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Spacious and quiet place. Taiwanese influenced vegetarian menu. Possibly uses dairy in wheat bread, chai, and some desserts - ask. Try the seitan burger or soy pork cutlet with rice and salad. No garlic or onion. Open Mon 11:00am-6:30pm, Wed-Sun 11:00am-6:30pm. Closes 1st and 3rd Wednesdays.

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First Review by Vegeiko


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31 Jul 2023

good food but other restaurant is better

same restaurant and different location but this one only open until 6:30 and has less meals to offer but still was really good😄no english menu

Pros: really good



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26 Nov 2022

Cute little place

Really cheap healthy and decently big meal. Most of the menu is vegan only a few items like the burgers had dairy in them


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29 Feb 2020

Cute place with a lot of Tofu dishes

I was very surprised by so many creative and vegan dishes!


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20 Nov 2017


We walked around 15mins to arrive this place from JR. The fried beef steak rice was crispy and the curry hot pot was not spicy and good taste. We wanted to stay here longer. However, I had a train to catch. I hope that to enjoy the food in this place on the next time.

我們大約用了15分鐘由和歌山站走此餐廳。我們點了炸牛排飯,餃子及咖喱藥膳火鍋。 炸牛排飯非常香脆可口,而咖喱火鍋一點都不辣也不會太濃烈,味道清淡但有咖喱的味道,我很喜歡!


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07 Jul 2016

Delicious and friendly

The food was great and the staff were very helpful. I managed to get some tips,about surviving a few weeks in Japan as a vegan. There is a little shop too, where I bought some vegan curry roux which my friend then made up the next day. It was great. You can buy soy meat there too.
Try the dandelion coffee,very interesting!
Easily walkable from the station and easy to find.

Pros: Delicious, Easy to find, Shop with tasty items to make yourself

Cons: Closed at 6:30pm!


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24 Aug 2015

Lovely Everything

We called an hour before their store opens just to confirm if they're still on business and if they have an option for non-onion vegetarians. Then they asked if we'd like to make a reservation and so we did. Hadn't we made a reservation, we might have waited outside because they were quite full-packed that day (a Saturday lunchtime).

Because of their wonderful food (I'd recommend the "fish" stick, our favorite) and service, my husband and I spent a wonderful weekend date at Wakayama. :3

Will definitely eat there again. (^O^)
Updated from previous review on Sunday August 23, 2015

Pros: 100% onion-family-free menu, grocery area (that also sells vegan mayo!), warm staff, good service, has parking space

Cons: No English menu (yet)


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27 Mar 2015

Convenient, great vegan food in Wakayama

On a trip to Wakayama, my girlfriend and I decided to check this place out for lunch after having a look at the castle. It was quite conveniently located about half way between the JR station and the Castle (about a 10 minute walk from either). And a short walk from the nearest bus stop (Mikimachishintori).

The front of the building was quite stylish and impressive, and as we entered, we found the same to be true of the inside. The main instrument of decoration was the humble gourd. While an interesting choice, it was pulled off very well.

We sat down, and began perusing the menu that was in the table. The menu was all in Japanese, but mostly had pictures to help out. The server who took our order, while far from fluent, had enough English for us to confirm that all of the mains (but not all of the desserts) were vegan. In the end we both ending up having "Today's Lunch set", one with a "mince" cutlet, the other with a "ham" cutlet. Shortly afterwards we both received a small cup with some kind of spiced brown sugar beverage, which was a nice touch.

When the meals came, they were very artfully presented with four small portions of salads, rice, the cutlets, and soup. All the food was delicious, though the "ham" cutlet was definitely superior to the "mince".

Afterwards we had drinks (included in the set). I had a caffeine free coffee, which I didn't think was fantastic, but then I'm hardly a coffee person.

Overall, the experience was excellent. The location is very convenient, the food was great, it was quite cheap, and the environment was superb. If you're in Wakayama city for lunch, this is definitely the place to go.

Pros: Great Location, Great food, Beautiful Environment

Cons: Not all desserts are vegan

Ureshii Ushi

Points +21

03 Mar 2015

Vegetarian, not shojin or vegan.

I visit there frequently. The food, atmosphere, and service are great. The prices are reasonable.

However, they are neither shojin (Japanese Buddhist vegetarian cuisine) nor vegan. Their whole wheat bread contains butter and chai comes with cream if you do not speak up.

The owners are Japanese, but belong to a Taiwanese religion, so the menu does have both Japanese and Taiwanese offerings, as well as mostly vegan modern takes of Western food. They do a lot of fake meat stuff. The soy ham and the seitan karaage (Chinese friend chicken) were good, while the fake baked fish and fake deep friend shrimp, and nabemono were excellent. I also l had a deep friend corn burger that was OK, while a friend of mine liked her seitan burger a lot.

Unfortunately, to appeal to the modern Japanese palette, there is a heavy emphasis on deep fried food. Also, the Chinese, Japanese, and Western vegetable stocks they sell are very high in sodium.

They opened a new restaurant in a different location last month that is bigger than the 10-year original and that stays open until 21:00, last order at 20:30. It has ashiyu (foot baths) in the bake and you can eat while soaking your feet.
Updated from previous review on Monday March 02, 2015

Pros: Atmosphere, Taste, Service

Cons: Whole wheat bread made with butter, Chai comes with cream, Overemphasis on deep fried food


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28 Sep 2014

hard without japanese

There is no English menu and the staff don't speak much English. We guessed using the photos and I followed the happy cow recommendation of the fried cutlet with rice and salad, which was good though the cutlet could have used some sauce or at least salt (for my western taste, I guess). Most of The dessert items are not vegan, the ice cream sundaes are dairy but they had some vegan options available so be sure to specify.


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05 May 2014

Visited several times

Beautiful, well prepared vegan and vegetarian food. Offers both lighter snacks, sandwiches and complete dishes. Friendly staff. Moderate prices. Higly recommended if you visit Wakayama.


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14 Aug 2013

Great vegetarian treat in Wakayama

We had soy pork cutlet, together with soy sauce and Japanese raddish dippings, salads, brown rice and some taiwanese soy ham. Absolutely amazing cuisine!
I even go to this place from my city, Osaka, it takes me about an hour by highway but this place is worth for it. You may need a car or hire a taxi to get this place, Wakayama city has not much public transportation system....

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