Michelin-awarded restaurant. Ingredients mostly come from the owner's permaculture farm. The latest menus are posted on its webpage. Est. 2018. Reported open, Jul 2021. Open Tue-Sat 18:30-00:00. Closed Sun-Mon.

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First Review by MaryJaneCgn


Points +1113

31 Jul 2023


Grandiose Gerichte! Unglaublich kreativ und mit äußerst viel Liebe zubereitet

Pros: Balance der Zutaten , Köche servieren ihr Zubereitetes, Geiger Sekt, auch alkoholfrei



Points +42

16 Jul 2023

The Art of cooking

Amazing experience. They love what the do and that is what you feel if you give the seven swans experience a try. A lot of thought went into the dishes served. It is worth every penny.

Pros: Great Service and Overall experience, Great Taste , Just art of cooking

Cons: Waiting time at the front a bit to long, Hard to get a table (up to 6 Months)


Points +88

12 Jul 2023

Like eating art

Insane experience. Very pricey, so probably a once in a lifetime experience for us, but soooooooo worth it! Fascinating creations and there's a detailed explanation of what's about to come before each course.

Pros: Amazing ingredients, Great presentation , Delicious


Points +3517

15 Apr 2023

Just fantastic

A fantastic restaurant.

Food: 5/5
Vegan options (variety): 5/5
Vegan labelling: 5/5
Value for money: 5/5
Portion size: 5/5
Atmosphere: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Location: 5/5
Reservation recommended: yes
Would I visit again? YES
Visited: 4/2023, 7/2022

Updated from previous review on 2022-07-30


Points +404

15 Apr 2023

Mind-blowing experience

I can't even put into words how amazing this was. They are only 3 people in the kitchen and work with regional and seasonal stuff only. I learned so much about new foods and different techniques and the food was SO GOOD 🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹 cannot recommended hard enough if you can afford it

Pros: I don't even know where to start , Everything , Mind-blowing

Cons: Expensive


Points +179

12 Feb 2023

Just loved it.

This needs more than 5 stars. If you get the chance to book a table, do it. No brainer.


Points +50

18 Nov 2022

It's not food, it's an experience

This restaurant deserves it's Michelin Star. It started with a fancy cocktail in a separate, cozy room. This really helped to slow down and get the full Seven Swans experience. Every course was well explained. It's not only about the food, but the creation and time it took to develop each course.
That's an incredible place

Pros: Entry cocktail in cozy place took the stress away, Chef came always personally to give information , They adjust if you have allergies


Points +240

08 Oct 2022


I feel like 5 stars are just too less for this overall experience. You go they’re not too busy have dinner but to experience an exquisite dinner with only regional and seasonal ingredients. The combinations are so in detail the food just wows you and it’s nothing you ever had before.
The offered wine is also very special and carefully chosen by them.
It is of course expensive but like I said it’s not comparable to anything and from what they tell you what they serve you and how it’s done it’s worth the price. Not you average dinner but something very special to experience.

Pros: All vegan , Overall great experience

Cons: Expensive (but totally worth)


Points +3316

07 Oct 2022

Taste Experience

The Menu was just great and and absolutly taste experience. Unfortunatly they serves campari and it is not vegan

Updated from previous review on 2021-09-15

Cons: they serves campari and it is not vegan


Points +24

12 Sep 2022

Ein Traum

Traumhaft lecker. Immer die beste Zeit


Points +355

26 Aug 2022

Fantastic Food

The team of the Seven Swans was very nice and we had a great evening (More than 4 hours) with a brilliant menu.
The restaurant has a Michelin Star and is high priced.

Pros: Awesome Experience, Concept

Cons: Price


Points +17

12 Jul 2022

Sensorische Explosion

Immer wieder DAS Highlight für uns. Teuer aber im besten Sinne des Wortes preiswert.
Unglaublich, welche Aromen hier jedes Mal kreiert und kombiniert werden.


Points +63

Mostly Veg
09 Jul 2022

Wonderful, but we went home distressed

I still give the place 5 stars, because the experience is funny, interesting, a pleasure for the mouth, the eyes and even the ears, since every course is explained by the chef with tangible passion. From the aperitif to the desserts, everything is delicious and one can see the reason for the final bill, as every course is "constructed" architectonically and some ingredients require months of preparation (fermentation, extraction, etc.). Booking requires patience (or luck, there can be cancellations) and it's true that you are charged in case of no-show, which is actually fair. We added one wine pairing which was also excellent. The only downside came at the end: tipping cannot be demanded! Tipping is an appreciation of service, not an automated or imposed thing! We experienced an inquisitive moment (...when presenting a 360 euro check for 2 people...) with "how much do you want to add?". The demand came with an unnecessary explanation ("you know, in Germany we have a different system"). Well, I live in Germany since 2015 and travel for work in all Europe, this never occurred to me here. And never in restaurants of this level: a Michelin-starred restaurant imposing tipping? I repeat: even if not sufficiently detailed in advance (the website is totally non-informative), prices can be justified, in our opinion, by the care and research behind food. But check out and payment were utterly embarrassing and left a bad taste in our mouth.

Updated from previous review on 2022-07-09

Pros: Creative cuisine, beautifully presented, Chef talks you through every plate with passion!, Bi-lingual service

Cons: No transparency in prices! That's a big no!, A pinch of salt too many, sometimes, Checkout below expected standards


Points +264

07 May 2022


I m not quite sure if this restaurant belongs here on this platform. It might need its own category. You don’t go there to have dinner- you go to experience art. Friends had booked our table 6 months in advance. This was our wedding present. There is no staff. The chef and the souschef cook, serve and explain the menu. Right now they have 8 (!) seats. They use only regional and seasonal ingredients- no exception! Different wines are served along with the courses. We drink no alcohol, so they served an excellent alcohol free alternative .
The menu was incredibly thoughtful, highly sophisticated and very different from anything I had ever experienced. They served 9 courses ( 3 of them were desert❤️).


Points +17

Mostly Veg
28 Apr 2022

Great fine dining venue

One of my favourite fine dining venues in Frankfurt

Pros: Staff is well informed , Great wining arrangements with the menu


Points +170

26 Sep 2021

The best

Unbelievable vegan food experience.


Points +521

09 Feb 2020

Fine vegan dining with set 10 course menu

It's recommended to reserve online in advance and note that you would be charged in case of no show.
Exquisite 10 course menu is offered and with an additional option to pair it with wine.
Each dish as can be seen in the photo section is a creation in itself. Note that the change the menu per season as all the food is locally sourced. And, if you come early, you can have drinks in the small bar downstairs beforehand.

Pros: Luxurious vegan dinner

Cons: Pricey


Points +110

25 Oct 2019

Haute cuisine

Finde eating! Take your time, as the menue contains six to seven single courses. All of them were highly delicious! The food items used in the Restaurant mainly come from their own permaculture farm Braumannswiesen. The dishes vary according to the season. Been there already twice! If possible I would award six Stars to this Restaurant.

Reservation a good time in advance advisable. But sometimes, you can be lucky as well calling the day before or the same day, as people may cancel at short notice. When you reserve, inform them, that you are vegan.

Cons: Expensive, but worth the price.


Points +30

27 Apr 2019

An experience

Seven Swans is not the place where you go to have dinner, it’s a place where you go to and your dinner is an experience. A celebration of tastes and smells.
You will get a fixed menu. As it is a vegetarian restaurant, you should indicate you are eating vegan, when reserving your table. Vegans are very welcome and we got an all-vegan menu, which was superb and filling.

Pros: Great service, Self-grown vegetables , Combination of taste well worth a star Michelin

Cons: Not inexpensive

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