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Serves vegan smoothie bowls, smoothies and vegan snacks. Reported fully vegan Feb 2023. Open Mon-Sun 6:30am-5:30pm.

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18 Nov 2023


Having been to shaka manila with their cakes, burgers etc it was so good. Made an effort to find this place and the decor is different and just smoothie bowls.

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11 Sep 2023


Beautiful smoothie bowls and oat milk for all drinks. They use rice paper/roll straws! The granola has walnuts and is not sweet.

Expensive to say the least, especially for locals. Smoothie bowls are in the 300s and I think they cater mostly to foreigners. They have many branches in PH and are owned by an Australian, so not locally owned from what I was told. Beware the gentrification creeping in. Maybe consider special, local prices or something to not exclude our local community. Support local businesses, but this is okay every now and then.

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Pros: Beautiful presentation, Very plant centered (no mock meats, etc), Delicious

Cons: Expensive , Foreign business catering mostly to foreigners


11 Sep 2023

Thanks. I would love for more opportunities to arise for people in the
Philippines. My family tells me all the time there aren’t many jobs and the amount of homeless people I saw in Cebu city- ugh. So many hungry kids on those streets. Yes to tourism, but no to becoming the next Thailand or Bali. No to modern colonization.


11 Sep 2023


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23 Aug 2023

Great for breakfast!

Best vegan breakfast in the last few days. I had the 'Flu fighter' juice & the 'Bom Dia' (berry & banana) bowl with homemade granola & fresh mango. They use oat milk instead of dairy. Omg!! So good! Omnivore partner had the Matcha Latte & the 'berry good nice' smoothie. Sooo good! Very clean kitchen/food prep area. Highly recommend.

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Pros: Smoothie Bowls, Freshly squeezed juices, Lovely staff


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19 Jun 2023

Good coffee nice breakfast

We went here twice and really liked the coffee. We had the ube smoothie bowl and the mango sticky rice bliss bowl. The portions are quite bit so better for sharing, there were quite a lot of people that did not finish their plates. The staff is really friendly. The menu is very limited to smoothie bowls

Pros: Nice cofee, Good fruity optilns

Cons: Limited options


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17 Apr 2023

Delicious and fresh

Delicious and fresh smoothie bowls. Presentation is beautiful. Not cheap but well worth it. Busy little place but people don't seem to mind sharing tables.


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05 Apr 2023

Delicious smoothie bowls and fab flat white

We loved Shaka! The coffee was the best so far in the Philippines and both smoothie bowls were excellent. The granola on top of both was particularly good. It's only 5 minutes walk from the sardine run, so very conveniently located.

Pros: All vegan!, Relaxed atmosphere

Cons: Not many savoury options


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03 Apr 2023

The only fully vegan cafe in Panagsama!

As the only fully vegan cafe and offering smoothie bowls these guys have a monopoly and the prices to reflect. The Bom Dia bowl was nice but I felt had too much banana. The green power bowl however was delish! We really enjoyed the falafel wrap. But beware, it’s very garlicky!

Pros: 100% vegan, Good location close to the beach

Cons: Expensive , Need more menu options


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24 Mar 2023

Great smoothie bowls

Loved the smoothie bowls. Wish they served more savoury dishes like the other Shaka cafes and would have eaten here more often.


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18 Feb 2023

Best smoothie bowls

I had the Bom Dia Bowl and it was amazing! Unfortunately my matcha latte had too much matcha.

Pros: No cow‘s milk available

Cons: Expensive


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29 Jan 2023

Also has a veggie sandwich and a falafel wrap

The veggie sandwich and falafel wraps were delicious.
I asked if they are use dairy or eggs, they told me they are plant based, then confirmed to me that it is vegan


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18 Jan 2023

Amazing smoothie bowls

Had the peanut butter and chocolate smoothie bowl, could hardly finish it. With a coffee it was 380 pesos which was a little expensive but worth it


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28 Dec 2022

Great smoothie bowls and good coffee

First off the staff are so friendly and polite, the smoothie bowls are so yummy and refreshing even on a rainy day, the coffee is made with oat milk and bowls are made from coconut and oat milk. Definitely recommend.


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19 Dec 2022


They have a smoothie bowl combo with iced oat latte for 380 (saving 80 pesos). Bowls are refreshing and it’s the best latte we’ve had in Philippines. They don’t have any cows milk and just automatically use oat milk in coffees so I believe the whole menu is vegan now but I could be wrong!

Pros: Great coffee, Automatically uses oat milk


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24 Aug 2022

Chocolate smoothie bowl is good!

Tried a bunch of different dishes here and found most of them quite tasteless. The chocolate smoothie bowl on the other hand - YUM!

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24 Aug 2022

Hit or miss, but very nice place to have!

Some of the things here were rather flavorless (açai bowl, ube dessert) but the chocolate smoothie bowl was just amazing! Think it’s a bit hit or miss but generally a nice place to get your smoothie bowl and chia pudding fix😋


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20 Aug 2022

Healthy Place

One of the less healthy alternatives

Pros: Fresh, Healthy, Good looking

Cons: Pricy


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22 Apr 2022

Fav spot in Moalboal!

We came to Shaka every day in Moalboal! They have delicious oat milk lattes and their coco latte, made with coconut milk, was absolutely fantastic. Their smoothies and smoothie bowls were delicious - I got the peanut butter and banana one twice during our three day stay. They also have a yummy falafel wrap and oat protein balls. Staff is also so friendly!

Pros: Nondairy milks!!!, Yummy healthy smoothies and bowls

Cons: A little expensive for the area but worth it


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06 Mar 2020

Tasty and refreshing bowls

Great offer with bowl coffee (soy milk available). We loved the fresh taste and size of the bowls!


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17 Feb 2020

Great nourishing bowls

I had a peanut butter banana coconut milk muesli bowl.
It was very good, thanks peanut butter 😋
Also very nourishing bowl which is great not to start the day starving!

Cons: They still use cow s milk and charge 20 pesos to, get soy milk instead


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11 Jan 2020

Bowls, bowls and more bowls

Great spot go fill your smoothie bowl craving. Yummy selection of smoothie bowls that all come with vegan granola.


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07 Nov 2019

They say it’s vegan but the milk is not

The milk is a cow milk.
Unfortunately, not a lot to eat


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13 Jul 2019

Great smoothie bowls

The bowls are amazing, they sell protein balls which are also great!

Its a good breakfast place !
Only thing... its a bit expensive.

Pros: Bowls legit taste like heaven

Cons: Expensive


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03 Jul 2019

Love the smoothie bowls and vibe

I went here a couple of times and was impressed by the smoothie bowls as they are like a work of art in addition to tasting nice. I also had a juice that was good. It's a great place to relax and cool off for a bit.

Pros: Delicious food


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18 Apr 2019

Amazing Smoothie Bowls

Smoothie bowls here are delicious but would be great if you could get something else too. The Shaka in El Nido had savoury food too like burgers, taco’s and pad Thai but this one is only smoothie bowls, coffee or juice.

Pros: Delicious smoothie bowls

Cons: Only smoothie bowls


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02 Apr 2019


Amazing big smoothie bowls and lots of variety. Coffee is decent too.


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31 Mar 2019

Food is delicious!

Lots of vegan cereal-fruit smoothies as well as fruit shakes. Costs a little more but tastes great :)


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19 Feb 2019


They have a surprising variety of power bowls and shakes. The price is too high in my opinion, the shakes there cost as much as a meal and the power bowls even more. The quality is great, though, and very refreshing

Pros: Fresh and good variety

Cons: Expensive

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