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Serves meat, vegan options available. Shakabrah Java is a breakfast cafe offering many lacto-ovo vegetarian options. Vegan options include any of the skillet choices (upon request), vegan margarine and many sides, including the Shaka potatoes. Open Mon-Thu 7:00am-4:00pm, Fri-Sat 7:00am-12:00am, Sun 8:00am-4:00pm.

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First Review by DavidDunning


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01 Nov 2023


One vegan option on the menu. When I asked to modify a vegetarian option to vegan the waiter seemed confused and my toast came loaded with butter. The meal itself had absolutely no flavor. The only good thing I can say is they offer large portions.

Updated from previous review on 2023-11-01

Pros: Portion size

Cons: Expense, Lack of vegan options/knowledge , Not friendly service



Points +50

04 Nov 2022

Verified Vegan options

I had the “vegan” - a tofu scramble with their special potatoes on a bed of spinach with mushrooms and other veggies. It was delicious. The coffee (with oat milk) was strong and legit. There was a second vegan breakfast option which could be subbed with tofu, more of a hash. A sign on the wall indicated they have vegan cheese and plant-based meat alternatives, which could be swapped in, as well.


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11 Jul 2022

Virtually no vegan options

This place used to have a couple of solid vegan options, including a delicious “huevos rancheros” dish they would veganize subbing in tofu for eggs. The menu no longer lists tofu as an option for any dish whatsoever. The only thing that appears to be available still are the Shaka potatoes, which, while delicious, are not worth the trip and not much of a meal.


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01 May 2020

Not so vegan friendly/clueless employees

Not the greatest first experience & will probably never eat here again. The employee taking our order didn’t know what vegan ingredients they offered & seemed agitated when we asked questions. (Probably because he was extremely confused) Didn’t let our group of 8 people sit at the same table, but proceeded to charge us for gratuity of a 6 party. When we received our tofu & potatoes, the potatoes were burned. If you’re gonna say you offer vegan options, make sure your employees are aware of what ingredients are vegan & what that means.

Pros: Potatoes & tofu are really your only options

Cons: Expensive for what they what they offer, Employees don’t know what vegan options they have, Not the best customer service


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17 Aug 2019

Not vegan friendly

Myself and many other vegans I know have found bacon bits in there food.


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11 Mar 2019

Few options

Of the two options (potatoes and tofu scramble) the potatoes are awesome but the scramble was underwhelming. Will go back just for the potatoes though. Bonus, they will make them O’Brien style!


Points +193

22 Mar 2018

mmm potatoes!

Not a huge variety of food, but amazing potatoes and tofu. Wish they made their pancakes vegan!


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12 Oct 2017


Non-vegan restaurant making an effort to offer vegan options. There were only 3 vegan breakfast options. The vegan scrambler was okay tasting but had a lot of oil, the Huavos Rancheros were awsome. We were told the potatos were vegan, and they were oily but they tasted like they also had butter on them. Confusing since they had no vegan butter, cheese or milk options. So while they tasted awsome we would ask more questions before ordering again. The portions are great for sharing but pricy if you aren't sharing and don't like leftovers. All food is cooked on the same grill so I have to think there is cross-contamination. We really liked the Huavos Rancheros but would probably not try this place again unless we were with non-vegans because of the lack of options.

Pros: Good tasting food, Great for sharing

Cons: Large portion/pricy if not sharing or okay with le, Lots of oil , No vegan milk, cheese or butter options


Points +120

07 Aug 2017

Vegetarian Friendly... But not Vegan

I used to love Shakabrah Java when we were vegetarians. Everything we've had here were excellent, Their vegan options, however, (which is very very limited) are not for me because I have soy allergy... I can't have tofu. And we don't really eat potatoes in the morning.

Pros: Great atmosphere.... very Tacoma., Very laid back if you just want to chill.

Cons: Not the cleanest restaurant., They get very busy, so be patient.


Points +133

15 May 2017

My go-to place for breakfast

Shakabrah is a great place to get a filling breakfast, especially when dining with omnivores. They will sub tofu for eggs in just about anything. Rye and sourdough breads are vegan, as are the potatoes. Good selection of teas. Unlike another reviewer, I have never had a problem getting info from servers about ingredients or cooking. The last couple of times I've been there, the potatoes were way too salty. Otherwise I find the food consistently good.

Pros: Good for both vegans and omnivores, Filling hot breakfast, Come as you are atmosphere n

Cons: Salty potatoes


Points +59

07 Mar 2017

Vegetarian Maybe, Vegan not so much

Have been aware of this location for some time and they get rave reviews from the locals I know that like good breakfast food (they are omnivores). Against my better judgement i gave it a go. The menu listed items such as tofu and veggies etc. Upon inquiry, i was given a number of vegan options but was informed that they would be cooked on the same grill as the bacon and other meat/egg/dairy options. i declined and they offered potatoes which were cooked differently. i gave it a shot and discovered butter as a main ingredient after one taste and smell. To their defense, i should have known better being a breakfast joint that prides itself on the eggs, bacon and cakes side of things; to my defense, better to drop the vegan advertisement.

Pros: Nice staff, Well respected

Cons: Not Vegan for the most part


Points +60

12 Mar 2016

Good food, but beware

I have had breakfast here several times, and the food has always been great. The do seem to know what vegan means, and are able to veganize just about anything. They do not have dedicated vegan cooking equipment but I would imagine most places don't. I had a less than pleasant experience when I found a piece of bacon in my potatoes. I didn't notice it until I opened the takeout box at home, so I didn't get to say anything. I take it for what it's worth - a non vegan restaurant offering vegan options. Nothing is fully vegan when using shared equipment, thought I will say that finding meat in my food was very off-putting.

Pros: vegan options, good food

Cons: not always vegan concious


Points +61

01 Jul 2013

Not So Vegan Friendly

I came here after another vegan breakfast placed closed very excited to find another place. However, I found the true vegan options minimal at best and when we received our food the tofu was very bland. They advertise as vegan friendly but the waitress was not able to answer any of our very simple vegan questions, like is it cooked in butter? I feel they advertise vegan options to try to get more business but in reality they really don't know what vegan is and they really can't cook yummy vegan food. We won't be going back.

Pros: Enviroment Was Nice, Dining Area Nice And Relaxing

Cons: Food Tasted Bland, Very Limited Options For Vegans, They Didnt Even Have Vegan Cheese


Points +49

24 Jan 2013

great breakfast sandwich

They have great coffee choices and a nice vegetarian/vegan sandwich options. Price is bit high on those sandwiches but still nice for a treat now and then.

Pros: friendly staff, good vibe

Cons: food prices

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