四季菜彩 のん, at 和歌山県西牟婁郡白浜町堅田878-45, is a 20-minute walk from Shirahama station. At lunch and dinner it offers one meal called "shojin-gozen." Sit in a tatami mat room or at the counter. Jun 2018 reported fully vegan. E-mail: islandrivcircle-shojinryorinon@yahoo.co.jp. Open Mon 11:00am-2:00pm, 6:00pm-9:00pm, Wed-Sun 11:00am-2:00pm, 6:00pm-9:00pm.

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First Review by Teruru


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17 Aug 2023

Only open lunch hours now

They are only open at lunch hours now, so 11.00-14.00.

This is really a secret gem and a must if you are in this part of Wakayama. Delicious food and a super nice chef.

Pros: Easy to talk to the chef, Good atmosphere , Hand-made decor (by the chef)

Cons: There's a fish tank there



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Mostly Veg
18 Nov 2018

tasty, fresh and lovely

The staff was awesomely friendly and explained everything. They offered us the lunch menue with a nice variety of small vegan dishes. every dish was so tasty! It was so lovely prepared! the umeboshi tea afterwards was sweet and fit perfectly to the cake we got. it was unbelievable refreshing! everybody felt satisfied and very happy during waiting, eating and also afterwards! thank you so much for the nice chat, the feeling, the cozy tatami room, the fitting music, the smile, the taste and the whole athmosphere.
it will always stay a very positive memory for all of us.
Best wishes from Germany and Tokyo/Yokohama.

Pros: variety of many little different dishes , everything was so tasty and fresh , very very friendly staff

Cons: too far away from tokyo and germany :)


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02 Jun 2018

Delicious Shojinryori!

*Vegan Monk Food Restaurant- No meat* phone: 0739206158 We drove from the beach in Shirahama to this restaurant, and thanks to google maps it was easy enough to find. It’s in a residential area with not much else around except for mountains and rice paddies. We got the ¥3,000 dinner set which had a small starter, a big tray of little dishes, tempura, aubergine with dengaku sauce, and the last dish was a yummy kinako dessert with coffee. The food was so good and cooked by a former Koyasan monk. The owners are super nice and had loads of good recommendations for our trip.

Pros: All vegan, Plenty of food to fill you up, Great atmosphere

Cons: Might be hard for some to find


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30 Apr 2018

Amazing food and service

I'm not sure why this place was listed as non-vegetarian. I checked with the owners when I went there and they assured me there are no animal ingredients of any sort in their food. I speak Japanese fluently so I talked to the owners for a long time and the chef told me his history and experience. The chef is a former Koyasan monk (born and raised) so he told me he had never even tried mayonnaise until he found the vegan type made by Japanese brands. Not all Japanese monks are vegan, but this guy is!
Anyhow, I went to this restaurant last year in August and the food was delicious. I ordered the lunch set and there was so much food to eat, despite the reasonable price. I live in Nagoya but I wish I could go back because I want to eat there again.

Pros: Delicious food, Reasonable price, Beautiful decor

Cons: Sort of far/confusing to get to


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08 Mar 2018

Great food and service

I had the shojin gozen lunch. Food was delicious and the service was great. The staff is friendly and speaks English well. I do recommend this place.


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30 Apr 2017

Special Vegan Dinner Course

I went here with my husband's family on a trip near Adventure World last February 2017. They are all non-vegetarians but they wanted to have a vegetarian dinner with me so we all went to Shiki Saisai Non which was luckily very near our hotel.

Of course my husband called first to make a reservation for five people. My husband clarified that one (me) is a strict vegetarian who also doesn't eat vegetables from the Allium family.

Dinner came and they were so nice and warm and served me a strict vegan monk food. I think the cook is/was a monk and a cook at my favorite temple in Koyasan.

The whole dinner course had simple taste but very delicious and satisfying. We ate a lot but it didn't feel heavy at all. It was a wonderful experience for me for it gave me some ideas on how to cook some vegetables too.

I'd love to come back here if I get a chance to go to Shirahama again.

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