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One of a few stalls - this one across from Taipei Main Station. Sells only two things: pan-fried vegetable dumplings and pan-fried buns with stuffing. Bun filling flavors are cabbage, bamboo shoot, and mustard green. No seating. Open Tue-Sun 6:30am-7:00pm.

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First Review by peas-full


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25 Sep 2023

Cheap and flavoursome

Can never resist grabbing a few buns when I'm in the area, great for eating on the go! Already tasty but can pour some soy sauce into the bag for added flavour. Dumplings are also good.



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25 Sep 2023

Very good

Tried all of their buns and dumplings, all were good


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03 Sep 2023

Hot and satisfying

I tried six different types of stuffing - all good. Can’t say I loved one type more than the others. They stayed nice and hot for quite a while. Six cost only NTD 81. Cheap, easy, filling meal on the run.

Pros: fresh and hot, all vegan


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23 Jul 2023

Delicious dumplings 🤤

I tried dumplings with cabbage and pumpkin one. These were amazing, and these had a lot of vegetables inside. I'd love to back here again !

Updated from previous review on 2023-07-23

Pros: Many kinds of dumplings., Friendly staff., Cheap.


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20 Jul 2023

Keep coming back!

Had to try the steam panfried buns, I’ve seen up to 5 different fillings. There is no seating, but the buns are amazing

Edit: location is 100, Taiwan, Taipei City, Zhongzheng District, 忠孝西路一段72之30號

Updated from previous review on 2023-07-16


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19 Jul 2023

Fantastic dumplings

We found this place pretty easily thanks to the photo someone posted on here with the light green signage.

The dumplings were clearly labelled, though there was one which seemed to say 'cherry pea' or something like that, which we were too scared to order. We went across the board with the rest though: pumpkin, cabbage and bamboo shoots, at 15 dollars each.

Each of the dumplings was filled with a glass noodle and vegetable mixture to accompany the stated ingredient. I think the cabbage was actually my favourite, which I wouldn't have predicted beforehand. They were all great though!

There was no seating outside but we crossed the main road towards the station and found a few benches under some tree cover which was a nice lunch spot.

We're trying to find a way to come back here when we return to Taipei before flying out of Taiwan. Hopefully that tells you how much we enjoyed them.

Pros: Lovely flavour, Good value


Points +268

13 Jul 2023

Yummy and cheap

Yummy and cheap dumplings here - so good!


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28 May 2023

Cheap & delicious baozi

Bit on the oily side, but always fresh. Every day a little different seasoning


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04 Apr 2023

Excellent vegetarian buns

Here you can get a range of vegetarian buns. Flavours: cabbage, pumpkin, bok choy & bamboo shoot. $15 each.

Updated from previous review on 2023-04-04

Pros: Range of vegetarian dumplings, Cheap, Passable English


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16 Mar 2023

Nice, cheap pan-fried buns

This is a little shop selling pan-fried buns and dumplings with veggie fillings. It opens early. They have 3 or 4 kinds on offer each day. There is no English menu but the staff speaks a little English.

I've been here several times and most of the buns and dumplings are very good (if a little doughy and oily), though one one occasion I ended up with an absolutely foul one that tasted so bad I had to spit out. Not sure what the deal was there, but on the whole I'd still recommend giving this place a shot.


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14 Feb 2023

You won't regret it on a cold day

Budget good stuff

Pros: Budget good food/snack


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14 Feb 2023

Nice Snack!

It's a really yummy snack especially for the prices, taste is on the lighter side but there's soy sauce at the side.


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26 Nov 2022

Cheap and delicious

Friendly owners, tasty and good price!


Points +1591

14 Apr 2020

Good vegan snack

Very good dumplings and buns. Filled with vegetables or green leaves. Cheap and tasty

Pros: Location, Friendly staff, Cheap


Points +107

19 Mar 2020

Great little buns

These buns are great for a snack and are super cheap too. Really tasty and a convenient location.


Points +302

01 Mar 2020

Awesome dumplings and good buns

Friendly staff, very well priced, good to reach (side street near main station)

Pros: Cheap


Points +1196

08 Feb 2020

Yummy snacks for on the go!

I was travelling to Shefin for the lantern festival so wanted to bring some vegan snacks in case I couldn't find anything in the village. Great choice. I brought my reusable container especially and could see that the only option, otherwise, is plastic. Very tasty and various flavours of buns. My stomach is still full, hours later.

Pros: Great snacks, different flavors.

Cons: Uses plastic, no seating.


Points +198

02 Feb 2020

Delicious and cheap dumplings

All vegan dumpling and bun stand. The woman working told me flavors in English. Got 3 buns and 4 dumplings for 56NT. No where to sit, but pour some sauce in your bag and cross the street to the little park near Main station for a great picnic.


Points +1274

19 Jan 2020

The King of buns!

They speak no english at all so it was hard to choose one flavour but I wanted to try each one of them (pan-fried buns & dumplings). I started to eat one on the way back but it was soooo good that I directly went back to the stall to buy some for my girlfriend even if she had told me she didn't want to try. Not so much healthy but very very tasty!

Updated from previous review on 2020-01-19

Pros: Very tasty, Cheap

Cons: No english at all, Nothing to see around


Points +40

18 Jan 2020

Vegan and Cheap

The first stall I went to when I arrived in Taipei. I highly recommend the chives bun and the dumplings! I even brought some home on our final day in Taiwan. They also sell frozen dumplings, I think.

Pros: Cheap, Tasty, Vegan

Cons: Oily, in plastic bag unless you refuse


Points +25

10 Jan 2020

Tasty little snack

The buns and dumplings are really nice and tasty, although a bit oily. I guess you can chose between approx. 8 different fillings. I particularly liked the dumpling and the bun with bamboo. The cabbage one was ok.

Pros: Good selection, Cheap, Central location

Cons: Staff doesn't speak English


Points +152

26 Dec 2019

Delicious and filling!

A good variety of cheap and delicious buns and gyoza. The cabbage and mustard green ones were particularly good! Definitely worth stopping by this place for a snack!


Points +55

18 Dec 2019

Good local food

Good price, nice and healthy taste~


Points +51

08 Dec 2019

Super tasty buns!

Tasty cheap local delights. I especially love the bamboo shoot buns and I already want to go back for more!

Pros: Good and cheap!


Points +83

02 Dec 2019

Cheap and delicious

They have limited options but their buns and dumplings are really good. The products are good and really cheap. Please note that it is a oily snack served warm.
There is no seating area though.
The couple who run the stall is nice and try to speak English.


Points +676

02 Dec 2019

Vegan comfort food

Serves only two things, buns and dumplings, but worth finding this little stall to give them a try. Take away and cash only.

Pros: Cheap and cheerful

Cons: No seating


Points +44

24 Nov 2019

Deliciously unhealthy

Great selection of dumplings and bun type things. A little oily but we love some unhealthy warm vegan food as a grab and go meal. No seating but super super cheap. The ladies always had a smile. Highly recommended as a place to grab a snack or a filling albeit not very balanced meal.

Pros: All completely vegan, Free condiments, Authentic

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