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Casual cafeteria-style set up featuring Jamaican cuisine using wheat gluten, soy, and veggies. Offer dishes like "rasta pasta". Usually approximately 15 dishes from which to choose, generous portions. Has 5 small tables for dine-in. Black-owned. Open Tue-Fri 1:00pm-9:00pm, Sat 1:00pm-8:30pm.

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First Review by positivelou


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04 Jan 2022

One of my favorite take out spots, food is amazing!

Lots of choices, all vegan and taste! Love Jamaican food, definitely worth the 1 hour drive! #Veganuary

Pros: vegan, Delicious , Friendly owner/chef

Cons: Small place, not for group sit down meals



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17 Sep 2021

Mixed feelings

I have mixed feelings about Shandal's, and I honestly don't understand the fuss. I want to love them because they're so highly regarded (my friends are obsessed), but I don't think it's anything amazing.

I think the food is fine. Noodles are usually overcooked and mushy, some things are over seasoned/too salty, rice is dry, and some things are bland and lacking flavor. I haven't had anything that wowed me and made me want to keep going back.

They've been steadily increasing their prices every year since I've gone vegan (2013). I understand doing it once in a while, but one to two times a year seems like a bit much. I used to think it was a good deal for the quality of food, but now I'm not so sure when it's pricier, portions are smaller, and the food quality isn't improving.

Updated from previous review on 2021-09-17

Pros: Vegan

Cons: Inconsistent food quality


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28 Apr 2021


I went there for lunch today about 30mins after they opened. The owner was still setting up but he was super nice, recommended which to try first. Confirmed that everything is vegan and that it’s his own recipes. The food was delicious! I was so hungry I forgot to snap a picture. I recommend the black noodles and rice and Rasta pasta!

Pros: All vegan, Caribbean style, flavors are amazing., A good mix of options for the day

Cons: Street parking only, Not too much space to dine in. More of a to-go


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26 Apr 2021

Best Vegan eats in CT

Shandal's is by far one of the best vegan places I've found in ct for Jamaican food. Tastes so good and affordable, 6 out of 15 options for $12. Good portions too. Will definitely be coming a lot more now that I know about this gem.

Pros: Everything 100% Vegan, Affordable, Big portions

Cons: Street parking


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17 Oct 2020

Amazing food

Shandal’s is a small, hole-in-the-wall GEM! You get 6 items for $12 and he gives a good portion of each dish. The Rasta Pasta, Curry potato (the only spicy dish), Seitan chicken with onions and red peppers and Sunshine Tofu are my favorites but, honestly everything is delicious! The area isn’t the greatest by the looks of it, but everyone around are friendly.
They open after noon time. Of course there is no indoor dining right now as it’s a bit small in there. I travel there from 45 minutes away to treat myself sometimes. It’s definitely worth the trip

Pros: All vegan , Reasonably priced , Black-owned business

Cons: Limited street parking


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07 Mar 2020


I only regret that it took me so long after learning about Shandal's to go there. My friends and I sat eating our lunch and could be heard saying "mmm-mmm" throughout our meals. Everything is freshly made and delicious. The owner/chef is very nice and patiently explains what each dish is. You can choose four or six items from a buffet of about 13-15 choices, served to you from behind a glass partition.

Pros: Delicious, fresh food, Owner/chef is friendly and helpful

Cons: Parking, Limited seating, Polystyrene containers


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19 Feb 2020


Really good Antiguan food. My coworker and I both wolfed down very large 6-item platters.


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17 May 2019

My Favorite Food

Shandal's is without a doubt my favorite place to eat. The first time I went I was hesitant to try all the items and flavors I had never heard of before but the owner insisted I get more than rice and veggies and I am SO GLAD HE DID. I cannot say enough good things about the food, everything is awesome. My favorites are the Rasta Pasta, Sunshine Tofu, Lo Mein and Chk'n (seitan I think?) with peppers & onions. I don't like BBQ but my sister says his BBQ tofu is amazing as well.

Be warned the food is often not ready by 12:30. I never plan to go before 1pm.

Pros: Delicious Food

Cons: Limited Seating, No Parking


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26 Mar 2019

Awesome food...glad i finally tried

Would highly recommend checking this spot out. I was hesitant but will definitely be back! Worker was friendly and helpful for my first time. $11 for 6 choices or $8 for 4

Pros: All vegan, affordable

Cons: Parking


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06 Jan 2019

Must visit!

Stopped here driving back to NY and was so pleasantly surprised. I told the chef to make me a plate of whatever he wanted, and there wasn’t a single bad thing on it. I wish this place was closer! Will definitely be going back as soon as I can manage it! Absolutely delicious.

Pros: Amazing food, Good price


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30 Dec 2018


On my way back from Massachusetts I decided to look to see what vegan options were around. I found this little hidden gem that was on my way back to Jersey. I was so happy to stop here. The Chef was super friendly and the food was out of this world!! The portions were amazing!! And I eat a lot!! A must try for anyone in the area. This is the type of place that I would drive 2 hours for just to eat it again.

Pros: Food is amazing, Chef is super friendly, Large portions.

Cons: Far from me :(


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30 Nov 2018


First of all I must say the food preparation, and all are top off the line on the east coast. When cafe first opened portions where hefty and the price was fair, last time I went the portions where much smaller and price jumped. I inner-stand cost of overhead goes up, but when I see the chef at "Price Rite" which looked like they were getting supplies for menu (maybe it was a one time thing, I was not following them around), then I know overhead is not that much. Then on top of prices rising, the owner has the nerve to put a tip jar up, and says "...they are giving big tips" and I say "...you got your tip with price raise".

Pros: Food is excellent

Cons: Seen the chef at "Price Rite" SMH, Small Portions, Price rising


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25 May 2018


Stopped here on the way to NYC. Everything was delicious and filling. I’d be here all the time if I were local. Now I’ll remember it on all my road trips.

Pros: fast, tasty, convenient


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20 May 2018


I love the food. It is so tasty! The ch'kn and the noodles are a must!

Pros: $10.50 for 6 options. $8.50 for 4 options, tasty, vegan

Cons: always the same items

Michael X. James

Points +937

10 Dec 2017

Updated Review

I was in town visiting my mom (who is now vegan too!), looking for options when I came across a review I had written six years ago about this place. I've been many times in between but she hadn't been there yet. My mom doesn't like a lot of "exotic" foods so she was a little worried she might not like it. I wasn't worried at all. The food here is top notch. $10 gets you a full plate of six options to try. We went later in the evening do a bunch were already sold out. Still, plenty to choose from. Both of us LOVED it. My mom only ate half and had the rest for lunch the next day (I ate all of mine!). There's usually a dozen or so things to choose from. The only problem you'll have is deciding what to get!

Pros: Lots of options, DELICIOUS, Inexpensive

Cons: Street parking only


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26 Oct 2017


Love this place! It may be small in size but it definitely delivers on taste. The owner is super friendly and cooks all of the food himself. I was so happy that everything was 100% vegan that I ordered everything to go (that way when I return I’ll know exactly what I want). Well...it was all fantastic. I will definitely return here. FYI: you can get a large platter of 6 items for $10.

Pros: lots of choices, good prices, tasty food


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12 Oct 2017

Amazing Food!

The food taste great, very affordable prices and the owner is very friendly. I ate there a bunch of times.


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06 Oct 2017

So Good

Get the "chicken". And the lo mein.

Pros: delicious

Cons: the lack of parking and the overall neighborhood


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07 Sep 2017

Don't judge a vegan cafe by its cover!

From the outside the appearance had me wondering what I was getting into. But on the inside---WOW! The food was amazing. Wish I lived closer. Lots of great food for a very reasonable price. I will definitely be back the next time I am in Bridgeport.

Pros: great food, cheap price

Cons: only two small tables inside


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04 Sep 2017


I love this place. I get a meal from Mr Shandal every week. Sometimes every other week.... he has so many options that I literally switch up my order every time and never get tired of it. The food is so flavorful and made fresh everyday. If you never been before, definitely try the Rasta Pasta, the tofu Bbq, and the curry. I love to switch up my orders with some rice and peas, okra, corn and plantains 😋

Pros: Flavorful food , Low Price, Good Portions


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02 Aug 2017


Amazing food, you will not be disappointed 🙂

Pros: easy to find , outdoor seating, buffet style

Cons: no air conditioning , minimum $10 purchase in order to use debit card


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28 May 2017

Perfect stop when traveling on 95!

Shandal's is a must stop for us every time we are traveling on 95! ...and when heading north we usually get a couple of meals to go as well. The selections are numerous and quality and flavor is always consistent. My favorite is the BBQ Tofu - my wife loves the red shells and pasta. The prices are beyond reasonable - Shandal could easily charge 20% more and you'd still be getting a great deal!

Pros: Scandal himself!, Pasta, Tofu


Points +126

14 Apr 2017

Best hole in the wall you can find!

It says vegetarian but all the food is vegan! I love this spot so much. The food is always fresh and hot. Shandal is very friendly. The place is always clean. It's a bit small so don't plan on eating in. Though he has added a patio set outside to sit now that it's getting warm out! Definitely check this place out. You will not regret it.

Pros: delicious food, always clean, very friendly owner


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26 Nov 2016

Great comfort food

Echoing the other reviews, this place is completely enjoyable regardless of whether you eat meat or live vegan. Let him choose the popular items for you in either a four or six item tray. Several items were surprisingly good and I would not not have considered them. Put your faith in his choices. Most people probably get takeout but we ate at the two tables inside. My family will definitely return.


Points +38

11 Nov 2016


Taking a break from meat and dairy. Excellent food and a great host you will not be disappointed. The food is prepared with love, a must if you are in the area.


Pros: Good food , Friendly


Points +20

25 Mar 2016

Fabulous Meal

I have been living in Bridgeport for a very long time, I have driven by this place a million times, I am currently kicking myself for not stopping here earlier!

Tired of eating plain salad and pasta or rice and plain vegetables while everyone has big beautiful meals I looked for a vegetarian place close to home. This place came up time in again so I drove down a few days ago.

I walked in to a mighty small but cool restaurant. The owner greeted me with the brightest biggest smile I have ever seen. Immediately felt at ease and happy.
after a quick conversation I decided to pick 4 items to bring home and devour.

Rasta Pasta, Sunshine "chicken", barbecue tofu, and a Spanish looking rice w/beans.

Now let me tell you quickly this is not a vegan restaurant where everything is raw and fresh veggies and sprouts and lettuce and what not.

I could simply call it vegan comfort Jamaican soul food.

It was quite good, quite filling, 100% vegan & it totally impressed me!!

I absolutely loved the barbecue tofu the sauce was delicious not too spicy a beautiful hint of sweetness and spices. I devoured the rice. Oh so delicious. The Rasta pasta was definitely my favorite & The sunshine chicken was good. It reminded me of a meat dish I used to get from a local Spanish place. Very soft meat with spices , Green peppers, onions, olives, that you put over rice. I know it sounds funny to compare it to meat but it is called sunshine chicken.
While I enjoyed this – I must say I probably will not order it again. I prefer the barbecue tofu and the Rasta pasta the best.

I would love to go back on a day when they had the macaroni and cheese and mashed potatoes.

I got quite a bit of food and a Snapple for under $10. I had enough left over for a complete meal the next day! I was very happy. it took me so long to get there!

So if you are in the area and you want some good comfort food with a kick and fabulous service definitely check this place out


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19 Jun 2015


Went out of my way to go here for lunch based on all the great reviews but at 12:30 on a Friday they said they we be ready in 20-30 minutes. I didn't have the time to wait so I never got to try it. Hopefully I'll be out this way sometime again but I think I'll call first.

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