of customers. Very nice.

Pros: Delicious food, Good value, Very filling

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Reviewer Avatar

Best Thai Food - Edit

Sipz's food was so amazing! My friends and I all shared the Orange "Chicken", Spicy Thai Fried Rice, "chicken" Basil and their Veggie Surprise. Five Stars all around. Even their new Vegan cheesecake was a huge hit with my meat eating friend. Service was quick and very friendly.

Pros: Great food, very affordable, quick service

Cons: far from Temecula, need more location in SD

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Solid, simple food - Edit

Sipz has a large menu featuring hearty, simple Asian dishes (and some non-Asian dishes). All their entrees are under $8 and they come in portion sizes that are perfect for a single meal (though not big enough for me to have leftovers!). The food was tasty, but not superb by any means; sometimes it seemed a bit too greasy or sweet, but on a whole it was good. The service was a bit slow, especially when trying to get the check.

Pros: Value, Large menu, Friendly staff

Cons: Slow service, A bit greasy

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Tasty Asian Style Veg Place in SD! - Edit

I love Sipz for their excellent mock meat (especially chicken). The dishes are always tasteful and huge, so I always have leftovers! The drinks are delicious (yummm honeydew tea) and the desserts (mmmm banana cake) are really amazing. Unfortunately, they are so popular that sometimes the service is slow, but worth it.

Pros: Great Value, Delicious

Cons: Slow Service, Not Enough Variety

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sas78 22 Feb 2013 - I usually love the food- sometimes though the food is too salty; however, the service is becoming dreadful. I have been going to the Clairemont restaurant for over two months and the service just keeps on getting worse. It wasn't even busy today, and the service was still completely inadequate. I don't think this place can stay open soley on their good food. Attitute is everything, and they have a little too much of that going on. They need to prioritize and focus on their customers. I will not be spending anymore of my money at this restaurant.

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