Vegan Japanese restaurant est. 2008 on the third level of downtown's Little Tokyo Shopping Center which has parking. The menu features a variety of refreshing beverages and vegetable sushi rolls, plus salads, ramen, seitan entrees, and other creations. Intimate setting. Open Tue-Wed 5:30pm-9:30pm, Thu-Sat 5:30pm-10:00pm, Sun 12:00pm-10:00pm. Closed Mon & Thur.

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19 Sep 2023

Straight up fire!

This little gem right here is worth going to. Next time I’m in LA I will definitely be going back. Japanese vegan restaurant in Downtown LA. Vegan, Gluten-free, Macrobiotic, Organic??🔥 Everything I had was good. The service was great, even the menu with the drawn happy animals shows how cutesy vegan this place is.

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Pros: The wall of hearts for photo opts, The food is good, Overall vibe

Cons: On the expensive side for the amount of food, Wait time = plan ahead… reservations 👌🏿, Looks fancy, if you don’t like that sort of thing



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06 Sep 2023

So good! Must try their tasting menu

Loved their tasting menu. Everything was bite sized so you won’t get overly full. And the tastes were great. Highly recommend!!


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14 Aug 2023

Excellent vegan sushi

We got the tasting menu and it was phenomenal. Best vegan sushi I've had. Lots of interesting flavors and textures.


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03 Aug 2023

Interesting menu and great service

Promising menu but I don’t think I’d order the ramen again. The “egg” they add is interesting but not all that egg-like. The service is lovely!


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31 May 2023

Best sushi

Best sushi I’ve had. It’s not cheap, but it’s worth the price. The flavors are all there. My favorites are baked crab cake roll and the spicy baked scallop roll.

Pros: Fresh, Flavorful, All vegan


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08 May 2023


This place is very near and dear to me and my family’s heart’s

I ate here so much with my first son that they ended up creating a “baby ramen” that I could specially order.

The staff became family to me.

My first date with my wife was here. The night that changed my life forever. We now have 4 children together, who over the years all got to fall in love with some Dragon rolls.

Everything about this place is special. The service. The ambience. Everything.

You can’t go wrong when ordering here. Everything is sensational.

The cleanest most delicious vegan Japanese in the world.

I even shot a scene in one of my films here, called “the ever after” with my wife Teresa Palmer.

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27 Apr 2023


I had dinner there last night with my girlfriend and it was amazing. The second you cross the threshold to the restaurant you leave a mall and enter into a unique ambience filled with amazing food, great service and delicious cocktails.
Please visit this restaurant and experience the fun of vegan sushi. It will be well worth your time!

Pros: Service, Food, Mocktails

Cons: None


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01 Apr 2023

Perfect hidden gem

This is a lovely organic, all vegan, Japanese macrobiotic style restaurant, tucked up inside a mall near Little Tokyo. The food is quite good, changes seasonally, and the service is outstanding. It’s quiet and clean. And they use miso but no table salt, so nothing is too salty!

Pros: All vegan and salt free, Staff and service are wonderful, Really excellent food but not pretentious

Cons: With drinks,dessert, tasting menu, it’s a splurge


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11 Mar 2023

Fantastic Japanese Vegan

This review is way overdue as we ate there a few years ago ... sorry to the universe! We had a great meal in this tiny and somewhat odd Japanese restaurant in a mall and behind a curtain! The food was authentic and creative and delish.


Cons: mall


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15 Jan 2023

Super tasty sushi

Very yum but quite expensive and the decor is pretty dated. But I’d recommend for a date night


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11 Jan 2023

Best vegan sushi

Celebrated here with my family. I’m the only only vegan but they were all impressed. The food was delicious. I’ve had other vegan sushi but this has been the best v sushi I’ve had so far.

Pros: Fresh & clean ingredients , Creative/beautiful art like dishes , Delicious

Cons: Location


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05 Jan 2023

Absolutely incredible

Can’t say enough good things about this place. The sushi is phenomenal and a great date night meal

Pros: Incredible variety, Amazing flavors

Cons: Expensive


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11 Nov 2022


Went here for our anniversary and it was so nice! So flavorful. Definitely can't wait to come back!


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29 Oct 2022

Vegan Perfection!

So much Love is put into everything Shojin is and stands for! Vegan delights packed with nutrients. Incredible! Amazing! Such an Awesome Staff! Arigato Gozaimasu


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22 Oct 2022

Pricey for below average taste

Had the tasting platter with 11 different dishes. 60% of it was bland. Most dishes were so small that I wasn’t even sure if that is garnish or a “dish”
I also ordered the pumpkin donut as a dessert which was also really small and lacking in flavor.
They were really nice, but me paying 80$ for one person and then leaving hungry doesn’t justify it.
I went afterwards to the place next door to get a cup of rice because they closed the kitchen already. Not so cool


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16 Oct 2022

Loved it

Can't wait to go back when in LA again.


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11 Oct 2022

Wonderful dining experience

The decor, vibe and food are all wonderful. My partner had been once before and insisted we go back.

Pros: All vegan , Wonderful food , Dining experience


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08 Oct 2022

Wonderful dining experience

We did the tasting menu and it was divine. I don't really consider myself a foodie or anything but this was definitely next-level stuff. Not exactly cheap but super high quality and a really lovely experience all around. I hope to go back at some point for sure

Pros: Elegant cuisine


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02 Sep 2022

Absolutely amazing!!!

Vegan, Gluten Free and made with love.
Spectacular, spectacular. One of the best meals/dining experiences of my life. Can’t wait to go again!

Pros: Everything is gluten free , All plant based, Made with love

Cons: No cons


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24 Jul 2022

One of my favorite restaurants in all of LA

I love this place! Vegan sushi is definitely my all-time favorite food and although this place doesn’t do vegan “seafood“ sushi it’s still so good. Everything is organic, healthy and delicious. I love to order the spicy and crunchy platter with a Saturday night fever roll, and a mushroom miso. The staff is so sweet and polite and really treat you like royalty. It’s a little on the pricey side but totally worth it!


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15 Jun 2022

Not the best sushi place

The atmosphere of the restaurant is very intimate and I loved that. The sushi itself left something to be desired. We ordered takeout and waited for over 2 hours. We were allowed to come sit inside and were given a free drink which was nice but the food was not worth the wait.


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21 May 2022

My favorite restaurant in the world

I've been going to Shojin since early college (2007 or 2008ish?) when the head of my Japanese department at CSUN, also a vegan, recommended it. It is my favorite restaurant in the world. I've taken loved ones, colleagues, first dates, friends and anybody who will accompany me there. Their employees are always so friendly and, while we aren't intimately close, over the years I've become familiar with and fond of many of them. I moved away during the pandemic and so haven't seen them in a while, but very much looking forward to having a homecoming meal.

The dessert chef Kie is phenomenal. She makes a green tea mousse that can literally make me cry, which includes inside it mochi and red bean, as well as coconut cream. Emotionally, I can't handle that mousse, but I eat it every time it's available nonetheless, because the pain it inflicts on my soul hurts way too good. She had her own dessert shop, Pomegranate, for a while which unfortunately didn't work out (I blame the location), but I believe she still (hopefully) creates her amazing desserts for Shojin. She also used to make ice cream at pomegranate that was to die for, which you could buy by the pint, and I seem to recall seeing it making an occasional special appearance at the restaurant. Additionally, she's known for her very little cookies, which are pleasantly understated and linger with you if you let them and don't just gobble them down. The sesame is one of my faves.

Shojin is the first place I found that destroyed any notion that vegan sushi couldn't be just as good as or better than non-vegan. Their sushi rolls are masterpieces and they are the OGs. Right before we left LA we ordered a ton of sushi for my boyfriend's birthday. Early pandemic they were personally driving around LA delivering food to people all over the city. We were in North Hollywood! That's a drive and these people are total love. We tried to make sure to order a lot to make it worth it. It was a memorable day.

They really understand flavor and texture and quality of ingredients. There are a lot of great vegan Japanese restaurants around the world now, but Shojin still leads the pack. The only one I've found that's on par (imo) is New York's Michelin-starred Kajitsu, which offers a totally different experience from Shojin, in the sense that they cannot be compared head to head, and each one can excel in its own lane.

I love this restaurant and will always love this restaurant.

Updated from previous review on 2022-05-21

Pros: Best Japanese sushi, Best desserts, Green tea mousse

Cons: Nothing. It's worth every penny.


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04 May 2022

This is THE BEST Vegan restaurant in LA!

Try the spicy ‘scallop’ roll, the soft ‘crab’ rolls (mu absolute fav) and…well, everything is amazing. Owner and staff are SO nice. They make you feel like family! Been going here for about 14 years!

Pros: Something for everyone, Drinks are great (they have non-alcoholic too), The staff cares


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10 Mar 2022

Best Vegan Sushi Ever

Sick of avocado and cucumber rolls? This place is for you. Great date spot sorta weirdly placed in a mall.


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30 Jul 2021

Most formal vegan restaurant experience..

We had just arrived in L.A. and saw that the only vegan restaurant open was Shojin. We were incredibly thankful to have found somewhere to eat after travelling. I had never been to Little Tokyo and I absolutely loved it.

You are immediately greeted and treated like a guest in a Japanese home, very respectfully. My chair was pulled out for me and my coat was taken. I had the best vegan sushi I had ever had. The pot stickers were delicious to start our meal.

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Pros: Formal Dining Experience, Friendly Staff, Large Menu

Cons: Pricey


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07 Jul 2021

So good!

Everything is vegan and gluten free! I was in heaven! Everything I tried was delicious. It is a pretty intimate setting so it would be great for a date!


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10 Jun 2021

Pretty but miss the mark

Considered one of the best vegan restaurants in LA. The presentation was pretty but they relied on frying more than I would like. There were small problems that one wouldn’t expect from an expensive restaurant. Requiring a minimum 20% tip seems excessive.

Updated from previous review on 2021-06-03

Pros: Pretty presentation

Cons: Expensive, Napkins smelled, Too greasy

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