Serves meat, vegan options available. Ethiopian cuisine typically includes a range of vegetable and legume dishes that are vegan suitable. Here the kitchen also offers tofu and labels what's vegan. Holds vegan cooking classes. Open Mon-Sat 11:00am-9:00pm.

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First Review by kenvegan


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20 Jun 2023

Soooo easy

Super easy to eat vegan, veggie platter and tons of options. Menu is a bit simplied for people not very acquainted with Ethiopian food.

Updated from previous review on 2023-06-20

Pros: Easy to eat veg, Suuuuuper veg friendly, Friendly staff

Cons: Simplified



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24 Feb 2023

True 5 Star

Sheba is a great place for family, a nice evening with a date or just a good meal/treat for yourself. Love this place. I've been a regular for almost 10 years now. I highly recommend!

Pros: Vegan Sampler, Vegan sides, Excellent customer service


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18 Sep 2022

Never disappoints!

I love this place so much! The folx that own it are so sweet and friendly and everything is always delicious.

What I love most is that the food is nowhere near as oily as it often is at other Ethiopian restaurants.

Insider tip: order the gluten free injera to get the real deal, 100% teff.

Updated from previous review on 2021-07-02

Pros: Delicious food, Warm staff, Great price


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28 Mar 2022

Great vegan Ethiopian food

5 stars! Most of the menu is vegan.

Pros: A whole vegan menu , Food is delicious and big plates , Great friendly service!


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22 Feb 2022

My fav Ethiopian

This is my favorite Ethiopian restaurant in the DC area. The food is delicious and they give you tons of it! Specify the vegan platter if you’re not getting a specific dish, as I discovered the vegetarian platter is not 100% vegan (there is egg white in something!)

Pros: Delicious


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20 Jan 2022

Get the injera crisps!❤️

The greens on the vegan sampler were the best I've had anywhere and the salad had a very refreshing vinaigrette. The sambusas we're flakey and the sauce that comes with is good but the lentils are sorter than other places but the lentils fall out less because they are soft.
Not my favorite but would go again for convince.

Pros: Fair vegan options , Ingera crisps (garlic)

Cons: Kinda pricey


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03 Feb 2021

Consistently good

I’ve been getting the vegan sampler from here for about 3 years. Never disappointed in the flavor or service. Occasionally one item from the sampler is forgotten but it’s still plenty of food. They have 100% teff injera for those who want it


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08 Aug 2017

Favorite spot for Ethiopian food in the DC area

Sheba Ethiopian is my go-to for Ethiopian food in the DC area. I order the same thing every time - the vegan sampler. It comes with about 8 different dishes including lentils, eggplant, beets, cabbage, and salad. The injera is wonderful and the coffee is great. They can make traditional coffee, but let them know at the beginning so they have time to roast it properly. Sometimes they would tell me that the coffee was not available. I joined their member program and would receive e-mail coupons 4-5 times a year for 20% off. The restaurant is never crowded and the staff are friendly. It is located in a small strip mall on the border of Rockville and North Bethesda close to Mom's Organic Market.

Pros: excellent food, clearly identified vegan options, rewards program

Cons: sometimes cannot do a traditional coffee ceremony


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26 Sep 2016

It's Nice

This restaurant has a lot of vegan options, and it's reasonably priced. If you are new to Ethiopian food, this might be a good place. For someone who is more acquainted with this food, the food here might not compare to other Ethiopian restaurants.

Pros: Lots of options, reasonably priced

Cons: Food not as good as other Ethiopian places


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10 Aug 2015

Still there

Since the last review for Sheba was posted over a year ago, this is to note that they are still there and still offer the vegan sampler as well as lentil sambusa. The food is very good although it is very basic and maybe not quite as well done as some of the Ethiopian restaurants in Silver Spring or DC. The service is always very attentive and pleasant.

Pros: Good vegan sampler, Very reasonably priced, Pleasant atmosphere


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13 Apr 2014

Acceptable fare

Rockville is by no means a center for Ethiopian food, so it is welcome to have this restaurant in the area. However, food is food, and one must be honest.

The food is the same as other Ethiopian restaurants, nothing special, except that unlike many of them, they do note there is a vegan sampler. They also have vegan lentil sambusas, a beet salad (vegan) and a vegan broccoli appetizer. The sambusas had a bitter dark berbere sauce for dip. They'd be fine without the berbere dipping sauce, but the sauce moistened it a bit. The broccoli was rather salty and just tasted like steamed broccoli with some salt, oil and red pepper flakes - not worth the price.

With that said, it was comforting that they had a vegan sampler. The choices were standard fare for Ethiopian, with one exception: eggplant (bedergan)! That was a fun addition, but the flavor is just like other Ethipian dishes flavored with berbere and onions. The cabbage had a weaker flavor than I prefer, but I am glad it wasn't greasy. The red lentils/ key mesir was medicore - not spicy enough and a bit too salty. The gomen was fresh in flavor and execution, and it was not as salty as the others. The ater kik alicha was the best in terms of salting, and it had a nice flavor without being too firm/ al dente that can often happen. There was no salad offered, so they must have forgotten.

The injera was suitable in thickness and ability to stay together to serve the food. However, I do prefer a richer flavor (more fermented). Still, it was good.

I appreciate the commitment to vegan options, but, I would likely kept going back to DC/ VA for vegan options unless I am stuck in Rockville and in need of injera/ Ethiopian food!

Pros: Vegan sampler noted on menu, Not too greasy

Cons: Too salty


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09 Dec 2013

Good vegan option in Rockville

It's nice to have an Ethiopian option outside of the city! They have a whole "Vegetarian/Vegan" section (though they don't specify which specific entrees are vegan). I got the Vegan Sampler which had about small portions of about 6 different dishes -- it was really good. Reasonably priced and nice friendly service.

Pros: vegan options, friendly staff


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26 Sep 2013

Wonderful Ethiopian Food

I just enjoyed a wonderful vegan Ethiopian plate at Rockville, Maryland's first and only Ethiopian restaurant: Sheba Ethiopian. At a $7.99 special lunch-only price, I was a bit skeptical that the plate would be inadequate, because I skipped breakfast today, and was quite hungry. My assumptions were incorrect. The plate contained a more than ample sampling of delicious Ethiopian food, and I devoured every last morsel. I was told that the vegan plate for dinner is significantly larger, and has a greater variety of dishes. I am going to have to come back to try this! The restaurant is tastefully decorated in a modern style, and our waitress was very aware and informed of vegan food and their vegan offerings (which I find is rare at Ethiopian restaurants).

Pros: Excellent food, Reasonable prices

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