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Non-veg delivery service with vegan soups, salads, sandwiches, wraps, and packaged snacks. Its stores closed in 2020.

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First Review by meredith


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15 Mar 2021

Soup subscription

We just received our first delivery today and thoroughly enjoyed soup for lunch and dinner! Tomato basil is amazing and vegan! Highly recommended. Several other vegan options available. Convenient local delivery too!



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13 Jan 2020

Skyway without Skywhey

There are two outposts of this cozy lift n' leave (my polite alternative to grab n' go) spot in the downtown Minneapolis skyway. For newbies to the area it can be a bit of a maze, but if you are near Target or the IDS Building walk upstairs and you are very warm. You'll be even warmer when you check out the soups here. There's vegan options scattered throughout the skyway but it's certainly not an embarrassment of riches, which makes Simpls refreshing. Everything is clearly labeled, and the vegan options aren't an afterthought. The star of the show for me are the soups. Especially on a wintry cold MInneapolis day, soups like roasted cauliflower turmeric (creamy and flavorful) or quinoa sweet potato chili are like a hug to the heart. The options change daily, but there's always a vegan one (or more). There's also a herbivorous butcher vegan protein pack (which is fine, if not exciting), a cauliflower banh mi (also fine, in the to-go case at the co-op way) & several other options. The one time I felt like I was falling in food-love here was during breakfast. I asked for a vegan option & they made something off menu, a sandwich with vegan versions of egg, bacon, cheese, and more. The cost was very reasonable (about $5) and they purposefully avoided using Herbivorous Butcher products (which are delicious, but a bit ubiquitous and it's nice to see a place coming up with something unique). The person who made it was invested in the sandwich too, it was their creation. So, not only did it leave a great taste in my mouth food wise but otherwise: I felt like this is a business that treats it's employees well and in turn the employees are happily invested and allowed to be creative.

Pros: vegan soup / sandwiches / salads / to go meals , everything labeled clearly, kind and friendly people

Cons: a homemade vegan desert would be nice , can get a bit cramped during lunch hour


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21 Jul 2019

Great catering option

We’ve ordered the steel cut oatmeal buffet for breakfast meetings a few times and it is amazing! All vegan if you want and perfectly prepared oatmeal.

Pros: Easy vegan breakfast option , Catering made easy


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10 Feb 2018

Most vegan options in the Skyway

This place has more vegan options than any place in the Skyway. They have an oatmeal bar in the morning and vegan soup options from 10:30-3:00. They also carry vegan pastries from Birchwood cafe but are limited and after 2:00 PM they are half off so they sell out sometimes. All of their coffee is organic and they can make all of their coffee drinks vegan except their Chai has honey. They also have vegan salads, snack cups, and meals. They even have a snack pack with Herbivorous Butchers cheese and jerky. There are also a ton of vegan snacks on their shelves that you would often find at your local co-op. Just ask their staff to show you some options they are super friendly and knowledgeable about their products. They are also mission based focusing on Local, Sustainable, Organic and Artisan products. This is my favorite spot in the Skyway by far! You MUST visit this place.

Pros: The most vegan options in the skyway. Extremely Fr

Cons: Can be hard to find if you are unfamiliar with the


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01 Feb 2018

SuperBowl Staple

Such good food and great choices too.
I had the Budda Bowl and Quinoa Chili almost every day for lunch. Picked up oatmeal and quinoa salad and chia pudding to take back to the hotel.
Loved the staff working here.
It’s a wonderful vegan spot in a meat and potatoes city.
Thanks for being a wonderful SuperBowl host Minneapolis.

Pros: Vegan choices, Good flavors, warm inside the skyway

Cons: Kinda of a long walk from the convention center bu


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09 Oct 2014

No vegans muffins :(

From reading reviews on other sites there should have been vegan muffins, but they only had GF (with egg, but no dairy). No pastries/breakfast vegan stuff though. They were friendly, and seemed to have a couple of other vegan things. I didn't look too well (I was in a hurry), but it might not hurt to call ahead of time.

If you're set on a vegan pastry, Go to the Angel Food Bakery where Hell's Kitchen is.

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