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A vegetarian restaurant located inside an Indian grocery store. Vegans please let the owner know you are vegan and you will be directed to the right dishes. Try the aloo gobi and chana masala. Open Mon-Sun 10:00am-9:00pm.

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First Review by BinksyHou


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15 Nov 2022

Excellent, Direct, Trustworthy

Simply ask for a hot vegan meal at the front. We ordered from the family’s menu and sat ourselves down at table 6. They like playing country love songs, which can be quite pleasant with someone you enjoy spending time with. The food is brought out in beautiful metal dishes by a service bot that chimes as it navigates directly to your table: “please take your food”. The chana masala, aloo gobi, and basmati rice is nutritionally dense, delicious, and simply complex. We found that hearing commercials between some songs was unpleasant, especially advertising for animal cruelty products—so, I plugged my ears and proceeded to vocally meditate for 30 long seconds.

Pros: Great Service, Yummy Beautiful Meals, Pleasant Decor

Cons: Depends upon your level of chosen awareness.



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18 Aug 2021

It's gotten less better

They used to have a lot of nice vegan candy and treats, but now they mostly put cow milk in everything. They now let you get a smaller plate of food to go, which sucks. Their food still tastes good

Updated from previous review on 2020-06-21


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12 Feb 2018

Fast, delicious food with plenty of seating

Traveling through Stockton, we were happy to find this place on our HappyCow app. We enjoyed the lunch buffet. The woman (who I'm guessing is the owner) was able to clearly point out the vegan dishes. Seven out of the eleven dishes on the buffet were vegan. The owner made a special extra dish for us to make up for the four dishes we couldn't eat. The extra dish was fried cauliflower with a red sweet and sour sauce which was quite delicious. There was a large seating area with plenty of tables and chairs. Everyone there was very nice. We will be sure to stop here again the next time we are passing through.

Pros: Delicious, Fast, Plenty of vegan options

Cons: No non-dairy milk options for Chai tea


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21 Dec 2017

Great food, fast, and affordable!

Very accommodating to vegans. They were happy to point out the vegan options and cooked our food in minutes while we browsed the store. We will definitely be back.

Pros: Fast and affordable


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31 Dec 2016

Great food & flavor!

The only fairly reliable vegan restaurant in this area. The staff can tell you easily what is vegan and what is not -- usually it is the tomato based items that you want to get for the curries (not the cream based ones).

My favorites are the Gobi Manchurian (deep fried cauliflower in red chutney sauce) and the Tofu Noodles, sometimes Aloo Gobi. Unfortunately though, this restaurant lack consistency. There are times when the food is over spiced or too oily, etc - but it is worth it to give it more than one try. There is at least something good every time, even if your favorite dish is off that day.

For the lunch buffet, be careful about the curries - it's best to ask the staff.

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