Restaurant specialising in traditional and contemporary Sichuan cuisine using sustainable and seasonal produce from local suppliers, organic where possible. 10-course vegan degustation available, with or without complementary wine and cocktails. Fully licensed. Transitioned to fully vegan January 2022. Open Tue-Thu 6:00pm-9:30pm, Fri-Sat 6:00pm-10:30pm, Sat-Sun 12:00pm-3:00pm. Closed Mon.

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First Review by nomnomveg


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02 Oct 2023

Fabulous yum cha

Delicious all you can eat yum cha - very reasonably priced. Luckily I don't live too close or I'd be back far to often to ge good for my waist line 😂



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01 Oct 2023

Wonderful, awesome, delicious!

We came here to celebrate our birthdays, the four of us had a fantastic feast of 10 courses for unlimited yum cha. We were full after the courses but snuck in a few of our favourite courses because they were so good. So glad we went here. It was a perfect lunch. They do vegan well here. Played great music, cool decor and good selection of drinks. Will be back for for sure, maybe for dinner. And it was very reasonable- much cheaper than a fancier vegan place with creative tasty options. There was a Sunday surcharge, but the meals were so cheap that it didn’t matter.

Pros: Creative food, Great atmosphere , Tasty, well-balanced food

Cons: Sunday surcharge


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17 Sep 2023

Impressive degustation

Had the 10-course degustation last night and it was very good. Probably a couple of courses weren’t so hot but 8 good ones. Just the right amount of food. Very interesting what they’re doing here. Would go again.

Pros: Interesting food, Value, Nice vibe


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21 Aug 2023

A few is-Shus

I was last here for an occasion just after the lockdown was lifted, and I enjoyed the funky and innovative approach to cuisine. This time we were similarly here for a special dinner and signed up for the 10-course degustation. From the time we are outer our sparkling lychee cider and served up the plate of starters (five or six of the 10 courses), which were a variety of beautifully conceived combinations of fruit or vegetable and nut or nut cheese. All of these were good or very good, with the least exciting bring the pickled cabbage combo involving a number of leafy things. The eggplant and shiitake steak were delicious, as were most of the later individual plates, although it must be remarked that, as with many degustations, there was an element of saminess to the flavors among dishes. Things started going downhill when we hit the roasted peppers, which were a bit lacklustre and planty. This also seemed to be the point at which the staff, who up to this point had been pleasant and reasonably attentive, started to rush the timing a bit, to the extent we each had three drinks on our table. While the restaurant had become busier, given that the recommended time for dining was two and a half hours, for this to be happening at the one-hour mark was not ideal. Dessert was also disappointing: a chewy panna cotta with an unexciting sauce. I’d seen much more interesting desserts on previous menus published on HC. I’d have to think about whether I’d be willing to come back again. An extra star for being completely vegan.

Pros: Largely nice food

Cons: Terrible dessert, Rushed timing of wine service


21 Aug 2023

Great in depth review. The best thing about a 10 course degustation menu are the happy cow points you can farm with the pictures. Amazing!


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05 Aug 2023

Superb vegan Degustation menu

We loved the cool ambience, attentive staff, and delicious food. Our group, which included a few non vegans, thoroughly enjoyed the 10 course degustation. The very innovative dishes were presented exquisitely. We are looking forward to returning back again to try their lunch yum cha and Shu Lanka degustation.


05 Aug 2023


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23 Jul 2023

Another excellent meal

I came here today with a vegan group for vegan yum cha on a Sunday. There were 10 courses. I loved most of them. We sat towards the back of the restaurant. The stand out for me was the lentil and pumpkin soup with a Chinese donut. But all of the flavours were good and worked well. I loved the mapo tofu too.

2021 I came here for the 10 course vegan degustation. We decided not to look at the menu and be surprised as each item came out. I really enjoyed every dish with my favourite being the plant prawn with the chilli sauce. But I actually liked everything. I thought the time between dishes was great, just right. I didn’t leave hungry but I also didn’t feel that I overate.

The decor of the restaurant was different as you moved through. We sat in a booth. The service was friendly and I would definitely go back.

I forgot to ask but I’ve noticed when I searched for their address it came up as a vegan restaurant so I will check if it is fully vegan now

Updated from previous review on 2021-11-06


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23 Jun 2023


Great food

Pros: Flavours are great


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15 Mar 2023

Look out for hidden costs

We pre-paid for the unlimited yum cha a week before dining. The food was average and not really unlimited as it's very slow to come out.

When we went to leave they hit us with an extra $27.95 surcharge.

We were never told about the surcharge until the very end when we were leaving. The owner said it was listed on the website but we couldn't find it when we looked after the event. And we didn't book through the website anyway. We booked over the phone with the owner directly. He knew which day we were booking for but never mentioned the surcharge.

It's fine to charge extra if you need to pay your staff extra for Sunday's or public holidays. But why not add it on originally when we pre-paid? To not even tell us when we book and to just spring it in is as we leave is just dishonest

$55 per head was pushing our limit for what we were getting anyway. If we knew about the surcharge we probably would have gone somewhere else. But the dishonesty of the owner, not telling is until we were leaving, robbed is of that option.

Pros: Average food

Cons: Hidden charges not revealed til after dining


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14 Mar 2023

Be Prepared to Suffer after Dining (One Star)

Warning: Do not dine at this restaurant if you value quality food and an establishment run by someone with dignity and integrity.

If you’re tempted to book either the Unlimited Dim Sum (1) or 10 Course Degustation (2), beware and please reconsider.

The first is so lacklustre that no respectable Asian (especially from Hong Kong) who appreciates Yum Cha/Dim Sum would ever be caught dead dining there.

The second is so pitiful that you will need sustenance after, while paying an exorbitant amount per person for a poor imitation of a “Degustation” experience.

If you want subpar, unimaginative food that requires a lot of chilli or other flavourings in order to be edible – then Shu Restaurant is the one for you.

Be prepared to pay unforeseen costs that are undeclared/not listed ie card surcharge & Sunday surcharges 10%, for a superficial “fusion” atmosphere and food that can make your belly curl (and not in a nice way).

In the experience of this reviewer/human behaviour specialist, the owner Shu was found to be unscrupulous, manipulative and a liar who only values money.

Forget about customer service, making customers aware of extra charges or even taking responsibility/accountability for his own mistakes.

You will be blamed and you will be unreasonably charged for the privilege of being served food, for it is your privilege for even going there at all.

Updated from previous review on 2023-03-14


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25 Dec 2022

Solid date night

Had the 10 course degustation.

First and foremost the experience at Shu is overall extremely enjoyable. The decor is so amazingly unique and I love the overall feel of the restaurant. The food is equally unique and it definitely creates an experience you won't find anywhere else.

As for the taste of the food generally everything is pretty good. Some dishes are better than others but some highlights include the mushroom skewers and eggplant on the Chinese donut. The food overall is probably slightly less enjoyable than other comparable priced set menus around but I think the uniqueness and unbelievable variety of culinary techniques on display make Shu well worth it.

Only slight downside I have is it probably takes slightly too long to get through the degustation, roughly 2 hours and 15 minutes but if you enjoy not being rushed in the slightest this is the place for you.

I also would appreciate it if there was a couple non alcoholic drink options, especially a nice non alcoholic beer but to most people that won't matter too much.

Highly recommend Shu for a nice night out with an experience you won't get anywhere else


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20 Feb 2022

The perfect date night

We went to Shu for our 1 year anniversary and had the 10 Course Vegan Degustation along with the matching wines and cocktails. The food was incredible and beautifully presented, each dish was like a work of art. The two girls who served us were friendly and helpful. Overall, a fantastic night out. Would highly recommend for a special occasion!

(Note - there were a couple more dishes in addition to those included in this review that I didn’t get photos of)

Updated from previous review on 2022-02-20

Pros: Fully vegan options, Degustation has matching wine package, Great service

Cons: Expensive


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26 Jan 2022

Impressive Food - Painfully Slow Coming Out Of The Kitchen

My wife and I tried the Vegan 10 course degustation menu for the 6pm sitting as it looked inventive and full of flavour which isn't a given with a Vegan menu. It was also nice to see a degustation menu available as we are true foodies and it's hard to find one that is appealing with the parameters of the dietary requirements. We don't drink alcohol so just opted for sparkling water refill option which was 10 dollars and fair when you are about to embark on 10 courses. The building is nice and a little bit of a mish mash and no air-conditioning that we could feel so it was slightly uncomfortable with it being 30 degrees outside. There were some cool options on the menu with punchy Asian flavours and the first few courses came out a reasonable pace. They were very enjoyable and the only thing that didn't really work was the cheap pre-packaged wasabi that you would get in any old sushi place. It didn't work very well with the aesthetic of something that is usually aligned with fine dining. Also, the salad leaves on one of the courses were old and I just felt like someone was choosing costs over quality and that was a letdown. Towards the end and on the latter courses, we waited for 45 mins between a course and eventually received our spinach noodles. When they are light courses, I think you can't go beyond a 20–25-minute wait in between and as soon as people arrived at the bar area near the open kitchen the standard dropped significantly. We ended up transitioning from a discussion about how good the food was to when is the next course coming and the babysitter has just racked up another few dollars. All told, everything took 3 hours and with the amount of food and the lack of any serious technical ability required it should have been done in half that. There was only one other couple in our area, and they were equally put out (if not more). We simply can't go back and the waitress highlighting the 'tip' option added insult to injury. There's a time and a place people and this is not the US, your employer pays you. Also, there is a surcharge on credit cards, but that is probably common. It was all a bit ironic as the restaurant warns you that you will have a max time allocated of 1 hr and 45 mins. The problem is that isn't possible with the kitchen being outrageously slow. A real shame as the menu and execution are close to perfection. Too big an issue for us and we won't be back.

Updated from previous review on 2022-01-25

Pros: Great Food, Impressive Flavours, Great Variety

Cons: Way to slow , No Aircon, Woeful House Music


26 Jan 2022

I think you have to be careful when making assumptions about the pay of hospitality staff.


26 Jan 2022

I am going on what’s enforceable by law. It’s a review based on my experience and opinion. Not really interested in a debate. Do you tip a retail assistant when you buy shoes?


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13 Jan 2022

Now fully vegan

This is now a fully vegan restaurant.
We had the 10 Course Degustation and every dish was a delight.
I have been vegan so long it was hard to believe that it’s level of fine dining is now available for us in a full vegan restaurant.
Deserves 5 stars

Pros: Interesting and inventive food , Friendly and helpful staff , Funky atmosphere


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01 Jun 2021

Amazing degustation

Would definitley recommedn going for the 10 course degustation. It was definitely worth the price and had so many different flavours and new ways of cooking. Be warned it is a bit spicy as its sichuan food. I went with a group of 8 omnis and they all loved

Menu was slightly different thwn what was on line and they regularly chnage aspects.


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11 Jun 2020

My favourite restaurant in Melbourne

I can't recommend the vegan degustation from this place more! I went here quite a few times while I was in Melbourne for both the 10 course and the 5 course experimental night. Really affordable and you leave feeling just right not too full or too hungry! The flavours are incredible but make sure you like spicy food because a few times I took friends who couldn't handle the heat but just gave me more! The potato pancake is the standout dish I will remember forever. The setting is really funky with awesome lighting, kung fu films playing on a large screen with good music and coat hanger sculptures. The staff always remembered me and were super lovely, the food is presented so beautifully but doesn't lose any points for flavour. An absolute must!


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13 Feb 2020

Creative and innovative combinations

We went for the experimental 5 course night. Without the burden of making any choices we were presented with beautifully plated creations.
The dishes were experimental, and some worked better than others.I loved the pancake:fluffy with flavoursome soft eggplant and aeoli. The cone looked so interesting but I'm not sure the smokey tofu worked for me, with the sweet undertones.
It was a good amount of food without being too much.
Service was friendly, good selection of drinks and funky interior!


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30 Nov 2019

Amazing vegan degustation

The food was delicious, really creative dishes with lots of flavour. We had the 10 course vegan degustation and the first course seemed really small but then the rest of the dishes were much bigger and I left feeling full. The vegan cheesecake with avocado and passion fruit to finish was amazing, really creamy and a large serving. I had a big pot of tea which was a nice option if you don’t want to drink alcohol. Also the service was really nice too, everyone was friendly and prompt with the dishes. They also have bigger tables so it would be a great place for a group dinner. I would definitely go here again.

Pros: The food! Lots of flavour., Great service and friendly staff, Nice vibe and decor


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02 Oct 2018

Great Sichuan food

Funky restaurant with great variety across their vegan degustation. I'm not sure I would call it 10 courses when the first 3 and second 3 courses come out together on the one plate, but all the food was tasty and creative. The vegan cheese and the sauces on each dish were the highlights. Dessert was bland and a disappointing finish. Service was lacklustre. A couple of requests were made when I booked, both of which were supposedly no problem but neither was honoured. Decent price, would recommend.

Updated from previous review on 2018-10-02


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04 Apr 2017

Delicious Degustation

We booked for a vegan degustation and we were not disappointed - 10 courses of excellent Sichuan dishes. On the downside they had run out of vegan wine - but they did have a good range of beers.
Good service from the busy staff but the decor and lighting are very harsh with hard surfaces everywhere which echo the (not very appealing) music.

Pros: Vegan degustation, Good service

Cons: Harsh decor and lighting


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16 Aug 2015


The Vegan Degustation would have to be one of the best value special occasion or "treat yourself" feasts around. It is well thought out, beautifully presented and delicious.

The decor is quirky industrial and the atmosphere friendly and relaxed. The service is excellent.

Would happily make a return visit.


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15 Aug 2015

Vegan degustation!!!

Have eaten here twice and had the Vegan degustation both times, a set menu of 10 to 12ish varied dishes that changes from week to week, while still retaining some regulars. The Vegan degustation is available from wednesday through to sunday nights and is well worth checking out. Service is very genuine and friendly, food is served very promptly, parking is generally very close and easy.

Pros: Flavour, Variety, Service


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04 Aug 2015

hidden little gem

read a lot of vegan blogs about this place so i decided to go in with a few friends. oh my the place is decored with neon and industrial material and we had not thought of anything cooler than the combo. we had the 12 course vegan degastation. AMAZING FOOD. its fusion sichuan using local seasonal produce with beautiful plating. Highly recommend this little gem!

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