Previously catering only, but now a bistro / coffee shop as of Feb 2021. Vegan bakery kitchen making cupcakes and pies, including gluten-free and sugar-free. May be possible to order & arrange for pick-up here. Open Mon-Fri 6:30am-6:00pm, Sat 8:00am-4:00pm, Sun 9:00am-4:00pm. Closed Sun.

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First Review by sparkyflute


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06 Nov 2023

Best vegan café in Houston

This was my favorite vegan café I visited in Houston. Great mac and cheese. Solid vegan breakfast sandwiches. Decent cup of coffee. Loved the decor.



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04 Nov 2023

Best vegan place we tried in Houston!

Very cute cafe with good music and a fun theme, there was a handful of refrigerators with delicious options you could take out or eat there, with the option of the staff heating it or a microwave customers could use. Their mac and cheese was to die for and their biscuits and baked treats were quite cute and delicious! It seemed like somewhere that had a loyal customer base for good reason. Would absolutely eat here again

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03 Jun 2023

If it’s a sin to eat here- then indulge

Love this place. Awesome breakfast sandwiches, great coffee and incredible desserts! Only bad thing is lack of seating but it’s because this place is so popular.

This is a great place for a quick breakfast or a lengthy decadent indulgent brunch. Sin freely, you only live once!

Pros: Desserts, Great breakfast , Great coffee

Cons: Parking , Small dine in space


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06 May 2023

Great but few nutritional data labels!

I got to see them put icing on their HUGE cinnamon rolls! Oh, the smell! Intoxicating!

Pros: Friendly service!, Great flavor! , Variety!

Cons: Can't really count carbs or calories. Few labels.


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20 Feb 2023


Lots of variety and yummy deserts I love this place and stop by every time I’m in the area


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15 Jan 2023

Never disappoints

Big on taste (and on calories). It is the perfect cheat day experience.

Pros: Everything is vegan, Everything feels homemade

Cons: Pricey (worth it)


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14 Dec 2022

Amazing bakery

Great coffee and amazing creative baked fare. We had the Mac n cheese, chicken and bacon sandwich, strawberry cheesecake and a HUGE cinnamon bun. All were absolutely delicious.

Pros: 100% vegan , Easy parking, Close to the city


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01 Oct 2022

Great vegan bakery!

Awesome vegan bakery near the border of midtown & downtown. We like to get the breakfast taco kolaches, mini cinnamon roll or a pop tart, and an oatmilk latte. Prices are reasonable. Parking out front is limited. Definitely going again!

Pros: Tons of vegan baked goods, Reasonable pricing, Friendly staff

Cons: Limited parking


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15 Aug 2022

Pecan Cinnamon rolls 😋

Everything thing was delicious. Iced oatmeal cookie and mocha cookie.

Pros: Everything vegan, Coffee

Cons: Small parking lot.


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06 Aug 2022

Yes for all sweets!

So many different bakery items and they all come in multiple flavors. The pop tarts are so amazing you can eat them cold. The cinnamon rolls are as big as like 2 fists. Great coffee and drink selection. Literally something for everyone.

Pros: Everything vegan, So many options, Outdoor seating

Cons: Parking


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06 Jun 2022

Over the moon products

My first exposure to Sinfull was when my hubby brought home a ginormous cinnamon roll from Whole Foods. It was amazing!

I found out that they had a storefront in downtown Houston. So naturally, we had to stop by for another ginormous cinnamon roll. I also bought one of their chickun pot pies and a breakfast sandwich. Both were super good. I believe we also tried their granola bars.

A few months later, we went for our 3rd and 4th visits on the same day. We tried ALL their kolaches and another breakfast sandwich. My favorite kolache was the chickun parmesan although my hubby thought this was okay. I also quite enjoyed the veggie curry kolache as well, but my hubby said this was his least favorite. My hubby’s favorite kolache was the breakfast taco, this would be my third favorite. We also got the cheeseburger kolache, the sweet n spicy kolache, and the sausage n potato kolache. Eerything tasted pretty good.

My hubby also got a pretzel bun breakfast sandwich and we would both rate it a 3.8/5. Although we still enjoyed the sandwich, the reason for our rating has to do with the contents. The sausage and bacon were distinctly from packaged brands and the egg was too crumbly. One of the ways I rate restaurants is if I could make the food myself. If I can replicate it or make a better version, then the food would be okay or good. But if I cannot replicate the yummy food, then it would be great or amazing! I value new experiences and wow factors when it comes to food. And the breakfast sandwich wasn’t as amazing as the kolaches.

Each food is individually wrapped in plastic for better transport, but this raises my concern for the amount of plastic usage. And because the cafe/bakery is geared towards shopping rather than sitting down to dine, the staff can only heat up certain foods. Which is sad if you want to eat your pot pie there.

I’m a bit disappointed with the Monkey Bread. I was expecting bananas, but it quite literally was just cinnamon ends as the description stated. But we really appreciate the pricing for most everything. Grateful for 6 big cookies for $7!! And the drinks we got were also quite delicious.

Pros: All vegan with plenty of flavors, Amazing prices for delicious food, Super nice staff

Cons: Too much plastic waste, Some food must be heated at home, Crumbly egg


06 May 2023


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21 May 2022

Vegan Kolaches !

Absolutely fantastic, love the kolaches they're my #1. Don't have much of a sweet tooth but their hand pies are also delicious


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15 May 2022

Super reasonably priced

And so many options, so much vegan sweetness. But be warned: if you’re trying to eat in, they won’t heat everything up for you that they have for purchase in the coolers. Some of it is solely for take-away, but make sure to ask because they did heat up my quiche so I could eat it right there and then and it was great.


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11 Apr 2022

Incredible food and great service

I came here for brunch today and had the breakfast sandwich - it was so good! The service was exceptional too and I’m looking forward to coming back and trying some of their baked goods too while I’m here in Houston.


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10 Apr 2022

Great breakfast

Their cinnamon roll latte is my new favorite drink. It was so delicious and comes with a tiny cinnamon with coffee. They have a refrigerator full of pre made biscuits, kolaches, sandwiches and much more. I had a the sweet and spicy biscuit which was so delicious and savory. My husband bought a kolache which was delicious as well. My friends bought the large cinnamon roll. They have nice outdoor seating as well.

Pros: Amazing lattes , Lots of options , Friendly staff

Cons: Limited parking


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16 Mar 2022

Lovely place

We walked about 50 mins to try this and it was worth it! Overall, on our visit to Texas from the UK, I would say that the vegan options are lacking, unless you go to a specific vegan place like this. It was so good. The staff were friendly, it's cute inside, and the prices are good. The food is also very tasty. I had a breakfast pretzel, mac and cheese, a hot chocolate (one of the best I've had) and of course a jumbo cinnamon roll, which I heated up there and ate. Delicious


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02 Mar 2022

Sweet place

Loved it here. It’s small but super cute. A little outside area to sit too. The pop tarts were so good. Loved the kombucha. Boyfriend got a monkey bread muffin thingy which was also very good. 👍 Loved it.

Pros: All vegan 🌱 , Friendly staff 😄, Quality sweets 💞


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12 Feb 2022

Truly Sinful!!!

The name doesn’t lie! It is vegan, but sinful! #Veganuary

Pros: Great drink choices, Delicious baked good, Reasonable prices

Cons: Parking can be challenging


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06 Feb 2022


We love this place!!! We live 3 hours away & will drive here just for the cinnamon rolls (possibly the best thing I have ever eaten). And muffins. And lattes. And cookies. And homemade pop tarts. And breakfast sandwiches. And atmosphere! Also very cute inside. #Veganuary

Pros: 100% vegan , 100% delicious


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15 Aug 2021

Great food and atmosphere

The iced coffee was amazing. We also had kolaches and some of the breakfast sandwiches, they all tasted great.

Pros: All vegan!, Good selection, Friendly staff

Cons: Tad expensive (but mostly organic)


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01 Jul 2021

Gourmet vegan bakery bistro & coffee shop

Sinfull Bakery recently expanded to storefront bakeshop ssrving gourmet baked goods, sandwiches, sides that are utterly delicious.My non-vegan friends all say the same thing when I explain the why behind the name (All of the sin, none of the guilt) - "this can't be vegan! It tastes too good." Like vegan food isn't supposed to taste good? Where did they ever get that notion?
Sinfull Bakery's goods dispel any notion of vegan food being bland or unappealing.
My favorites are the Texas sized cinnamon roll, which I buy weekly and cut into smaller portions so it'll get me thru a few days, and the Veggie Pot Pie - regular or curry flavored. Crisp yummy vegan crust, with a nice creamy sauce, and luscious locally sourced vegetables.
They sell at Farmer's Markets around town, and in some coffee shops.
Highly recommend the various kolache flavors, both sweet and savory! Favorites are the Mac & cheese, sometimes available as a muffin, the tomato cream cheese & the special event offerings like jambalaya and cheese steak. Newly added are the Cookie Bombs - Sinfull's cookies paired with fresh fruit & oatmilk into luscious made to order smoothie shakes!
As of Feb 1, 2021, opening early for morning coffees & breakfast treats. Accepts credit cards.
June 2021, open hours extended til 6pm weekends.

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Pros: excellent, great tasting, mostly locally sourced, 100% vegan, Friendly knowledgeable personnel


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15 May 2021


The cafe is comfortable and nicely decorated and the bakery is adjoining. The food is in fridges and you can get it reheated to sit and eat. We tried a breakfast sandwich and a bean burger. Both were excellent. Would definitely eat here again. Easy to park out front.

Pros: Lots of great vegan options, Friendly staff, Pleasant atmosphere


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30 Mar 2021

All of the stars!!

I was super excited to finally try this today. The staff was super helpful (I’m generally indecisive and not used to having this many vegan options) and the coffee shop was very cute. I got a monkey bread and a potato soyrizo kolache. The monkey bread was excellent and the kolache is one of the best things I’ve eaten in months. I hadn’t had a kolache in probably 12 or 13 years. FYI it says on here cash only but I paid with card.


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19 Sep 2020


Been enjoying Sinfull every time I'm in Houston from pot pies and the farmers market days to kolaches at coffee shops to just recently getting the cinnamon roll french toast curbside from their storefront! SO GOOD. Like, just decadent and perfect. Highly recommend.


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21 Jun 2020

Ahhhmazing!!!! Cinnamon roll French toast OMG

This place is so, so good!!! Poptarts cinnamon rolls, breakfast sandwiches, monkey bread, and cinnamon roll French toast (what?!)... Order online and pickup curbside! You won't regret it.

Pros: All vegan!!! Sell some of their items in Austin!!

Cons: They need more locations! :(


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28 Jan 2020


Have loved everything I’ve tried from Sinful. My favorite has to be the veggie pot pie. It’s filled with huge chunks of seasonal veg and it’s addictive!

Pros: Delicious, hearty food

Cons: Wish they had a brick and mortar


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19 Dec 2018

A M A Z I N G.

I had their peach cinnamon roll and banana bread at Houston VegFest and let me tell you. That was the best vegan dessert I’ve ever had. God, that cinnamon roll was heavenly.

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